At the Beach House


He unlocked the door, and we stepped inside. The house was dead silent. "Hmm. I wonder who's car that is. " Steven muttered. We went into the small kitchen and poured ourselves some water. "When did the others say they'd be here?" I asked. Two other friends were planning to meet up with us in about a week. I thought maybe they had decided to join us earlier, and that the car that was parked out front could possibly be theirs. Suddenly we heard a door slam, and a teen age girl walked into the kitchen. "Hey Carrie, have you seen my- AH!"The girl stopped short and stared at us. "Sammy?" Steven asked in disbelief, "What the hell are you doing here?"I caught on. Samantha, or Sammy, was Steven's sister. He talked about her a lot, and now I remembered the school pictures of her he had hanging over his computer. She looked a lot different now than she did in the pictures. A lot older, and dare I say hotter?Yea.

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   She was pretty cute. She had a a beach towel wrapped around her body. I could see tan lines from her bikini straps on her shoulders. Her sandy blond hair matched her brothers, only her's was slightly bleached from the sun. It hung loosely about her shoulders. "What am I doing here? What are you doing here? You scared me half to death!" she said. Another girl came into the kitchen. "What's going on in here?" she said, rubbing her eyes. Obviously this was Carrie, and obviously she had been sleeping. I noticed that she was also attractive. Her curly red her was disheveled from sleeping. Carrie was a bit taller than Samantha, and had killer legs. I could tell, because all she was wearing was a large 'army' T-shirt. She looked up and noticed Steven and me. "What are you doing here?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

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  "That's what I wanna know. " Sammy said, slamming a pair of goggles and sunscreen onto the bar. "We are staying here for the next two weeks. Mom and dad know we're here, because they gave us the okay. So the question isn't what are we doing here? It's what are you doing here? " Steven asked, apparantly annoyed. Samantha put her hands on her hips. "Nuh uh. Mom and dad told us we can come here. They dropped us off yesterday. "Steven sighed. "No. They couldn't have. Damn it! Mom and dad let you come here alone?" he asked the two girls. They nodded. "Then this is no mistake.

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   The only reason they let you come here alone, was because they knew we'd be here. "Sammy's jaw dropped. "UGH! So they sent us here to be baby sitted by you?! That is so not fair!" she said stomping her foot. "No it's not. I mean, we have to spend our time watching a couple of fifteen year olds. Or wait. You guys want to be on your own? Great. We'll let you be on your own. Just don't bother us and don't get into trouble okay?" Steven said. There. Problem solved. The rest of the day we unpacked and stocked up on food, finishing the day off with a swim. The beach house only had two bed rooms. The girls slept in one together, while Steve and I decided to switch off with the bed and the couch. The next day we didn't do much. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   There were some pretty descent waves, so we went surfing. At around four we decided to grill some steaks. "Hey Sean, would you go ask Sammy and her friend if they want some dinner?" Steven asked. "Sure. Where are they?" Steven shrugged. So I went off to go look for them. They weren't in the living room, the game room, or the bathroom, so I went up stairs to check if they were in their bed room. The door was slightly open. I could hear them talking inside so I knocked lightly. I received no answer. Slowly I opened the door. The girls weren't in the room. They were out on the balcony sunbathing. . .

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  nude. My first instinct was to quickly close the door and act like I hadn't seen a thing. That's the instinct I went with. Though later on that night I wish I had followed my second instinct, which was to stay and watch. I couldn't get Sammy's naked back side out of mind! I peered into the dark. 'I need to stop' I thought. This wasn't right. I could hear Steven snoring in the living room. It was his turn to sleep on the couch. I closed my eyes, and there it was again. Slowly my dick hardened, and I was forced to jack off, imagining all the things I'd like to do with that little tan ass of her's. Each day was spent similar than the last. Some swimming, drinking a couple of beers, and going to a couple of clubs later in the evening. We had been there for almost a week, and it was my turn to sleep on the couch again. I didn't mind, I thought the couch was pretty comfortable.

