Mom and her boys 4


Mom and her boys Ch 4.




The first trimester had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Jackie started to put on some weight and her hormones were raging. She started to feel very energetic and could now feel the baby kicking. Her mother accompanied her to the doctor's every time she went, and each time she kept warning her daughter to stop her sexual activity because women in their family have had a history of miscarriages. Her 56 yearold mother Hanna worried about the fact that the child growing inside of her daughter's belly is a product of incest and actually her youngest grandson's. She worried so much to the point that she wanted to tell the doctor the truth but she didn't want to get her daughter into trouble with the law. If the authorities found out that her pregnancy was caused by her youngest son, there was no way this story wouldn't end up oh the news which would forever put a stain on their family's history.

Hanna's warnings seemed to have no effect on Jackie because she just continued to have sex with all three of her boys even though the belly was quite large by now. John's was getting busier on the west coast and he was able to come home less and less until one day he called Jackie to tell her he would have to stay on the west coast for the next few months but he promised her that he would come back in time for the delivery. Hanna grew more concerned because of this. She worried that if God forbid something should happened to her, the three boys wouldn't know what to do. Hanna worried about her daughter's weight gain as well. Jackie had put on over 20 pounds but still managed to keep her curvy figure. She was definitely much thicker and her breasts got very large. Her areolas had swollen up and from time and she even started to lactate.

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   She had to to put extra padding inside of her bra to seep up all the milk that leaked out of her breasts to avoid embaressment at work.

Hanna offered to move in with Jackie and the boys just to be around and look after her but Jackie refused at first. She wanted to have privacy with her children because she didn't want to sneak around hiding from her mother to have sex. Her hormones were raging, along with her growing lust for Michael, her youngest. The pregnancy had caused her to fall in love with him, or at least that's what she wanted to be the reason for it. She didn't want her mother to notice their new relationship. Jackie never told Michael how she felt about him but she knew that her mom would pick up on it, but Hanna wouldn't have any of it. After a long argument on the phone Jackie realised how serious her mother was and finally caved in so a few days later Hanna moved all her stuff to Jackie's house and would from now until the pregnancy sleep in Jackie and John's room just as a precaution in case she needed something during the night and to make sure the baby would come out healthy.

Many of their relatives started to come out of the woodwork to visit Jackie and congradulate her on her new pregnancy. Some even came from as far away as Europe. They were all giddy about the new member of their family and many brought gifts. Every time they felt Jackie's tummy she asked herself 'Would any of them ever find out the truth about the baby's father'?

Michael and his brothers were used to it by now, even Jackie had gotten used to the dark truth and she was very happy at this stage in her life. The fact that John was away didn't bother her at all. The new love of her life was here and that's all that mattered. She still raised her voice at Mikey when he was misbehaving, after all he was still her son.

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  . . but there were super special feelings there. Jackie looked at Mikey the way a woman looks at a man she craves for sexually but at the same time has serious feelings for him. The way they talked to each other, there was a different tone in their conversation. He was also much more attentive to his pregnant mom then his older brothers which Jackie obviously loved. She had the biggest smile on her face when Mikey acted like a father instead of a child, because that's what his mom needed him to be right now. . . a supportive father and an Alpha man in her life helping her feel secure during this tough time while John was away.

Every time Jackie was having a sexual episode with one of the boys Hanna knew about it and grew even more worried. She was so good at reading her daughter that she even figured out which boy got to fuck her on what day. Jackie seemed especially giddy and happy on those days when she would be with Mikey. Jackie's shame was almost all gone. She even talked to John in front of her mom like nothing unusual was happening.

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   The relationship between mother and daughter had started to get really wierd. Hanna started to realise that Jackie was behaving differently in front of her also. She was more talktive then before the pregnancy and their little full on lips kiss. Jackie paid more attention to her mom and started to question her about her sex life with her dad. Even though Hanna tried to avoid that topic Jackie kept bringing it up more and more. She also noticed that Jackie would at times eye her over. She would often catch her staring at her chest or ass. For some reason Hanna kind of got a kick out of that.

She subconsciously began to wear more revealing clothes around the house. Hanna would wear skirts which only picked up dust in her closet for the past few years, and really thin blouses where her bra could almost be visible through the thin material. Jackie kept eyeing her mom more and more and would smile at her every once in a while but it was a different smile then from before. Hanna was kind of wierded out by this but she wanted her pregnant daughter to stay happy and satisfied at least until delivery. Both Hanna and Jackie noticed that the boys started to pay attention to their grandma too. Sometimes they would just look and then look away but at other times they would keep eyeing her as if they were almost undressing her with their eyes. The 56 yearold grandmother was still a piece of ass.

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   She was still confident in her looks because younger men still paid attention to her when she went to the grocery store. Sometimes she would get hit on by 30 somethings and even men in their early twenties, but she didn't know how to respond to the way her grandsons were now looking at her.

At first Jackie thought this was kind of kinky and in a wierd way erotic, until she saw Michael looking at her. She responded angrily at first but then managed to control herself. However, this didn't last long because one day when she was having sex with him her jelousy got worse. While Michael was on top of, Jackie was just starting to get into it until she heard her Mom walking down the hall just outside her door in some high heels. The clicks distracted Michael and he turned to his left to look toward the door. A few seconds later he started to cum inside of Jackie just before her orgasm. This pushed Jackie to the point of fury.

Since Her mom entered into her life, she has had to hide around the house to have sex and now she's ruining her orgasm and taking Michael's attention away from her. Jackie started to think that she was getting to fat. She felt really bad and her self confidence started to decline. She feared Michael and the other two boys were starting to get turned off by her belly. She did get turned on by her mom's new outfits and her new style of clothing but she hated the fact that obviously Michael was turned on by it as well.

Hanna's worry about a miscarriage grew so much that she could no longer keep from commenting and letting her thoughts out.

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   She had to confront her daughter and somehow get her to stop having sex, so one day when the boys were at the park playing basketball, she decided to talk to Jackie.

"Jackie honey, you have to stop having sex you're seriously risking this pregnancy. "

Jackie stirred the soup on the stove "Oh don't start this again mom, nothing is going to happen to the baby. "

"Jackie this isn't a normal baby there are more risks involved. "

Jackie put the spoon on the table. "It is a normal baby and it will be loved just like it was John's. . . please don't say that mom. "

Hanna apologized "You're right honey, the baby IS normal but you just have to stop . . . you don't have to completely miscarry but there could be severe damage done to the baby. . .

