Paying off our debts together


“Please Mr. Chapman. I don’t have any money for you this month. ” My mother said, “Now Jackie I didn’t get any money from you last month or the month before that. Now I’m a patient man. The only thing I asked when I loaned you the ten grand was if you could pay it back. ” Said Mr. Chapman, “I know. I could but I lost my job and I don’t get much in the way of benefits. When I get a job I will be able to pay you back. ” She pleaded, “And just when is that going to be?” He asked, “I don’t know but I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. ” She said, “It’s not good enough. I want my money.
I’d start taking stuff but looking around you don’t have anything of value to take. What exactly did you spend the money on?” He asked, “I had to pay off my credit cards and loans the banks were chasing me for the money and none of the other banks would give me money. ” She said, “So you came to me, and to be fair Jackie you will not find another loan shark as reasonable as me, I took pity on you no one else would only charge you twenty percent or wait for their money back without charging extra interest.

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  ” He said, “I know but. . . ” “I know but!!! It’s not good enough I want my money Jackie!!!” He interrupted, “If I had it I would give it to you!! Please give me a little more time, I beg you. ” She said, “I can’t. It sets a president if people see you not paying then they will stop paying and it’s my business getting paid. ” He said, “Please I’m trying to keep a roof over my son’s head,” She said, he looks at me standing in the door way, “Tell him to get a job what is he fourteen?” he says, “I’m sixteen actually,” I reply, “Well there you go. I had a job at sixteen. It seems to me you aren’t trying hard enough. ”
He said, “I am! It’s just hard at the moment there aren’t many jobs. ” She pleads. “I don’t want excuses! I want my money now!” He shouts, and pushes a vase off the fireplace onto the floor, my mother drops to her knees to catch it but it breaks into little pieces, “Please!! Stop!!” my mother starts to weep, “I’ll do anything. ” She says, his eyes light up at this, “Okay then Jackie, maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. ” He says while helping her up off the floor, “As it stands you owe me the last three months payments and that’s fifteen hundred, come next month and that will be two grand, now I very much doubt that you will be able to get two grand in a month, so this is what we’re going to do, I will let these first three payments slide if I can fuck you right now. ” He said with a smile, “Please no!!” She said, “Fuck you!” I shouted, “Joseph be quiet she shouted,” She shouted, “Well unless you can pull fifteen hundred out your back pocked you don’t have a choice unless you want to lose everything by tonight.

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  ” He says.
Everything goes quiet my mother has her head down and brings her hands up to rub her eyes, another minute goes by and she sniffles and raises her head and looks towards me, “Joseph go to your room. ” She says, Mr. Chapman now buts in, “No he stays!” She looks at him, “Mr. Chapman please!” “No. I want him to watch!” “Then it’s not going to happen!” She says, he now reaches and grabs her by her blouse, “Listen bitch!! Unless you want to watch your dump of a home be raised to the ground, you better get over yourself!!” He now walks over to me and grabs me by the arm with a vice like grip that feels like its crushing my bone and drags me over to my mother. “Right boy help your mother to undress,” he says, “Please Mr. Chapman, let him go!” She begs, now I should describe my mother, she’s 34, 5’9”, blonde, tanned, she’s a little chubby but not fat in any sense and she has a sexy round arse and has a beautiful pair of big round G’s. “Shut up and strip!” He demands, my mother begins to unbutton her blouse, “Well boy help her!” He orders,
I step behind my mother and take hold of her blouse as she starts to peal it from her body, I take her blouse and throw it onto the couch. At this point all I can see is a white bra strap across soft, smooth tanned skin, he gazes up and down my mother’s body, “Nice,” he says, he then turns and walks over to the window and closes the blinds, then turns and walks back over to my mother, “Continue,” she now starts to unbutton her jeans, I can hear each button pop open, she now starts to pull them down wiggling her hips from side to side as she slides them down over her thighs, she now bends over and her arse rubs up against my cock, her arse is beautiful it’s still firm and is nice and round, I crouch down and help her remove her jeans. I now look up Mr. Chapman is now rubbing his crotch, I can see my mother’s bra supporting her huge tits, as I stand back up and throw her jeans down onto the couch, “keep going!” He demands,
she reaches back and unclips her bra and it seems to pop open, she then slides the straps off her shoulders and then pulls it off allowing her breasts to drop out and she then drops her bra onto the floor and covers her breasts with her other arm. “Come here boy. ” He says, I walk over to him and he grabs me and turns me to face my mother and places both his hands onto my shoulders, “Now, now don’t be shy, let your son see your tits. ” He says, my mother drops her head and looks at the ground she looks embarrassed and ashamed as the drops her hand to her side fully revealing her breasts, they are still rather pert for their size but hang slightly down to the side.

