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After a long day Jacob drives home. As he walks in his apartment, heremembers his girlfriend is away for the week. He decides to relax andwatch a movie. As he sits down he spots a bottle of rum, with a note. “Hope this makes your time alone easier” He gets a glass and pourshimself a drink. An hour passes by. He gets dizzy and heads to bed. Assoon as he hits the bed he falls into deep sleep. He wakes up, he feelshimself tied and blindfolded. He tries to pull himself free but its tootight and only achieves a rope burn. He suddenly hears a woman's voice. “don't struggle it'll only make it worse” he replies “Let me go youBitch!!” she walks up and whispers “today, your my Bitch” she rips ofhis shirt,takes off his pants and boxers. She exposes his semi erectdick. “Looks like your getting happy” she says ecstatically “Shut up,I'm not giving you anything!!” Jacob answers “I beg to differ. . .

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   Jacob”she replies with a lustful look. She goes down and grabs her well wondick. “I'm going to enjoy this” she says right before she sticks hisdick in her mouth. She sucks his dick, making it hard. Just the way shewants it. Her rhythm changes and she suddenly sucks his dick like she's ahungry porn star. He lets out a grunt and says “get off!!!” She ignoreshim and continues with her fun. She repositioned herself over him, shelowers herself to his face. Giving him her wet pussy. “eat it” she tellshim. “Sorry Bitch, I don't eat anyones pussy” He replies. She then rubsher pussy in his face. “You're going to do what I tell you or you willget punished. ” He refuses to do so. She then gets up, not telling himwhat's going on.

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   Jacob suddenly hears a whip in the background. “Iwarned you” she tells him. Jacob feels the whip snap across his chest. He yells out in pain. “Do you want to listen?? Or should I go on??”Jacob only thinks about the pain. He never thought this could everhappen to him. The whip hits him again, Fear starts to seep in. “Ok! Ok!I'll do it!!” Jacob answers with fear in his voice” “I take it you cansee who is in charge now. Good, now I can finish what I started” Shereplies with a dominant tone. She puts her pussy back to his face. Thistime with a different result. Slowly his tongue meets her pussy. Helicks her juices off and finds her clit. She ride his face showing himthat is what she was after. She then replies with going down on him.

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  They go at it for half an hour when she feels pressure building. Herbody tightens, she snaps back. Her orgasm takes over shooting wavesafter wave of pure ecstasy. Jacob can't help but to like this feeling. Her sweet juices flow faster, while he tries to get every drop. Shesmiles “I can tell you like this don't you??” Jacob lost butunsatisfied. She stands and sits on his throbbing dick. She guides hisdick in her soaked pussy. It slides in with no restraint. They moan,feeling his dick slide into her hot pussy. She rides him, slow at first. She increases her pace as she feels her pussy ready for more. Theirmoans get louder. He tries to pull himself free but fails. She noticesthat he's ready to erupt.

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   She rides him violently, she gets what shewants. He shoots a massive load inside her. “Yes give me all of it. Iwant more of your hot cum!!”He doesn't speak, only moans. She sitsthere letting his cum slid out of her and down his dick. She stands andto her surprise his dick still hard. “Looks like you still want more. ”“Please give me more. I've never felt this good before, I want moreplease I'm begging you” he replies. She smiles and answers him “I'm onecondition. YOU have to fuck me doggy, with the blindfold on. Understand???” “Yes, anything I just NEED more” Jacob replies with adesperate tone. She unties him , starting with his legs then to his lefthand. When she untied his first hand he quickly unties the other. Like atrained dog he leaves the blindfold on.

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   He rushes to find her and hersweet hole. She grabs him to guide him to her. He then takes over, andgoes for her pussy. Fails at first but then hits his mark. Not caringabout anything but fucking her. He fucks her as if he was an animaldriven by lust. She screams in pain, never being fucked this violentlybefore. He pays no attention to her screams. As he continues poundingher. Her pain slowly fades to pleasure, screams turned to loud moaning. Her body moves to follow his rhythm. They move in sync, they lose themself. Driven only by lust, they keep this motion for what seemedforever. She no longer can keep going after so many orgasms. Her prayersget answered his thrust start to slow down, His moans gets louder.

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   Hegives his final thrust and fill her over worked pussy with his hot cum. As his cum shoot in her one last time, her body can't help but to takeover and have another powerful orgasm. He finally stops and collapsesinto a deep sleep. With no energy she just lays there. Her eyes slowlyclose and falls asleep. The next morning he wakes up to find the mysterygirl still here. He flips her to find out to be his girlfriend. Hesmiles, and thinks about how to return the favor. .