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The beings we are attracted to no matter what their age may be parts of the self that needs to join again to become whole. Sex is a physical experience that fulfills us on a spiritual level. Once that fulfillment with a certain other is satisfied we feel the unease of being again required to achieve what can only be achieved again with another. And so we go through the painful process of separating from one part of our self only to be free enough to again connect with another part of our self, until finally the picture we are painting of our self is complete and we are whole. These stories are representative of experiences that could have happened but did not. I now chase the demon of unfulfilled joining of spirit. I hope that through the expression of the written word, I may finally expel them from my being, and so doing I may move into the other side of my expressive soul consciousness. On the way to that lofty but realizable goal, I hope that the experience will bring as much pleasure to the readers of these fantasies as it brings to the author. and Cindy promised they would be back the next day and they were true to their word. School had let out and the girls came directly to my home. They were both very excited and could hardly contain themselves. Unfortunately it was not for the reason that I had hoped. It seems a local theater was sponsoring a talent contest and they were going to put an act together and go for the fame. They explained that they had to be at the theater in an hour to register for the event and wanted to stop by and let me know so I wouldn't be angry if they hadn't shown up as promised. I assured them that I knew exactly how they felt. Having something exciting going on in your life was always a great thing.

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   I knew because they were the exciting thing that was going on in my life. I was disappointed that they couldn't stay but they promised to return the next day if they could. I hugged both of them to me and gave them fatherly kisses a few dollars for some ice cream, and they were out the door. Their excitement was all consuming and I felt bad that they wouldn't be spending the few hours I had so longingly been looking forward to. As I was closing the back door I noticed my new next door neighbor coming out of her home. I smiled pleasantly and walked over to introduce myself. She was about thirty years old and had a very pretty face surrounded by a crown of medium length blond hair that, evidenced by her eyebrows, seemed to be natural. Her figure was slender and her breasts were small and the pink, tight, sleeveless pullover she wore revealed that she had the puffy type nipples that always made me believe that they must have had many hours of diligent attention to arrive at that particular shape. I raised my eyes from her breasts after what I hoped was not to long an appreciative stare to behold the most beautiful blue eyes. I extended my hand in friendship and introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Stu, and I would like to welcome you to the neighborhood. " I stammered. For some reason (probably what I was thinking) this lovely lady was making me a little nervous. "Hi Stu, I'm Allison. Actually I'm not new to the neighborhood, I've lived on the other side of the park, in a home that I was renting, for the past two years.

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   When I saw that this house had become available I decided to buy it. Paying rent was getting really old. This isn't much of a place but it has a lot of potential. As a matter of fact I just finished the last of the moving and now have to find a place for all my stuff. " Allison was extremely friendly and had a beautiful smile. Her front door opened and a younger Allison appeared. She was dressed identically to her bigger version but only came up to about my mid-chest area. Not that Allison was all that tall herself. "Tammy, come here baby. " called Allison"Stu, this is my daughter Tammy. Tammy say hi to Stu. Stu is our next door neighbor. ""Hi Stu. " said little Tammy. Tammy had the same beautiful blue eyes and lovely smile that her mother had.

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   My heart was melting thinking that I would have these two lovely creatures living right next door to me. "Hi Tammy. " I smiled "You sure are a pretty little girl. You look like a mini-me of your Mom. "Tammy smiled and looked up at her mother and said; "Stu's funny mommy. He called me a mini-me. What's a mini-me?""That's when two people look alike honey. Except one is bigger than the other. " answered Allison laughing at the image of a min-her. "Oh. I guess we do look alike. " agreed Tammy. "Well Stu, I hate to cut this short but I have to get Tammy over to the sitter's house so I can get to work. Maybe we can talk some more another time. " said Allison.

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  "That would be great Allison. How about the two of you coming over for dinner some night? I'm a halfway decent cook" I queried. "That would be wonderful. " said Allison "I'm always up for a meal that I didn't have to prepare myself. I'm off Monday evening. ""Monday it is. " I said"OK. I have to run. I may be late as it is. See you later Stu. "Allison and Tammy climbed in Allison's car and took off for the baby-sitter's. I went back inside and figured I would get some work done, since I didn't have anything else to do for the rest of the afternoon, damit. I put on some coffee and opened the word processor to my ongoing brain tease. I felt inspired by the events of the past couple of days and knew that if my muse was ever going to be with me this was probably a good time for it. Got my coffee, sat down at the desk, placed my hands on the keyboard and there was a frantic knocking at the back door.

