TheTime Shifter Chapter 57


Ronnie and I enjoyed the afterglow for a bit and then I had a talkwith him about where we stood with each other and the necessity forhim to value his friendship with his boys over that of any girl hemight meet while he was in high school. "Fuck, Dawn you're sochill," he burbled. "Thanks, honey. That's nice of you to say that,"I smiled.

Tuesday, I walked home with my friends holding Dustin's hand. Like Idid with Ronnie, I invited him to my house after dinner. Dustin wasthe heaviest of the three friends and his midsection was a tad onthe doughy side, but he was as tall as Ronnie at around 5'11" anddecent looking enough. He was slightly less cocksure than Ronnie orRyan and there was something kinda cute about that. It wasn't thatRyan or Ronnie were cocky or arrogant, but they just had moreconfidence in themselves than Dustin did.

When he came over, I greeted him at the door and let him in. Ihugged him as we stood in my foyer. "How about a kiss, sweety," Ipleaded and he somewhat bashfully complied. We climbed the stairs tomy bedroom and I suggested we have a shower together. We strippedand I ran the warm, soothing water. We stepped into the glassenclosed stall. I told him to remain still while I washed his faceand lathered his body up with soap, scrubbed it and rinsed it off.

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  He was as hard as proverbial stone. I had him do the same for me andI held his hand on my boobs to encourage him to soap them up good. He scrubbed me from stem to stern, including my pussy and ass,before we each washed our own hair. Once we had flushed the shampoooff of our heads, we hugged and kissed for a few minutes as thewater cascaded over us. I folded my knees under me and took hiserect dick in my righthand. Dustin stroked the back of my head as mymouth pulled his pole between my lips. He emitted a long, sonoroussigh when his brain registered the compression of my lips on hispenis. As they coasted over his turgid dangler, the stallreverberated with his moans, my head moving steadily back and forthto propel my mouth over his fuck stick. "Oh shit shit shit," heshivered intensely and quickly as the pleasure rippled through hisnervous system.

His breathing took on a more serrated edge to it as he crept towardclimax. This signaled to me that it was go time and I slammed mymouth over his swelling dick until he shouted that he was going tocum and subsequently dispensed his manjam into my yapper. He was tHentreated to the sight of it puddling on my tongue and being channeledinto my tummy. "Damn, Dawn, you're so  hot," he feted.

We toweled off and, naked, romped into my bed. He beheld my caramelshaded form, especially my huge tits, and we kissed, our exposedskin rubbing up against the other's.

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   I felt for his whammer jammerand played with it as he fondled my breasts and sucked on the firm,pink nipples that topped them. When he was hard again, I straddledhim and dropped my hips so that his flesh torpedo could bore throughthe ocean of wetness inside me. I undulated and circled those hipsto stir his thunderstick within me, the caress of my vaginal wallsprovoking him to moan and rasp. My pussy shook, rattled and rolledhis johnson over and over and the building heat in my increasinglymarshy cunt disseminated throughout my body and buckled it into aseries of pants, screams and whimpers, me throatily declaring how Iwas peaking. Five minutes later, I experienced the same broilingriver of pleasure thanks to his hard thrusting and the sensationsjust kept coming until he creamed my pussy. I stood up over him andlet him watch his cum drip out of me before I got a hold of sometissues to clean us both off.

He cuddled me for a few minutes and then I advocated the sameemphasis on defending his relationship with his friends that I gaveRonnie and Ryan. Dustin understood where I came from on this andthanked me for telling it like it is. We talked about other thingsfor a while after that and then he boinked me again, gratefullycatapulting his spunk into some orifice of mine for the third timethat night.

Wednesday, I went to school in a white halter top with a plungingneckline, white low rise jeans and white heels. The top was suchthat I couldn't really wear a bra with it, so it showed quite a bitof cleavage. While I walked to school with Ryan's right arm aroundme, he was peering into my top, as was just about every other guy Imet that day. Mr. Keltner had a long look, too, as he walked throughthe classroom while imparting his knowledge to us. There was a realobvious boner in his pants and some of the girls giggled when theysaw it.

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I had Ryan visit me that night and permitted him to jackhammer hisrhythm stick in and out of me until he drained his inner tensioninto my gash. "So do you like being able to fuck a different guy everynight?" he asked somewhat resentfully. "Oh yeah," I grinned. "Whyare you doing it?" he wondered. "Because I can," I riposted.   "Lookat it this way, Ryan: if you could fuck any chick you wanted withoutany consequences you would do it in a heartbeat, right?" "Yeah,"  hereluctantly admitted. "There are bikers who like to say that theyhave such good friends that they can piss on each other. Well, youshould be such good friends with Ronnie and Dustin that you can allfuck the same chick and still be buddies. Also, you should like meenough to still respect me even though I'm letting the three of youscrew me. I'm just tryirg to have some fun in my life," I taught. "Besides, you being seen with somebody as hot as I am makes morewomen interested in you because they figure you must really havesomething going on to attract a girl like me. " I then told him howto game his being with me to hoodwink other females into gettingwith him. Women are so competitive with each other that if theythink they are stealing a guy from a hotter chick they feel betterabout themselves. "That's really fucked up," he critiqued. 'Yeah,but it's the way women think and you have to live in the realworld," I rejoindered.