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  I've heard how hard those springs squeak when you're alone with the kids upstairs. "

Jackie sat down next to her mother at the table.

"You're right mom, me and the kids have been out of control lately but I promise we'll be much gentler from now on. "

"I'm afraid that won't be enough there's just to much risk involved. . . why don't you just pleasure yourself honey, like I do. . . like most normal people do. "

A huge smile came across Jackie's face. She pictured her mother doing that. She was kind of surprised that she fessed up to it.

"But it's not the same mom, my hormones have been raging lately you know how it is, I'm not sure if I can even reach myself down there anymore because of the belly. I really need a thick hard.

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  . . you know what in order to stay sane. "


Hanna got a tingle inbetween her legs when she heard that. She thought to herself 'They must be pretty thick and hard for that age to rightly satisfy a woman who's pussy gave birth to three boys. ' Many sexual thoughts raced trough her head but she managed to stay on the issue.

"But honey what If I help you out. . . will you stop then? I mean I could maybe play around with you down there a little bit just to keep you calm. " Jackie was just about to say something in protest but Hanna cut her off.


It's ok honey I see how you've been looking at me and I really don't mind it I understand you've been horny because of the pregnancy and I'd be more then willing to help you out" she smirked and looked inbetween her legs " you know help you out a little bit. . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . So whaddaya say?"

Jackie cracked another smile.

"Well you do have the homefield advantage and that might help alot but I'm not sure if it can be as efficient as a real penis. . . believe it or not the boys have gotten really good. . . Alex is really nice and thick he's got it down perfectly. "

Jackie noticed her mother fidgeting and getting very uneasy after what Jackie just said about her grandson.

"They've been looking at you. . especially Alex. Have you noticed?" Jackie saw her mother start to blush.

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"Oh don't be crazy and please try to stay on topic. "

Jackie was all giddy again like a little school girl. She wanted to continue to torture her mom.

"Oh common mom you can't tell me that you haven't noticed them looking at you. This morning before school Alex was practically drooling over you when you came down into the kitchen with that thin silk robe on. Even I saw your nipples poking out trough that thing let alone three young teenage boys. "

Hanna was almost speachless. She still had a curvy figure and very strong legs and for the first time in a long time she felt the urge to show them off. She didn't know what kind of freudian devil suddenly brought that out in her but she was glad people were noticing, even thought it was her immediate family.

"Jackie they're teenage kids that's . . . normal. . .


  I guess. "

Jackie continued on with her reign.

"So why don't you mess around with Alex. . or maybe Mark. "

Hanna slapped Jackie's wrist. . but she couldn't wipe the smile off her own face.

"Oh stop it now you're just being silly. "

Jackie continued "No I'm serious. . . they like you I can tell. . .

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  they pretty much undress you with their eyes, well I don't know about Michael but the other two do. "

Hanna was smiling now: "Really? You think? I mean I must admit I'm kind of glad someone is paying attention. . . it's really been a while since I dressed up for your father and even then he didn't really care. "

Jackie had a plan. "Tell you what. . . If you agree to give it a shot with Alex when they come home later I'll agree to stop doing it with the kids but only under one condition. "

Hanna ran her fingers trough her hair "Oh my god this is so insane your father would kill me if he found out, and what about John?"

"Mom they're not going to find out, the kids are really good about keeping a secret, I mean they tell each other everything that's how this whole thing started because Mikey told the other two that he had sex with mommy in the bathroom. . . but you're pretty much safe they won't tell anyone else I can guarantee you that. The worst thing that could happen is he tells Mark so then you have to have sex with him too.

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Hanna was shocked "HAVE SEX?? I thought you said just to mess around with him. Are you crazy?"

Jackie wasn't going to give up now. She thought it would be fun to help set up her fourteen yearold on a date with his grandma. Some little girl inside of her missed her younger days when she would often share her sexual experiences with her girlfriends and they would tell her about their own. All those women she grew up with are now married and have children so that type of conversation would be out of the question, but she saw a chance to get that type of relationship out of her mom, and besides she just wanted Alex to be happy and her mom could use it as well. . . if not for nothing then just to relieve some tention.

"Relax mom it's just sex. . . I've been doing it with them and nothing bad has happened since. " Jackie knew she just threw her mom a softball.

"Yeah right nothing bad has happened. " Hanna responded as she smirked at Jackie's belly.

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Jackie smiled at her mom as she took her hand in her own. "So what mom, the baby will be just fine and will be loved the same as if it was John's. . . besides, you can't get pregnant any more . . . . can you?"

Hanna just nodded. "I can still get pregnant Jackie, there are many women who still get pregnant well into their fifties. "

Jackie knew her mom would do almost anything in order to get her to stop having sex until after the pregnancy. "Well it's up to you mom but those are the conditions if you want me to stop doing it plus there are a couple of more things. "

Hanna couldn't believe what her daughter was asking of her. "Jackie sweetey theyre CHILDREN! I mean I still get hit on by 30 yearolds and even young men in their 20's and I would never think of doing anything behind your father's back no matter how tempting it becomes. "

Jackie caught her "So you're admitting you're turned on by your grandsons checking you out" She smiled devilishly knowing she stumped her mom.

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"No I didn't say that, oh god why are you making this so complicated?"

Jackie made her mom blush again. She knew she was on the right track. "Look mom, you don't have to go all the way at first. I mean why don't you just give it a try and see where things go. I'm sure Alex would enjoy it, or you could try Mark too. He's not as thick as Alex but he's pretty long" She almost started to crack up before finishing the sentence. Her mom had a wicked smile on her face that she tried to fight. Her jaw was dropped in an attempt to seem shocked by what Jackie was saying.

"Oh god you are completely crazy Jackie. Stop it. "

"No I'm serious mom. You don't have to go all the way. It'll be fun I promise. . .

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  . " there was a long pause "Well those are my conditions take it or leave it. If you want me to stop then that's what I want from you. "

Hanna scratched her head for a little while. Jackie loved the way her long hair fell over her breasts. Watching her mom comb it over back behind her shoulders was quite the sight. Her breasts seemed like they were screaming to be caressed. She couldn't believe it but she was getting all tingly around her crotch looking at her mom sit there and debate in her own head if she should go ahead with possibly having sex with her grandson later. What was happening to their family? How far was Jackie willing to push this? Did she subconsciously want her mom to become pregnant with Alex? Jackie asked herself many questions but neither of them had anything to do with whether she should put a stop to all this crazyness. After a few more minutes of thinking Hanna finally agreed. She put her hands over her face in shame but the smile on her face was obvious. She seemed like a giddy highschool girl being asked about her crush.

