Investigators Chapter 3


It’s our job to get the information on these special cases that is later used by the official and more public detectives. We cut corners and sometimes take advantage – but we tell each other what is going down. Tell me what you found out please. ”Mandy was scared she had blown it and grovelled to her boss. Carefully she explained that the boy had told her there were other females involved in the sexual blackmail besides the social worker Shirley. He boss listened studiously nodding his head every few seconds. “Right!” he shouted when she had finished firing a stern look at her. “If we were normal police officers and this was a normal investigation you would have blown the fucking thing sky high! You would have fucked up in a big way. Is there something else you should be telling me?”Mandy knew what he was getting at but managed to look perplexed. “Well I’ll be more direct – did you enjoy the fucking sex? You fucked the boy we interviewed. ”Mandy broke down and put her head in her hands – yes things were truly fucked up - the investigation – her career – reputation. Her boss continued, “Fortunately, the people we are interviewing won’t be the ones that testify in court. When the regular guys start the official investigation and interview certain public figures they will already know the answers and stories. All the information will be at their fingertips and nobody will be able to wriggle out. They will know names and dates and details – thanks to us – and the people we are talking to. When witnesses and suspects are confronted by the vast knowledge of the detectives they will think it pointless to waste time and effort denying anything – and smart lawyers will wonder were we are coming from.


  I hope I’ve made myself clear – we get information by any means possible – but we work as a team. Sometimes all of us are affected by what we see and hear – I know your male co-workers won’t turn down a good fuck if they get the chance. Your methods haven’t gone unnoticed – the way you show a bit of leg to get the witness to talk. Sometimes we get turned on in an interview and maybe go to the bathroom to have a wank – just like you did the other day! We are guys and can talk about it – if you want to be one of the guys you can. ”The last remark was said in jocular fashion but Mandy knew he actually meant it. The talk went on for a while until he put the ball back in Mandy’s court. “Decide if you want to stay with us or would prefer a transfer – but you have to be one of us in every sense. We have talked and would like you to stay on our team – you like a risk and a bit of excitement and don’t mind stretching the rules. Play the game our way though then we can look out for each other. ”Mandy thanked him and left the room with no doubt where she stood on the matter. The lady detective had already made her mind up she wanted to stay with this unusual and unorthodox team. “Just one thing,” said her boss, “You never answered the question. Did you enjoy the sex?”Mandy blushed slightly but gave an honest answer, “Yes – it was different and weird – but – I enjoyed it. ”The boss smiled glad that she had answered him without bullshitting. The next day the senior detective called a meeting of the group to discus the new found information.

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   It was decided to confront the man they were presently interviewing figuring he would if other females had been involved. Mandy was asked to participate in the interview and a few minutes later she was sat with a young officer and the boss opposite the man Michael. “So let’s get straight to the point,” said the boss to the man. “We want to know why you didn’t tell us about other women being involved. Tell us now and don’t waste our time then you can go and continue your life. We know you are brighter than the other lads involved so talk straight and without bullshit – don’t give us the learning difficulties routine. ”The boy was visibly shocked by this revelation and change in attitude and knew he’d better come clean. So this is what the boss meant when he told her about having the knowledge to hand before you start the interview. For a few minutes the boy tried to explain why he had kept quiet. The fact was he was still fucking one of the women he had met and didn’t want her involved. “Don’t worry about that – she won’t be,” said the boss, “Just tell us the fucking story!”“After a couple of months of playing games with Shirley and her friend I was told I could go to a party at the house of a member of staff one weekend. I had heard rumours that certain other boys had been and were rewarded with money and extra privileges. No one spoke directly about it or what went on but everyone knew it was to do with sex. Some one said the boys had to go with a girl while everyone watched but it was just rumour. I was told to be ready and a car came to take me to quite a big house in the suburbs.

