Bad dad


You see, girl, I'm not a good man, least of all a good father. You can't just run after me and say you want to stay with me, because I don't stay anywhere myself: I get around, comes with the job. Don't ask me what I do, okay, 'cause I don't want to lie to you. It's just that I can't stay in any place for more than a few days. I ususally can't even afford to visit the same town twice, in fact I'm only here because your mother, well, she's really special to me, see? Yeah, right, I should have guessed you'd noticed.

Yes, of course you're special to me, too, dear, I mean, you're my daughter, I suppose, even if I've just met you yesterday evening and all you know about me are stories your mother made up about me. That's right, none of all that stuff is true, because in fact that woman doesn't know shit about me, as well she should. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but that's just the way it is, and no, you won't get to know me any better. You can't.

No, I'm not trying to be mysterious. It's just that I really, really cannot talk about it, okay? So let it drop. And if you want a piece of good advice, go home right now. Go home to your mommy and her flowery fantasies about your gallant-but-haunted daddy. 'Cause that's not me, so if it's gallantry you want, go look somewhere else, huh? No bad feelings.

Well okay then, you can stay till I've finished my coffee, but not a second longer. And you listen to me, so you'll know I'm not the daddy you want to run off with, okay? In fact you should be yelling at me now for what I did to your mommy, instead of sitting here and smiling and saying you want to get to know me better.

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   You don't want to get to know me any better, believe me. You really don't want to know.

Alright, I'm sure you can figure out for yourself exactly how old your mother was when she got pregnant with you, right? That's right, sixteen. That's only two years older than you are now. Do you know how old I am? No? Well, fine, let's keep it that way. Anyway, I was nowhere near her age when I came here these fourteen years ago.

Your mom was quite the crazy teenager, and she was looking for trouble just like you. Only in her case she was in the company of two of her classmates, I forget their names, and you could see it in their eyes and their barely existent hotpants and in the way they wriggled their tits and asses when they moved that they were so looking to get laid. I don't know what it is about girls that age, but all they ever seem to think about is cock. Yeah, that's right, cock, blush if you will. Fat, hard, glistening cocks ramming it up their little pussies. You ever dream of cock? I bet you do. All the girls do, once puberty kicks in. They all want to get laid but most of them can't, because the boys their age just aren't up to it and for everybody else it's illegal. Am I right? Don't lie to your father.

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   Am I right?

Anyway, Laurie was desperate as hell, as were her two classmates, the redhead and the dark one, I forget their names. I met them at this club, the Finn's, right there behind this block, and they must have kind of smelled that I wanted the same thing they did, because they were all over me, all giggles and flirt, even before I'd bought them the first round. I also slipped them one of my rainbow pills each, you know, E, the stuff that makes you go all woozy and excited at the same time, to make them a little more, you know, suggestible.

Yes, drugs. Don't you look at me like that, I told you I'm a bad guy, didn't I? Believe me now? Alright, go home then. Besides, I stopped doing drugs a long time ago, just doesn't pay off on the long run.

And it was not the drugs that did them in, darling, it was their own sexual instincts. Seriously. They'd not even swallowed the pills when they started daring each other to, like, kiss me, rub up against me, their nipples already poking out through their flimsy shirts, all in plain view of everybody in the club, of course, and that giggly daring game just got cranked up a little when I took them over to the One Rose Hotel, over there, see the sign? Washed-out pink plastic, very appropriate. You pay by the hour, up front, and they don't ask questions.

Actually, you should really go see it some time, after all it's the place you come from, in a sense. Room two-twenty-one, in case you're interested. Lovely room, threadbare red curtains and a huge bed, and I mean huge. Hard mattress, too, you'll learn to appreciate that after your first fuck on a soft styrofoam mat, believe me.

So the moment we closed the door behind us there our little game really took off, and actually I don't really have to do anything except humor the girls.


   First thing they want to play spin-the-bottle: if it's one of them they can touch my dick through my pants and if it's me I can have my pick of them and touch their boobs or whatever I want. Next round we're on to stripping, and before you can say 'impropriety' I'm naked in the same room with three naked teenagers on E, giggling and horny as hell, you can actually smell it, that's right, I can smell it half a mile against the wind if a girl's horny. You're horny, for instance, don't deny it. Oh, I love that look. Of course you are, want me to check your undies for wet spots? Nah? Got you.

