Katie and Friends - Chapter 6


"OK, Karen," I smiled. "Get up here on the sofa, honey, and let me taste what you are offering! It must be good, or you wouldn't be so proud of it!" I already had planned out in my mind how I was going to start bringing Karen out of her "bitch" attitude. Karen sat on the sofa and spread her little legs and cuntlips, exposing her wet fuckhole, apparently expecting me to drop to my knees and accept her offering. Instead, I sat beside her, easing Katie out of the way. Katie smiled at me, and sat on the floor leaning back on her elbows, knees up and apart. LaToya joined her, in much the same position. I reached around Karen with my left arm, pulled her closer, and kissed her gently on the mouth. At the same time I began massaging her little tits with the palm of my right hand. She opened her mouth and probed my lips with her tongue, seeking mine. She was pushing her little chest up against my rubbing hand, still making no sound at all. I opened my mouth and welcomed her questing tongue, sucking and licking it. I began tugging at her tiny nipples, squeezing and twirling them between my thumb and forefinger. She gave a barely audible little moan and sucked my tongue into her mouth, which I explored while continuing to caress and toy with her tits. After a couple of minutes, I slipped my hand down her body to her hairless Mount of Venus and began pressing and caressing her there, just above her cunt slit. Karen raised up against my rubbing hand and rotated her hips. We continued our deep kissing, and she found my hard cock with her left hand, squeezing it and stroking it gently.

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   We looked each other in the eye, and she slowly lowered and raised her eyelids. I felt her smile on my mouth, as she sucked my tongue. Moving my hand down a bit further I began sliding my middle finger up and down her wet little crack, tickling her hard clit from time to time. Every time I touched that tiny nubbin she hunched up against my hand and gave my dick an extra squeeze. She still had barely uttered a sound. I broke the kiss, only to move my mouth down to her pre-teen breasts. I sucked them alternately into my mouth, licking and nibbling gently. Her body began to undulate, pressing first her tits against my mouth, then her clit against my finger. She whimpered with pleasure, very quietly. Turning my face toward hers, I asked, "Karen? Why are you so quiet? I can tell you'd like to express what you're feeling, so why don't you?" I kept stroking her cuntslit and clit. She blushed. "I guess it's a habit," she said after a second. "My brother never lets me make a sound when he fucks me! If I make the slightest noise, he clamps his hand over my mouth. He's so afraid our parents will hear us! Once he even shoved a sock in my mouth, so I could hardly breathe!"I kissed her mouth again. "Karen," I said, "Your parents aren't here, and your brother isn't here.

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   If you want to shout or scream or giggle or say anything at all, you go right ahead!" I then shoved my finger all the way into her grasping, dripping, little fuckhole. "Got that?" I asked. "AHHH! AHHHHhhhh! UNNGGHHH!" she moaned, humping against my thrusting finger and rolling her little hips from side to side. "Oh, YEAH, Ricky! I got it, all right!" she giggled, "and I'm still getting it! Finger my little cunt, baby! Lemme have some more fingers! OHHH! YES! That's GOOD! And so is being able to open my mouth and say so! Thank you!"I had three fingers in her humping pussy now, stroking in and out and twisting them between her cuntlips. I went back to licking and sucking her twelve-year-old tits. She sighed, "My brother never does any of this stuff! He makes me suck his little prick, and he fingers my hole and fucks me, but we never kiss, and he doesn't pay any attention to my tits, and he'd NEVER eat me! I love this! Eat me now, Ricky! Give me some head! I want your tongue in my pussy, please? It'll be the first time a guy has gone down on me, and I want it so bad!"Sitting up, I looked down at Katie and LaToya. They had rolled toward each other and were fingering each others' little pussies. When they noticed my movement, they rolled apart, and sat up. Katie stood up and hugged me, then she sat down on my knee and gave Karen a big hug. "I knew your brother was a jerk, Karen, but I didn't realize he was that bad! I'm sorry for making fun of you, before!""It's OK, Katie," Karen smiled. "I'm gonna tell my brother to get one of those blow-up plastic dolls to fuck! It'll never make a sound!" We all laughed out loud! "Now, PLEASE, Ricky! Go down on me! Pretty please with cuntjuice on it!" she giggled, leaned back on the sofa, and propped her heels up on its edge, her knees wide apart. I had a beautiful view of her plump, bald pink pussy, and of her brown, puckered little asshole. She smiled at me between her thighs, made her cuntlips and prune pulsate, and beckoned me with her finger. What an invitation!Kneeling in front of her, I reached forward with both hands and spread her glowing, glistening lips apart. Her hole was bright red and flooding over with her girljuice, from the fingerfucking it had enjoyed a few minutes ago.


