The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 14


Gerilynn wouldn't let me stand when we ate the lunch, so I ate inagony and I was constantly fidgeting and shifting. She said that shewould have punished me for displaying so much distress, but the mealI made was so good she decided to let it go this one time. "So youactually enjoyed that?" Jason asked. "Well, I don't really like howpersistent the pain is, but it kind of comes with the territory whenyou submit to somebody and have to be punished," I replied. "So youthink you needed to be punished?" he wondered. "Yeah. when youdisrespect or disobey your dominant you pretty much have to justaccept the fact that you need a reminder not to do it again. " "Andthat gets you off?" "Yeah. " "You seemed to kinda be spacing out," heobserved. "Yeah, I was, bigtime!" I admitted. "Those endorphins kickin and bam, I'm gone," I taught. "So how do I get to do that to you,too?" he begged. "It isn 't that easy sweety. I can show you a fewthings but otherwise you kinda have to arrive at being a dominantthrough your own journey or I would be topping you from the bottom,which is totally counterproductive and fake. "

"Well, show me what you can, then," he enthusiastically requested. "Okay honey," I giggled.

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   "I'll show you how to do all the rope stuffBut we're going to need a test subject for you to work on. I don 'tthink Dylan will allow us to use Debbie for that because he's kindapossessive, but I think Marina would be willing to be our rope testdummy and Steven probably wouldn't mind learning, either. So whydon't you hit him up about it and see if we can get somethinggoing?" I suggested. "Done!" he agreed. "Great! I chuckled. I thenasked Jason to rub some ice on my skin to help it heal faster. Thecandle wax did no damage to my back because Gerilynn used the rightkind of candle (you can't use ordinary ones for that kind oftorture), but my ass and legs were very touchy and sensitive fromthe paddling and whipping. I also took a couple Tylenol. I then wentto my music room to play guitar while Jason watched tv in mybedroom. After a couple hours of that, I joined Jason back in mybedroom and laid on  my stomach. He occasionally slapped me on mycalf and made me jump. Bastard! *giggle.

During a commercial, he muted the sound and called Steven about myproposal. Marina was with him and agreed to my idea. So afterdinner, they came over and I had Marina get naked.

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   I started withbasic hand and ankle ties and Jason and Steven rehearsed them overand over again until they could do them in their sleep. I alsoreminded them repeatedly to ensure that they weren't injuring nervesor cutting off blood circulation. Then I showed them a hair corset. It was just a repeating series of loops, but you can use it toencase a pony tail and anchor it to something to hold the headstill. Or you can just wear it out as a fashion accessory. In fact,Marina told Steven to just leave the one he made for her on so shecould wear it around the next day. They did that a few times, foundit easy, and then I moved on to a couple of breast harnesses, which,for obvious reasons, turned out to be a much more laborious process. I had them work on Marina very carefully, doing the knots step bystep. "We'll practice it again tomorrow if you're up for it Marina,"I offered. "I'm not doing anything else, so might as well," shelaughed.

The following day, they came over a little before noon and I hadthem go through the hand, ankle and hair ties again. Then we movedback to the breast harnesses and, by dinner time, they had one ofthem pretty much nailed. I made dinner for Jason and then I had himpractice on me while we watched tv. He got it down. Marina andSteven felt kinda skeevy practicing at either of their houses, sothey came over the next day and he worked on perfecting it onMarina.

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The next breast harness was much more basic and was more like aglorified push up bra than anything else. By dinner, that lesson wasin the books and we even got in some time looking at the nettogether for ideas on how to mix and match the differentcombinations. They came back after dinner and I showed them muchmore basic leg ties plus how to do a karada tie. While I was doingthat, Gerilynn called and asked if I was familiar with doingsuspensions. Now suspension adds gravity to the bondage equation andhas to be done VERY carefully and, hopefully, under someone who isan experienced hand at it. I said that  the actual ties forsuspension aren't  that difficult, but I just didn't know if I couldeyeball the kind of stresses and balances that it entails, whichmade me really hesitant to try it on anyone. I told her about  myexperience with Kevin, when he had me on a rack. She thought thatwas a good idea and asked me if I would obtain a rack to experimenton. I told her I would, but that while we are waiting for it toarrive we needed to do a lot of reading about it. I also orderedsome books on both just general rope bondage and suspensions as wellas a bunch of related gear just to have it handy in case we need it.

Of course, when everyone heard my side of the phone conversation,they were intrigued what was up and so I explained it to them. Jasonand Steven were totally on board and Marina was, too. I had a largeridea: a bondage party. We would invite everybody over, show them howto do bondage and Jason and I would make them dinner. I also wantedto see if we could get all the girls to be nude and be testsubjects.