So I guess you can imagine how it went from there. No spin-the-bottle this time, I just decide I want to start with the redhead because she looks the cutest at first sight. Kind of underdeveloped, positively tiny tits, her bush nothing more than a little tuft of red above a nearly hairless pussy, her body so frail that I think I might snap her in two if I hug her a little too hard. Funny how I remember all these things but I forget her name, isn't it? Rebecca, that was it. So I start with Rebecca, imagine her lying down on that huge bed, I've gotta show you some time what it's like, and I'm eating her out until her juices start to flow, but then just as I'm about to really fuck her she chickens out. Says she just wanted some fun, not lose her virginity. The others just laugh at her, I mean, who's still a virgin at sixteen these days? I mean, are you? Seriously now, are you?

Oh, defiance. Your mother could do that look, too, and I loved it. Your face is all red, do you know that? Wonder what people must be thinking watching us, father and daughter over a cup of coffee, daughter all flushed and smelling of sex. .

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  . That's right, darling, you smell like a whole brothel full of desperate nymphets, I could make a fortune if I bottled that and sold it as perfume. Heh. Still sure you wanna stay with me? What? Alright, have it your way. We're not at the end yet. Now, where was I?

Right, Rebecca chickened out. Next up was the dark one, that one had hair to spare, but I didn't mind much especially since with her I didn't even have to eat her pussy before getting to the good stuff, because she was already wet as a waterfall just from the watching. She was feral, that one, not an ounce of self-control, she scratched my back so hard I felt it for two weeks after, in spite of all the lotion your mom rubbed on it later on. I think I must have fucked her pretty hard because I almost passed out when I came, which I don't normally do. She was kind of exhausted, too, and I think she must have been frightened by the intensity of her own orgasm, because as soon as I got off her she whimpered and fled, together with the redhead, Rebecca. They wanted to take your mom with them, too, I guess the drugs must have been wearing off and stuff, but she refused to come. She stayed with me. Cranked up the heating so we wouldn't get goosebumps and got on the bed, covered herself with a sheet and smiled at me.

Now I guess you know that we men usually need a little time to recover between fucks. But in fact that's one of the reasons I like things like that, when I'm still too weak to actually fuck a girl again, so I can take the time to really seduce her, to eat her out until she comes, then finger her until she comes again, then let her steam a little while I nibble on her tits, and by that time I can already feel my dick getting hard again, slowly, almost painfully, and then when she least expects it, when she's almost gone to sleep, I pull her knees apart and let it slide inside her, she's wet in that creamy kind of way and she starts moaning from the first stroke, keeping her eyes closed, giving herself completely to the feeling, swaying and rocking under me until all of a sudden her pussy contracts around my cock, again and again like it wants to swallow it, and her whole body trembles and she holds her breath till she can't hold it any longer and lets it go, a warm wind washing over my face as I spill my semen deep inside her, almost noiselessly, nothing like the animal grunting of my first fuck of that evening.

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So that's where you come from, girl, this is how you were made. I drugged and basically abducted your mother when she was just two years older than you are now, and then I fucked her without contraception in a cheap hotel room just over the street from here. Now think again, and I mean think really hard, if you still want to run away with me. Because I'm not the dashing adventurer dad you probably imagined in your preadolescent fantasies. I'm basically a rapist, an abusive sex maniac who had his way with your mommy just as he had his way with a thousand other underage girls all over the country. So are you gonna run home now or do I have to drag you?

You're not serious.

Girl, you should never say that. Really, at the risk of actually sounding like a concerned father, you should never, ever say such a thing. Because you don't mean it. Seriously, you don't. I know that you young people like to exaggerate everything for emphasis, but what if I go ahead and take your at your word?

Alright, then. So let's put it to the test. You say you would do anything to stay with me? So, would you get up right now and walk over to the hotel with me, now you know what me and your mom have been doing in there? Huh?

Okay, go ahead. You first. Let's see how long it takes before you chicken out.

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Like the look of the place? This is where you come from, darling. This is were you were made. Want a look at the room itself? I'm sure it's still there, they don't renovate here, ever. Go on, step inside.

Well, well, how long we gonna need, you reckon? Let's say two hours. Okay, so make it three. Back in my time two hours was the minimum, but man, I understand. Gotta look out for yourself. Two people, yeah, but you bet one of them is going to be out again in a few minutes. You ain't seen a thing, right? Good lad.

