Visiting My Brother and His Wife


A few months ago before coming to Georgia to stay with Aunt Brenda I was driving around and stopped in to see my brother Mason and his wife Vickie. They are in Iowa and I took the northern roads from California and visiting several girlfriends there and so I phoned and they said to some on and visit. Now Mason, being one year older than me has always been my hero and I have always looked up to him, even when we had sex play as kids I even dreamed of us being married one day and when he was old enough he told me that we were not allowed since we are brother and sister. Our family being broken up as it was there are not easy times when we do get together. I showered and put on a long night shirt (and no, there was nothing under it) and came to the living room. My hair was wet and it had gotten my shirt a little wet and so one of my ipples was showing through the white shirt.

Now Vickie is and always has been a prude. I do not know why Mason married her except that she is a knock out. Her hair is beautiful and her figure is perfect with 36D-24-38 on a 5'8" frame she turns heads all over.

The problem is that she has that hot body and has no idea what to do with it. She is grossed out by the mention of oral sex, either on a man or woman and beyond carressing and kissing Mason hardly gets to really get laid by her. Well, she had gone to bed one night and he and I were talking about old times while we drank wine. We had downed three bottles and so were feeling no pain at all. Somehow we got around to what was the favorite time he and I had "done it. " Not long after Mason hit his teens he had a massive cock that was really a problem for him because with it came a sex drive that, at one time, he was masturbating 4 times a day at least. We talked about a lot of intimate things and he said that the best time he had was when he and I stayed together and went out to the woods under the stars by the lake and I let him make love to me and he did everything I enjoyed.

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   He has a wonderful tongue too by the way. I was getting wet but did not really think of it with the wine making me numb all over. I told him that my favorite was when he let me sit on his cock and ride him and then I sucked him and had him tit fuck me and I got his cum all in me and all over me. . That too was at the lake under the stars. I looked and he too was getting excited and then we heard Vickie, "Oh my god, you two used to have sex? I can't believe it. " she was almost yeling. "You never played when you were a kid?" I said leaning back forgetting I had no panties on. " "No way, that is so wrong. " she said again and walking closer. Mason looked at her, "Well, there is nothing wrong with it when you are married and you hardly let me have it at all. " he said and she got red faced. "Well, I, ah, I, well, I just can't believe it. . .

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  " she said. "So she does not give you a good time?" I said and Mason looked at her and then me. I was now on the opposite end of the couch and had laid down, my megs apart some and he had a view of my shaved pussy and even though I did not know it, my nipples were perking up too. His eyes looked at me as if I was a last meal for him.

"Come sit down. " he told Vickie. and she stayed where she was not coming any closer to the evil people on the couch. "She will hardly even touch it and forget oral, that is like a curse. " Mason kept on as he poured more wine. I tried to sit up and had half a glass and it spilled on my chest making the shirt see thru now. My nipples got hard under the cold wine. .