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   I told Jason I was going to invite Brian as a way to thankhim for the parties that he threw, one of which inadvertentlybecoming the start of our relationship. So I phoned Brian. "HiBrian?" 'Yeah, this is him. " "Hi sweety, this is Miwa. " "Hey Miwa!How you doin?" "Oh I'm doing good. I'm calling because I'm having alittle party Saturday and we're going to have some bondagedemonstrations and tutorials plus you'll  get to try your skills onMarina, me and maybe some other naked girls. Also, Jason and I willcook dinner for everybody. So will you come?" "Bondage? Naked girls?I'm there!" he chuckled. "Great sweety. Because this is going totake some time, you need to arrive at noon and it will go until 10p. m. Is that good for you?" "Yeah, I can handle that," he said. "Great! See you them sweety!" "Thanks for calling Miwa! It was nicehearing from you again!" "You, too Brian. Bye bye!"

Friday, I bought a couple of half gallons of vanilla ice cream andmade a chocolate cake and tiramisu as well as buying the ingredientsfor the meal we were planning for Saturday. "I so love doing thiswith you, Jason.

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   It makes me feel like you're totally my ally," Ispluttered to him. "Fuck, I really have made the transition to beinga chick," I rolled my eyes.

At the party Saturday were Dylan, Debbie, Gerilynn, Mary, me, Jason,Brian, Marina, Steven, Justin and Diana. Cory was also there, but hedidn't bring his girlfriend because he didn't think she would carefor the subject matter that the party revolved around. I started bygoing over some of the ethics revolving around bondage specificallyand BDSM generally. Then I had Marina get naked and showed how to dobasic hand and ankle ties, with everybody getting chance topractice. I then commanded that all the subbies at the party had toget naked. I took my own clothes off and cajoled Debbie and Dianainto doing so as well. Brian's jaw hit the ground as he had apanoply of hot girls before him, all bereft of modesty. I alsoexplained that Mary and Gerilynn were lesbian dominants and wouldremain clothed. Everybody was having a good old time tying the girlsup and were all helping each other. At four, I sidled up to Gerilynnand asked her to keep an eye on things while Jason and I starteddinner. After we arranged the plates and silverware on  the diningroom table, we delved into assembling the actual dinner. An hourlater, I called everybody downstairs and we had a leisurely mealwith some lively conversation that was full of all kinds of sexuallycharged nervous energy. They loved the dinner and I could see Dianamaking goo goo eyes at Jason.

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   Yes, I did love Jason, but if he cameup to me and said he was leaving I would be fine with it and totallyunderstand. If I was born a girl,  though, I would probably not beso copacetic.

After dinner, Gerilynn demonstrated a breast harness on me, the sameone that took Steven and Jason a fair amount of time to learn, andeveryone set about practicing it. There was a lot of laughing andjoking and it really felt like everyone was having a good time andlearning something in the process. I also reminded everyone that ifthey are having trouble remembering any of the ties that they couldcome over, as long as they gave me advance warning, and practicesome more.

At the end of it, I repeated my warning  that when it comes tobondage sometimes a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and tonot make any assumptions. "Know as much as you can going into ascene and communicate with your subject constantly," I urged.

Brian called it "the best party ever!" and thought it might be funto repeat at his house. I told him that since his parents were stillliving in his home and that there was always the potential forsomething weird happening that might not be a real great idea unlessyou could make damned sure you could keep things under control andinvite people who wouldn't  freak out over the presence of bdsmcontent. I also told him we might have a suspensions party, but thatwas only in the discussion stage and might not happen. He wanted togo to that. I hugged him and said goodbye.

I thanked Gerilynn for being such a valuable part of the party withher knowledge and just overall intelligence. She replied that anyexcuse to tie up naked girls and eat great food was good enough forher. I did the dishes and then went to bed with Jason.

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   What a funday that was!

The next morning, I got up and brushed my teeth then got back in bedand woke Jason up with a blowjob. We hugged and kissed until he wasfully lucid and then we had breakfast. "God Jason, Diana is totallyinto you," I noted. "You think so?" he perked up. "Oh my God, it'sso obvious!" I laughed. "She's really nice," he stated, which, inguy speak either means she's not that attractive but otherwise asweetheart or he doesn't want to say he's into her until he actuallygets her. "So do you want to bone her?" I pushed. He laughednervously and then admitted he did. "I can't blame you, Jason. I'dlike to go to bed with her myself. " "Maybe we can double team her,"he played. "Nah, I'm not really that into threesomes. You have mypermission to get it on with her," I allowed. "Well shit, I'vealready done just about everything else with her," he professed. "Yeah, it would kinda stupid to stop you from going further giventhat," I conceded.