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   Only on this night I couldn't sleep, toss and turn as I may. Then I heard some giggles from the girl's room. "Oh Carrie stop that. Some body'll hear us! Mmm. " I heard Sammy whisper. I got up off the couch and decided to go see what they were doing. The door was cracked, and I froze when I saw what was going on inside. The room the girls slept in had a little orange night light in it, which gave me enough light to see what they were doing. I could see the girl's making out. Kissing each other deeply, 'Holy shit!' I thought, 'lesbians?' "It's okay, nobody's awake. " Carrie whispered"Fuck the sheets, I can't see what I'm doing!" Carrie said, tearing the sheets off of her and Samantha's body. They were both completely naked. My eyes hungrily traveled over their young bodies that were so passionately pressing against each other, taking in the beautiful sight. A little voice in the back of my head told me to turn away, this wasn't right. Sammy had beautiful set of full, round tits.

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   Her quarter sized pinkish brown nipples were erect. Carrie's hand traveled down Sammy's stomach, lower and lower, until she reached her clean shaven pussy. "Yes. Mmm, oh yes. " I could hear Sammy moan. My cock 8 1/2 in cock was hard as stone in my boxers. Now Carrie pushed her fore and middle fingers slowly into Samantha's slit. Sammy's bit her lip, and began to twist her own nipples in ecstasy. This was too much. I pulled my hard member out of my boxers and began to stroke it in the rhythm Carrie was finger fucking my best friend's sister. With her thumb, Carrie was messaging her friend's clit. I could see Sammy's body shudder, and her breath become heavier and shallow as an orgasm sent electric shocks through her. Carrie bent down and kissed her to muffle the moans of pleasure. After a minute or so, I could see Sammy smile at Carrie. she sat up and opened her night stand drawer, pulling out two dildo vibrators.

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   "Mmm, Oh I could definitely go for a dildo fucking. " Carrie whispered, climbing over Sammy and getting into a 69 positions. Sammy turned the vibration on low, and gently inserted the toy into Carrie's waiting, wet pussy. Carrie spit on the toy she was holding and did the same. Samantha began pulling the dildo back out of her friend's pussy, only to faster and more forcefully than the last time, shove it back in. Now the girls were in rhythm fucking each other silly. They both turned the vibrations on high, and orgasms came one after the other. The show was so erotic. Soon I cummed into my boxers, biting down hard on my tongue in order not to make a noise. "Oh god Carrie, stop, I can't. I'm exsaughsted. " Sammy moaned. Carrie did stop. She pulled the pussy juice coated toy out of Sammy's pussy. Then she crawled over to her side of the bed and spread her legs.

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   Carrie began to lick Sammy's pussy juice off of the vibrator while she fucked herself with the still inserted toy. After Carrie was finished, I went back to the couch. In my head I replayed what I had just witnessed over and over again, until I fell asleep. I didn't tell Steven about what I saw, but I never looked at the girls in the same way. The days went on, and our friends came. They moved into the beach house next door, after we explained about the girls. It wasn't until four days later that the next big thing happened. Steven and I came home pretty hammered that night. It was my turn to sleep on the couch again, and I fell a sleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I woke up a few hours later with a splitting head ache. I looked over at the VCR clock. It was only two am. I turned over and tried to sleep again, but it just wasn't possible. Finally after a lot of tossing and turning I flipped the TV on and turned it on low. I didn't have a clue what I was watching.

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  "Can't sleep either?" a voice said from behind me. I jumped and turned around. It was Sammy. "Nope. How about you?" I asked. She shook her head sleepily and sat down in the recliner. "What are you watching?" she asked, pulling her pink robe tight around her body. "I don't have a clue. You can switch it if you want. " I said tossing her the remote. She flipped through the channels, stopping on a nature show. It was something on salmon and bubbling water. Soon I was a sleep again. I was awakened by some moaning. I opened my eyes slightly and looked over at the recliner.


   Sammy was still there. Her legs were spread and her robe was open. Her nipples were rock hard. But my attention was pulled to her crotch where her hand was inside of her cotton panties, rubbing her lit. Now I was fully awake and alert. I looked over at the TV, and was surprised to see some hot blond sucking and jerking a black man who was hung like a hoarse, literally. They were on a boat cruising on some bluish waters. The dialogue was pretty dirty, and the things that were playing off on the screen were unbelievable. I could feel my cock begin to rise in my pants as once again my attention was on Samantha. Mewing sounds were coming from deep inside of her. Her head was tilted back and she was biting her lip in pure ecstasy. Then her body shuddered, and her breathing became heavier. I remember thinking that this was hotter than any porno I had ever seen. How many guys can say they have witnessed a sixteen year old masturbating herself to an orgasm?"Hey! you're supposed to be asleep!" Sammy said. I realized that my eyes were all the way open and staring at the wet spot of her underwear.

