Forbidden Lust Part 1


Let me just start by saying this is an incest story, but it’s completely fiction. All characters are fiction, as are the situations.

Hi, my name’s Cassie. I’m 5’5”, Italian with Black hair, dark brown eyes, and a larger build. Not nasty fat, but a good bit of chub. I weigh more then I look, simply due to the fact that I’m muscular. A nice ass, and 36C boobs. Let me say here that I love my uncle very much, and the story I’m going to tell you isn’t just pure lust. Not a huge romance, but yes some. My Uncle George is about 5’7” with dark brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. He has a smaller frame, and just a tiny bit of chub, just enough to not be bony. This is just a set up for the rest of the story, which starts here.

Chapter 1:

It was August, 2002. George was living with us at the time, and I was sitting in the basement with him. He had had a few drinks, and we were just talking and conversing about life and such. During which, I just kept thinking about how PERFECT he was for me in every way.

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   We both had a passion for music, thought the same about a million random things that we had never even discussed, and I just knew I loved him. That was the day I realized I loved him way more than in a family way. I loved him as a girl loves a boy. As a wife loves a husband.

It was October, 2003. I was visiting George in a nearby city.   I had thought about him sexually for a few years at this point, even though I was only 18 He was 24 at the time. That was a very good weekend for me. I had never done anything in any category, but I knew he’d let me. I asked him if I could drink and smoke weed with him for the first time, and he said yes. The first night I was there, I drank a pint of voldka in a one hour time frame, and smoked for the first time. George asked me, “Don’t you feel sick at all?” I replied “nope” but with a bit of a happy drunk/high tone of voice. I’ll always remember what he said next. “You’d make a great alcoholic.

” Gee, thanks George.

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Later that night, Georges friend Kurtis (George called him Kurtis Blow) called and asked if we wanted to come over. So we hopped in the car, somewhat sober, and rode down to his house.

-At Kurtis’s house after sitting down with some beers-

As we sat there on the couch, listening to Tool, Kurtis and I started talking. He said “how old are you?” I said back “fourteen. ” “Damn girl, you look way older then that!” (I am always told I look YEARS older than I am, more like I’m 20 something then in my early teens. ) I replied “I get that a lot. ” “You look so much more mature then a 14yr old should…” I blushed because of his implications and I had never really been flirted with heavily. I was still a virgin, hadn’t even kissed a guy yet. I didn’t look at George’s face, so I’m not sure if he was listening, but he didn’t say anything.

A while later, Kurtis announced he was going to try to score some green. Which left a buzzed George and I alone in his living room, still listening to Tool. I’ll never forget what happened next. As I was bobbing my head with the song Rosetta Stoned, George said something that completely took me off guard. “You should open your mouth when you do that. ” I looked at him, startled, then grinned, blushed, and asked an obvious “why?” George: “Because you look amazing doing that.


  ” I turned and just grinned to myself, not believing he was actually coming onto me. I asked “are you horny?” He just nodded with a look of lust in his eyes. He looked around, and asked when Kurtis had left, I replied I wasn’t sure. He then stood up. My heart stopped. He stood in front of me, his hard dick making a bulge in his jeans. First bulge I’d ever been close to. I thought I was going to die from horniness. He looked me in the eyes, I looked back up with the same amount of lust. He said “touch it. ” I wanted to, but I was torn. I knew he was drunk, and probably still stoned. I really did love him, even if not in the way a niece should love her uncle. So using more restraint than I thought possible, I replied “I can’t.
    ” He looked at me with a look of confusion.

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       He had to know I wanted him, considering I had been heavily flirting when we were alone for the past year or so. I answered his look “You’re drunk. I don’t want you to wake up in the morning and regret this, resent me, and so if you still want to tomorrow, I will. ” He said “please Cassie I won’t regret it. ” with this look of disappointment in his eyes. I wanted to so bad but I held my ground. He sat down, readjusted his dick, and then about five minutes later, Kurtis came back. Kurtis sat down, and we never said a word about it all. Even though I kept playing scenarios in my head and was wet as a waterfall. A little while later, around 5am, Kurtis said something about being tired, and we all agreed. He threw a pillow to me for the couch, and gave George a few blankets for the floor. When Kurtis left the room, George looked over at me in the dark and said “Are you sure you don’t want to?” I replied “Yes. If you want to in the morning, I will when we have a chance. ” With that, he rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning around 9:30am, I was the first to wake up.

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       I looked around, and remembered the night before. I grinned, got off the couch, and went down on the floor with George. I lay in front of him, being the little spoon. I moved around a bit so he’d wake up. He did. He grinned at me, and then put his arm over me, placing his hand on my stomach. I asked “do you remember what I said last night?” He replied “yes. ” I asked “Do you still want to?” He just kissed my neck, then whispered in my ear “yes, but not till tonight. I don’t want to get caught by Kurtis or anything. ” I agreed, and then said “for now, let’s just sleep. ” He agreed, and buried his face in the side of my neck. That was the best sleep I’ve ever gotten.

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