I Eye Candy Revisited


I stopped what I was doing, which wasn't much anyway, and listened as the girls continued their conversation. "I didn't know that Billy and Bobby were queers. " said the mystery voice. "No! Their not queers" said Candy. "They just like to suck each other. They like girls too. ""Are you sure? How do you know?" came the others reply. "Well. . . " said Candy hesitantly. "Billy and I are kinda good friends and we tell each other stuff that we like to do, and Billy told me about him and Bobby". "Why would he tell you about something like that? Wouldn't he be afraid that you would blab it to someone, like your doing now?""Well you know that I'm only telling you because your my best friend. Besides we do the same stuff together ourselves. " stated Candy. "Yea, I know, but still.

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   Hey! Wait a minute. You didn't tell Billy about us doing stuff together did you?" queried the mystery girl. "Well, maybe a little. But I didn't tell him everything. I mean I would never tell anyone about the stuff we did with your dad or uncle. I just told him about the first night we slept over at my house and how we played around with each other. After all it was only fair he told me about him and Bobby. ""Geese Candy I wish you didn't tell him about us. What did he say?""He thought it was kinda cool, and asked if he could join in with us some day. " said Candy. "So! What did you tell him?" Mystery girl replied. "Look Cindy, Billy is really a cool guy. I mean for an eleven year old he really knows a lot of stuff. I know you don't have to worry about him telling anybody about us or anything, and I told him it would be fine with me but I would have to ask you. "I was enjoying this peek into the adolescent ramblings of these supposedly innocent young girls, of course I knew otherwise about Candy and was now finding out about her friend Cindy.

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   So Candy and Cindy had been fooling around with Cindy's Father and her Uncle. This was getting very interesting and I was fantasizing about the possibilities that could be had with two sweet young things at the same time. It suddenly got quiet and I wondered if perhaps they had passed by. I pulled the shade slightly to the side and was looking at the top of two heads joined together. Candy and Cindy were joined in a passionate lip-lock. "Are you sure it's safe here?" asked Cindy. "Yea, this is a great place. No one ever comes back here, and the grass is nice and soft we can lie down together. " stated Cindy, her breath becoming ragged and her words sounding a bit pleading. " I don't know. " said Cindy. "What if the guy in the house sees us?""Him! Oh don't worry about him he's gone to work. There's nobody home. You don't have to worry. Please Cindy I really need to have you lick me.

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   I've been waiting all day for it. I even had to go to the lave and play with myself a couple of hours before school got out, and now I'm super horny to have you suck me. Please. ""Oh. . . OK I guess I'm pretty horny myself and this does look like a nice place out here, and it is kinda private. "Thank god for reflective windows. As long as the light in the room I was in was out no one could see in. I closed the door to insure that no light would lite the background, and confident in my obscurity lifted the shade to a view of pre teen promiscuity in my own back yard. Candy lay down in the soft grass and Cindy, wasting no time raising Candy's school dress above her waist revealing that Candy was panty less and ready indeed for a lovingly anticipatedtongue lashing. Cindy seeing Candy's pussy knew that she was in control of the situation and slowly sat between Candy's legs. She placed a hand on each of Candy's knees and gently stroked the smooth creamy skin closing the gap between Candy's knees and the pink hairless slit that reluctantly split itself into symmetrical bits of delectable flesh. Cindy's fingers feathered their way closer and closer to the object of both of our desire, Candy's tiny but volupious pussy. Candy was now moaning in anticipation of what was about to happen to her.

