The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 5

Mind Control

Mulder spent Friday in the office of Mr Pulaski, the Principal of Greg's school, methodically calling in the girls on Greg's list, and getting them handed over to his control via a phone call to Greg. He was also on the lookout for possible recruits for Magic Potion production, girls with copious vaginal secretion.  

Greg's habit of giving each girl a farewell orgasm now had a practical use, and Mulder now had a legitimate excuse for fingering each girl's cunt, checking how wet she'd become. Each girl, he confirmed control by asking the same questions: have you just had an orgasm (yes), are you wearing panties (no), are you a virgin, are you on birth control. A surprising number were still virgins.   Greg had been enrolling girls faster than he could fuck them, and he tended to leave the under 15s, clearly prefering them a little more developed. A few of the virgins were on birth control already, that had to be Greg's doing, and so were around a third of the seniors. None of the Latinas, but that was to be expected.  

Every girl got nicely wet courtesy of Greg's final post-hypnotic orgasm, but some a whole lot more than others. Mulder classified them as wet, soaking, and squirters.   The girls were still subject to Greg's rules banning panties and pubic hair, giving Mulder a steady parade of smooth hairless pussies he could just reach out and touch. This had the natural consequence that Mulder's dick was permanently hard and seeping precum into his underwear, but he had to press on or he'd be here for weeks.   Which he wouldn't mind at all, but other duties awaited him.  

He determined to ration himself. One fuck before lunchtime, maybe a blowjob in the afternoon, and back to the hotel and Miss Shell for the night.

He'd had worse days.

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About 10:30 he decided he'd fuck the next non-virgin who was on birth control.   As luck would have it, he didn't get one until 12:15, having gone through a long succession of virgins and ex-virgins who depended solely on condoms.   So when it finally happened, Mulder was almost sore from containing his peristent erection all morning.  

She was a senior girl, Mackenzie Murphy, a 5'8" skinny brunette with B cups, long legs and a nice heart shaped ass.   After checking her pussy for wetness, and finding she was near as dammit another squirter, having dribbled pussy juice down both thighs from her Good Girl orgasm, Mulder knew she was the one.   She watched silently as he stripped off all his clothes, his erection springing out proudly.  

"Open your legs and sit back, I want to taste your pussy". She complied, spreading her lovely long legs wide, and he bowed his head and set about slowly licking her hot tender flesh.   He enjoyed bringing her lovingly along the Heavenly Path to Nirvana, and kept on at her with lips, tongue, nose, chin and teeth until she gasped and bucked and thrust into his face and flooded him with her hot juice.   Then he moved up to kiss her wetly in the mouth, licking her juices into her mouth, while he thrust his cock into her squelching lovetube.   The pent up desire of the morning flooded out of him and he hadn't been fucking her for more than a few minutes when he let go completely and flooded her with as much spunk as he'd ever pumped into a cunt, gasping "Good girl!" at the same time, making her thrash around so hard he had to hold on tight to her perfect ass to prevent being bucked right off her.


He got her to lick his cock clean, then he left her to rest.

The huge and spreading stain on the couch confirmed she'd be a welcome addition to the Magic Potion team, so while she was resting he had Pulaski fetch Miss Shell.   When he had the three of them together, he told them that Mackenzie and Miss Shell would be going on a school-sponsored week-long educational field trip, and Pulaski was to square it with Mackenzie's family, and arrange to cover for Miss Shell's absence.   Miss Shell was told to collect Mackenzie next morning and get to the airport with her by noon.

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Once he was alone, Mulder called Scully.   "Send the plane tomorrow morning, you can bring back at least 2 fully-certified squirters for your pussyfarm, maybe more. "

"That will help" said Scully, "the Director's piling on the pressure, and so far it's just Marisa and me. " Then Scully added: "There is another thing: We're trying to maximise output here, and our young attention-deficient friend is used to a bit more variety than he's getting at present. "

"He's not tired of you already, Scully? That must be a blow to your self-esteem".

"Shut up, Mulder, or I'll come down there and blow your self-esteem. "

"Oh, I wish you would.   Meanwhile, where's that equipment I asked for?  If you can send it on the plane, I should be able to get you something to revive The Boy's interest. "

He declared himself a lunchbreak, and lay down on the couch for a nap.  Around 2 pm he called Pulaski and sent him to fetch the next few girls on the list, and dealt with them routinely until he found his dick once more taking an interest in life.   Then he scanned the remaining list for something special.   His desire this time was for a blowjob, so birth control wasn't a requirement.  

He picked 18 year old Mandy (slim, C cup, not on birth control, according to his notes).   She looked good enough to him, and while she was sitting with a dazed post-orgasmic smile on her face, he told her to get naked, suck his dick, not to stop before he'd cum, to swallow it all, to masturbate at the same time, and not hold back on her own orgasms.   She obeyed all instructions to the letter, and as he finished pumping his spunk into her mouth, he rewarded her with "Good Girl!!!" and watched her furiously fingerfuck herself as she exploded in a final orgasm.