"Oh god this is totally insane. I guess I could give it a try and see where things go, but what else do I have to do? I wonder what other plans you have roaming around in that head of yours. " She wasn't sure what kind of crazy idea her daughter had in her pretty little head, but she was certain it would have something to do with irrational behavior.

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"You have to really try and play around with me properly. None of that lip smooching, I'm expecting real kissing and I expect more then your fingers inbetween my legs, if you know what I mean. " Jackie had a devilish smile on her face. She was so excited she couldn't wait for her mom to answer. Her tummy was in knots as she could feel the baby kicking.

Hanna's mature but pretty smile gave away her thoughts before she even opened her mouth.

"Ok but you have to promise to me that no more penises go inside of that vagina until the baby is born. . . Promise??!?!"

Jackie took a deep breath and exhaled. "Promise. "

Hanna got up from her chair and walked over to her daughter hugging her closely. She pat her back and her heart raced from happiness. She loved her so much she didn't want anything to ever happen to her little girl. The hug lasted for an awkward 18 seconds.

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   Hanna sat back down on her chair and looked at the clock. Jackie saw that they had probably about 45 minutes until the boys got back.

"Mom look it's only 7:30 the boys wont be back home until 8:15 at the earliest. "

Hanna wasn't sure if it was such a great idea to proceed at this time.

"I don't know about that sweetey shouldn't we wait until maybe after dinner when we go to bed and when the boys are asleep?"

Jackie was really impatient. She badly wanted to kiss her mom. "No mom If you want me to keep my promise you'll have to sacrifice too. "

Hanna nodded with a smile and took her daughter's hand in her own. Hanna had on a tight pair of jeans and a blouse shirt that had a couple of buttons unhooked and she noticed her daughter glance down her blouse.

Jackie had on a dress which fully covered her belly but came down to mid thigh just above the knees. Both women smiled at each other as their lips got closer and closer.

Hanna opened her wet mouth to meet her daughter's own wet lips and they started to make out in a very passionate and loving smooth wet kiss. Both women hummed as their frenching intensified. Jackie struggled for breath trough her nose as her hands went up her mom's chest cupping her breasts and then straight to the buttons unbuttoning them quickly. Hanna placed her right hand on Jackie's right thigh and rubbed her higher and higher getting ever closer to her pussy.

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   She let the tip of her fingers slip just under the lace of her panties and she kept her hand there shyly rubbing the side of her pussy and thigh. Jackie put her left hand over her mom's egging her on closer to her pussy. She guided her mom's hand over her mound applying pressure on it and breaking their kiss.

"Slip my panties off mom" She supported herself with both hands on the chair lifting her ass up making sure that the belly wasn't disturbed. As her mom pulled her panties down her still strong and shapely legs, she unbuttoned her dress revealing her large breasts which were starting to lactate again.

Jackie sat back on the chair, now nude with the panties lying on the floor next to her mom's blouse. Hanna leaned forward into her daughter

"Unclasp my bra honey. " Jackie reached behind her and undid the bra throwing it on the floor. Hanna started to kiss her neck as her daughter's hands fondled her breasts. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, it was a feeling she longed for. Her excitement surprised her because she wasn't turned off by the belly at all, in fact the belly was beginning to turn her on in some wierd sick way. The naval had popped out by now but that didn't throw Hanna off as she moved her hand from her daughter's pussy and over the belly caressing it and all the way up to her daughter's right breast. Hanna kissed and licked her way down all the way to Jackie's heavy left breast. She flicked her tongue over it and put the entire massive and dark areola in her mouth suckling on it. The taste of milk kind of wierded her out so she tried not to suck on the tit instead just lovingly flickering her tongue over the areola.

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   She didn't spend to much time on her tits so she moved down Jackie's belly closing in on the one place where a mom's mouth shouldn never be. She kissed and licked the belly leaving a wet trail of saliva.

Jackie noticed that her mom wasted no time and that she was aiming for her crotch so she scooted down to give her a little bit of a better access. Hanna kissed her daughter's inner thighs as she massaged her clitoris with her right thumb. She was now kneeling in front of her daughter's stretched legs and she stopped for a second and looked back up at her daughter.

"You sure you want this baby?"

Jackie had an index finger inside of her mouth just the tip of it on her teeth, she just nodded.


That's all Hanna needed. She gently licked along the length of Jackie's slit stopping just before the clitoris, teasing her and then going all the way back down to her asshole. She then planted her lips and mouth over her daughter's wet pussy and started to really work her tongue up and down side to side with light speed assaulting her pussy with her soaking wet mouth. She could smell a familiar odor but she paid no mind to it and scooted up to the clitoris and back down. She loved the way Jackie tasted and couldn't get enough of it. Even though this was the first time she had ever eaten pussy she went at it like a pro. She could no longer see her daughter's face because the belly was in the way but she could feel her daughter's hands on her head applying pressure to the back of it letting her know how much she was enjoying this.

"Finger me mom!" Jackie yelled breathlessly.

Hanna inserted two fingers deep inside of her but kept her tongue on the clitoris.

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   She inserted another finger into her asshole but didn't pull it in and out she just kept it there. She started to finger Jackie fast now and really suckled on her clitoris intensely. Hanna couldn't help it but she took her right hand and slipped it inside her panties inserting a finger in her own canal. Jackie cooed as her mom's wet mouth engulfed her entire opening. She was surprised at how much better Hanna was then any of the boys. Michael was especially good but nowhere near her mom's abilities.

"Oh god mom you sure you've never eaten pussy before?"

Hanna just hummed "mmm-mmm" nodding her head side to side along with her tongue. Jackie could feel an orgasm getting closer, she was surprised how quickly it approached the horizon. As the first wave began to roar through her body all she could think about was Michael fucking her, but a much bigger and taller man with a strong chest and arms. She fantasized that he was much rougher and more confident then the young insecure boy that he is now. Another wave smashed into her as her mom's fingers went really deep, she could feel 3 fingers inside of her now as her body buckled. Hanna had her right hand on her belly as if she was making sure that the movement wouldn't disturb the baby. Her daughter's wetness exploded onto her face so she backed off awkwardly as Jackie squirted wave after wave of come onto her mom's face and neck.

