Aaron's Lesson


“Oh I am so sorry” Colin replied, “our son Aaron, he is upstairs sulking because he doesn’t agree with having to be baby sat. I will call him down & introduce you”“No that is alright, I will go up & say hi after you two are off” Colin sighed with relief at this comment as he dreaded having to have Michelle hear Aaron screaming his head saying that he wasn’t going to see the babysitter as he didn’t need one. Colin & Joanne walked out the door & down the drive, hopped into their car & drove off. Michelle waved to them then shut the door and faced the stairwell pondering how best to deal with the young Aaron. She climbed the stairs to Aaron’s room slowly yet deliberately so that he would hear her coming, she knocked on the door. “Aaron, my names Michelle are you going to come out or am I going to come in?”“Go away, I don’t need a babysitter”“Ok then, I will just go downstairs and watch TV, you can come down whenever you’re ready”She walked downstairs again and into the lounge room, picking up the phone as she went. She sat down turned on the television & then dialled a number into the phone. “Hello” came the voice from the phone. “Do you want to know what I am going to do to that long cock of yours?” came Michelle’s reply. “Hey there baby, where are you?”Michelle gave her boyfriend Daniel the address of the Rand household and then with another erotic comment hung up the phone. Around ten minutes later there came a knock at the door, Aaron heard the knock from upstairs & decided to creep to the top of the stairs to see who it was. He watched as Michelle moved toward the door & looked through the peephole. She then quickly stripped down to a black lace bra & matching g-string before opening the door. In the doorway stood a young man, he stood close to six foot, dark hair with a smooth freshly shaved face. He was fit but didn’t have the defined muscles that most girls drooled over. Daniel reached out his arm & wrapped it around Michelle’s waist, & pulled her to him.

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   Their lips locked together and they began to kiss. Their tongues probed each other’s mouths and their hands began to explore one another’s bodies. Michelle dragged Daniel through the door and started to push Daniel into the lounge room. As she pushed him away from her and into the lunge room, she caught a glimpse of Aaron crouched down in the shadows at the top of the stairs, she showed to recognition of the boy and with a small smile on her face followed Daniel into the room. Michelle & Daniel moved onto the couch as Daniel removed his shirt. They resumed their kissing session once again and became oblivious to anything around them. Aaron crept down to the bottom of the stairs so that he could see what the two in the lounge room were up to. He was in time to see Michelle stand Daniel up remove his pants. The man was wearing no underwear at all & as his pants came down, a very large cock sprang up. The boy was about seven inches long but exceptionally thick at least 5 inches around. Michelle groaned as the cock jumped up to greet her, she immediately took it into her mouth and began to suck it. “That’s gross I am going to tell my daddy” came the screech from Aaron. “Now why would you do that for” said Michelle as she removed Daniel’s cock from her mouth. “Because you’re not supposed to do that” said Aaron with a quiver of fear in his voice. “How do you know that I’m not supposed to do it, I bet your mummy does it to you daddy” cooed Michelle as she absent mindedly stroked Daniel’s cock lovingly.