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Fuck but this had to be the best assignment he'd ever scored.

He'd have one more night with the gorgeous Miss Shell, before sending her off to join Scully's Magic Potion pussyfarm.

Then he'd visit the Christian family that Greg had enslaved. Greg had already used two of the three daughters to make Magic Potion, and the eldest, Abbey, was listed in Mulder's notes as a squirter. He had a plan to send all four females to Scully. Then he could head next door to see the Odom family, single mother Colleen and her 2 daughters, Lauren & Sherry, both on birth control, he noted, once more with a little jab of pleasure from his cock.   What is it with the idea of bareback fucking teenage schoolgirls and cumming inside them, he wondered.  

Well, he concluded, it's about as good as it gets.


On Saturday morning, after a leisurely breakfast in bed with the succulent Miss Shell, Mulder sent her to collect Mackenzie and get to the airport by noon. Then he set out for The Christians, as he'd come to think of them.


The mother, Mary Anne, answered the door casually dressed in sweatshirt and pants.   Mulder's first impression was of a Sarah Palin lookalike, the glasses and hairstyle showing that this was likely intentional. Probably went down a treat among her fellow churchgoers. Mulder thought Mary Anne had a slimmer figure, but she also sported a generous pair of D cups or greater under that baggy top.

  Mulder thought he'd enjoy tittyfucking her.

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Mulder's badge got him invited into the lounge, where he immediately handed her his phone. "Greg?" she managed, then went silent, her questioning stopped by Greg's command.  

"Yes" she said, then a look of surprise and ecstacy claimed her face, like she'd just seen Jesus himself.   She sat down abruptly as her knees gave way, and she handed the phone back to Mulder.    

"Was that an orgasm?" asked Mulder. "Sure was!" confirmed Mary Anne, suddenly no longer the uptight evangelical christian mother that was her usual public persona. Mulder asked "You ever been tittyfucked?"She looked severely at him, suddenly all Sunday School Teacher: "If you mean having a Man put his Penis between my Breasts and use them to Masturbate himself until he Ejaculates" (Mulder could hear the Capitals) - and here she paused for effect -  "I most certainly have.   Last time was at Summer Bible Camp.   Dirty fucker shot his jism all over my face.   If I hadn't had my glasses on he'd have hit me in the eye. "  She laughed at the memory. "I hate it when it gets in my eyes. I would have complained to the Pastor, only, you see, he WAS the Pastor" and she winked, and laughed again.

"Call your daughters, please".  

The 3 girls arrived, and each had their turn on the phone to Greg.

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  First was Abbey, 18, a skinny brunette with skinny legs who stood about 5'6" with C cups, according to Mulder's notes a rebel/slut who had fucked a dozen guys before Greg enslaved her, she was the squirter Greg had used to make Magic Potion. Next, 18 year old Kylie, slightly shorter than Abbey, but she also had C cup boobs, her virginity taken by Greg. Finally, 12 year old Krista, small, skinny, breasts just beginning to develop,  also used by Greg to make Magic Potion. Still a virgin, but familiar with seeing Greg take his pleasure with the older sisters. All three girls were on birth control, which made them suitable for use in Scully's Magic Potion pussyfarm.

"Now we're all friends" said Mulder to the four blissed-out females, "I have some wonderful news for you. Your family has won first prize in a competition.   The prize is a stay at a luxury female-only spa resort, for all three girls and a female guardian. That would be you, Mary Anne.   You will persuade your husband to take care of your son while you're away.   Sorry to tell you this good news at such short notice, but the prize must be claimed at once.   So now you must all get ready.   You don't need to pack a thing, all clothing and toiletries for your stay are included in the prize, so you just need to wear casual clothes for the journey.   Mary Anne, the sweats are fine, you'll be nice and comfy on the plane. The limo should be here in about ten minutes.

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  . . . "

If it hadn't been a command, Mary Anne might have raised some objections, but the 3 girls were genuinely delighted, and needed no commanding.   The ten minutes were spent ringing Mary Anne's husband, who was at a ball game with their son Josh.   Perhaps because he was still under Mary Anne's influence, he made no objection to this sudden change in plans for the weekend.   Though the cellphone calls he made next suggest he might have had other reasons to be happy his wife and daughters were going out of town for a while.   The first was to the father of Josh's best friend, to arrange weekend accommodation for Josh, the second was to his secretary, and when that went unanswered, the third was to a local Escort Agency.

As the Lucky Winners boarded the gleaming black stretch limo that had glided to a halt at their gate, Mulder turned towards the house next door, and made another call to Scully.

To be continued