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   Sammy quickly pulled her robe around herself and glared at me, "Pervert. ""Right. If you didn't want me to watch, you could have gone to the bathroom or something. " I said. I realized I sounded lame, but at the moment I couldn't think of anything better to say. She eyed me oddly, her eyes traveling from my face down to the bulge in my pants. "Did. . did I do that to you?" she asked pointing at my crotch. "You and that. " I replied nodding over to the TV where a red headed girl was shoving a dildo up the blonde's asshole as she jumped up and down on the black guy's dick. Samantha got up from the recliner and sat next to me on the couch, her eyes never leaving the tent in my boxers. "Uhm, would you like to see it again?" she asked timidly. I couldn't believe my ears. A thousand thoughts were racing through my mind.

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   Things like, "Holy shit, is she offering to let me see her masturbate?!" and, "No way dude, can't you go to jail for this crap?" My cock got the better of me. "Hell yea. . but no one's forcing you. " I said. Sammy smiled and leaned back against the couch's arm rest. Quickly she slipped out of her robe, and laid it aside. Now her eyes were fixed on the TV screen where the red head had taken the blonde's spot, only facing the camera. the blond was in front of her, buzzing the redhead's rather large clitoris with a small white vibrator. Samantha began to twist and pinch her nipples, and letting her hands roam around her body. "Can you slip my panties off please?" she whispered to me. I complied, slowly slipping them off, my fingers running across her warm, soft skin. Moisture was glistening on Sammy's inner pussy lips. Samantha reached down and pushed the hood from her clit, which she than began to message in small circles. I watched mesmerized.

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   Every time she came in direct contact with her clitoris, her toes would curl, or she would let out a quick sharp breath. It was amazing to see such a young girl being so in touch with her body. I guessed it wouldn't be so great for a partner of hers. They might not be able to pleasure Sammy as well as she did herself. She took her hand in mine, and placed my forefinger directly over her small slit. I got what she was asking for, but I was hesitant. "Are you sure?" I asked her. She nodded, so I slowly pushed my finger into her incredible tight opening. I watched her facial expressions intently as I began to move my fingers around. Curling them, spreading them. I searched around for her G-spot. My last girlfriend had been really into fingering, oral, handjobs ect. , and it was from her that I had learned the art of fingering. She had taught me that when aroused, a woman's G-spot would be and uneven and spongy, somewhere on the top of her vaginal walls. It didn't take me long to find Sammy's, and the obviously pleasure expression on her face told me that I had the correct spot. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  The combination of stimulation her clitty, and my finger masturbating her vagina sent Sammy into orbit. I could feel the muscles of her pussy clenching and releasing on my finger, and the breathed "Fuck!" that escaped her lips, were crystal clear signs of a hefty orgasm. Slowly I pulled my fingers out of Samantha's slit. They were coated with her clear, gooey pussy juice, and out of pure reflex I flicked my tongue over it, licking my fingers clean. Sammy sat up and smiled at me. "Thanks. That was awesome. " she said, leaning onto my shoulder. I stroked her soft sandy blond hair. "I loved it Sam. " I whispered. I tried to get up. I had the extreme urge to go whack off, because the boner in my pants was unbearable. But Samantha held onto my hand. "Hey where are you going? I have to repay you now.

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  " she said. Done. My attention was back on her. "Well. . I've never actually. . uhm, 'helped' a guy. Or had sex with a guy for that matter. Just always with Car. . nevermind. " she said blushing, but getting down on her knees in front of me. I lifted my hips so she could pull off my boxers. My cock sprung out, fully erect.