"Oh god are you ok Jackie?" Hanna worried that her water broke but there was no evidence of that.

"I'm fine mom I'm fine.


  " Jackie still buckled as the orgasm never seemed to leave her body. Hanna stood up and moved closer to her daughter's face. She combed her hair carefully and lovingly while caressing her belly, their lips just an inch apart.

"How was that baby did you have fun?"

Jackie was so out of breath that she barely managed to speak. "Oh god thanks so much mom, you're so good at that even better then Mikey. " Jackie saw how wet her mom's face was from her squirt so she wiped off her lips and cheeks.

"I'm sorry about that mom but that was a really intense orgasm. "


"It's ok honey I'm glad I could be of service. " Hanna was kind of proud of herself. She was also happy that she could make her come which means that Jackie's craving for cock would be something she would be able to handle after comming as hard as she just did. Hanna kissed her on the lips and hugged her closely. Jackie sat on the chair caressing her mom's back as Hanna put her head on Jackie's shoulder as she kneeled next to her. She could suddenly feel her daughter's hand on her right breast groping it, but she pushed it away.

Jackie then tried to reach down her mom's back and slip a hand inside her panties. What she wanted to do was slide it under the lace and then feel her asshole but her mom wasn't having none of it.

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   Hanna decided to put a stop to this.

"Jackie we didn't agree on that. " She said as she pulled her daughter's hands away from her lower back just before they were able to feel her ass.

"This isn't supposed to be sexual in that way. "

Jackie couldn't believe her mom was saying this. She was hoping they would go on and on and maybe even return the favor.

"What are you talking about mom. . . you just ate me out and I came all over your face!!"

Hanna tried to shush her. "Shhh not so loud. This isn't supposed to be sexual Jackie. You're pregnant and it's a different type of situation. I'm only doing this for your safety I hope you can understand that. I don't want you to get carried away with this because I am not going anywhere near your crotch after this baby is born.

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  . . understand?"

Jackie managed to calm down a little bit no matter how much she wanted to give her mom the same pleasure she gave her.

"Ok mom I'm sorry I just thought you were into me. " Jackie was self conscious about her weight gain which was barely noticable but her insecurities could not be ignored.

Hanna felt bad now. She didn't want her daughter to be depressed in any way. "I think you're very attractive Jackie but this is crazy I'm your mom for goodness sake. I don't know why you think it's wrong that I'm not sexually into you?"

Jackie didn't want to let this drag on any more. "It's ok mom. It's no big deal we'll just keep it professional, which means I expect you to live up to your part of the deal. "

Hanna smiled at her daughter as she proceeded to slip her daughter's panties back up her legs, handing her daughter's bra back to her.

"Yeah I know I have to play around with Alex. . .

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  but I'm not promising anything to you. I said I'd go visit him in his room but that's all. Okay missy??!?" She raised her voice at her daughter jokingly.

Jackie smiled at her mom and hugged her once again, her breasts still naked against her mom's thin blouse. Hanna could feel her daughter's giant areolas begin to harden which to her own surprise triggered her own nipples which were now erect.

Jackie backed off her mom and looked her over while holding her hands. "Why don't you wear something a little bit more sexy for Alex tonight. How about I dress you up in one of my skimpy little outfits? We have just about a half hour before they come back home. What do you say?"

Hanna smiled but she thought there was enough incestious sex charge for tonight. She would have liked to dress up for her grandsons but she knew what her daughter had in mind and Hanna just wasn't that type of woman. She never wore skimpy outfits and she taught her daughter not to as well. She loved when men paid attention to her just like any other woman but her conservative side always outpowered her urge to show off her body which she still had. Few women could look as striking as Hanna in their late fifties, but then again most women don't work out as hard as she does.

"Jackie this is wierding me out, I wish you wouldn't pressure me so much. .

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  . I mean I've had men hit on me at the gym as young as 22 but Alex is only 18 years old. I'm not sure if it's such a great idea for me to pressure him so much, I mean how can you be so sure that he even looks at me in a sexual way? He also has that girlfriend who he's on the phone with almost all day until it's time to go have sex with you. Then as soon as he's done with you he gets back on the phone with her. "

Jackie tried to make her mom feel more comfortable "Well I really don't know if he's attracted to you in that way but I have seen them looking at you it's so that's why I think he might be into you. As far as the girlfriend goes he still makes love to me like he always did and I don't really care if he's thinking about her during it. Maybe you could find out if he's been to first base with her or maybe second base, common it could be fun. You could report to me everything he said about her if you can manage to get him to say anything him and Mark have kept their yaps shut about their so called girlfriends".

Hanna wanted to go forward with it but was still very uncomfortable.

"Do you think he's in love with her?"

"I don't know mom. Why don't you talk to him about it. If he doesn't want to mess around with you he'll let you know and you'll be off the hook. I promise I won't pressure you to do anything anymore if that indeed is the case. "

"How old is she?" Hanna asked her daughter.

"I think she's a couple of years older then him she might be 18 See he does like older girls.

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  " She smiled at her mom with a wicked grin on her face.

Hanna smiled back "Little alex has grown up huh?" She sat there for a couple of minutes and sighed. When she previously agreed to this she never actually thought she would go trough with it. She was kind of hoping to just get Jackie to somehow stop having sex for the sake of the baby but she never knew she would find herself in this situation. She saw the smile on her daughter's face and all she wanted to do was make her happy, and besides. . she thought it would be kind of fun to torture Alex about his new girlfriend. He was always a shy boy but Hanna loved to tease him when he was younger just to try to help him break out of that shell, but she would just tease him a little bit differently this time.

"Ok fine I guess I'll just see how he reacts and what he says just to get you off my back. "

Jackie smiled back at her mom happily.

Hanna carefully helped her daughter get up off the chair and excused herself to go wash her face and straighten out. She went to the bedroom and looked into Jackie's closet. She found some of her skirts and picked out a grey one to match a tie-front white blouse which gave alot of exposure to her neck and chest. Hanna slipped her sexy mature hips into the skirt and threw on the blouse adjusting the V a little bit lower then she usually would. She found some strap sandals with a high heel and threw those on to.