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   It certainly didn’t belong to a social worker. I was shocked in just a few minutes after being told to wait in the hall until they checked with the host it was OK for me to be there. I wondered away a little and down a little corridor I saw a man I had seen at the home with his wife. They went into a room accompanied by a boy about eighteen. I went to have a nosy and peeping through the door I saw the wife sit on a chair and the man beckoned the boy to stand in front of her. He knew what was expected and he unzipped his fly and took out his cock. The woman started to suck on him while her husband watched and held her head. He gave his wife directions while he masturbated himself and enjoyed the show. It wasn’t long before the boy came in her mouth and she had to stand and to my surprise her husband kissed her while she transferred the sperm into his mouth. I saw it run down both their chins – they were both carried away and began licking each other. The boy just looked bored and waited till they said he could go – so I went back to the hallway were someone was waiting for me. I received a long lecture about keeping quiet on what I was going to see and do – or else! When I was shown into the big room I was given something to drink and told just to watch for a while. In the room were several couples mostly between thirty and fifty and single boys all about eighteen to twenty. Most were obviously from places like mine and had different degrees of social difficulties. All were presentable in appearance but a little simple and easily manipulated.

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   I was the only one from my home but recognised two members of staff with their wives. I watched as people chatted and mingled around and as time went on things started to happen. A boy was lead from the room by a couple and they were gone for about 45mins. Another was told to sit in between a man and his wife and as they talked to him I saw the woman’s hand creep to his crotch. Within minutes she was playing with his dick in full view of everyone. One man began playing with his wife’s tits while she watched another couple then he took them out. He invited a boy to sit with them and play with her nipples – it wasn’t long before he had his hand up her skirt while the boy was told to suck her tits. It turned into an orgy with some taking others out of the room for private sessions. I missed what happened next because I was eventually taken to a room by a man and his wife. He had already been told that I was prepared to suck cock and take it up the arse. His wife told me bluntly that she wanted to watch me suck her husband’s dick then for him to suck mine. I went with them to a bedroom where we did just that and then the wife wanted to watch me put my dick into her husband. I did and she loved it – but after a few minutes she wanted it – she lifted her arse into the air and told me to fuck her. By the time we were all exhausted and returned to the room most people had done what they had wanted – most were undressed by then. That was the first of many parties that I went to – or was taken to.

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   They were a group of people – some influential people – that had formed into a sex club. Over the years they had given like minded people and friend’s jobs in social services or connected occupations. Quite a few I met worked in homes like mine and recruited boy’s they thought would keep quiet. If they made a mistake then the boy would tend to disappear. Couples indulged in their own particular kink like gang bang or husband just watching. Sometimes a group would just watch while a one or more women would perform with a boy. A few liked to watch while a wife was taken by several boys together – people sat round getting turned on and playing with each other while they watched the show. More than once I was made to stand in the middle of the room and masturbate for the ladies. ”“So – you being brighter than the rest – then why did you let it carry on happening?” asked the boss detective. The boy smiled and fixing his gaze on Mandy instead of the questioner he spoke slowly before replying. “Because I liked it – I enjoyed the chance to fuck those sex-mad middle class housewives – who kept coming back for more! Where else would I get the chance of so much sex on tap?”Mandy felt the boys eyes penetrating deep into her mind – as though he knew her thoughts. “Usually I can tell if a woman has a craving for forbidden or unusual sex – I just know. Lots of women have a hidden desire for dirty sex – sometimes rough sex – I know how to bring it out of them – let them experience it. ”The lady detective began to feel uncomfortable – it was though he was talking about her – as though he could really read her thoughts. In view of the way her adventures had been exposed she could sense that her boss too must be aware of her discomfort.

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   The man came to her rescue and broke the spell by ridiculing the boy. “Well Michael – we can see now why you needed treatment by the shrinks. Just because you had a fuck with a woman or two doesn’t mean you are an expert on sexuality! Like you say – the other boys were a bit simple while you had another type of mental problem. Now – you’ve just showed us why you won’t be of any use in a witness box – but you’re getting a “reward” for these little chats so keep to the story – we don’t need a demonstration of your sexual prowess!”The witness glared at the chief then once again stared at Mandy before commencing with his tale. For two hours the team listened to the boy’s story until it was almost becoming repetitive and boring. The chief had finally had enough and called it a day summoning his staff to his room. “Right, the boy is holding something back – there’s more to this than just a bunch of wife-watchers. We need confirmation of the stories he has already told us – we need some other people to talk to – at the moment only he can give us names but he isn’t doing that willingly. ”“Maybe I can persuade him,” offered Mandy eager to make amends for her past sins. The boss looked at her hard,” I was hoping you’d say that – you have an advantage over us. ”Mandy hadn’t quite meant that she would use sex but the look on the men’s faces told her that what they expected. The interview room had a two way mirror which made Mandy’s heart skip a beat thinking her co-workers would be watching her! The fantasy was short lived when her boss suggested she should go to Michael’s room and “have a chat”. Later, after a meal when everyone had wound down Mandy prepared to visit Michael. It felt weird to her that the men actually knew she was going into that room to probably have some sort of sex and they would be waiting patiently outside. “We will stay in shouting distance but so it doesn’t cramp your style we won’t be listening at the keyhole.