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   I frustratingly got up from the desk, ready to dismiss whoever was there as quickly as possible and hope that the mood to write wouldn't be broken. I opened the door and was surprised to find Allison there with Tammy still with her. "Stu. Oh god I hate to bother you like this, but I am desperate. Tammy's sitter wasn't home and there was no one else at her house. Could you do me a very large favor, I promise I will find some way to make this up to you. Would you watch Tammy until her sitter shows up. I left a note on her door saying that Tammy would probably be here. If you can't, I understand. I'll stay with her myself, It's just that with the moving and all I have missed one night already and been late twice. I'm afraid my work record hasn't been all that great, and my boss is a real dick, pardon my French. " Allison blurted out frantically. "Allison don't worry about a thing. Tammy will be just fine here. You go to work.

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   Here's my card with my phone number on it. Call me when you get a chance at work and I'll let you know what's going on with the sitter. " I said as reassuringly as possible. I could see the desperation on Allison's face and the relief that overcame her with my acquiescence. "Tammy honey, you be a good girl for Stu, and mommy will call as soon as I can to make sure everything is all right. OK sweety?""Don't worry Mommy. I like Stu. He's really funny. I'll be all right. You go to work. " said Tammy, very adult like. "OK sweety, give me a hug and a kiss and I'll see you tonight after work. Love you. Thanks again Stu. I owe you a big one.

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  " said Allison as she backed away and made a dash for her car. "A big one. " I thought. "I'm gonna get a big one. " This looks like the start of a very promising friendship. "Well Tammy. Looks like it's just you and me kid. " I said as humorously as I could to try and put Tammy at ease, if she indeed needed to be put at ease. She appeared to take the whole situation in stride, as if this happened all the time. "Yep. Just you and me Stu. Well at least till Candy gets here anyway. " Tammy informed me. "Candy? Your sitter's name is Candy?" I asked surprised. "Yea, she lives next door to where we used to live.


   Her mother just started letting her sit for me at the beginning of the summer. She said she was old enough now cos. she turned twelve. Candy and I have been friends for a long time we even play together when she's not sitting for me. It's nice to have an older girlfriend like Candy cos. she knows lots of stuff, and she doesn't treat me like a little kid. She just treats me like a friend. " blurted Tammy in one long breath. "Does Candy have blond hair?" I asked. "Yea. Do you know her, Stu?""I think I might Tammy. I know a girl named Candy and she has blond hair and is twelve years old. Wouldn't that be funny if it's the same Candy?" I answered back. "Yea. That would be really neat if you and I had the same friend, that would make us friends too.

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  " said Tammy excitedly. **************** Tammy and I were having a pleasant time together getting to know each other. I couldn't help but admire her cute little figure and her very pretty face with it's blond curly hair. Her little tummy would become exposed every so often and I would see her bellybutton. This little belly button was so cute I had to hold myself back from tickling her and using our tickling time as an excuse to kiss her little belly. She was so relaxed and loved to touch me at every opportunity. I was just about to pick her up and start some serious touching games, when the knock came at the back door. I opened the door and in walked Candy with a huge grin on her face. "Hi Stu. Hi Tammy. " said Candy"Candy!" shouted Tammy, and ran to her friend and threw her arms around her and hugged her for all she was worth. Candy hugged her back and smiled over at me. She had a smile that was mischievous, innocent and sexy all at the same time. I wondered what she had on her mind. It didn't take long to figure out what it was.


  "So Stu, did Tammy tell you that we were close friends?""Yes she did Candy. She said she loved you and that you didn't treat her like a little kid. You treated her like a friend. " I replied. "Yea I do. " said Candy "And isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?" asked Candy, winking at me as she said it and leaning over to kiss Tammy. She didn't just give her a friendly little peck either. She gave her the kiss of a lover, and Tammy reciprocated unselfconsciously and with gusto. I could see their tongues dancing with each other and I could see the blush that spread over each of their faces. I couldn't believe how turned on they both were. Candy hadn't been here more than three minutes and it looked like she was ready to rape little Tammy. I was speechless. I just sat back with my mouth opened and watched as Candy took full control of the situation. Tammy recovered a little after the lip lock ended and while still holding on to Candy I could hear her whisper to Candy. "Oh Candy, what about Stu.