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   "You're so cool, Miwa," he averred. "Thanks,sweety. So are you. "

I spent a lot of the rest of the day reading up on how to dosuspensions and looking at pictures of them on the internet. Thesuspension rack I ordered was supposed to come by Friday. It wasgoing to be interesting to see what Gerilynn had in store for meonce it was set up.

Then my plans changed. When I was in the bathroom, my cellphonerang. It was John. "Great timing, there, John!" I snarked to myself. "Hiya Miwa! It's John. " "Hi John. How are you?" I recited. "Well, inkind of a quandry to tell you the truth. " "Really? What kind ofquandry?" "Well, we're having some meetings in Japan next  month andsome of that will be a couple of social outings like golf and dinnerand crap like that," he said.

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   "Okay. So why do you need me?" Iwondered. "Well Miwa, I want you to play the part of my wife andinterpreter. It would be awkward to go to some of those affairs stagand I don't want to hire some bimbo I don't know for the role. " "Soyou want to hire a bimbo you do know, right?" I laughed. "Come onnow, you know I didn't mean that. " "How long will this be for?""Three weeks. " "Well look John, you know I have a boyfriend andthree dogs, which kinda complicates things. I really don't want tokennel my dogs for that long, the poor babies. " "Well, we can find adog sitter for them. That shouldn't be too much of a problem," heposited. "Now will this trip be by private jet or by airliner?" Iinquired. "Company jet," he claimed. "Also, I'll get to be in thesame bed with you every night, right?' I inquired. "You want to dothat?' "Yeah.

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   Otherwise I'll feel lonely," I told him. "I candefinitely go for that," he reported. "And that includes having sex,right?" he pleaded. "Absolutely sweety," I reassured him. "Sensational!"

"Now listen John, I'm going to do some major league guitar shoppingwhile I'm there. Are you good with transporting my new axes back tothe states?" "Yeah, that's not a problem. I don't think you're goingto buy more than about 20 guitars, so we can definitely deal withit. "Yeah, that's about right. Send me the itinerary and we'llfinalize things. I want to interview that dog sitter ASAP and checkout the environment my babies will be in," I demanded. "Not an issueMiwa. Thank for coming through for me again. You're a lifesaver. ""Take care sweety. " 

When I came out of the bathroom, Jason made a sarcastic remark like,"wow, you must have shit a hippo.


  " "Sorry sweety, but my unclecalled and he wants me to go to Japan for three weeks to help himwith a business deal. I said I'd do it. You totally have mypermission to full on mack Diana while I'm gone," I told him. "Cool," he said, obviously annoyed. "So when do you leave?""Sometime next month. I'll let you know. But the thing that reallysucks about it other than not being able to see you during that timeis that I will have to get a sitter for my doggies. "

"Next month" was actually two weeks later. It was pretty evidentthat Jason was pissed I was going to be gone so long and I couldn'treally blame him for that. I did kinda wonder if by the time I gotback Jason and Diana would be a fulltime couple. I was cool with it. Whatever works. The suspension rack was delivered and Jason andSteven put it together for me in one of the extra bedrooms that Iwas thinking of converting into a bdsm play area like what Kevinhad.

I met the dog sitter a couple days after that and she seemed niceand had a big house for them to run around in. She was also a memberof an animal rescue group, so that made me feel better.

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Friday afternoon, John and I left from his house in his company'slimo. We were all dressed pretty casually. The flight to Tokyo tookover ten hours, which actually wasn't too bad considering thedistance, and then we took a limousine bus to our hotel, which wasbeautiful. By the time we got there,  it was still only about 4 p. m. Japan time, except the next day, so I dragged John out to the ESPCraft House and bought four very expensive guitars, which we thengot on the train with to get back to our hotel. "Oh my God, John,buying guitars is totally like sex if you're a musician," I bubbledas I picked each one up, played it for a bit and then put itlovingly back in its case. After having dinner in the hotel, whichhad to be brutal on John's firm's expense report, we each tookshowers. I laid in bed naked waiting for him to finish.

When he finally did, I got up and opened my arms and he hugged andkissed me. "God Miwa, I've missed being with you for so long. Yourboyfriend doesn't know what a lucky son of a bitch he is," hepraised. "Thanks sweety," I smiled. As he resumed kissing me, hegrabbed my left boobie and my nipple came to life right away. Icould feel his hard on pressing against my body.