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   “Beautiful. What do you think kid?” He says, “Fuck you!” I snap back, but secretly I’m a little turned on, “Watch your mouth kid!” he then points at my mother, “Now the g-string,” He says, my mother slowly moves her hands to her waist and takes hold of the g-sting and starts to slowly push them down and then steps out of them, she then covers her pussy with her hand, “Let us see. ”
He says, she then moves her hand to her side, revealing a clean shaven pussy, with large pussy lips. My mother looks uneasy as she’s stood there in front of us, she doesn’t know where to look or what to do. Mr. Chapman steps from behind me and walks over to her and grabs hold of her breast and sucks on her nipple, he then looks at me, “How longs it been since you got to suck on these bad boys?” He says, “Fuck you!” I snap back, “Is that all you can say kid? Fuck you?” he says while laughing at me, “Go fuck yourself. ” I say, “No. I’m just going to fuck your mother,” He says and he then removes his t-shirt revealing a toned upper body, “I tell you what kid. You strip,” He says, “Dave no! Please! Let him go!” My mother pleads, “No the boys going to strip. Now get your clothes off kid!” I looked at my mother who is now looking at the floor, crying. I looked back at him, “Never mind looking at me! Get your clothes off. ” He said. Now I think it’s time to describe me, I’m 5’11 with an athletic build, short brown hair and I have a six inch dick. After he gave me this instruction I felt guilty and beaten and I started to remove my clothes, first my t-shirt then my trousers, “Now the shorts. ” He said, I let out a deep sigh and pulled down my underwear.

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The room was cold and I could feel my skin tightening as goose bumps started to cover my body, I covered up my cock with my hands and stood there in silence, “Now boy, don’t be shy let me and your mother see what you’re packing. ” He said to me, I looked at my mother, she’s still facing the ground but she lifts her head up slightly, I can see her looking at me, tears in her eyes as I drop my hands to my sides, “Aww, look at his little dick, it doesn’t look you do it for him Jackie,” He says with a little chuckle, “Please just let him go!” She pleads again, “Not when the funs about to start Jackie,” he says. He now starts to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans, he reaches in and pulls out his cock, he laughs again, “it’s a bit bigger than yours isn’t it kid?” I don’t reply to this and he continues to take off his jeans.
He’s now stood next to my mother, all three of us are naked, I don’t know where to look I glance at my mother then at him then down to the floor before having another quick glance at him or rather his cock, at this point he isn’t hard but it’s an impressive size, it has to be five inches soft and it looks quite thick. He is around 6’2 or so, very broad and well toned and has what look like bluish green tattoos covering his arms He now turns to my mother, he raises his hands up to her bountiful bosom and squeezes them, he then lifts them up and lets them drop, and then slaps his hand across one leaving a red hand mark across it. He then turns and walks over to me and grabs me by the arm again and drags me over to my mother, “Go on kid grab one, grab both, I don’t care,” he says. I stand still both hands remain by my sides.
“Well what you waiting for grab them!!” He yells, “Dave please just let him go!” She pleads again, “How many fucking times no, understand n, fucking, o, no!” He shouts, he then reaches down and grabs my left hand and quickly raises it to my mother’s breast and squeezes my hand, “Feel that kid?  Your mom’s a proper woman!” he says, he then moves his hand and I drop mine back to my side. He quickly snatches hold of my hand again and returns it to her breast, “Did I say stop!” He shouts, this time when he lets go I keep my hand there. It is now I can feel my mom’s nipple start to harden and poke the palm of my hand, “Well do something kid, squeeze it or something!” He shouts again. I start to squeeze her breast slowly, it’s far more than a handful and is rather firm, I wouldn’t say I was enjoying it, I was more curious I had felt breasts before but they were much smaller, “It doesn’t look like you’re doing it for him Jackie,” he laughs, I look down and see my cock is still soft hardly surprising I was scared and very uncomfortable. He now walks behind me, he reaches down and takes my right hand, “Open your legs,” he orders my mother, and she steps out on her right leg, he now lifts my hand up to her pussy,
“There you go have a play with that,” he says while removing his hand and placing it onto my shoulder and placing his other hand onto my other shoulder. He steps a little closer to me, I can feel his cock on my arse cheek. I continue to play with my mom’s pussy, first I run my hand over it, then I run my middle finger along the crack parting it, I now feel some heat and moisture coming from it, this isn’t the first pussy I’ve touched in fact although I had never had sex before I’d done everything but. The more I ran my finger along the slit the wetter and hotter she became, it was then I felt her clit against my finger, it felt really hard as I started to rub it, “Please stop!” My mother said, grabbing my hand and pushing it away, “Hey! You don’t stop anything! Understand!” He shouts at her.