Make no mistake, either, a lot of girls on campus were not happywith my presence. Their boyfriend's eyes would instinctively followme as I walked through the grounds. I waved to one guy who was inone of my classes and his main squeeze punched him in the arm whenhe waved back. Women are totally insane about this shit.

Friday night, Ryan's mom left to spend another weekend with herwealthy boyfriend. After they left, I brought Ryan, Dustin andRonnie over to my house, where I made a real dinner for them. Ididn't allow any pot in the house  We watched another Angels game onmy big screen tv in the living room. I sat between Ronnie and Dustinand shared occasional kisses with both of them over the course ofthe contest. When they had to leave, Ryan and I showered togetherand had sex before we fell asleep with him cuddling me.

I made him breakfast the next morning and then Ronnie and Dustincame over around 18 a. m. We listened to music and Imade them lunch. I then went up stairs to change clothes and camedown with a boom box in hand. Remembering something that happenedduring my transformation when I was Misty, I arranged three of mydining room chairs in a semicircle and had the boys sit in them. Iwas in a white one piece mini dress and black stripper heels.

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   I putthe boom box on my coffee table and hit the "play" button, whereuponthe Big Head Todd and the Monsters version of John Lee Hooker's"Boom Boom" began to blast out of the speakers. I started to shimmyand shake and pose and preen and then when the main section of thetune kicked in, I slipped the dress off and flung it at Ryan, whowas on the other side of the semiccircle, revealing the fact thatI had been otherwise attired in just a black strap harness outfitthat both framed my breasts and exposed my nipples.
    I leaned overRonnie and planted a hard kiss on his lips and then swung my boobiesin front of his face as I leaned my hands against the back of hischair. I pulled his mouth to my right nipple and whipped my headback as he sucked on it to enjoy the sensation. I turned around,straddled him, shook my ass and encouraged him to plant a couple ofhard slaps on it, which he did. Then I sat my exposed cheeks intohis lap and ground them against his cock through his jeans. Igrabbed his hands and had him feel my sweater puppets. I  thrust oneof his hands underneath the thong part of the harness so he couldgrope my warm, moist pussy while I kept on dry humping his dick.

    When the song ended and ZZ Top's "La Grange" came on, I went to thecenter of the semicircle again during the intro, made faces andstruck more poses. When they launched into the mainrhythm pattern, I sashayed over to Dustin and did the same things Idid for Ronnie, except tthat instead of grinding on him with myback turned to him, I straddled him and rubbed my pussy against hiscrotch through his pants. The tune ended and Whitesnake's "Slide itIn" came on. I moved on over in front of Ryan and also shoved hishead into my right breast and had him suckle my milk duct. I backedaway and commenced pulling the harness off. I turned my back to himand bent over as I began pushing the harness bottoms to the floorover my heels. I undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers downto his ankles, his stiff cock popping out of them.

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       I grabbed hisdick and lowered my pussy on to it, grinding my clit against hispubic bone while he sucked my nipples. I moaned into his ear as hislittle monster vibrated inside me due to the fluctuations of myvaginal muscles. Both of us had our eyes closed while I rocked myhips with as much energy as I could muster.

    The song finished and on came Tata Young's "Sexy, Naughty, BitchyMe. " I pulled myself off of Ryan and strolled over to Dustin, pulled hispants off and mounted him, driving my hips back and forth while I feltevery inch he had to give, both of us moaning in each other's ears. Hisschvanz was being spoiled by my indulgent cunt. Marlyn Manson's"Beautiful People" succeeded that track and I stomped over to Ronnie andyanked his shorts off and climbed aboard, treating him to the firmembrace of my groin's innards, with me circling my hips and thengrinding my clit against him. Lil' Kim's "Suck My Dick" piggybacked onthat and I went back to Dustin. I  bent over in front of him andencouraged him to screw me, which he did until he trashed my twat withhis penile thrashing about and cum spurting. He also made me climax acouple of times. Then I kneeled on the floor and had Ronnie and Ryandouble team me, Ronnie in my mouth and Ryan in my slit. Ronnieskullfucked me while Ryan relentlessly drilled my sex. He brought me toan orgasm that was silenced by Ronnie's flesh spike in my mouth and thenloaded me up with more sperm. Dustin slid into me just as Ronnie wasdumping his freight on to my tongue. I told him to fuck me hard and hedid, spanking me firmly, too.

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       I had two more orgasms before he finallyerupted into me. Both Ronnie and Ryan were erect again by that time andRonnie plunged his weapon into my willing sperm catcher while Ryanreamed my lips with his kielbasa and all three of us got off, me severaltimes.

    When they were finished, I hurried off to the bathroom to get sometissues to wipe the mess that my vagina and thighs had become and to sopup the cum that had leaked on to my rug. I tossed the tissues in thegarbage and put on some panties so that I wouldn't drip on my furniture. The rest of me remained nude and I gave each of the boys a couple moreblowjobs a piece before they left for dinner. I cooked dinner for Ryanand, when we were through, we went upstairs to have sex. We watched sometv after that and later fell asleep.



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