Vampire pt4


We inhaled the pasta, it was really really spicy, but we didn’t care. We had to clean our plates and go get our dessert. We finished in record time and Haley dropped a 100 on the table and we got up from the table and left, ignoring the fact that we left our coats. It was freezing when we got outside, but we didn’t care, the lust that was nearly overcoming both of us was keeping us warm. Haley flipped out a cellphone and dialed a number in a blur of motion.
“We’re at the restaurant 2 blocks south of where you dropped us off, we’ve got dinner. ” She said into the phone and flipped it shut and we went around the back and found our girl, she was wearing a coat and hat and mittens, but she still looked absolutely mouth watering.
“Our ride will be here shortly. ” Haley said, leaning over and kissing her, “I’m Haley, and this is Rebecca. ”
“I’m Elly, nice to meet both of you. ” She giggled a little bit when she talked.
We heard a loud screeching and saw our car rip around the corner and come to a skidding halt in front of us. Haley opened the door for us I got in, then Elly, then Haley got in and closed the door.
“Buckle up ladies, it’s gonna be a wild ride. ” The redheads said in unison then the one driving stomped on the gas and the tires squealed and the car rocketed off. Elly shrieked and buried her face in Haley’s tits.

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   Haley pulled Elly’s hat off and pulled Elly’s face out of her breasts, pulled her own shirt off and whispered to Elly “Don’t be afraid. ” Then smothered her with a kiss. I pulled Elly’s mittens off and reached around and unzipped her jacket, pulling it off, then kissed her neck softly and sucked gently on her earlobe, she giggled and jumped. Haley leaned away from her and then bit into the other side of her neck.
“I’m a virgin, I hope you two know how to teach me what to do. ” Elly giggled out.
“The mistress will be very pleased. ” I heard the two redheads say.
“What?” Elly asked with a questioning look on her face.
“Our mistress of our castle, she’s our queen, and you will soon call her your queen, she will show you what pleasure truly is. ” Haley said to her, then kissed her.
I reached around and unbuttoned Elly’s shirt then pulled it off and unhooked her bra and then kissed her back softly. I looked at the tag, my guess was wrong, she was just hiding them. Elly’s tits were a full D cup. I grabbed her breasts and kneaded them gently then bit into her shoulder.

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   She moaned out loud then turned around and kissed me, her tongue was LONG, she rammed her tongue deep into my mouth and I felt her lick the back of my throat. Haley pressed her breasts into Elly’s back and then grabbed Elly’s breasts, kneading them while Elly licked my tonsils. Elly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my shirt off, grabbing my breasts, I moaned out loud.
“Were here ladies, let’s go. ” The redheads got out and vanished, probably to get changed and tell the mistress were here.
We were in the parking garage. We got out, picked up our clothes, and carried them inside. Haley led us to the grand ballroom with the black robes.
“Welcome to the Black Castle Elly. The mistress has a dress code. We all have to take our clothes off and put on one of these robes. Would you like to change here or in private?” Haley said to Elly.
“After what we did in the car, you think I don’t want you to see me totally naked?” Elly said to her, already unbuttoning her pants.
Haley took off her skirt and thong, and I took off my pants and grabbed 3 black robes off the wall, putting one on, tossing one to Haley, and then we helped Elly into hers, the robe dragged on the ground because she was so short. She had a landing strip above her pussy, yummy.

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   She looked so delectable, the mistress would be VERY pleased. I grabbed her ass and leaned down to kiss her.
“You both look young, how old are both of you? How old is your mistress? What about those two redheads? Where did they go?” I put my finger to her lips.
“Shhh, all your questions will be answered. ” I kissed her softly.
“Come ladies, the mistress awaits. ” Haley said, taking one of our hands each and leading us out of the ballroom, through the dark halls, and up several flights of stairs and led us to a door, adorned, the handle was a giant diamond, “This is the mistress’ bedroom, be prepared for the wonders inside. ”
She pushed the door open, inside was a giant white bed, big enough for 20 people at least, the walls were bare save for torches in holders, and the two redheads sat with the mistress on the bed, all completely naked. Mia got up off the bed and walked to Elly.
“Hello Elly, my name is Mia. You’re a very beautiful young lady, and you will come to call me Mistress, just as these four do. ” She said, slowly putting her hands on Elly’s shoulders, slowly bending down to be eye level with her.
“I will gladly call you Mistress, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Elly shrugged out of her robe and pressed her body close to Mia’s, softly kissing her nipple, “I’m yours. ”
Mia kissed Elly softly, then picked her up and brought her up to her eye level. Elly wrapped her legs around Mia’s waist and her arms around her neck, pressing her body tightly against Mia’s, then kissed her hungrily, her soaked pussy dripped onto the floor.

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   Mia ran her fingers over Elly’s pussy and licked them.
“Mmmm, virgin, my favorite. ” Mia whispered in Elly’s ear then gently licked her ear.
“I saved myself for someone special, I saved myself for you, take me, I’m yours. ” Elly whispered to Mia.
Haley and I slowly took off our robes as Mia laid Elly on her bed and sat beside her.
“As you no doubt have guessed, the two redheads and myself are Vampires, my sweet little Elly. ” Mia purred to her, gently kissing Elly’s belly.
“I don’t care! I want you!” Elly nearly screamed, grabbing Mia and pressing her body tightly against hers, “I don’t care if you kill me, I’ll die happy. ”
“Let’s give her what she so rightly deserves, ladies. ” Mia said to all of us.
Mia brought Elly over to the edge of the bed and bent down, licking her dripping wet pussy, running her fangs along her pussy lips before burying her face in it, licking and biting. Elly screamed out loud, I figured I might as well put that mouth to good use. I climbed up on the bed and sat with my legs on either side of Elly’s face and rammed my pussy in her mouth. I wanted to feel that long tongue inside me.


   She immediately went to eating me. She was good at it, I moaned loudly when I felt her tongue inside me. Mmmm, such a good little pussy licker. My orgasm tore through my body, I came all over her face and in her mouth, but she kept eating me, I was screaming, it felt so good. Haley seemed to have an attraction for girls with big asses. She licked her finger and slid it into Elly’s virgin ass. She squeaked while she was eating my pussy, but she kept eating, sliding her tongue deeper into me. Mmmmm. Haley put on a big black strap-on, 8 inches long and thick as a can of soda. That’s what she’s going to ram up my ass later tonight? I can’t wait! I got off of Elly’s face and Mia lifted her up, Haley slid under her and rammed her strap-on into Elly’s ass. Elly’s shriek rang through the room, then she started screaming for more. Haley started to ream her tiny little asshole faster and harder. Mia buried her face back in Elly’s pussy. Elly’s scream reached a new octave, I rammed my pussy back in her mouth, she ate my pussy with a new fury that made me cum right into her mouth again. With no more holes for use, the two redheads amused themselves sucking on Elly’s lovely D cups, topped with perfect pink nipples.

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   Elly moaned into my pussy and then her whole body convulsed. She screamed into my pussy her pussy gushed all over Mia’s face. Mia greedily lapped up all her cum. Elly stopped licking my pussy and went limp, passed out from her orgasm.
“Okay ladies. Now it’s time for me to feed. You don’t want to see this. Haley, take Rebecca. ” Mia said, getting up from Elly’s pussy.