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  ” Mandy felt the men’s eyes looking her up and down and she actually enjoyed it. “Glad to see you’re wearing stockings and suspenders,” commented her boss, “Always does it for me!”Mandy realised just how tight her skirt must be that it showed the outline of her underwear and stocking tops. Her low-cut top showed plenty of cleavage and the material clung to her tits. She felt really sexy and in the mood as she made her way to the boy’s room. Knocking quietly the boy opened the door and she stepped into the room. Michael leered at her and smiled. “I thought you might come to see me,” he said. “Why did you think that, Michael?” Mandy asked quietly. “Because you are one of those women who loves to have sex with people you shouldn’t be touching”Mandy knew this was going to be a battle of wits and she had to make Michael think he had won. “I’ve only come to have a chat with you – that’s all”“No –I know when I look at you – I can tell – sometimes you like it dirty – rough. I’ve met many women like you – you want sex a different way – not like with your boyfriend or husband – something forbidden. ”Mandy laughed, “I think you have got it wrong Michael – you’re not that clever and powerful. ” She was beginning to feel unsettled. “Look at the way your nipples stick out – I bet you’re wet between your legs. ”Mandy shivered – this psychologically disturbed boy was very near the truth.

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   The way he blatantly spoke about sex without even trying to appear nice or seductive disturbed her but was also intriguing. “You think I want you Michael – sorry but you’re way off mark. ”The boy stepped near to her and reduced his voice to a whisper. “I could tell how you enjoyed listening to my stories – I could see it in your eyes. Admit it – you were imagining how it would be for you – having lots of boys to fuck!”Mandy began to breath hard – scared but experiencing another strange feeling. “You’re wrong Michael,” was all she could bring herself to say. “You feel excited now – having me standing so close to you – knowing I’ve got an erection. Just imagine those women being able to carry out their dirtiest fantasies – having a fresh cock just when they felt like it. Wouldn’t you like to go into a room with someone and just do as you wished? Or would you like someone who would give it to you rough – do things to you that you can’t ask your boyfriend to do? The thought excites you doesn’t it – that’s why you like listening to the stories. “No – that’s not right,” breathed Mandy. “Why did you dress like that then – showing most of your tits off – and such a tight sexy short skirt? Who was it for Mandy if not me – you said you had come for a chat with me – just you and me? It wasn’t for anybody else was it – it was for me wasn’t it?”The boy’s whispering hypnotic voice caused Mandy to loose her cool. His questions couldn’t be denied without her looking silly – she might as well tell him the truth. She felt his fingers brush her nipples and gave a startled moan. “Who did you dress for Mandy?” he asked again letting his hand stroke her thigh. The woman let out a gasp and answered, “For you – I did it for you!”“And why Mandy – what do you want to happen – to turn me on – have sex?”She felt him take her hand and allowed him to guide it toward him.

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   Her eyes shot open wide as she felt the hot flesh of an erect cock. Whimpering she automatically closed her fingers round it and allowed him to start off the movement of masturbation. The boy was breathing on her cheek and he whispered into her ear. “You want me to fuck you - don’t you Mandy?”“Yes!” she cried almost sobbing – the boy had really and truly won the battle of wits – Mandy hadn’t purposely surrendered. Smiling wickedly the boy released his grip of her hand and laughed when Mandy simply carried on wanking on his cock. She stood still while he unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the ground. He stood her back slightly while he looked her over but told her not to stop masturbating him. Mandy was used to being in control and this frightened and unsettled her but she didn’t want to stop. “I want you to get down and suck my cock!” commanded Michael quietly but forcefully. He waited for Mandy to respond keeping the same wicked smirk on his face. She knew that if she did as he asked she would be letting him control her and he would always think that. Nevertheless, to her own amazed shock she sank to her knees and holding his dick in both hands she took it into her mouth. “Faster bitch!” he grunted holding her hair tight, “I want to spunk down your throat. ”Holding her head tight he moved his hips rapidly fucking her face. For several minutes he swore and abused her as she tried her best to make him come then he changed tack.