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   I watched as delicate fingers traced the outer lips of delicate flesh. Moisture was apparent at the inner folds of Candy's pussy and Cindy placing one finger between them spread the juice gently over the sensitive labia. I looked at the intensity on the face of Candy as she lay spread eagle in my backyard, saying nothing just totally absorbed in the experience taking place between her legs. I was amazed at the skill with which Cindy played Candy. She was teasing Candy's cunt and applying pressure at just the right time and with just enough force to create the desired result in Candy. No wonder Candy was anticipating this rendezvous so desperately. Cindy was a seductress of the highest quality, and so young. Where did she learn this art. Perhaps it was inborn and natural, I know I felt that Candy was that skilled when she shared her talents with me only a few days ago. "Oh my god Cindy, that feel great. Suck on my clit a little, will you? Please. That's it Oh yes here it comes. Oh god I'm cumming I'm cumming. . .

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  . "Cindy spread Candy's cunt lips wide apart with her thumbs and stuck her tongue deep into Candy's juicy fuck hole, sucking and lapping the profuse amount of liquid that this little minx was expelling. I could even hear her slurping the abundant juices into her greedy mouth. "Candy I love the way your cunt squirts it's juices out. I just can't get enough, even though you squirt so much. I still can't figure out how you make so much cum. All I can manage is the tinniest amount. "Candy was laid back looking totally spent. Her legs spread wide and her pussy soaking wet with the profuse amount of cunt juice expelled. "Cindy that was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I could feel myself squirting and squirting. I sure am glad you like to swallow it otherwise my skirt would be soaked. You know Cindy you may not squirt the way I do yet. . .

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  but your cum is so sweet and thick that I just love to smear it all over my lips and then share it with you. I love you Cindy. ""I love you to, Candy. "With that the two girls began sucking each others face again. I was so horny that my dick, which had been in my hand for some time now was dripping profusely. I was using the pre cum to lube my cock and bring myself to the brink of orgasm without going over the edge. I knew that when I came I wanted it to be with the two of these lovely little cunt lappers. Candy was now between Cindy's legs and wasting no time. She was devouring Cindy's cunt. Cindy, now so turned on by her previous encounter with Candy's love box, was moaning and pulling Candy's face in tight to her pretty little pussy. She was humping and pushing her cunt up against Candy's rapidly firing tongue. Her moans turned to small yelps and I just knew this little girl was a screamer. I had to take control of the action before someone heard them and ruined my day by coming to investigate the goings on. I stuffed my engorged prick into my pants and wasting no time exited the back door of the mobile home and walked abruptly up to the nasty little fuck monkeys. I got their attention.

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  "Excuse me girls. aaahemmm Excuse me girls. " I said a little to softly to be heard. Cindy's eyes opened, and seeing me she was about to scream, but my finger to my lips made her stop mid squeal. She probably realized that yelling would probably put her in a worse position than simply dealing with my presence. "Candy! Candy! Stop. There's someone here. " Cindy cried as she pushed Candy's mouth away from her now full exposed pussy. Cindy pushed her school skirt down her thighs covering her little pussy from my view. Candy was on her knees with her ass sticking up behind her and I had a great view of her exposed cunt and delightful little ass hole. She turned her head toward me, making no effort to conceal her charms. "Hi Stu. This is my girlfriend Cindy. Cindy this is my friend Stu. " Candy groaned, her face glistening with the juices of Cindy all over her pretty face.


  "Hi Cindy, it's really nice to meet you. I hated to disturb you two, you looked like you were having an unbelievable great time and I was enjoying myself immensely watching you from my window. Cindy, I think you were getting ready to be a bit loud and I was concerned that someone would hear you and come to investigate what was going on. I didn't want that to happen so I came out to invite you both into the house where you can enjoy each other to your hearts content. "Cindy said "And what will you be doing while were enjoying each other to our hearts content?""I hoped to at least continue watching you and Candy play your little games with each other and maybe even participate, if you would let me, but no pressure. If you would rather I kept to myself that is exactly what I will do, what do you say. ""I don't know. What do you think Candy?" said Cindy with what appeared to be a slight smirk turning up the corners of her pretty little mouth. "Let's do it. " said the ever-willing Candy. "OK" said Cindy. "But you promise that you will not try anything unless we say so?"Absolutely" I returned. I will be perfectly happy just to continue watching the two of you, if that is what you want. " I certainly had higher hopes than just watching and was pretty sure that I had just scored big time. When we entered the house I asked the girls if they would like to use the bedroom or if they would just like to use the couch.

