Teasing Josie


It was about two days after I posted Josie’s story for her on SSP that the front door bell rang. It was 8. 30pm on Thursday and because my husband Peter was working out of town (again) I was thinking of going to bed early. I checked out the caller and to my surprise it was Josie.

“Hi Bev” she announced as I opened the door. “Busy?”

“No, no, I was just kicking back, listening to some music” I lied.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. “I just wanted to thank you for posting my story. ” I leaned over (Josie is only 4’ 11” tall) to reciprocate the hug.

“Hmm it was perfect, thank you thank you” and shocked me a little by lightly kissing me on my lips. “Brought you some wine” she said brandishing a bottle of chardonnay.

“Want a drink?”

“Thought you would never ask” she smiled.

We went through to the kitchen; a little conscious that I was only wearing one of Peter’s long sleeved shirts and a pair of panties. Kind of indicated the lack of a hectic lifestyle I was living!

As I routed through the drawer for the corkscrew I saw Josie slowly looking around the kitchen.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, I umm, read your other posts and err.

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  . . ” Josie went bright red with embarrassment,

“Yes this is the scene of. . . ” The cork popped, cutting off my sentence and I poured out two glasses, passing one to Josie. As I lifted myself up onto one of the barstools I felt the shirt ride up a little up my legs.

As Josie sat down, I noticed her eyes linger on my thighs before taking a sip of wine. “Peter out?” She asked.

“Yes he will be back tomorrow evening; I am taking tomorrow off work to give myself a nice long weekend. ”

“Oh, it’s girl’s night in then!” As I watched her taking another sip of wine, she seemed nervous. I decided that Josie was the one with the plan for the evening and would play along. I smiled to myself, this could be interesting.

“You want a refill” I asked gesturing at Josie’s nearly empty glass. Definitely nervous I thought, she is plucking up courage for something.

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   Was she going to tell me another story?

“Umm, yes, sure. ”

I slipped off the barstool to get the bottle from the refrigerator, deliberately letting the shirt ride up my legs, briefly flashing my blue boy-short panties. Again I saw her eyes drop down. A thought crossed my mind; did she read all my other stories? I looked across at her as she fiddled with one of my votive candles, and gently shook my head. Josie has never shown a sexual interest in women before, that left only one thing, was she looking to experiment?

As I poured the wine, I undid two buttons of my shirt, exposing a lot more cleavage. This is going to be fun.

“Here you go Josie. ” As I placed the wineglass down, I made sure my arm brushed her fingers. She thanked me and saw again that she was watching my legs as I climbed up on the barstool. This time I just slid one leg onto the stool, the shirt riding up so the left cheek of my panties remained in view.

“How was Texas Bev?” Earlier that week I had been on sales calls in the Dallas area.

“Hot and sticky,” I mimicked being hot by pulling on the front of my shirt “I was just glad of the a/c in the car. ” Her eyes drifted to my chest to check out the most exposed breast.

I looked at what Josie was wearing. Front button sleeveless white dress made from thin cotton, and through that I could make out a pink thong and, yes she was wearing a push up bra, the kind often referred to as a “fuck me” bra.

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   Not the usual Josie attire for sure!

“Do you want to sit on the couch?” I asked.

“Sure. ”

“Okay, I’ll just refresh my wine. ” As I did so, I popped two lower buttons on my shirt. A tingle went through my legs and I involuntarily squeezed my thighs together. Ohh there was a rush of pleasure that made me gasp. I was being turned on by this tease!

Josie had kicked off her sandals and had her feet up on the sofa. I put my wine down, lifted up her feet and slid across to the right so they rested in my lap.

“Nice nail decorations” I commented and began to massage her feet.

“Oh that feels so good; just keep doing that for about 12 hours. ” She repled.

I bent my left leg so that my heel was on the sofa cushion. My shirt opened up exposing my panties. OK Josie I thought, you make the next move.

As I massaged her left foot, she started to run the toes of her right foot up and down my inner thigh, gradually getting closer to my panties.

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   I subtly opened up my legs, giving her more access which she took. She briefly touched my pubic mound and I encouraged her with a soft moan. Next time she gently rubbed the inner side of her foot across the front of my panties, eliciting a gasp from me. That movement across my labia was causing a wonderful sensation.

I rewarded Josie’s efforts by starting to massage her calf and then up towards her soft thigh. Without warning Josie suddenly got up and I was concerned I had wrongly read her moves. Instead she sat in my lap facing me, her knees either side of my hips.

Looking at me with her lovely brown eyes, she leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips, retracted and then kissed me again. Her tongue slipped between my lips and into my mouth gently searching.

I started to slowly unbutton her dress, letting my fingers circle each newly exposed flesh before unbuttoning the next. After the last button was undone, she slipped the dress off her shoulders onto the floor.

As I felt her fingers undoing my shirt, I quickly moved to her bra. It was front fastening and I removed it to display those wonderful 34B breasts. Her nipples were already hard as I circled my fingers around them. She sat up and pushed her breasts into my face.

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“Please suck on them, gently bite my nipples, it drives me crazy, ohhhhh, yesss, ohhh. ”

I squeezed her breasts together, moving from one nipple to the other and then slipped my hand down across the front of her thong. She suddenly stood up on the couch and thrust her hips into my face. “Lick my pussy, lick it hard. ”

I grabbed her thong and snapped the thin waist pieces, pulling it roughly off her hips exposing her lovely black pussy hair. I wasted no time and pulled her lips apart with my fingers. Her clitoris was erect and already protruding from the hood. I licked up one side and down the other before taking her pearl between my lips and gently sucking.

“Oh geez, geez” she shouted “I’m cumming so hard. ”

I could feel her pussy juices mingling with my salvia running down my chin as she orgasmed, wave after wave. Her breath came in short gasps.

Finally Josie came down off her high. “Oh that was so good. It’s your turn now Bev. ”

Josie slid off the couch, pulled off my panties and lifted my legs over her shoulders.

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   I could feel her tongue tease its way up my thighs as she kissed and sucked. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. Josie inserted first one finger then two fingers into my moist vagina and began massaging my g-spot. I started to cum as her fingers moved in and out, in and out. She found my clitoris with her tongue, driving me into a deep orgasm.

I pinched my nipples hard, arched my back and let out a guttural moan, fucking her face and her hand before slumping back into the sofa.

“Intense Josie, that was intense. ” I gasped.

She lifted up her head and kissed me full on the mouth. I could taste both my pussy juices and hers.

We finally broke the kiss and lay on the couch resting, our naked bodies entwined. I let my fingers gently stroke her back.

“You want to stay the night?” I asked.

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