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   Lifting her up he roughly pulled her top up and brought her breasts out from her half-cup bra. Lowering his head he bit and sucked hard on her nipples while his fingers went into her panties and worked on her cunt. Mandy cried and moaned – but not so loud as to bring help, then he suddenly pressed her back to her knees and pointed his cock to her face. His sperm covered her running down to her neck and trickling into her cleavage. He held her hair and raising his voice to call her a slut she felt the flat of his hand slap across her face. She screamed, but more with surprise than with pain. It was enough to bring her protectors rushing into the room. One punch sent Michael sprawling across the bed and they gathered up Mandy to take her from the room. Her last glance was of Michael sitting on the bed – still with that manic smirk on his face – this violence did not worry him. Outside Mandy caught her breath and became conscious of her colleagues eyes on her body. The young officer handed her skirt to her and as she took it from him noticed the bulge in both their trousers. She didn’t rush to cover herself and after an awkward silence she said she would go to the bathroom and clean up. She walked slowly and provocatively – knowing her tits were still showing and her stocking clad thighs didn’t hide her pubic mound through her see-through panties. It was quite a few minutes later that Mandy found herself staring into the bathroom mirror, thinking hard. She knew her male co-workers were still standing outside, waiting for her.


  Sir!” she shouted, quite loudly. She wasn’t bothered that both men immediately burst into the bathroom and asked if she was OK. “Didn’t mean to startle you,” she began. “I just wanted to say sorry for messing up again. I shouldn’t have made such a noise – I could have handled it. ”The men looked at her with open mouths and wide eyes. She was still stood with skirt in hand – panties visible and top still pulled up. Calmly, as she spoke she wiped her neck and cleavage and round her mouth. Her other hand held her skirt just discretely enough to cover her midriff and spoil the view of her pussy. “But with what he was doing to you…” began her boss. “It was OK – I could have handled it. I shouldn’t have made so much noise – I owe you yet another apology – but let me say thanks for rescuing me. How can I thank you both?”She looked at the large bulges they both sported and smiled. “Maybe I’ll get another go with him – if you want me to try again. ”The officers were dumbstruck by her comments and just subconsciously focused on her half naked body.


  “That might be a bit unwise,” said her boss almost stuttering. “Then,” said Mandy calmly wiping the sperm from her cleavage while they watched, “How can I make it up to you – both of you. ”As she finished the sentence she slowly took away the skirt that was covering the front of her panties. She knew that both men could now see her pubic area through the lace and silently they looked as she took her top off to clean her breasts. For a couple of minutes they watched her wash her tits dressed now in only her panties and stockings. She eventually turned to them and smiled before speaking. “Seems pointless covering myself up when you’ve both just seen me undressed with a man’s cock ejaculating in my mouth. Might as well let you two have a little thrill – judging by the bulges in your pants you like what you see!”It wasn’t the boss’s habit to indulge in such things with his staff but neither man hesitated to approach Mandy. The chief ran his hands over her thighs while his underling played gently with her tits. Mandy was senior to him and she had to reassure him it was OK. Her hands found the zips of their trousers and they stood still while she extracted two hard throbbing cocks. While the men played she masturbated them, cock in each hand. “Do you really want to try again with him?” asked her boss. “Yes sir – if you’ll let me – but I’ll do it my way. Only this time you don’t need to stand so far away – it doesn’t matter now if you listen through the keyhole!”Both men laughed at her joke and looked amazed at their woman team member.