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   Candy already being familiar with my place took Cindy by the hand and gently led her into the bedroom. Candy and Cindy were no sooner in the bedroom when they both sprawled across the bed in each others arms while their lips and tongues explored each others face. Both girls had their hands between the others legs and fingers danced on open pussy lips to my great delight. Candy was first to break away and immediately started to frantically pull off her clothes. Following her lead Cindy disrobed also, but quite a bit slower. She was enjoying the dance and I'm sure, the look on my face as her sweet young body became visible to my lecherous eyes. Each of the girls were built identically with Angelic faces one crowned with shoulder length blond hair and the other jet black. They both had half lemon size breasts with medium brown nipples in the middle of aureoles about the size of nickels. Both were still in the process of developing hips but the indication of their presence was vague as yet. Their waists were tiny and they each had identical bellybuttons the kind that are innies but with a tiny knot in the center. Four perfect legs with two almost hairless crotches crowning the v. The sight was one that, to my dying day, I don't believe I will ever get enough of especially in girls this young and innocent looking. When both girls were completely nude they looked at each other then at me. Candy whispered into Cindy's ear and Cindy smiled slightly and nodded her head. I knew something was up but not exactly what that something was.

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  "Stu. Cindy and I think that since we are naked, you should be too. " Candy playfully stated. Actually I was thrilled to be able to expose myself to these lovely young nymphs. "Well if you think I should, and that will make you feel more comfortable. . . " I stated with my shirt already unbuttoned and my trousers unbuttoned. I couldn't wait to free my erection from its confines. Both girls were staring at my now exposed erection. Candy leaned into Cindy and whispering into her ear, purposefully loud enough so that I could hear, "Doesn't he have a nice prick? Wouldn't it be nice to suck on that?"Cindy moved to Candy's ear and whispered back to her. I couldn't hear what she said, but next thing I knew Candy came off the bed and walked over to me and without any hesitation whatsoever stuck the entire length of my enormously swollen erection into her mouth and down her throat. She looked up at me with lust filled eyes and sucked me for all she was worth. I, being on the verge of loosing my load all along pumped her mouth about five or six times and let loose a torrent of thick rich mucous like cum that took Candy by surprise. She pulled back off my dick and another shot hit her right between the eyes.


   Cindy meantime was laying on the bed fiddling with her clit. When she saw me shoot on to Candy's face she immediately came over, never stopping her ministrations with her finger in her sweet pussy, and licked Candy's face from the bottom of the dripping cum to the top and didn't miss a drop. "Mmmmmm. . . that tastes great. Mind if I catch the rest that's on the tip of your dick Stu. " said Cindy licking her lips. "Be my guest Cindy" I said. With that she used her tongue up, down ,over and under my dick like she and I were long lost lovers. For someone who was so concerned that I might try and join in where I wasn't wanted, she was making me feel very wanted. I reached down and taking Cindy's face in my hands I brought her mouth to mine. She looked me in the eyes and seductively tilted her head and lowered her eyelids to slits. I kissed her, gently probing between her lips ever so slightly with my tongue. She in turn used her tongue to greet me and let me know that all of her was ready for whatever I was willing to give.

