A Babysitter's Beginning


"How do I look," Jenna asks. If I were to have said the first thing on my mind, she would probably have killed me, so I tamed it down a little and answered her truthfully. "You look good enough to eat," I replied, noticing her coy smile as she went out the door. There I was, dreaming of telling her just how hot she is, hoping she thinks the same about me. Anyway, she got away — this time — and I resign myself to looking after an ill 18-year-old girl. I wonder why I continually do this — dropping everything when Jenna calls and needs help. After giving it some thought, the conclusion is because I love my sister. After Jenna leaves, I turn on the tv, having a seat on the couch, and begin flipping through the channels. In channel surfing, I hope to find something that’s entertaining, when I hear Kayci sauntering up the hall, dragging her feet sleepily on the floor. "Where’s Jenna," she asks as she sits in the chair across the room. "She was called away for an interview. How you feeling? She said you weren’t feeling well. ""I feel better now," she replies, looking me over in a manner that stirs somewhat of a feeling of desire. "What are you watching," she asks innocently. "Nothing yet. I haven’t found anything interesting," I state as I continue channel surfing, landing on the movie "9 1/2 weeks.


  " Kayci’s eyes seems to light up a little and a smile forms on her lips as I catch her "stealing glimpses" of me from the corner of her eyes. I couldn’t tell her what I was watching her ass wiggle when she walked across the room, but I’m almost sure she did that for my benefit. I enjoy all the attention Kayci’s giving me, but my brain knows that she’s a "no no", she’s a "15/25" — 18 minutes of pleasure gets me 25 years in prison. But that doesn’t stop the thoughts about wondering what she looks like naked on a bed, me between her legs hammering her little twat. "Jon," she sleepily squeaks, "can I sit on the couch, next to you?""Sure you can, as long as you don’t try anything funny. OK," I joke with her, lightly ruffling her hair with my hand. "Shucks. I was kinda hopping you wouldn't resist me," she laughingly replied to me. Both of us chuckle at each others statement then return our attention to the movie. I noticed that as the movie became more erotic, not only was I affected, evidenced by the tree trunk growing in my pants, but Kayci was aroused as well. I watched as her hand slowly slide down her tummy to that special place between her legs and began gently squeezing her little cunt. Every once in a while, she’d stop squeezing her hand and squeeze her legs together to hold her hand in place over her young sex. Now it was me watching her show. First she’d work herself with one hand, then the other, each time squeezing just a little harder than the last, letting petite, erotic moans escape from such a young, innocent girl. My mind races with the thought of how wet she is becoming, and Kayci realizes I’m watching her little show.

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   She looks at me, coyly grinning from ear to ear, and lays down on the couch with her head in my lap. "My, that’s an awfully big belt buckle you’ve got, Jon," Kayci expounds as she turns her head and looks me in the eye. It seems she has me at a severe disadvantage, growing harder by the minute, solely on my thoughts and her words alone. Slowly, her hands unsnap the buttons on her pants, spreading the front of her jeans apart and signaling her desire. Just the thought of having her young mouth so close to my hardening dick caused me to shiver and my cock to spring upward, pressing against her cheek. My will completely gives way and my hand slides up her leg, feeling every curve of her young, sensual body. I reaching her open pants and allow my hand to slowly slide inside, feeling the silky softness of her panties against my fingers, along with the heat of her budding sex. A finger slides inside her panties and trails down her slit towards her little hole, feeling her soft pubes as they brush against my finger. I look at her angelic face as my finger traces downward and I hear a soft, sensual moan arise from her throat as I slide my finger inside her. Her hand squeezes my hardness through my jeans, and I know she wants to feel my hardness in her hand. Deftly she unbuckles my pants, unzips them and begins working them downward, to free my swelling dick from its prison. Slowly I pull my finger from between her legs and she moans in protest, attempting to hold my hand there in place. Winning the short battle of strength, I sensuously lick my finger then move my hands to my own hips, helping her remove my pants. Within seconds, the cold rush of air hits my fully erect seven-inch cock, causing it to twitch and bob around in front of Kayci’s open mouth. Oh how I wish she would just take me right now, deep inside her mouth.

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  Sitting back down on the couch, Kayci moves her head over my jutting pole, precum lightly oozing from my mushroom head, and I feel her breath on the tip of my dick, almost driving me over the edge already without even having touched me. My hand returns between her legs, sliding my finger easily inside her, between her young lips, beyond the first knuckle and deeper into her wet twat. She moans her approval opens her mouth to taste my precum, licking it hungrily from my blood-swollen, purple head. Writhing in pure joy, my hips thrust upward, sending the head of my dick inside her awaiting mouth and my finger deeper yet into her wetness. Without missing a beat, her young tongue swirls around the outer edges, sending wondorous sensations up and down my spine. I am unable to ignore the growing pressure inside my groin for much longer — the feeling of such an immense orgasm like I have never felt before. Maybe it was because this was taboo; perhaps it was because I haven’t had any sex in a while; probably because it felt so fucking good. Kayci moves her mouth off of my swollen and throbbing dick to kiss me and thrusts her tongue between my lips, greedily searching for mine until they dance a seductive rendition of wanton, mutual desires. Hurriedly, I picked her up and carried her back to my sisters bedroom, stepping out of my own pants there on the floor, and laid her gently down upon the bed so that I could gaze upon her succulent body. The desire to impale her on my cock right then and there grows steadily and I see a look of desire burning deep within her eyes. Ripping my shirt from my body and shooting buttons across the room, I give in to my overwhelming desire to spread those young twat lips apart, farther apart than she has any idea of. As I climb onto the bed, her legs automatically spread, giving me one last look at her milky white thighs; her swollen, untortured pussy — the hole I’m about to penetrate. I position myself at the opening of her twat, rubbing my head up and down her slit and over and around her swelling clit, driving her deliriously insane with desire, until it becomes moist with her girl-juice. "Fuck me, Jon. Fuck me hard," she pleads.