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  “I’m glad you joined our unit,” said the boss. “I think you fit in OK – we’ll look after you. ”“Thank you sir – and in return – I’ll look after the guys in the unit,” she purred seductively. “Speaking of fitting in – would any of you like to fit in me?”The boss nodded at the young officer who eagerly pulled down Mandy’s panties. She stepped out of them and her arse was immediately grabbed by the guy who worked his cock inside her. The boss held on to her keeping her balanced as she was well and truly fucked. Mandy enjoyed her boss’s experienced hands and mouth on her nipples and when the younger officer came she looked forward to pleasing him. “Take me in your mouth,” the boss whispered to Mandy. Dutifully she crouched down and took his cock in her mouth sucking hard and drawing his foreskin back and forth. When he erupted he delighted in watching his female officer swallow the lot – and suck till he was dry. Before they went to their rooms the boss told Mandy at least twice how glad he was to have her on his team. It was after midnight that Mandy, fresh from the bath put on her sexiest nightgown and crept along the corridor. She was determined to get the information the boss wanted and show him she could succeed. Arriving at Michael’s door she saw a light underneath and slowly opened it. Stepping into the room she startled the boy who took a minute to recover his usual arrogance.

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   He looked at her attire and gave her his wicked smirk. “So – you’ve come back for more. ”He stood and walked to her but was caught off guard when she grabbed him. Taking his cock from his pants with one hand while she held his neck with the other she lay down her offer. “You can have me if you tell me what I want to know!”She worked his cock under her clothes and placed it against her naked cunt. “Give me names – boy’s men and women – and tell me what you’re holding back!”She pushed his dick inside her and wriggled her hips slowly fucking him. He offered a few names so she rewarded him with more movement. When he stopped talking to her then so did his fuck. Twice she warned him she would leave if he didn’t respond and talk. Behind her on the little table was a small recording machine she had brought with her. When he had eventually given her enough names she asked again – what else happened with the people at the homes? He didn’t respond and avoided the question – he wanted more than a slow fuck for that information. “Tell me what you want in return,” Mandy asked him, “Whisper to me. ”When the boy told her quietly Mandy was shocked and hesitant – it was a price to pay. She had come this far and was almost there – she had to do it. “OK then – but after you tell me!”The boy nodded and promised then waited for Mandy.

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   She slipped off her gown then lifted her nightdress over her head leaving her naked. Standing in front of an arm chair she bent over and spread her legs. Michael looked with disbelief – he never thought she would say yes – yes to being fucked up her arse – and more!Mandy stayed still while the boy lubricated her hole. As he touched her she felt herself becoming aroused and excited. It was a while since she had taken it up her arse and she was apprehensive. She felt Michael’s cock rubbing against her anus, and then he pushed, waited and pushed a little more. She caught her breathe then managed to relax her muscles until with a final thrust he entered her back passage. For a while they fucked away then Michael brought in the second part of the bargain - he slapped her arse cheeks. Slap after slap landed on Mandy’s rump as he pummelled away at her arse. The pain turned to a hot glow and Mandy felt a pleasure replace the stinging sharp slaps. Then it was over – his control failed him and she felt the rush of hot liquid up her intestines. Suddenly Michael spun her round making her land on her knees in front of him – she knew he was about to break his promise. As he grabbed her hair his hand came up to send a blow across her face – it never landed. Mandy had her hand ready – the boy almost choked and couldn’t scream to relieve the powerful pain a man feels when his balls are twisted very, very hard. His strength left him and Mandy now in charge stood, but keeping her grip now grabbed his hair with her other hand and bent him the wrong way over the chair back.

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  “It’s a question of what breaks first – your testicles or your backbone!” she told him, “Now – talk!”Mandy spent the next few minutes asking him questions – which this time he answered. When she thought she had exhausted his knowledge she prepared to let him go. “You have made two mistakes today – now when you tried to cheat me – before when you slapped my face and called me a bitch – it’s payback time. ”When she released his balls he fell before her naked body with no fight left in him. Almost crying with pain he looked up at her, though her cunt was inches away from his face it had no sexual interest for him. Mandy looked down at him with contempt on her face – then widening her stance she paid him back – letting her urine splash on his face. Gripping his hair she forced his face in an upward direction and took a great deal of time to empty her bladder. She left him wet, ashamed and sobbing and stepped into the corridor. “I have got the information sir – and settled a score!” she told the men who waited there. Then she walked calmly on back to her room to get some rest. .