  "Candy stepped back from Tammy looked her in the eye and said. "Tammy do you remember the man I told you about the other day, the one that I had sex with. ""Yea I do. " said Tammy a little sheepishly. "This is him. This is the man I fucked. Stu. " said Candy as proud as could be. "Isn't it funny that he and you met even before I could bring you together? This is really weird. "Candy took Tammy's hand and led her over to me. She placed her own hand on my now swollen penis and told Tammy to do the same. "Feel how big it is Tammy? Didn't I tell you it was a big one?" said Candy seriously. "Wow!" said Tammy. "It's huge. How did you ever get that inside your .

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  . . . . . ""You can say it Tammy. Stu doesn't mind. Do you Stu" inquired Candy still keeping control of the encounter. What could I say? I was still speechless. "Cunt. " said Tammy. "How could you fit that big thing in your cunt. ""Well I tell you Tammy. It's amazing what you can do when you want something really bad. It hurt a lot at first, but even when it was hurtin it felt great.

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   It's a whole lot better than the hairbrush I stuck in your pussy. You'll see. " said Candy. "What do you mean I'll see?" inquired Tammy. "I mean that when you are ready Stu is going to fuck your little pussy with his nice big hard dick. Oh my god my panties are wet just thinking about it. And you are going to beg him to stick it in you. First he's going to lick and suck your pussy so good, and he's going to play with your cunt. Then you are going to suck on his hard cock and by that time your cunt is going to be begging to have that big hard prick stick itself deep inside you till you cum and cum and cum. Then you know what's going to happen Tammy?" said Candy rubbing her hand between her own legs. "No what. " asked Tammy. "Then, Tammy. He's going to shoot his hot sticky cum deep inside your cunt, and when he's done shooting it in you he's going to lick your cunt again and eat his own cum out of you. What do you think of that?" said Candy breathlessly.

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  "I dddon't know. What if it doesn't. . . . . . . " stammered Tammy. "But first, interrupted Candy before Tammy could even close her mouth, I have to go back home to let my Mom know what's going on. ""What!" I said. "Your going to tell your mother what were doing over here. "No, silly. I have to tell her that I'm sitting Tammy over at her new house. She wasn't home when I got back from the theater.

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  ""Oh" said I a bit relieved. "Stu, would it be all right if I didn't get back for about an hour? I have a few things to do. ""Don't worry Candy, Tammy and I will be just fine. " I said in my best dirty old man's voice. Candy laughed and Tammy blushed profusely but didn't seem intimidated at all with this new twist in our relationship. Candy kissed Tammy and told her to have a good time. Then she kissed me, sticking her sweet tongue deep into my mouth and at the same time grabbing my dick and giving it a good-by squeeze. She turned and in a flash was out the door with the speed that only someone so young makes look so easy. Tammy looked at me and with a sheepish smile on her face kissed me gently and shyly. She had only recently had her first few sexual encounters with Candy, but came into my arms willingly and enthusiastically. Her little chest only came up to my groin area and she rubbed it back and forth against my swelling dick. I reached down behind her and squeezed her little ass cheeks in the palm of one hand while the other hand worked between us to get to her pussy. Her legs spread as she realized what my goal was and I fingered her little slit through the fabric of her jeans. She is beautiful I thought as I stroked her and felt the wetness soaking through the material at her crotch. Without even asking, or the slightest hesitation, she unzipped my zipper and fondled my cock inside my pants, through my underwear.

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   My dick was dripping profusely and her fingers, soaked with pre cum, went immediately into her mouth for tasting. Reaching back into my pants she this time entered the opening of my briefs and withdrew my dripping dick, now fully erect and ready to do some pleasurable damage. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of my seven inch penis and her little hand stroked and milked even more juice out the throbbing head. Dipping her head and taking just the tip between her succulent pink lips she sucked on me like she would a soda through a straw. Pulling back, a string of cum spanned the distance between her lips and the tip of my dick. She stuck out her tongue and lapped the cum into her mouth. A big smile lit up her face and she said, "This is nice, I want more. "This time opening her delicate mouth as wide as she could she encompassed about three inches of my seven inch dick. She allowed her mouth to stretch even more to accommodate the five and a half inch girth. Her tongue on the glans and her cheeks puckering from the compression she was creating, she sucked my love pole for all she was worth. I think she wanted me to unload a full serving of creamy cum onto her vacillating tongue. She didn't have to suck long because I could feel it boiling up within the base of my dick and before I could warn her of the up cuming event, it happened. Great gobs of steamy man cum was shooting into one of the cutest mouth's I had ever seen wrapped around a cock. Swallow after swallow her throat contracted and expanded with each throb of my pulsating man pump. Small amounts of cum were appearing at either corner of her mouth and then sliding down her chin.