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  I pulled Sammy's hair out of the way, and slowly guided her open mouth over my blood engorged head. For a total amateur at this, Sammy was doing a hell of a good job. Her tongue worked over my head, slithering around it. I held her face in my hands, guiding her through the motions of a successful blow job. It was incredible. It was like she was so into making me happy, that she didn't even care about her self. When the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, she hardly had three quarters inside of her mouth. She didn't protest when I pushed into her throat either. The combination of Sammy's hot ass mouth and tongue, and the fact that the amateur who was giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life, was sixteen and my best friend's sister. Plus the fact that this was all illegal gave me such a rush. All of those elements brought me to an orgasm. Before I could say a word, thick streams of hot semen shot out of my cock and into Sammy's throat. My ejaculation caught her by surprise, and though she tried to swallow the continuing spurts of cum, it was impossible. Watching Sammy struggle to swallow my jizz was so fucking hot, that I managed to maintain my hard on. Finally it was over, and cum dribbled down Samantha's chin.

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   She wiped it off with her hand and cleaned her hand with her tongue. Savoring her first salty taste of man's juices. She leaned against the coffee table to catch her breath. "That was incredible Sean. Did I do allright for my first time?" she asked locking her eyes on mine. "You did more than all right Sammy. It was great. " I said smiling at my new treasure, absent mindedly stroking my still hard cock, while I observed what was going on, on the TV. Another man had joined in with the threesome, and they were now in couples humping like gorillas. Through some kind on miracle, both men cummed at the exactl same time, shooting their loads on the women who just seconds ago had suffered through the pain those monster cocks must have caused. Then the scene changed from the boat to a dim bed room with candles everywhere. On the bed was a couple who were kissing passionately. "You know. . we haven't kissed yet.

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  " Samantha said, "I mean, we've done all of this, but haven't even kissed. "It took me only about a second to come up with a solution to that. I leaned over and softly kissed Sammy on the lips. She parted her lips, and soon we were kissing deeply and passionately. Basically dry humping each other, making out on the couch. Then we parted. "There. " I said. Samantha grinned. "That was nice. " she said. Her eyes flicked over to the screen, where some blond guy was gently inserting his cock into the brunette. "Uhm. . well.

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   We've gone this far. Do you want to. . you know. " she said, blushing again. "Only if you want to. " I replied. Samantha nodded. I told her to lay back and spread her legs. I rubbed her inner thighs, and ran the tip of my cock up and down her slit lubricating it. Sammy jerked as I ran it over her clit. Her's was the most sensative I had ever seen on a girl. I place my dick at the entrance to her vagina. "Ready?" I asked. I knew it wasn't like I was taking her cherry, but it she had never slept with a guy before.

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   Samantha nodded again, so I gently pushed my cock head in. Her pussy was by far the tightest I had ever had. Even with all the lubrication it was hard for me to push it all in. I constantly had to stop to let her vaginal muscles get used to the feeling of the large intruder. Finally I was balls deep in her pussy. Sammy's face was contorted with discomfort. I gave her while to get used to the feeling. Finally her expression changed. Sammy nodded her head, giving me the okay to continue. I began to slowly fuck my dick in and out of her tight hole. The expression on Samantha's face was that of pure pleasure. As I increased speed and force, her breathing became louder and shorter. "You like it Sam?" I asked her. The rush of fucking a sixteen year old was awesome. "Uuh, oh hell yea.


   Fuck me Sean. Mmmf, fuck my little pussy. " Sammy moaned as an orgasm tore though her body. I was ramming my rod up her twat now, all the sensitivity and care forgotten. My balls slapped against Samantha's anus with each hard thrust. Sammy herself was letting out high pitched squeals, her hands squeezing my shoulders. Her legs were now wrapped around my back, hugging my midriff tightly, as she had yet another orgasm. Sammy was now thrusting her hips to meet my strokes, babbling out the dirtiest things. Her nails raked across my sweaty back, and it was all just too much to bear. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, clenching down on it. The combined smoldering heat of passion between our bodies, the hot words tumbling from my sweet Samantha's lips, and the squeezing and releasing of my cock, all of that sent me over the edge. I couldn't warn her. It came so fast. I blew my load of hot cum deep into Sammy's womb. I pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of jizz onto her stomach and tits.

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   Finally I was spent. Sammy was still panting, her beautiful chest heaving. Her legs were still spread ad I could see her girl cum and my semen oozing out of her slit, making a wet spot on the couch. "Holy shit that was hot!" a voice behind me said. I looked over and froze. Carrie was on her knees, sucking Steven off. Both of their eyes were fixed on Sammy and me. Had they seen the whole thing?.



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