   Leaning forward I planted my lips directly on her flowing fuckhole, and tried to suck her dry. She had been right about one thing: her cuntjuice was delicious! I was not surprised she had been trying to eat herself out. Her brother must be an idiot, to pass up this succulent treat!As I lapped her pussy she arched her back, pushing her tiny cunt against my face, and rotated her hips. She sighed and moaned, and I'll swear, the flood of her girljuice increased! I licked and sucked her twelve-year-old hole for all I was worth, then moved up to her throbbing little clit. Seizing it between my lips, I squeezed, licked and nibbled at it. At the same time, I slipped one finger into her flowing twat. "Ohh, yeah, honey!" she groaned. "That's NICE! Lemme have another finger or two, OK?"I was happy to oblige, and slipped two more fingers into her tiny twat, stroking them in and out. "YES!" she shouted. "Fingerfuck me and suck my clit! I LOVE it! My stupid brother never did all this! I can't wait for your cock in me! Keep it up! OHHH, YEAH!"Suddenly, I felt a hand on my dick. With my face buried in Karen's pussy, I couldn't tell whose it was; it didn't matter, though, because quickly another hand joined it, both moving slowly up and down the length of my hard rod. Katie and LaToya had teamed up to give me a handjob! They weren't trying to make me cum; just keeping me hard and excited for the fucking yet to come - and, as they told me later, because they liked the feel of a stiff prick in their hands, just like I enjoyed the feel of a wet pussy on my fingers. I nibbled her hard little clit for a few minutes, fingerfucking her vigorously at the same time - then slipped my fingers out of her cunthole. Karen moaned unhappily, "Don't stop, honey! I LOVE your fingers in my pussy! Put 'em back, please?"Instead, I glued my mouth to her fuckhole and sucked as hard as I could. At the same time I wriggled my hand under her butt, which was hunching up looking for more fun, and started tickling her asshole.

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   "OH, SHHIIIT! Ohhh, HONEYSUCKER! Drink my juice, you son of a BITCH! Finger my ass! Suck my pussy and fingerfuck me in the ass, honey!OhhHHH! Anghhh! YESSS!!! Mouth and fingers, mouth and fingers, cunt and asshole, keep it up! I wanna cum in your mouth so bad! Will you swallow my girlcum, Ricky, baby? I'm gonna cum pretty quick, you cuntlapper! Keep SUCKING! Keep those fingers going!"I had two fingers in her ass, screwing them in and out, and was swallowing her delicious pussylube almost as fast as her cunt was pouring it out in my mouth. Meanwhile, Katie and LaToya were continuing their roles as "fluffgirls", leisurely jacking on my throbbing cock, occasionally giving it a lick or two, just enough to keep it ready for the fucking ahead. "Gonna cum, Ricky!" rasped Karen. "Gonna cum! Drink my cum, you bastard! Suck my fuckhole dry. . . AHHH! I'M CUMMING!! OH. . . SHIT! CUMMMINNG! Suck it UP, you manwhore, you pervert, drain my kiddy-cunt, fingerFUCK my virgin ASShole! Fuck me EVerywhere! Lick and suck and FUCK! I want your COCK!! In my CUNT!!"Karen finally was saying out loud everything she had kept silently locked away from hermindless brother. Did she ever get a cum from that clown? I wondered. . . . I was trying to swallow all her sweet pussyjuice, but was falling behind.

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   The flow of her girlcum was so full it was dripping from my chin into her asscrack, onto my fingers ramming her tight little asshole, then onto the sofa. Finally, she rammed her pussy up on my mouth and held it there, as I licked and sucked her. Then she collapsed. Cum continued to flood from her cunt, and I kept trying to stem the tide with my tongue, looking at her completely relaxed face. She lay there a minute or two, then lifted herself on her elbows, glanced at me and smiled shyly, then looked around for Katie and LaToya. The two other girls were grinning broadly at Karen. LaToya said, "What did we tell you, girl? Can this old fart eat cunt, or what?""Well," said Karen, after a few seconds, "I don't have any other experience of a man's tongue in my twat to compare it to! But he's better than either of you two sluts - unless you've been holding back on me!" She slipped her hand down between my still-lapping tongue and her flowing pussy. Holding up her fingers, she showed them to all of us. "Look at all this cum!" she murmured, apparently hardly believing it, herself. She smiled at me again. "I'm with LaToya, Ricky! And I'm sure with Katie, too! Anytime you want a pussy to eat, here one is!"She put her dripping fingers back down and rubbed her preteen clit, which was proudly protruding from its hood. She muttered and mumbled to herself for a minute or two, then said, "OK! let's get to fucking! Katie, you're referee, right? Who gets this guy's cock in her pussy first?".



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