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   I slid a finger over her cheek to her mouth and withdrew a gob of freshly produced sex seed. Bringing it to my lips I made sure that she watched as I slowly licked my finger clean of the life giving substance. Her cheeks flush with excitement, her eyes glazed with a look of lust, her breathing rapid and hot on my dick, she was past ready for her own sexual gratification. I lifted her into my arms and walked her to the table in the middle of the room. Placing her ass on the table I lifted her legs, opened the catch on her jeans and slowly pulled them down her little girl legs. She was wearing little girl panties with cartoon characters on them and the crotch was saturated with her girl juice. I buried my face between her legs and not actually touching her pussy I licked her thighs and snorted the sweet ambrosia of sumptuous sex into my being through my olfactory receptor. Toying with the elastic binder at the junction of thigh and hip. I teased the fabric between the lips of her delicate cunt and the cheeks of her ass. I was becoming even more excited, if that was possible, watching her panties disappear between her pink lips and force her juvenile cunt even closer to the point of screaming out for someone or something to pierce it and put it out of it's misery. I brought my mouth over her crotch and licked the protruding lips gently. She squirmed with the delightful promise of more to come. Lifting hips, jutting pussy, dripping panties, dripping dick, sex was eminent and we both knew it. Ripping forcefully from her body the little panties that were keeping my cock out of the little cunt laying before me. I spread her legs as wide as possible, the cutest little pussy I could imagine was pulsating and beckoning for entrance.

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   The lights in the room sparkled off the wetness protruding from and smeared over her cunt and the immediately surrounding area. I placed my index finger into her pink center and lightly caressed the moist flesh. Tammy's pussy seemed to make a leap for my finger to draw it in deeper. I placed the index finger of my other hand beside the other index finger and pushing slightly I spread her cunt open for my inspection. I worked the fingers around her juicy little hole penetrating a little deeper and opening her a little wider until I could see her recently torn hymen. Spreading her open as wide as I could without hurting her I entered her cute little hole with my tongue. Licking the side-walls I could feel her wetness increasing and knew she was ready for my engorged man dick. I stood up and placed the head of my dick just between the lips of her eager cunt. She pushed forward trying to engulf more of my prick into her little girl fuck box. "Just stick it in me, Please! I can't take anymore of this teasing. I want to feel all of your big cock inside me. I don't care if it hurts or anything. I just need it in me NOW. " pleaded Tammy. "I need to feel it in your beautiful little cunt too.


  " I answered back. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forcible on to my prick. My prick would only go half way into her cunt. She screamed and I let up on the pressure I was applying. I pulled out an inch or so and then again pulled her towards me as hard as I could. I was now about three quarters of the way into her tight little pussy and I could feel the back wall allowing me no further purchase. I pulled out some and plunged in again, and again, and again. Tammy was wiggling her little butt up off the table and her eyes were tightly shut as she squeezed as much pleasure as she could out of our coupling. I could feel the cum rising and knew that I wanted, more than anything I have ever wanted before, to shoot her full of my creamy man seed. The idea of pumping a load of my hot cum, the first she had ever had, into this little baby girl's cunt was so exciting that I was feeling delirious. My head was bursting with colors and as the first wave of orgasmic bliss hit me it was accompanied by a scream of absolute delight from Tammy as she felt the warm fluid invade her fuck cavity. "Oh my god, this feels so good. I love the way you feel inside my pussy. I want to feel this way forever. Please don't stop sliding it back and forth.

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   I want more. Keep fucking me, keep fucking me!" Tammy exclaimed as her eyes, wide open now, were rolling toward the back of her head. Suddenly she stopped. She had fainted from the sheer bliss she had experienced. I pulled out slowly. My prick was coated with our combined juices. I again went down between her little legs and licked her little cunt, cleaning her of the cum that I had deposited in it. I heard her moaning again as I licked her little clit, taking it between my lips I sucked on like I would the tiniest prick in the world. She was super sensitive and immediately came again, only this time she lost her bladder and squirted her little girl pee all over me. The odor was mild and the sensation was exciting and as I tasted her urine she laughed hysterically. The combination of her orgasm and the sight of me with my mouth open, and my face covered with her pee pee, as she later called it, was more than she could take and she laughed herself silly. When Tammy finally calmed down she wrapped her arms around me and smothered my pee covered face with oodles of little girl kisses and tons of thank you's for giving her so much pleasure. I told her. "It was the least I could do. Next time it will be even better.


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