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“Oh, she’s a screamer, he’ll like that. ” she says to herself, recalling the last party, and being tied to the same woman while they both were fucked raw by four men. Although she must admit to herself, she too had been quite loud, the pain and pleasure had been unrelenting. A sudden tap of the man’s toe right on her cunt makes her grunt, she crawls toward the hallway and down to the bathroom. She hangs her head with shame, as she knows what he wants to do. Yet, she can also feels the excitement rippling through her pussy lips and throbbing in her clit, and it is not just from the kick. Inside the spacious bathroom, she crawls to the center of the floor and lowers her head, resting the side of her head against the ice cold porcelain tile. Her hearts is pounding, and her pussy is leaking as she braces herself for what is about to happen. She wakes up on the same cold tile. She is face down, sprawled out in front of the toilet and bidet. Her face and boobs are covered with dry cum and candle wax. Her hair is disheveled and matted with urine and sperm. Making her way down the hall on weak and shaky legs, her entire body aches. Her boobs throb with pain form being slapped, squeezed, pinched and bit. They are covered with blotches of blue and purple. Her nipples burn and sting from being twisted, bit, and pinched with plastic clothes pins the guy had found.

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   Her asshole and pussy are sore and feel raw from the abuse of having his cock, plastic and glass bottles, and both ends of a wooden handled loofa shoved in them repeatedly. At one point, he had stuffed a bar of soap into her snatch. He was quite amused to watch her struggle to get in back out. When she finally succeeded, her forced the sprayer nozzle up into her, in order to”make her nice and clean. ” Her wrists, ankles, and boobs are chaffed and red from being tied tight with clothes line in very uncomfortable positions during her abuse. She looks in the full length mirror before getting the shower. her ass and thighs are also covered in a rainbow of dark bruises, welts, and a few light cuts. . After the shower she feels better but still aches all over. She finds, when she puts on her dress, that it is torn so bad that it barely stays on or covers her. He had been like a mad man yanking and tearing it from her struggling body. It is a game he so thoroughly enjoys. She ties it enough to conceals her, somewhat, although she is not sure what the point is. She still looks like a victim of a violent gang rape and it is not like she hasn’t been seen by everyone in the house before, many times. Her thoughts go to the night she was picked in the group’s “Lottery”.

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   It is held once a month. She was stripped and passed around to every member of the group, and his or guest if they had brought one. She was amazed at how brutal the women in their group could be. She passes by an open door and looks in. Face down, legs spread, white and freckled ass cheeks swollen and blistered with splotches of bruises, welts, and a few more cuts than hers, over both cheeks. The redhead looks up slowly, weakly, to see the woman staring at her from the door. Her arms are still tied behind her back, she tries to smile but can’t. Her mouth is stuffed with her own panties, and one of her lace stockings holds them in, cinched tight around her head. Her lips are swollen, and there’s a split in the bottom one. Her eyes are red and puffy with dry tears. Her face and hair are caked with dry cum. She enters and moves toward the bed. “Don’t you just love these neighborhood parties, sweet cheeks?” Leaning over the woman’s body, she reaches out and stabs two fingers into the captive’s wet and slippery snatch. “Yes, I guess you do, just like the rest of us, welcome to our little town. ” she greets the little redhead, climbing on the bed to get between the woman’s thighs and sucks on her copper haired cunt.

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   The woman’s labes are chaffed are and raw. It resembles a wet gaping gash. There is cum oozing from the openings of the waif’s snatch and ravaged asshole. She knows that some of it is her husband’s but is sure there is sperm from other men mixed in as well. The redhead squirms in pain and pleasure. Her pussy is raw and tender, but the sucking and licking are driving her toward a convulsive orgasm. Suddenly her body jerks violently and a shriek is muffled through her panties. The women eating her out just bit her cunt lips, and hard. The throbbing pain radiates through her and she shudders with orgasm, sobbing through the pain pulsing in her crotch. “Mmmmmmmm, sweetie I can’t wait till ladies night and I get you for the whole night. ” She says as she gets off the bed and walks toward the bedroom door. “When my husband wakes up, tell him I went home to relax in the hot tub. ” she requests, glancing in the direction of the man sprawled across the bed next to the little redhead. .



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