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The boys were already downstairs at the table by the time Hanna came down into the kitchen. She insisted that Jackie let her serve the food. Jackie had been on her feet all day long and her back was probably hurting by now. Her heavy breasts and the baby had added alot more weight on her frame and it was nothing to sneeze at. Hanna knew from experience how easily a woman can tire when carrying so she had them all sit down and started serving them food.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the kitchen. It was quite obvious that grandma's new outfit was something very extraordinary. The boys had never seen their grandma in anything other then a bathrobe or a large oversized dress, up until recently. All three of them had a hard time not paying attention to her tight rock hard body. The bra she had on was perfect on her. You could not make out the bra under the thin white blouse because the bra she had on was white, but if it were black it would be easily noticable. Jackie herself couldn't keep her eyes off her mom's ass. She looked at Alex and noticed he was very nervous when Hanna brought him over a plate. Mark was also trying to get a quick peak down her shirt. All four of them were amazed at how beautiful Grandma's face still was.

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   They hadn't seen her with makeup on for a very long time. Jackie had taken her makeup off earlier in the day after work and all she had on was a big oversized bathrobe with a nice long V down her chest exposing her milky breasts, but the boys attention was clearly on their grandma.

Mikey looked too but then again he looked back at his mother as well. Jackie couldn't blame him for looking at his grandma but she was still kind of glad that he paid attention to her as well. She leaned forward trying to expose her breasts even more for Mikey to see. She gave him a warm motherly smile and he smiled back at her shyly.

Hanna also noticed the boys staring at her but every time she looked at Alex he managed to look away so she was unsure if he was checking her out. She knew Mark was and was kind of disappointed when she saw that Mikey wasn't. That thought kind of wierded her out but she didn't start freaking out. She sat down with her family and began to eat. Troughout dinner they maintained a smooth flowing conversation about school and sports. Mikey kept saying that to his grandma that she has to see his new bat swing which he learned from grandpa. She smiled at Mikey and just nodded. A few minutes later the awkwardness was gone and they just talked about random things as any normal family would.

As soon as they were done the boys ran off upstairs.

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   Alex probably to go call his girlfriend and the other two went to play a videogame. Hanna and Jackie cleaned up the table and started doing the dishes together. Jackie told her mom how nice she looked and that the boys were definitely checking her out. Hanna told her daughter that she also noticed Mark looking at her and that she was pretty sure Alex was too but she didn't think Mikey paid any attention to her.

Jackie smiled. She was happy that her mom could confirm that she didn't catch him staring. Then she said with a smile while pointing at her almost completely exposed breasts.

"I might have diverted his attention with these. "

Hanna looked down at her daughter's chest and smiled.

"They do look nice honey. You've been lactating pretty heavily are you hurting?"

"I don't know I'll be ok, they do leak alot though. "

Hanna hated to see her daughter in pain.

"Do you want me to suckle some milk out honey?"

Jackie wasn't really hurting but she couldn't say no to anyone who wanted to play around with her tits.

"Sure if you want to. .

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  . I don't care. "

Hanna let go of the dishes and washed her hands. She dried them with a towel and Jackie did the same. Jackie leaned against the counter and uncovered both her breasts giving her mom easy access. Hanna leaned forward and took hold of her tits with her hands and placed her warm mouth over them engulfing her daughter's large swollen areolas with her wetness. Jackie cooed as her mom started to suckle on her breast. She wasn't sure but she thought she could hear her mom humming. Hanna was surprised at how much milk there was comming out of her. She was kind of liking the taste so she just proceeded on to swallow it. Suckling sounds echoed trough the kitchen and neither woman noticed the door was wide open. Jackie was just enjoying her mom's mouth too much and Hanna focused on swallowing all that milk.

A couple of minutes later Hanna was finishing the other tit. Her lips made a smacking noise as she lifted them off her daughter's tit.

"There you go.

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  . . is that better. "

"Oh thanks so much mom, it feels so much better now. I feel so relieved. "

"No problem sweetey. " Hanna turned around and was about to start washing her dishes again but Jackie stopped her.

"How does the milk taste?"

"It tastes a little wierd but not to bad. . . why?"

Jackie smiled devilishly again "Can I taste it?" She glanced down at her mom's mouth.

Hanna smiled back at her. She thought how bad can a harmless little kiss be?

"You little vixen. Sure why not. "

She walked up to her daughter and planted her lips over her's.


   They started to engage into a very passionate and wet milky kiss. Jackie hummed from pleasure as she suckled on her mom's milky tongue. She enjoyed the mixed taste of her moms saliva and her breast milk. They went on for another 2-3 seconds. . their tongues clicking in perfect sync.

Hanna looked at the clock and saw that it was almost bed time for Alex so she told her daughter that they had to stop of she still wanted her to go up to Alex's room. Jackie told her to go ahead and that she would finish the dishes herself so Hanna just wiped her hands with some paper towels and took off her apron.

The two women smiled at each other.

"I'll see you later honey if you need some help with the dishes just knock on Alex's door. "

"Don't worry about that mom, just go have some fun. " Hanna fixed her lipstick that she ruined earlier and gave her mom another smooch on the lips.


Hanna's hands were shaking as she knocked on Alex's door. She could hear him hanging up the phone.

"Come in!"

Hanna sneaked in quickly and shut the door behind her.

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   Alex was kind of caught off guard because he had a raging boner so he covered himself up with a pillow but not fast enough because his grandma figured that he must be covering his crotch for a reason. He still had his boxers on but that wasn't enough to cover up his rock hard cock.

"Whatcha doin honey?"

"Oh nothing was talking to Rebecca on the phone. Whats up?"

"Oh nothing. . . just wanted to see what's new with you. Your mother told me about that girl you're hanging out with. "

Alex seemed annoyed with his mom. "Mom keeps bothering me about that. . . it's none of her business. "

"I know honey, your mom just worries about you. .

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  . . as do I. "

"Well shes just a friend grandma. We like hanging out with each other that's all. "

Hanna smiled at him. "That's fine honey. Is she cute?"

"Yeah she's very pretty. She has nice dark hair and beautiful green eyes. She's already in high school so I don't see her much in school that's why I talk to her on the phone alot. "

"Do you think she likes you back? I mean she's already in high school are you sure she sees you as someone who's more then a friend?"

"You promise you won't tell mom I talked to you about her?"

Hanna just nodded with a smile.

"Well she's been talking to this other boy who is a little bit older then her. He's a senior in high school so I'm not sure what she's thinking about but I like her alot. "

Hanna decided to lie down next to Alex on the bed. She slipped off her sandals and laid flat on her tummy, her elbows supporting her head.

