Katie & Friends - Chapters 7 & 8


Both girls nodded eagerly - Karen perhaps a bit more so. I assumed the necessary position, flat on my back, legs straight out, my left side toward Katie, on the sofa. My dick was rock-hard, pulsing on my belly. Karen quickly straddled my hips, facing me, leaning back a little on one hand, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her gaping, oozing cuntslit. "UMMMmmnn!" she moaned. "Pretty soon, you old fucker, I'm gonna have you right where I want you!" She leered down at me, and slowly licked her lips. That was the last I would see of Karen's face for a while, because LaToya, facing Karen, then swung her right leg over my face, her glistening brown pussy spread before my eyes, the wet pink inside it pulsing. She lowered her twat slowly onto my waiting mouth. "You got more tongue for this girl, old man?" she asked. "You better! This black cunt wants as much attention from your mouth as you give that white pussy on your dick!" She giggled, and pushed her dripping pussy down on my lips, grinding her hips onto my face. At the same time, I felt Karen placing my dickhead at the soaked entrance to her fuckhole; then my cock experienced the exquisite sensation of being enveloped by her hot, wet, tight flesh. I moaned into LaToya's cunt, thrust my tongue up into her slippery hole and my prick up into Karen's tight, pre-teen twat, and idly wondered if I would suddenly wake up, alone, with a raging hardon and an urgent need to piss. Karen began to ride my stiff prick up and down, savoring every inch. At the bottom of her downward movements, she ground her dripping little cunt against my pelvis, rubbing her hard, tiny clit around and around on my body, and moaning. "I'm fucking you, you old bastard!" she said. "Do you like my pussy fucking your cock? Isn't it wet and tight? except for my dweeb brother's tiny peter, yours is my cunt's first, and I LOVE it!" I did too.

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  LaToya, meanwhile, was doing a real bump-and-grind on my mouth. All I could see was her writhing, twisting, beautiful little brown ass, as she rotated her twat on my face for her pleasure. I hardened my tongue, and began thrusting it in and out of her fuckhole, as fast as I could. She cried out, "Ohh! YESSS! Tonguefuck me, honey! Give it to me, Ricky baby! make me cum in your mouth!" Her pussy juice was flowing so freely I thought she already was cumming! My cheeks tickled from the streams of cunt honey flowing down them, and I had to keep swallowing to keep up. I reached up and stroked LaToya's luscious booty, squeezing her cheeks and pulling her pussy down onto my fucking tongue; then I moved my hands to Karen's butt and caressed it, keeping in time with her fuckstrokes on my prick. I began to tickle her little asshole, which made her groan with delight, and was just about to insert a finger into her anus, when. . . "Time! Break and switch! Clean break, now!"Katie was playing her role as referee. LaToya, Karen and I came back, a bit, to reality. Of course, we all knew more fun was coming - but we hated the interruption, anyway. "Come on, guys! You all know the rules! Break and switch! NOW!" Karen insisted. Chapter EightBoth girls ground down on me, LaToya on my mouth and Karen on my cock - then lifted up and began to switch positions. Along the way, they gave each other a deep kiss, then each kissed me hard on the mouth, gave my cock a lick, and poised over me, ready for the next phase of our marathon. At Katie's nod of approval, Karen dropped her sopping little cunt onto my face, and started a real bump-and-grind.

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   All I could do at that point was suck at her pussyhole and lick her clit and asshole, whenever they happened to come around. Unlike earlier, she was moaning and humming to herself, and muttering, "This is how to fuck! This is how to suck! Gimme good head, Ricky, baby! Eat my pussy! Gimme some deep tongue! Suck my clit! Lick my asshole! Make me cum and cum and cum, all over your face!"LaToya took firm hold of my prick and began to rub my cockhead around the wet portal to her fuckchannel, detouring once in a while to give her anus and clitoris a stroke or two. She had been waiting for my cock in her twat for quite a while, and I was amazed by her patience. As if reading my mind, she breathed, "Don't worry, honey! Your sweet, hard, hot dick is gonna be deep in my tight little black cunt, real soon! I just want to play a little first!" she giggled. As LaToya stroked her pussy slit with my prick, I returned my attention to Karen's dripping twat, which was massaging my mouth with her cuntlips, while her cunthole provided me with a taste of her sweet, little-girl nectar. I drank it down, eagerly, and licked up into whatever hole happened to be passing by. Suddenly, I felt the head of my cock enveloped by hot, wet warmth. LaToya had had enough play, and wanted to fuck. I had no objection. Slowly, the little black teenie lowered her tight pussy onto my dick. When her Mount of Venus reached my pubic bone, she ground her cunt on me and moaned, "YES! Big hard cock in my pussy! Feels just FINE! Gonna fuck you now, honey! Gonna fuck you like neither of these little girls ever even thought of! You like my pussy on your dick? Just you wait! You ain't felt nothing, yet!" She raised her cunt from my crotch, ever so slowly, and lowered it again, squeezing my cock with her inner muscles. "You think this is nice, old white man? Honey, I'm gonna give you the fuck of your life!" She began riding up and down on my stiff prick, fast and hard, taking her tight little cunt all the way up so my cockhead was barely inside her cuntlips, then ramming back down and grinding her crotch against my body. I felt her pussy's juices running down my hips, and tonguefucked Karen's dripping, bald twat, sucking up as much of her cunny honey as I could swallow. I lifted her hips, and slipped two fingers into her asshole, which was already well-lubricated by the overflow from her cunt. "Ummmmmnnn!" she moaned.