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  I picked Cindy up and carried her over to the bed. Candy followed and the three of us entangled ourselves in each other, kissing sucking and licking whatever came close to our mouths. I buried my tongue into Candy's sweet hole while I buried two of my fingers into Cindy's very, very, wet cunt. Candy couldn't seem to get enough of my prick into her mouth. She forced me as deep into her throat as she could. I could feel my pubic hairs tickling her chin. I then felt Cindy's lips and tongue all over my balls. At one point she took both balls into her mouth and rolled them ever so gently with her very talented tongue. Candy and Cindy were both very hot and I could feel Cindy's cunt contracting around my fingers. At the same time Candy let loose with a load of her little girl juice while my face was buried in her sweet snatch. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could but she was extremely profuse in her spending. My face was now soaked with her squirting juices and Cindy was experiencing orgasmic bliss on the end of my fingers. Her cunt was wet to the extreme and I could feel every fold and juicy surface of her interior. As soon as the two young girls recovered I told them to lay one on top of the other so that their pussies were touching. They complied immediately.

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   Candy lay on top of Cindy their tiny titties looked so wonderful rubbing together. I aligned them so that their pussies were a continuous slit. I spread their legs and looked up into the most arousing site I have ever seen. Two pink juicy cunts wide open and practically begging to be pleasured. I first explored these two slits with one hand, sliding in and out of each of them and sliding into both at the same time. They in the meantime were engaged is a most passionate lip lock. I stood up at the side of the bed and pulled them together to the edge where they straddled me and this gave my rampant prick easy access to each of their holes. I slid between them and pumped my dick slowly in the valley of clits. I knew they were enjoying this by the moans emitting from their joined mouths. "Stick that hard dick in my pussy. " Candy insisted. So I did. She was so wet that despite the fact that her cunt was still of the little girl variety my cock entered completely and swiftly. I stroked four or five times when Cindy spoke her desire. "Oh god I am so hot.

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   My cunt is burning for your hard cock. Please let me feel it fucking my pussy. I need it now. I need it bad. Please Stu stick it in my cunt, stick it in real hard. I want it to hurt a little when it goes in. Please do it now. "Always more than happy to please a lady, not to mention a beautiful young lady such as the one before me. I pulled out of Candy's dripping pussy and inserted my now overly excited prick deep into Cindy with one quick and well aimed plunge. I was pushing my thighs against her ass trying desperately to penetrate her womb. Apparently this was exactly what Cindy was looking for because she threw her head in the air and cried out in what could have been interpreted as pain, but I instinctively perceived as a rip roaring orgasm. I pulled out slowly relishing the contractions of Cindy's orgasm as her cunt squeezed and released my prick. When I was just about a half inch from total exit I again plunged deep within the recesses of her tender being. Again she expressed the pleasure she was experiencing by howling with delight. She added a few choice obscenities to the mix this time which prodded me to pump her a few more deliberate strokes of cunt racking pleasure.

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  Candy was now expressing her need. "Oh Stu fuck me like that. I want to feel your prick ramming itself in and out of my cunt real fast and real hard. Please Stu give me a turn. "I swapped holes and fucked Candy's cunt as hard and fast as I could. My mind was going into sensory overload from the pleasure it was receiving by fulfilling the long time fantasy of fucking two pussies attached to two adolescent girls simultaneously. I Came and I came hard. I could feel my cum rising from deep within my balls and powerfully projecting itself into the cunt of this sweet young baby girl. Cindy reached between our legs and pulled my dick up to her pussy so that she could receive her share of the gift. My now slowly deflating dick plopped out of Cindy's cunt and I went to my knees so as to observe these two cunts with my cum oozing out of them. I leaned in and lapped from Candy ass hole up thru her cunt lips over her clit to Cindy's clit and delving deep into her cum filled pussy I finished with a gentle prodding of her cute little ass hole. I stood up and backed away. As soon as I had cleared their feet they rolled over so they were completely on the bed. Candy straddled Cindy's mouth and lowered her cum seasoned cunt down on to Cindy's waiting lips. She then dipped her head to Cindy's dripping hole and the two of them proceeded to lick and suck the remains of our pleasure from their respective and well respected cunts.

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  When finished Cindy exclaimed that if she didn't get her ass home in the next ten minuets her mother would have a shit. They both dressed kissed me passionately and promised to be back the next day. I can hardly wait. .