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   She put her feet up in the air.

"Did she say to you that she has feelings for you. . . or did she in any way let you know she likes you like that?"

Hanna could now clearly see that every few seconds Alex was staring down her shirt. It was obvious that this new position she was in was adding to his uncomfort because he started fidgeting. She wasn't sure if it was the questioning that were making him nervous or the fact that the V on her blouse was reaching lower and lower exposing more of her cleavage.

"Well she does talk about the other boy alot. I just get the feeling that she's just speaking to me as a friend and not someone she would. . . you know mess around with. "

"So you have never messed around with her?"

Alex just nodded no. She could tell he was starting to blush now. Hanna felt really bad for him because it looked to her like the other girl was just using her grandson to releave her frustrations over the other boy.

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Hanna wanted to let him know that he was loved. She knew how sexually charged young boys are at that age and she felt it would be best for him to get some experience from girls other then his mother who was now pregnant and couldn't give him that kind of attention any more, at least not until the baby was born.

"Have you ever been with a girl other then your mom sweetey?"

"No grandma. Are you mad at me because of what me and mom did?"

"Oh no I'm not honey not at all. I hope you know what you did with mom wasn't right and that it's un natural for a mom to engage in that kind of activity with her kids. . . but the situation was what it was. It just couldn't be avoided I guess. "

She could now clearly see him staring down at her breasts.

"See baby I wanted to talk to you about something very important. Women in our family have had a history of miscarriages so me and your mother agreed that from now until the baby is born she would stop having sex.


Alex just nodded "Okay. "

"See it's just to dangerous for your mother to be doing all that stuff you know. .

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  . the baby must be kept from trouncing and bouncing I hope you understand. I mean it's ok for you to mess around with mom here and there but no intercourse. Okay sweetey?"

Alex's stare went from Hanna's eyes to her breasts and on and on back and forth.

"Okay grandma I understand. . . I also want whats best for the baby. "

Hanna then decided to take a quantum leap.

She placed her left index finger on the bottom of the V on her blouse and said.

"Why do you keep looking down here baby. . . do you want to see something?"

Alex started to panic. He didn't know what to say.

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  . . he just started stammering.

"Ohh uhh no. . . I wasn't looking anywhere grandma. "

"It's okay honey you can tell me. . . why were you looking at my breasts?"

"I dunno. . . they're just neat I guess. "

Hanna cracked a smile across her face.

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"Neat huh? Do you think your moms breasts are neat too or do you just think they're sexy lookin?"

Alex was so nervous right now. He didn't know where his grandma was going with this.

"Uhh well I don't know. . . they're sexy I guess. Yours are much smaller then moms. Her's are big now because of the pregnancy right?"

"Yeah that's what happens when a woman is pregnant it's natural but why do you say mine are smaller. They're not that much smaller. Do you like small breasts or large ones?"

"I dunno grandma, I like yours too they're very nice looking. "

Hanna was starting to panic now too. She pushed this pretty far because of what she promised Jackie but she wasn't sure if she was brave enough to go on from here with her 18 yearold grandson. She remembered Jackie talking about his thick cock and she started to wonder how thick it really was. She couldn't believe how filthy her thoughts were. She looked to her right and saw a picture of Virgin Mary on the wall.

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   She just bit her lips and after a long silence said.

"Do you want to see them?"

Alex's face was so red she was starting to worry about him. He just gulped and nodded yes, not taking his eyes off her chest.

Hanna pulled her blouse along with her bra to the sides letting her breasts fall out. Alex couldn't believe what he was looking at. His 56 yearold super attractive grandmother was lying next to him on his bed with her breasts out for him to see. He didn't know what to do. He was used to his mother and was almost never nervous with her but this was different. He wondered what brought his religious grandma to act this way, but that was the last thing that was on his mind right now.

Hanna laid on her back next to him practically topless. She smiled at Alex.

"If you wanna play around with them go ahead. I don't mind. " That was all he needed. He was about to lean forward and place a fondle her but she stopped him.

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"Ah ah aah, not so quick. . . . throw that pillow on the floor you don't need it. "

Alex couldn't believe that his grandmother wanted to see his cock. He uncovered his crotch and his rock hard member popped out creating a tent in his boxers. Hanna's jaw dropped when she saw this. He was obviously quite lengthy but how thick could he possibly be? If her daughter who has had three kids and who's pussy is very stretched out . . . if she says hes thick he's gotta be like a can of pepsi. Her tummy was in knots and she couldn't believe it, but couldn't stop now either. She asked herself "am I getting turned on by this?"

Alex threw the pillow on the ground and placed a hand on his grandmother's right tit. He fondled it and twirled the nipple with his fingers.

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   A few seconds later he felt Hanna's hand on the back of his head pulling it toward her other breast. He took her nipple in his mouth and started to suckle it like a baby. He rubbed her other tit while flickering his tongue over the other nipple. Hanna's breathing started to quicken. Alex scooted up and started kissing her neck getting his body close to her's. She could feel his rock hard cock on the side of her hip. Alex pulled down his boxers exposing his purple head and red meat pole. Hanna gasped at teh sight of his cock. She couldn't believe how girthy it was. It was almost twice as thick as his grandpa's. She didn't dare touch it. . . she just sat there looking at it as Alex continued kissing and fondling her breasts. He got as close as her left cheek.


   She turned toward him and locked her lips with his and began making out with him. She took his hand and placed it inbetween her legs rubbing it over her mound softly, but keeping his hands over the skirt making sure he didn't go under it. It was at that point that she realised how wet she was. The panties were soaked. The combination of Alex's tongue his soft young hands and the smell of his young cock. . it was driving her over the edge. Oh how she hoped to god that his grandpa or his father would never find out about this.

She kissed him back passionately suckling his cute little chin and licking his lips. Their breathing was getting very heavy and loud as Alex slobbered all over her. Hanna wanted him to slow down a bit.

She took hold of his cute chin and said

"You've gotta slow down baby. You should relax yourself and enjoy good things in life. I'm not going anywhere take a breath and follow my lead. Didn't your mother teach you how to do this?"

"Well no not really.

