Danielle pt 4


Danielle (pt. 4)
It was late at night now, close to midnight. After the session in the tub we had dried each other off, gone to the kitchen and made some plates of leftovers and eaten and gotten back into bed to watch some "regular" tv. I don’t really know how long I had been asleep when I woke up but I looked over at Dani and she was sound asleep. Remembering the thought I had earlier in the evening after Dani had made a comment about my cock being the size of those guys in the movies I was eager to wake her up and put my plan into action.
I slipped out of the bed and set up my video camera in the closet with the door open just enough for the bed to be in full frame. I turned it onto "record" and went to waken Dani.
"Dani. Hey baby, wake up. " I shook her gently and she responded groggily "What time is it?". "Mmm about midnight sweety" I told her "you want a midnight snack" "Okay:" she said "what do you have?" "Well," I replied, "How would you like some sausage?" "Sausage? What kind of sausage?" she asked, her eyes finally completely opening as she finished rubbing them. "Well," I told her, " I have this man sausage that you might like!" That was when she looked down and saw that my cock was hard and stretched out to its full 9 inches. She laughed at my joke and said "Sure! I like that kind, I just didn’t know what it was called. " Saying that she slid over to the side of the bed where I was standing and took my cock into her mouth.
I put my hands on the back of her head as she mouthed and licked my swollen stiff cock. She grabbed my ass and played with my balls as she bobbed up and down on my shaft.

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   After several minutes of this I gently tugged her head away from my cock and told her that I wanted to fuck her pussy. I told her to get on her knees and back up towards the edge of the bed so I could fuck her from behind. She did so willingly and soon I had my cock in hand rubbing the fat head up and down the hairless slit of this 18 year old pussy.
She was already wet, turned on from giving me head and I slowly began to push into her hole. It was so tight. So freaking unbelievably tight. Wet and warm and it smelled like perfume as I guided my fat rod deeper and deeper into it. Dani was grunting softly as I continued to press into her, I slipped the tip of a finger into her asshole. She was moving her hips around and around on my cock till it was fully buried. I pushed my finger in deeper into her asshole and as I began fucking her pussy I also started finger fucking her ass.
I grabbed a handful of her hair and began to seriously ride my little slut soon to be niece. My balls were slapping her clit, slapping slapping with every stroke, my finger going in and out of her little asshole as we built our way towards another cum. We came together, her back bowing and arching, my hips thrusting, the cum spewing into her hot little pussy, her moaning and muttering "fuck me daddy daddy fuck me fuck me", her pussy clenched tight around my pulsating cock. The cum overflowed her pussy and was dripping out when she reached back between her legs and massaged my balls with our juices as I slowly softened inside her
Sunlight was streaming through the window when we woke up the next morning to the sound of some rednecks loud truck out on the street,. I told Dani to go get us some orange juice out of the fridge and I went to check my camera.

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By the time she got back with the juice I had everything hooked up to the tv and ready to go. We were sitting there in bed sipping out of our glasses when I spoke. "Hey Dani, remember how you said yesterday that I was big, down there, like those guys in the movies?" "Yah" she answered, "I remember that. Why". "Well," I told her "now I am one of those guys. " And with that I pressed the start button on the remote control.
She didn’t say a word as she watched herself eating her midnight snack of man sausage. I pulled her closer and told her "See, now you’re in the movies too! And I’ll always have this to remind me of you forever and ever. "
We watched the whole movie together, about a half hour long before I had turned out the lights. We talked and joked during it, she bet that after that she could fit ANYTHING in her pussy and that got my mind going places that I didn’t mention to her. Around 8:30 in the morning the phone rang and it was my Eileen telling me they were about 18 minutes from town and to have Dani ready to go.
She was so sad when I told her that she had to put clothes on. She was still a little girl after all. She pouted and moaned. As a consolation, I dressed her and she dressed me, each of us paying more than enough attention to the others "special parts" while we did the job.

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   We didn’t have time for another cum session but we had good long good byes.
Sure enough about 9 o’clock Tim shows up at my door to pick up his little girl. He had dropped off his wife and Eileen at his house already and was in a hurry to get going. Dani had already jumped in the car and Tim was just walking down the steps when I stopped him "Hey Tim, hey man your little girl really loves me you know?" "Thats cool man, glad she does" he replied. "No, Tim, I mean she loves me like she loves you and Uncle Carl. " And before he could reply I was back in the house with the door shut and locked. Looking out through the blinds I could see him stand there for a full minute trying to decide what to do. Finally he just walked to the car and they left.
I never got to be around Dani alone again after that. Eileen and I got married, Dani grew up and is in college now. I saw her over the holidays this year and she is so freaking hot. 5’7", 130 pounds, 34c breasts, athletic, just beautiful. Over all the years since that day in June neither one of us had mentioned what had happened. It was kinda weird but it just wasn’t talked about. Until this last Thanksgiving.

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We were all at Tims house and I was out on the deck watching the sunset drinking a beer when I heard the sliding glass door open and it was Dani. She came over to me and we put our arms around each other watching the sunset together. She finally spoke saying "Do you still watch the movie?" I was more than just a little nervous but I said "Yah, as a matter of fact I do. " She squeezed me tightly and said " I’d like to watch it with you sometime. Call me when you’re free. " And with that she walked back into the house. That was a month and a half ago and Eileen is going to Europe with a group of her students in March. Dani is going to get a long overdue phone call.



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