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   She now has the look of someone that has been broken and has given up, she lets go of my hand, I now stand still and he grabs my hand again and returns it to her pussy and then returns his hand to my shoulder. I now resume rubbing her clit, her pussy is really warm and moist now, I look up at her and see her biting her bottom lip and she has her eyes closed.
I then see his face appear out the corner of my eye as he looks over my shoulder, “Still nothing Jackie. Maybe the boy like’s boys?” he said, he then reaches round and takes hold of my dick, I freeze. He begins to stroke my cock while pressing his body up against mine. I’m shit scared now, I don’t want him touching me. He looks down again, “Still nothing. I think this requires a mother’s touch. Jackie?” He says while releasing my cock and stepping back off me. He then walks around to stand behind my mother. He takes her hand and places it onto my chest and then runs it over my body down to my dick, he then let’s go. A shiver runs through my body as her hand touches my dick and gently wraps around it, I look up and I see his arm wrapped around my mother’s waist his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy, “Don’t be shy Jackie you know what to do!”
He says, she now starts to slowly stroke my cock, now I start to feel excited, I’m now looking down at my cock, it’s now expanding and hardening in her hand, “That’s better, see a mother knows how. ” He chuckles. I now see him take her other hand and pull it around behind her back I can only assume to his own cock. By now my cock is rock hard and I am even starting to enjoy it, “Right you sit down!” He says while pointing to me, I walk over and sit on the couch.

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   “You on your knees,” he orders my mom. She slowly gets down and it’s now I get to see his cock, it looks to be around eight inches and really thick, “turn to me!” he says and my mother turns around and I have a side on view of them. She knows what he wants and takes his cock in her hand and points it straight at her mouth. She licks her lips and slowly opens her mouth as she moves her face slowly down towards his cock, taking it into her mouth, “that’s it, take it deep into your throat whore,” he said. Now came all the noises, the spitting, the slurping the gagging, sometimes she would take it so deep into her mouth you would hear her gag on his cock sometimes more than once, you would see her whole body react before she pulled away with a big gasp of air, her eyes would run and saliva would hang from his cock and balls and from her chin and drip down over her breasts.
He now pushes her off his cock, “On your feet!” he orders and he then grabs her by the arm and pulls her up and drags her over to the end of couch and pushes her down, bending her over the arm of the couch, her head is inches away from me, he steps behind her and starts slapping his cock against the top of her arse, it glistens in the light and is stood to full attention. He now takes a hold and aims it down towards my mother’s pussy, I can see the concentration on his face as he enters her. Her face wincing with pain as his fat cock enters her, I watch as he starts to pump in and out of her, I look down at my mom and she’s looking up at me, she has a look in her eye’s that I have never seen before, I now have the impression that she’s enjoying it. He slaps her arse hard and she jumps and cries out in pain. He looks at me straight in the eyes then I watch them look down my body at my dick, I look down as well, my cock is limp again,
I start to feel embarrassed, “look Jackie your little boys feeling left out, sort him out will you?” he says while smacking her ass again, she reaches up and takes my cock in her hand and begins to stroke it and it springs to life, she then tries to get it into her mouth but my leg is in the way, so I quickly without being told jump up and turn to the side so my mother is front onto me then I shuffle down towards her to the point where my cock is directly under her chin, she takes hold of it again and starts to stroke it slowly while she kisses the side of my shaft, sucking down the entire side of it, I feel my cock getting harder and harder in her hand. She then takes one of my balls into her mouth and starts to suck on it. The pleasure I was now getting was like nothing that I had experienced before, I tilted my head back and let out a loud moan and when I looked back down I could see my mother looking right back at me staring right into my eyes with a lustful gaze. She now took my cock deep into her mouth, I could feel her teeth, tongue, saliva and the suction on my cock as she bobbed her head up and down on it, slurping noises drowned out the sound of his and her bodies slamming together.
I glanced up at him for a second I could see his eyes fixed on my mother sucking my cock, he had sweat pouring from his forehead, his face bright red and he’s breathing heavily. He now reaches down and pulls his cock out of her and she stops sucking on my cock and pushes herself to her feet, he grabs her and walks her around the couch and stands in front of me with my mother next to him.