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   I haven't had sex with mom that much and when we do she doesn't give me any pointers or anything. I guess she likes it fast and agressive. "

"Well your mother is younger then me so that's why that might have something to do with it but with me you're going to have to take your time. "

She smiled and drew him in toward her again. This time they locked lips much more smoothly and made out at a slower pace. Hanna hummed with a smile as her grandson's tongue parted her lips. She was amazed at how much sexier and nicer his mouth felt now that he wasn't slobbering all over her. She placed her hand over his which was fondling her breast and guided it down her tummy.

"Do you want me to take my skirt off?"

Alex looked her deeply in the eye and nodded yes.

"I haven't shaved in a very long time does that matter to you?"

"I dunno, mom's was shaved nicely up until recently she let some hair grow back. "

"Well I'll tell you what. If you want and if your mother approves, I'll call in sick for you tomorrow. We can hang out by the pool and I'll trim myself and shave my vagina for you if you want. "

She didn't want her young grandson to have to go combing trough her pubes, or even worse swollow one.

"Ok grandma.

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   But before you leave. . . " He looked down at his hard cock awkwardly. He couldn't believe he was asking his grandma to take care of him. He wasn't sure how far she would go but he threw it out there anyway.

"Oh you want me to. . . . uhh "

She wasn't sure what he was asking her to do. She just sat there looking at the young cock pulsating in front of her. It looked so hard and thick. The vaines were popping out of it she almost thought the young boy was in pain. The last thing she wanted was to leave him in pain, so she just grabbed his prick and told him to lie on his back.

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   She jerked him off with her right hand and began to kiss him again. Alex couldn't keep it slow anymore because he was close to orgasm so he responded to Hanna's mouth violently. She sped up her pace and soon she felt his body start to jerk. She broke her kiss and placed a hand over his cockhead making sure that no cum started flying around.

Once he was finished they both awkwardly just sat there not knowing what to do. Alex reached for some tissues behind him and started cleaning up the mess. His said she would talk to his mother about tomorrow and quietly excused herself.




Hanna's knees were shaking as she walked into the bedroom. Her daughter was reading some book so she opened the drawer and put it inside. Hanna wasn't entirely sure how this conversation would start but it had to start somewhere. Jackie broke the ice.

"So how was it tell me what happened. "

Hanna slipped off her skirt and started taking off her blouse as she spoke.

"Well I promised him I wouldn't tell you about that girl he's been talking to but. .

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  . "

She paused and continued to put her night gown on.

"But what. . . tell me what happened. " Jackie was trying to pry things out of her.

"Nothing that you have in mind. We just kissed very passionately and I showed him my breasts. . . "

Jackie was like a happy little school girl. She smiled from ear to ear waiting to hear more.

"He started to kiss my neck and I let him suckle on my breasts, he even reached inbetween my legs at one point but I didn't let him reach under my skirt. It felt really nice.

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   Alex is a very nice kisser. "

"Nice kisser? I haven't even noticed that, but what I did notice though is his nice girthy penis. Mikey is probably the best kisser of the three. So what happened then I'm dying to know. "

Hanna shushed her "Shhh keep your voice down. I don't want the other two to hear what we're talking about here. Nothing happened I just asked him if he wanted me to take my skirt off and then I asked him if he would be ok with my hairy bush. He said that yours was nicely trimmed so I took that as indication that he wanted me to shave. . . and besides I don't think I'd want him to go sivering trough all that hair down there. "

"Is it really that bad mom? When was the last time you shaved?"

"I don't know. Your father doesn't look down there so what's the point. "

"Oh common mom it can't be that bad. Let me see how bad it is.

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  " She scooted over closer to her mom and helped her remove the blanket. Hanna just slipped down her panties far enough so she could see. The pubes were spilling out of the top of her panties and out of the sides.

"Wow mom that is pretty bad. Why don't you let me shave you. . . I'm much more experienced at it and you saw how nice a job I did on mine. . common that's the least you can do Is let me shave you, I promise it won't get sexual. "

Hanna thought about it for a second and then agreed.

"Okay fine, but you have to let Alex skip school tomorrow. I said I'd ask you if it was ok and that if you said yes that we would hang out by the pool in the afternoon. "

Jackie smiled again "Sure why not. .

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  . I got just the perfect bikini for you that will make you seem irresistable. "

They hugged each other lovingly. Hanna was happy that their relationship that was on the rocks in the recent years, was now back on track. She kind of felt happy about it even though unthinkable sin was the prime reason for it. She hoped God would understand this difficulty and bless their efforts because the greater outcome was in fact happiness. She knew God still loved her. She said a quiet prayer before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning Hanna was already asleep when her daughter's alarm clock went off. It was just past 6:30 AM and she woke up early from nervousness. For a few seconds it seemed like she dreamt that she agreed to let her daughter shave her private area but then she was fully awake and realised that's exactly what they were about to do. She realised the light in the bathroom was already on and that her pragnant daughter was preparing for her mom. Hanna walked over there and saw that her daughter had placed a cushion on the toilet seat with the lid down. Next to it was a razor blade and she took the shower curtain off the roller and placed it on the floor right under the toilet seat. She also had a small bucket of warm water sitting right by the shaving cream.

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   Jackie was on her knees and was about to stand up so her mom helped her pulling her up.


"Oh hey mom. . . . I was just getting set up for you. " She grunted as her mom helped her up. The belly was getting heavier each day. She could already feel the kicking. She thought for a second that maybe the baby was trying to tell her something. That maybe she shouldn't go trough with this and that it might be a bad idea.

Hanna didn't want her daughter to have to kneel in front of her on the cold floor so she grabbed a couple of pillows and placed it right in front of the toilet. Jackie was glad that her mom hadn't changed her mind.

"Let me just wash up in the other bathroom and brush my teeth real quick. " Jackie caught a glimpse of her mom's granny panties which looked ridiculous on her because she didn't really look like a grandmother.

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   She definitely looked like a mature older woman but not that old.

Hanna finished freshening up and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

Jackie spoke "We've got about 20 minutes before the boys' clocks go off. I'll just tell them that you're taking Alex to school with your car because you have to go in that direction anyways so it saves me a trip. "

"Okay no problem. " Hanna looked at Jackie as she was now kneeling on the pillow and shaking the shaving creme bottle back and forth all while looking at her robe covered frame. Hanna unfastened her robe and her beautiful curvy frame came into view. Her strong legs gave Jackie a tingle. The slippers she wore had a real nice heel. Jackie never thought she would get so excited from seeing her mom in a pair of high heel slippers.

"There's no need for me to take my bra off right?"