So come on, girl! Or d'you have enough already? No? Well, I have to say, I admire your guts. Walking into a transient alone with a grown man and confessed pervert, that's something. Turn right, here we are. Romantic, isn't it?

Well of course it's a little shabby. Told you they don't ever redecorate here, and what for, I ask you? After all, most people don't come in here all sober and in bright daylight like us two nutcases.

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   But the bed, gotta test the bed. It's still the same, I bet if you took the time you could still find the sperm stains in the mattress, sperm from the same load that made you. Or from one of the next batch, because you see, you still don't know the whole story.

Because unlike most of the other girls I've ever used this way, your mom was still there beside me in the morning; nor did she cringe and flee when I woke her by fondling and priming her warm body for another round. Instead she just moaned and played along and we did it again, and again, and I had to go down and pay for another two days because your mother was so addicted to my cock that she just couldn't bear the thought of spending more than an hour or two without getting banged in her fertile pussy.

I asked her if she was on the pill after something like the fifth or sixth go, and she said she didn't care if she got pregnant. Alright, I said, because I don't care as well. She must have known I didn't plan to hang around after our little week of orgies, so I really don't have a clue what possessed her to get herself deliberately knocked up by a total stranger. Crazy, completely off her head, that's what she was. Apparently that's hereditary, what with you following me around and never asking what I'm even gonna do with you.

I tell you what I'm gonna do. Or actually, you sit down here and listen while I tell you one more thing about your mommy. Because in those few moments when I didn't bang her, she would all kinds of kinky things, like suck on my limp dick till it got hard enough again so I could stick it in her, or she'd sit on the bed, right where you are sitting now, in fact, only with nothing on and with her legs drawn up like this, so I could see her pussy in all its wet pinkish glory, and she'd masturbate. That's right, she'd masturbate in front of me, which is not something lots of girls have ever done for me, and she seemed to get quite a kick out of me watching her doing it. And she was good at it, you bet she was.

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   In fact when I saw the kind of orgasms she gave to herself with those slim fingers of hers I couldn't help asking myself what she needed me for after all. I mean, I made her come alright, and more than once a go most of the time, but she could do that to herself at least as well.

Strange people, women.

So tell me: do you masturbate? I bet you do. From what I hear girls start at eleven or twelve at the latest these days, is that right? When did you start? Be honest.

What do you mean, personal? I'm your daddy, darling! If you want to live with me, I gotta get to know you, right? So you be frank with me or you go running back to mommy, it's your choice.

Alright, if you say so. But don't say I didn't warn you, kid; and no more holding back, okay? So go on, tell me all.

Wait, wait. You humped a what? A rubber dolphin? No, that doesn't count. I mean real masturbation, you know, the kind where you know what you're doing, rubbing your pussy with your hand or something, not that I'm-so-innocent crap. Come on, don't lie to me. I know you have.

What do you mean, just yesterday? You mean, like, yesterday evening? Like, while I was banging your mom, you were. .

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  . you were getting off on that? Hell, you are even more perverted than I thought. I mean, not that I can say I didn't get a little kick out of the fact that your mom's bed was so close to your bedroom wall that I was pretty sure you heard us, but that's. . . hell, if you weren't my daughter, I'd say that's damn gross.

But I like you already, girl, you know that? Just thinking that if I hadn't had enough after your mom, I could have just gone over to your room and. . . whoa. And did I tell you I just love your blush? You had the same thought, didn't you? Back then? Yeah, shrug if you like, we both know that's what was on your mind.

So, show me.

What you were doing, of course. I want to see you do it. I want to see you get off in front of me, right here, right now.

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   No secrets, remember? Whatever you do, you can do in front of me. 'Cause I'm your daddy, right? So be a good daughter and let me see you masturbate.

Oh yes you can. And you better get used to it, too, because from now on you're either with me or you're out of here, and I won't have no in-betweens. So go ahead, close your eyes if you must, and touch yourself where it feels best.

Not through your pants, you dummy. Come on, let me help you there. A bit tight for a girl your age, don't you think? But then, you were out to seduce, weren't you? Here, now, that's better. Yes, your panties too. Don't play shy now, let your old man take a look at your twat.

There's a good girl. Now open your legs a little so I can see. . . nice one! I like it when they're puffy like that, and at your age there's quite a chance it's not just still baby fat that's gonna go away.


   And a nice little bush you got there. I know lots of girls seem to think men like only clean-shaved pussies, but let me tell you, that's bullshit. I for one like my girls natural, like you.