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   He pushes her down next to me, he grabs hold of his cock and points it towards me, “Suck my dick!” He order’s, “Dave no!” My mom screams, I look up at him “Fuck that there’s no chance I’m doing that!”I say, “I tell you what. If you suck my dick then I’ll knock five hundred off the money your mother owes me. ” He says, “A thousand!” I say knowing that I should have asked for more, “Okay then a grand it is, just seven thousand five hundred to go. ” He chuckles to himself, he now thrusts his large cock towards me again, “Don’t just look at it,” he says. I don’t have a clue where to start, I glance towards my mom who is sat next to me then back at his dick, I slowly raise my hand up and take hold of it. The first thing I notice is how warm it is, secondly how thick it is, I have reasonably sized hands and I can barely fit one around it, I slowly stroke it up and down the entire length of his shaft which is coated in my mother’s juices, I continue to stare at it while slowly stroking it,
“Hey. Don’t just look at it suck it!” He says. I look up at him then back at his cock as I slowly start to lean forward, his dick touches my lips and I start to open my mouth, letting his cock penetrate my mouth. At first I only let the tip of his dick into my mouth but he grabbed me by the back of the head and started to force more of it in, now I have around five inches in my mouth and he starts to pump his dick in and out of my mouth, rocking my head backwards and forwards to meet his thrusts, I can’t say I was enjoying it, my jaw’s starting to ache and when he thrusts to hard his cock causes me to choke and cause he has hold of my head I can’t move away to catch my breath.   He now let’s go of my head and I continue to suck, unsure of whether or not I’m doing it right, I then see my mother out the corner of my eye moving towards us, she takes hold of his cock, pulls it out of my mouth and puts it in hers, takes it deep into her mouth a couple of times before putting it back into my mouth. He now stops us then steps sideways to my mother and reaches down and grabs her legs and pulls them upwards causing my mom to fall backwards, he now kneels on the floor and places his dick against her pussy before sliding it in, inch by inch. He lifts her legs onto his shoulders and starts to pound away at her pussy, their bodies start to smack together, I can hear squelching coming from her soaking wet pussy every time his cock enters her pussy. I watch as he pounds her, her big breasts shaking violently as he fucks he, I watch his cock as it slides in and out of her pussy, he squeezes hold of her legs,
“Shit! I’m going to cum!” He screams, she looks up at him and grabs his shoulder, “Me too!” She screams back, a few more violent thrusts are ended with a giant thrust which he slams into her, I watch as their entire bodies tremble uncontrollably with pleasure. After a minute it’s over and he pulls out, her exhausted and he falls onto his arse on the floor, “Fuck me your mother’s a good fuck!” he says, I look at her. Her face is all red and her hair is a mess, I think it’s over so I stand up and pick my clothes up, “What you doing? Do you not want to fuck your mother?” he says as he jumps up off the floor.

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   He grabs me and pulls me over to my mother, I look down at her, her legs are spread and I can see cum running out of her swollen pussy, “Go on fuck her. ” He whispers in my ear, she then lifts her legs up and spreads them wider giving me the indication that she wants me to fuck her beaten hole, I drop to my knees and edge forward, she reaches forward and takes hold of my cock and pulls me towards her,
I feel my cock enter her cum filled pussy. It feels slimy and sticky as I slide in, it’s also very warm, she wraps her legs around me and pulls me in close, I start to pump my cock in and out of her slowly, then I gradually pick up the pace, I lean down and start to suck on one of her erect nipples it’s large like the tip of your thumb, I suck it harder and harder. I begin to fuck her as hard as I can slamming down into her, she’s rocking backwards and forwards to meet my thrusts, I then feel my orgasm rushing through me, “I’m going to cum!” I shout she grabs hold of me and continues to fuck me, “Let’s cum together!” She says, I look deep into her eyes and she looks back into mine as I feel the orgasm race through me as I burst into her pussy, I can feel pump after pump squirting out of my dick into her as I lean forward and kiss her before falling back onto the floor beneath her, cum dripping out of her pussy onto my leg. We both look up at him he’s hard again and he’s wanking himself off in front of me as vigorous as he can before tensing up and cumming onto me, cum dripping out of his cock down onto my chest and belly, he smiles “that was worth it!” he says while squeezing the last drops of cum out his cock. He turns around and picks up his jeans and puts them on, followed by the rest of his clothes,
I’m sat on the floor, dick now limp, my mother is still laid on the couch, she doesn’t move. He looks at us and laughs, “Five hundred next month, otherwise I’m going to have to find new ways of getting my money back!” he walks over to the living room door, turns and has one last look at us before leaving the room, closing the door behind him, the next thing we hear is the front door open and close.
I stand up and so does my mother and we stand and face each other, I hear cum dripping out of her onto the carpet, she reaches her hand down and rubs her pussy to try and stop the dripping, she then licks the palm of her hand to clean the cum from it. “I’m so sorry baby, it will never happen again, I’ll get the money next month I promise!” She says, she then steps up to me and wraps her arms around me and our bodies press together. “Don’t worry mom. We’re okay that’s the main thing. ”
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