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   "That's it, baby! Fingerfuck my little asshole till I cum! I love it!"LaToya had started a kind of corkscrewing motion on my dick, which was bringing me almost to orgasm, and I had just begun to work my fingers in and out of Karen's tightasshole in earnest, when. . . "Time!" I heard in the back of my mind. "Break and switch! Karen to cock, LaToya to mouth! Break clean, now!" Katie was being referee, again. Reluctantly, the two kids left my cock and mouth, although LaToya couldn't resist shoving her wet pussy down on my upright dick, hard and fast, one more time. "What a fine fuck we're getting from you, honey!" she grinned, as she stood up. "I hate leaving your hard prick, but you give such good head, I want more of that, too! Don't worry, though; Karen has a hot cunt all ready to fuck you with - and I'll be back down there as soon as I can!" She giggled and stood astride my face, spreading her twat so I could gaze at the glistening pink flesh between her plump brown cuntlips. I raised my hand and quickly shoved two fingers up her tight little hole, twisting them, and then rubbed her tiny, protruding clit with my thumb. She moaned, and began lowering her ass onto my face, my fingers still inside her. This time she was looking me right in the eye. "This time, though, I want you to tongue my ass while you fingerfuck my pussy, OK? And give me another finger in there, honey!"Meanwhile, Karen had been busy, too. First, I had felt her soft little hand grasp my rod, wet with fuckjuice, and stroke it; the next sensation was a tongue licking just beneath and behind my cockhead, almost making me cum; then I felt her lips envelop me, and draw me into her sucking mouth. "I wanted to taste LaToya's pussy on your cock, Ricky!" she said, lifting her head. "It's really nice, but now I'm gonna fuck you some more! I need it, baby! Give me a real good ride, Katie's lover, and I'll return the favor!"She lifted her head from my crotch, and saw me eating out LaToya's hot little asshole.

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   "Oh, yeah!" she breathed. "Katie, can I take his cock in my asshole, this time? His fingers felt so good in there! OK?"I could hear Katie thinking, although I couldn't see her, with my tongue lapping at LaToya's prune. "Wellll, OK!" she sighed, finally. "I kind of wanted him up my ass first - but he's already licking away at LaToya's butthole, so why shouldn't you get his stiff prong up yours? Go ahead!""OH, great!" cried Karen. "Rickybaby, this will be my first assfuck, honey. I'm gonna lube my butthole up real good with my pussy juice, OK? and then you ease your big cock in kind of slow, to begin with, OK?" I felt her body shift on my hips as she gathered her own cum and soaked her asshole; then I felt her hands wiping my cheeks, wet from LaToya's juice. "I'm gonna slick your dick with LaToya's overflow, sweetie! After that, the next thing you feel down there will be my asshole sliding onto your hard cock!"True to her word, Karen stroked my cock with both hands, wetting them several times morewith LaToya's cunt cream, lubing my stiff rod for her asshole. All the while, I was lickingand tonguefucking LaToya's delicious little butthole, while she ground her cunt onto thefingers, now four, which I was stroking in and out of her streaming pussy. The lovely blackmember of this bunch of little-girl nymphomaniacs was moaning and sighing with pleasure. Karen's soft little hands left my prick, and almost immediately I felt the warm, soft globesof her pre-teen ass descend on it. "Now I get your hard cock in my ass, Ricky!" she hissed. "Oh, wow! Another first for me, this afternoon! You'll give me a good buttfuck, won't you,baby?"Of course, with LaToya's hot ass occupying my lips and tongue, I could say nothing; but I hummed into that dark, juicy treat, and humped up into Karen's crack, seeking her tight,virgin prune. LaToya giggled when I hummed, "That tickles my hole, honey! Do it some more!" I felt Karen reach between us, and guide my cockhead to the target it sought. "Ricky, baby, you just lie flat, OK?" Karen ordered. "Since this is my very first assfuck, I want to take it slow, and set the pace.

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  " She then slowly began to lower herself onto my cock, pushing her tiny, puckered hole down onto the tip of my dick. While this wasgoing on, I remembered LaToya on my face, and began to hum again. She gave a littleyelp of delight, and writhed her ass on my tongue and vibrating lips. Karen managed to get about half my cockhead inside her tense sphincter, then paused. I heard Katie say, "Relax, Karen, honey! Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths,and don't try so hard! Relax, and let gravity do the work. " I could feel the little girl takingthis advice, as I continued to hum into and tonguefuck LaToya's butthole. Then I felt Karen's anus noticeably ease up, gradually slipping further down onto my dick,until the head of it popped through that tight little ring of muscle. Karen gave a littlecry, and then I felt her hot, incredibly tight channel surrender its virginity to my invader,which it eagerly surrounded, enveloped and swallowed. Her asscheeks came to rest onmy hips, and she gave a deep sigh. Her inner muscles rippled and squeezed the lengthof my shaft. "Oh, shit! It fills me up! It hurts, but it feels so GOOOD!" the little whore moaned. "This is as good as having my pussy fucked!" She raised up, slowly, till only my cockhead was still inside her asshole, and then started gently fucking down and up and down on my prick, groaning and whining and giggling. "Time!" Katie's voice. "Come on, you fuckers! Time to change over; sorry, but those arethe rules!".



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