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  “Why don’t you come over here & Shell will show you how good it feels” piped up Daniel. “No” commanded Aaron with a stamp of his foot. In an instant Daniel was across the room and had grabbed Aaron, he covered the boy’s mouth with his hand and said,“No lets see you say no you little shit”He carried the terrified boy over to Michelle, he had tears running down his cheeks and was struggling as much as he could against the grip Daniel had on him. Michelle carefully removed Aaron’s pants and began to fondle his little dick. Daniel started to struggle even more as Michelle began her ministrations but soon a feeling started to run through his body and his body began to relax. Daniel put Aaron down on the couch and let him go,“Now how does that feel?” Daniel asked. “That feels a lot better than when I do it,” panted Aaron as he started to squirm. Daniel of course knew about masturbation, and what sex was for & how it was done, but beyond that he knew nothing of sexual relations between males & females. Michelle lowered her head to Aaron cock & sucked the whole thing into her mouth in one go, Aaron gasped then exploded a load of cum into Michelle’s mouth, she swallowed it all. “What was that?” Aaron demanded, never having felt anything like it before,“That boy was a blowjob, you will get more of them during your life” stated Daniel. “Aaron this is my boyfriend Daniel, if you want we can show you some more stuff”“Is it going to be as good as that blowjob?”“Better, but hopefully Shell here can make you last a bit longer this time”Shell once again took Daniel’s cock into her mouth and began to suck him off, at the same time she took Aaron’s cock into her hand and began to rub some more life into him. She let go of Aaron once she had gotten him hard, knowing that him watching her suck Daniel off would keep him hard now that he knew what it felt like to have his cock in a girl mouth. She reached up & started to slowly massage Daniel’s balls, willing him to let loose a massive load a cum into her mouth, she didn’t have to wait long before Daniel started to moan, he grabbed her head & began to relentlessly pound his thick meat pole into Shell’s mouth. He let out a roar as his balls emptied their load into Shell’s hot little mouth; she again swallowed every drop of cum that had been shot into her mouth. Once they had both recovered, Shell turned her attentions once again to the young Aaron, she stroked his little cock slowly before standing over him.

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  “Bring your mouth up here & suck on my pussy” Michelle demanded. She took hold of Aaron’s head & guided it to her cunt. Aaron was startled at what Michelle was asking him to do, he looked to Daniel just before his mouth made contact with Shell’s hairless pussy and was given a reassuring nod. As his mouth made contact with the hairless slit, he began to suck it as though it were a lolly, there was a scent coming from her that he had never smelled before & he liked it. Shell reached down & spread her pussy lips open and pointed out her most sensitive spot to Aaron and demanded he suck it. He did as he was told and in minutes Shell was writhing in ecstasy as an orgasm raged through her. Her juices had almost covered Aaron’s neck & chin, he licked at it but didn’t really like his taste but could see that Shell enjoyed watching him lick her essence off himself and so he continued. Michelle watched Aaron for a couple more minutes before straddling him,“Wh, wha, what are you doing?” asked Aaron. “Fucking you of course,” stated Shell matter of factly. Michelle took hold of Aaron’s little cock and guided it to her hole, she sat down on it, not really getting the stuffed feeling she got from the thick tree trunk of her partner Daniel. As if reading her mind Daniel pushed her forward a little bit and began to slide his cock deep into her arse. Michelle flinched as his cock gained entry to her rear passage, she loved being fucked up the arse almost as much as she loved having her cunt fucked, but it always hurt a little when he pushed into her arse. She waited until Daniel was balls deep in her anal passage before she began to ride both boys, Aaron was gasping with fear, not quite knowing what was going on. He was positioned to pull himself out of Michelle but was not quite sure if he should or not. Shell was riding the boys well now, she could see the fear in Aaron’s eyes as she slid up & down on his cock.

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   She gave him a reassuring smile and he relaxed and started to copy the actions of Daniel, driving his small, inexperienced cock into Michelle’s pussy. “Oh, oh, oh fuck,” yelled Michelle; she could feel her cunt starting to grip Aaron’s cock. A massive orgasm ripped through her body. She stopped moving, and just gripped Aaron with her legs & let both boys piston their cocks into her holes. One after the other Aaron then Daniel started to fuck harder, and both let loose another load of cum. “Oh yes” moaned Daniel as he wrapped his arms around Shell and pushed his cock into her arse as hard as he could. “Ahhhhhhh!” Screamed Daniel as he to shoved himself into Shell as hard as he could. All three collapsed into a heap on the couch. “So what did you think Aaron?” asked Daniel“Do all people do this?” questioned Daniel between breaths. “Yeh pretty much all people do this” answered Daniel“When can we do this again then?” asked Aaron as he began to harden again. “Whenever I have to babysit you, as long as you agree to being babysat,” laughed Shell before taking his cock into her mouth again. .