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   I pushed his handaway and dropped to my knees and took his beautiful dick in my hand. I slowly licked it up and down and all around and sucked on his bighanging balls before I slipped my mouth over his shaft and let ittravel into my throat before I began to bob my head up and down. "Ohshit Miwa, oh fuck oh fuck," he muttered excitedly while my lipsrubbed and milked him. I gently tugged on his balls while I impaledmy throat on his pike time and again before he rewarded me with abombardment of his manjuice, which I swallowed.
    "God, that wasfantastic. Seriously Miwa, I wish you were my wife," he overstated. "But don't you think it's more naughty for you to do it this way?" Ismiled flirtily. "I'll take it anyway I can get it from you," heflattered.

    I went over to the bed and patted it next to my righthand side. Hejoined me and was all over me, kissing, groping fingering and, bestof all, eating me to several convulsing orgasms as I enjoyed thesensation of his big arms and body enveloping my much smaller being. He had me get on all fours and cleaved my vaginal walls . "You knowhow I like it baby," I huskily cooed. "Bring the big hammer" Iurged. "You got it you little whore," he growled and he commencedreaming my passion pit and swatting my ass like he was raping me. "Oh fuck yes, just like that you bastard, give me all you got!" Icheered.

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       Another minute later, I feel my thighs quaking and then athundering orgasm ripping through me, the warmth and vividnesstaking my breath away for a second or two. "You like that do youslut?" he barked and brought the noise in an even bigger way,forcing me into having wave after wave of orgasms as he made my asshot and a little sore with his swats. "Look at you you fucking cunt!You can't get enough dick, can you?" he observed as he relentlesslyslammed his meat stick into me before spewing a truckoad of semeninto my central valley. He withdrew, climbed into bed and pulled meinto him as he attempted to catch his breath. "Fuck John, thatrocked my world baby!" I exclaimed. He kissed me and told me how"fucking beautiful and hot" I was. I hugged him tightly.

    He suddenly got up and extracted something from his suitcase. It wastwo jewel boxes. "Here is your wedding ring, dear," he laughed. Itook it and slipped it on while he put a wedding band on hislefthand. "Please don't lose that ring, it's really expensive!" headded. I laughed and promised I wouldn't. So I guess I'm MiwaCrevelle now huh?" I joked. "Yeah, then we get the quickie airportdivorce," he chuckled.

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    The following morning, I got dressed in a red cheongsam and pulledmy hair back in a pony tail. I looked uber marvelous. John attiredhimself in a dapper charcoal gray suit while hiscolleagues/underlings were in blue. I wondered if they knew thatJohn and I screwed around. We loaded into a limo from the hotel thattook us out to a company whose name I can't remember now that wasbased in the very pricey Minato Ward near Roppongi Hills. We met theJapanese principals and I translated everything for John and therest of his party, though I have to say I was pretty damned bored byit all. During the lunch break in the negotiations, we took theJapanese contingent out to a four star Italian restaurant. Now keepin mind that this was a new world where nobody used alcohol. So thelunch was a pretty uptight affair. John, though, was groping me theentire time and I smiled and winked at him to let him know it wascool and I even grabbed his hard on through his dress pants a coupleof times.

    The meeting finally ended and then we adjourned to a private room ofa Japanese restaurant in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo, this time asguests. I sat on the floor across from John on one side of the tablewith one of John's assistants to my right and Hasatomine-san, one ofthe execs of the company we were dealing with, on my left. Ofcourse, we didn't have shoes on and my stockings were thigh highs,which left the slit in my cheongseom showing some naked thigh andsome of my powder blue panties. Hasatomine-san took an immediateinterest in me. I warned John and the others that I might get gropedat some point and to let me handle it and otherwise act like theydidn't see anything so that embarrassment that might torpedo thedeal might be avoided.

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       "You have really cute feet," Hasatomine-sanopened. "Oh no, they're really huge!" I disingenuously protested. Hepointed to his colleague across the table, Yoshiwana-san andcracked, "you know,  he has a foot fetish. If you touched his thingwith your feet he would go off like a rocket," he laughed. "Jesus,how old are you? 10?" I thought. I giggled at his remark.

    He began to ask me more general stuff such as how long I've beenworking as an interpreter, how long I was married to John, all thatcrap. Then he asked me, "so how good is he in bed?" "Really good," Iasserted. "Probably not as good as me," Hasatomine-san rejoindered. "Sou ka na II wonder if that's true?)" I opined. "How big is he?""About 19 cm and thick," I disclosed. "Ah, rippa na mon na (man,that's a nice one!). " "So where are your seikantai (sexualhotspots)?" he asked me lascviously. "My clit and my nipples," Irevealed. Then I felt his hand on my left inner thigh.