"Oh no keep it on that's fine. "

Hanna slipped the tips of her fingers inside the lace of her panties and started slowly to pull them down revealing her thick dark bush. She thought for a second that she probably should have showered before this. Hanna kept sliding her panties down and stopped mid thigh. She saw her daughter staring at her bush and could tell she picked up on her nervousness.

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   Hanna stepped out of her slippers and continued to take her panties off all the way. She let them sit on the floor and walked over to the toilet seat sitting down on the warm cushion. Jackie scooted closer in between her mom's legs and spread them farther apart.

"It's ok mom I promise I won't accidentaly brush your labia. "

Hanna's breathing quickened as Jackie pulled out a pair of scissors and started to pull on her pubic care cutting it.


"Zap zap zap"

The sound of the scissors echoed trough the chilly bathroom. There was less and less hair and Hanna looked down to see that her most private area where Jackie came out of, was becomming more and more visible. Her pussy lips could be made out now and it was only getting worse.

After a couple of more minutes Jackie started to apply some warm water over her pussy. She had to let it seep in, in order to get the hair loose enough for the shaving cream. In order to do this she was definitely rubbing her mom's pussy but she was careful enough not to penetrate it. She applied some shaving cream and started to shave away. Hanna leaned down to see how Jackie was doing and while doing that she locked eyes with her daughter who's thumb was just above her clitoris pulling up that part of her upper pussy to get a nice clean shave. She started shaving away from bottom to top and back down making sure she got every single hair. Hanna couldn't deny the fact that the cold razor and her daughter's warm hands were getting her wet.


   She thanked god that the water helped disguise her wetness.

Jackie now put her index finger and her thumb just around the pussy and stretched it out a bit trying to get some of those deeper hairs making sure she did a good job. When Jackie saw deeper into her mom's pussy she knew that water couldn't have made it that deep inside and she concluded that her mom must be excited. She quietly shaved for another few minutes and was finally happy with the final job. She scooted back and looked at her mother's opening from a distance. She could see a little bit of pink pursing out.

"Wow that looks great mom. . . look" She took a mirror and placed it below the pussy trying to let Hanna see for herself.

Hanna was so uncomfortable she didn't even care she just wanted to get this over with.

"Ok that looks great. . . now where is that bikini you had in mind.

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  " She stood up naked from the waist down. She felt so naked and chilly in between her legs. She covered up her pussy with both hands and waited for her daughter to get the bikini. Jackie pulled it out of the drawer. It was a very sexy peach bikini that Jackie wore the first time by the pool when Mikey told on them to his brothers and she was forced to make out with her other two sons and let them feel her boobs.

Hanna slipped the bottom on quickly and then took off her bra covering her breasts with her hands. Jackie helped her put the top on and tied it behind her neck and back. She then took out the robe and helped her mother put it on. Jackie was so wet she could barely contain herself.

After they were ready they went outside and helped the boys get ready for school. Jackie explained to them that their grandmother would drive Alex to school with their father's car, and then Jackie Mark and Mikey took off leaving Hanna and Alex behind.

Hanna immediately called the school nurse and excused Alex's abstinence blaming it on a slight cold. She wondered how sick the school nurse would actually get if she ever found out about the real reason for the abstinence. Maybe the nurse would be more understanding and liberal and actually appreciate the kind of love Hanna would give her grandson in about 30 minutes.

Alex had his swimming trunks on already.

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Hanna wanted to finish her coffee so she sipped on it while talking to her grandson who sat across the table from her.

She was kind of nervous about the back yard and the pool. There was definitely a wooden fence but the neighbor's kids were perfectly capable of climbing it and looking over the top. If they ever saw them back there they would probably go and run their parents. She wanted to first find out what Alex expected to get from this special time with his grandmother.

"Alex baby, now that your mother is gone. . . . we can talk a little bit more freely. "

Alex was so excited he was smiling with happiness. "Yeah mom's gone, did you shave your vagina grandma?"

"Mmm-hmmm. Your mother helped me out with it because I've never really shaved it completely bald like this. She did leave a little strip. .

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  . she said you like her's like that. "

Alex couldn't believe what he was hearing. His hot mom was shaving his super attractive grandmother's pussy? Oh how he wanted to see this. He would do anything to see that.

"Mom shaved you down there? Hanna just nodded yes as she slurped her warm coffee.

"Can I see?"

"Slow down sweetey, you'll get to see it out back by the pool like we agreed. That reminds me. . . . are you sure that fence is tall enough? I mean I don't want your friends from the neighborhood seeing us. "

"It'll be ok grandma. Mom takes her top off out there sometimes. She hasn't done it lately because of the weight gain but I saw her.

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  . . you know. . . uhh going down on Mikeya few days ago. She also made out with me and Mark with her top off once, but that's all I did with her back there. Why. . what did you have in mind?" Alex tried to sound as polite as possible. He knew how his grandma got when he cursed.


"Well I don't know. . . we'll see where things go I thought I'd take my top off too.

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   Would you like me to do that?" All Alex did was just nodd with a smile. Hanna saw how eager the young fourteen yearold boy was so she decided to just go trough with it. They got up and walked trough the back hall and out toward the patio next to the pool.

Alex took his shirt off and lied down on one of the chairs and looked at his grandma who still had her robe on. She unfastened the robe and let it fall to the ground. Hanna felt so uncomfortable yet so sexy. The bikini was almost riding up her pussy and there was no hair spilling out. It looked magnificent. She looked at her grandson who confirmed her thoughts. She was getting a rise out of him in his mid section. There was a fastly rising pole creating a tent in his shorts. She smiled at him lovingly and proceeded to slip her top off. She let it fall to the floor exposing her mature tits. Alex's jaw dropped as he eyed his grandma's curvy topless figure. Her breasts were much smaller then his mom's which kind of kept them from sagging.

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Hanna slipped out of her high heel slippers and lied on her back right next to Alex. Their chairs were right next to one another. Alex lifted his ass up and pulled his shorts all the way off his pole popping out. This caused Hanna to gasp and put a hand over her mouth. She couldn't really make out how actually thick his cock really was, because of the poor lighting in his room. Now in the bright daylight she was getting wet at the sight of it. She wondered going trough all the way with him would cause her to become pregnant. Her pussy got even wetter and her nipples got harder at the thought of this for some reason.

"Wow grandma you have really nice legs, and your breasts are so nice too. "

Hanna scooted her feet up and said

"You can feel them if you want. "

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