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   "Please fuck me. I want you to split me apart. I want you inside me, please Jon," she begs me. "That’s right. I want to hear you beg for it," I growl, my throat parched and hot from so much heavy breathing. "I want to hear you beg for this dick to be inside you. I want to hear you scream as it slides inside you, you little wench. ""Oh, my God!" Kayci yells as I push the swollen head and more inside her. Moans, of both pleasure and pain, come from her writhing body as I slide half of my dick inside her. "God, yes! Your dick feels so good," she purrs, holding back the temptation to scream as my three-and-one-half-inch around cock slides deeper inside her, spreading her lips farther and farther apart, nearly splitting her open. I feel her luscious twat slowly expanding, letting more and more of me inside her, until I stop. As I look down at her impaled, flailing body, I see she almost has taken in four inches of my length and I slowly begin to withdraw it, sliding it out of her reddening slit. "So, tell me Kayci, how does it feel to have your pussy pumped this full of cock," I ask, watching her face change from a grimace of pain to a mellowed sense of pleasure in an instant, back to pain, to pleasure. Her body betrays her feelings of pain and begins to shudder in uncontrollable delight. Gripping my cock like a vise, her body convulses with wave after wave of pure enjoyment and the feeling of warmth surrounds me as she explodes with an intense orgasm.

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  I pull my dick from her young hole and leave a gaping gash, only to replace it with my quick, darting tongue, pushing it in and out of her hole, teasing her on to another orgasm as she grinds her hips onto my awaiting mouth. "That’s it. . . Yeah! Mmmmm, cum on Jon’s face," is all I can utter, feeling and tasting wave after wave of girl cum splash across my tongue and into my mouth. I feel her long, luscious legs gripping me around my head as I begin tonguing her clit, sticking up straight and tall between her innocent, juvenile lips. As forcefully as she cum, her energized body subsides with me sucking the fresh cum from her hole. Her hands rising to my head, stroking me and playing with my hair, there between her legs as I lick and suck her clean. "Please, Jon, you said you would fuck me," she whimpered as I slowly licked the entire length of her slit, stopping to flick her clit. "I want you inside me. So deep that when you cum, it will fill my teen pussy up. "Her words have the desired effect. Wildly I spread her legs and hold them high above, positioning my dick at the entrance between her red and swollen lips. Overcome with lust, I push myself inside her again and watch her hips rise, trying to get as much of me inside her as she can. Sinking deeper and deeper into her young cunt, I stop once more and look beneath my body to see her awaiting my final thrust.

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   A thrust that will take her from girl to woman, the thrust that will remove her virginity and take her into the adult world. "Take me, Jon. Take me now. I want you to make me a woman," she cries. I see a wince of pain as I push hard against the barrier until it finally gives way to me, taking her ravaged body across the threshold into womanhood as my cock slides deeper into her belly and my balls rest against her little ass. "God, yes! Fuck me hard, Jon," she growls in my ear as I continue pummeling her pussy with thrust after forceful thrust. "I want to feel you cum inside me, Jon. I want you to fill my little pussy up with your hot cum. "Her hot pussy expands almost as fast as I push inside her and I hear her breathing heavily in my ear. Each breath falls ragged and sensual in my ear as her body gives way to another shattering orgasm. I feel her pussy pulsing and gripping me harder and harder as I move in and out of her, and I feel her body shake and quiver as wave after wave of another orgasm wash over her. Drawing me in deeper and deeper into her wetness, my pistoning dick slides easily in and out of her, bringing me closer and closer to that moment of pure extasy, until I can no longer hold back. With a few final thrusts, I bury my dick inside her young body and begin spewing stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into her young snatch while her young body shudders in response to my orgasm. "God, yes! Pump me full of your cum," she hisses softly into my ear as I continue pushing my cock deeper into her womb with each spurt. "Yes, Jon, give me all of it.

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  "Yes! Deeper, Jon. I want your cum deep inside me," she whimpers as I finish my load, each stream getting smaller and smaller as each thrust gets slower and slower, until nothing remains and I collapse atop her marvelous body in sheer exhaustion. "I love you, Jon," are the first words I hear her speak after a short, 30-minute nap, as she lifts her head up to kiss me delicately on my lips, then returns it to my chest. I feel her hand sliding slowly down my stomach and gently wrapping its self around my placid dick, begging it to awaken and play another game. "Let’s hope Jenna doesn’t get that job and that she has more interviews to go on," I tell her. Her smile tells me she got what she wanted, maybe more. .