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       I swatted itaway not because I was offended, I wasn't, but I worried that if Iacted slutty if it would reflect ill on John's company, like "oh,his wife is a slut, we can't rely on them" kinda thing. He put hishand back on my thigh and I swatted it away yet again. Then he notonly slipped his hand back inside the slit in my skirt, but alsojammed it into my panties, where he quickly found my clit. I openedmy legs so he could have better access as I closed my eyes. "Kimochiii desu ne (it feels really good doesn't it?)" he hoarsely whisperedas he fiddled my man in the boat. "Nureteiru neeeeeee, (your reallywet!). " I let him keep it up and then he pulled my trigger and Idemurely put the back of my hand over my mouth as the orgasm rippledthrough me. But no rest for the wicked and he kept it up. "Minna nome no mae kore wo yatte kimochi ii darou (it feels good to you to dothis in front of everybody, doesn't it)?" I shook my head no andthen the mulitple orgasms began to strike as he gleefully stroked mylove button. I turned my head to make it look like I was lookingaround the room while suppressing my moans. I pushed his hand awayand announced I was going to the bathroom.

    I went into a stall and wiped the wetness from my vulva, but I stillfelt the slickness between my legs, which was fine. I was havingfun, but I had to put on some kind of appearance of being anunwilling victim to seem respectable. I Collected myself andreturned to the private room and reclaimed my place at the table. Assoon as I did, Hasatomine-san's hand was back in my panties.

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       "So didyou have to do a number one or a number two?" he interrogated. "Sukebe (perverted creep)!" I whispered in his ear. "Sukebe datteomae ni ikaseta darou. Dare ga sukebe darou ka (you call me aperverted creep, but I made you cum, so who is the real perverthere?)" he noted. "Yamete (knock it off)!" I ordered. "Yorokondeirudarou (but you're enjoying it so much)" he asserted. "Chigau (noway!)!" I proclaimed, as another orgasm hit me. "I'll stop if yougive my junior Yoshiwana, a foot job," he declared. "Do youpromise?" I asked. "Yes, you have my word," Hasatomine-san stated. "Oi, Yoshiwana-kun" Hasatomine-san said, getting his attention,giving him a thumb's up. I extended my stocking covered right footand found Yoshiwana-san's crotch. I could see the look of ecstasy onhis face as I rubbed his cock with my tootsies through his dresspants.

    "Ah, Ii ko! (ah, good girl)!" Hasatomine-san praised, patting me onthe back. "Use both feet on him," he ordered.

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       I did as I was toldand Yoshiwana-san was trying to suppress his moans. "Look at howexcited he's getting!" Hasatomine-san pointed out. Then I feltYoshiwana-san's cock against my feet. He had taken it out whennobody was looking and placed it between the sides of my feet. "Thisfeels too good for him,  he's gong to go off at any second!"Hasatomine-san enthused like a boy on his way downstairs onChristmas morning. Hasatomine-san was right. In two more minutes,Yoshiwana-san sprayed his semen on to the floor below us, mystockings and his pants. I took some tissues out of my purse andwiped his cum off my feet and stockings while he hustled off to thebathroom.

    "Sugoi sugoi (super amazing)!" Hasatomine'san clapped. But then hegrabbed my lefthand and rubbed it over where the bulge in his pantswas. "Hey!" I protested, "I thought that you would stop if I gaveYoshiwana-san a footjob. " "I only said I would stop fingering youand I have," Hasatomine-san said. Now again, to emphasize, I wastotally good with all this, but I just felt like I had to act as ifI was being forced to do this against my will because it apparentlymade it hotter for the Japanese guys and left the impression that Iwas at least making SOME attempt to be respectable and ladylike. Ipulled my hand away from Hasatomine-san's crotch and he grabbed itright back. I told him to stop, but he kept at it.

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       "You have suchsoft hands," he evaluated. I brought a matching jacket in case itmight get chilly later in the day and Hasatomine-san used that tohis advantage. I had taken it off, folded it and put it between us,but now he pulled it up and covered my hand while he expected me tomasturbate him. I heard his zipper being pulled down and then hepushed my hand on to his dick. Hasatomine-san was a very attractiveguy, quite athletic looking and tall for a Japanese his age. Hisprong was super rigid and warm as my hand glided over it and hetried to muffle his moans. I smiled wickedly. "If I do this for youno more touching me, okay?' "Okay, I promise," he said. With that, Iplayed with his sperm shooter under my jacket until he was aboutready to bazooka his goo. I used my other hand to push him forwardand he streamed his ball juice on to the floor, my hand and hispants. I said to him, "watch this!" and then I licked his cream offof my fingers. A wide grin emerged on his face and he whispered, "Iiko" into my ear before he went to the head. .