Don't worry, I'm gonna take a closer look a little later anyway. But now I'd like you to. . . erm. . . could you take off the shirt and stuff, too? Honestly I've been wondering what these little tits of yours look like without a bra ever since I walked in your door yesterday afternoon. No, actually I like it that they're not that big yet, I kind of get disturbed by all those teens walking around with giant boobs bouncing in front of them. I like them, let me feel. . .

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   nice and firm. I love it how these little nipples pucker when you get excited.

What do you mean, cold? It's not cold in here, is it? Okay, okay, I'll turn the heating up a little. But you better start getting yourself hot, baby, I've only paid for two hours and I want to see something for my money, eh?

Well, use your fingers, or how else do you do it? Oh and by the way, don't you dare fake it. There is nothing I despise more than women who fake orgasms. I mean, how dishonest is that? That's right, stroke yourself a little, do whatever gets you in the mood.

Now don't get bitchy on me, huh? Of course you can, darling. You could do it yesterday evening, you can do it today. Just close your eyes and imagine you're back in your bed, you hear me sticking it up your mommy in the other room, the bed's creaking and your momma's moaning, maybe you can even hear the squish-squash of my penis pulling out of her and pushing right back in. . . I can take out my dick if that helps you. Huh? It's rock-hard already, seven rock-hard inches, you want?

Well, it's your call. Just. .

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  . no, girl, you're doing it wrong. You're doing it all wrong. Hell, I thought at your age you should be doing it like all day long, but you're fumbling around like it's your first time. . .

Come 'ere, don't cry. Don't cry, baby, it's okay. It's okay, really. Come on, no, keep your legs open, dear. Here, let me show you. Let your daddy show you how it's done.

Give me your hand, there. Now look, I mean, no, don't look, just feel. I'll have to pull apart your cunny lips there just a little bit, and now you put your finger.


  . . there, that's right. Now can you feel the little nubbin right there? It's kind of still hidden beneath these folds, so you can't really rub it just now, but you just press it a little, softly, nothing violent there, ever, okay? Just press and release, press and release, yeah, like that. Maybe you want to move your finger a little to one side and then to the other, yeah, that's right, circle it, but don't push too hard. Can you feel it?

That's a good girl. Hey, look at your nipples, rock hard, eh? Go on, lean back a little, make yourself comfortable and just follow the flow. . . it should be getting bigger now, just a little but can you feel it? Right. . . so how does it feel?

Yeah, that's alright, darling, no sweat. Nobody expects you to come right on first try, okay? We got as much time as it takes. Come 'ere, let's get this blanket over us, all nice and cozy.

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   I'll take care of your little nipples while you go at it, okay? I like your little nipples. Mmmh. . . yummy. You like that?

Let me see, are you all wet yet? No, don't stop, just let me put my finger. . . there. No, it's alright, dear, really, no pressure! Mind if I help you there a little? Just. . . like this, right. No, keep your legs open, let me. .

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  . that's good, lean back and enjoy, 'cause Daddy's gonna eat your pussy now.

No, it's not gross. Mmm. . . quite on the contrary, I think there's nothing more delicious than a young girl's sexual juices. Let me. . . shh, it's alright, I'm just gonna stick a finger in a little way to help. . . like that. You feel it?

You feel good inside, my little girl.

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   And you taste. . . even better!

Liked that, did you? Huh?

Do what?

What do you want your Daddy to do? Say it out loud, dear, come on.

You want me to fuck you? Yeah? Fuck you real hard? Come on, say it.

Okay, then. . . but you better hold on to something now, 'cause I'm not holding back no more, you hear?

No, I don't need no rubber thingie. We'll go get a Plan B for you in the morning, okay, 'cause if I'm gonna fuck my daughter I want to feel her all around me, right? For real.

You ready?

You bet I am, cheeky. My God, you're wet. Been waiting for this a long time, have you?

Tell me, if I'd come over to your room last night, would you have let me in? I mean, would you have let me in like this? Would you have let your daddy fuck you? With your mommy watching? Huh? Come on. Come on. Come on!

I love you too, girl.

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   God, I love fucking you.

You belong to me now, you know that? For ever and ever. And tell you what, I'll just go down and pay for the rest of the night, and tomorrow we will hit the road together, just daddy and daughter, okay?

That is, if we can still walk by then.



(If you guys like it I might put up a sequel of sorts, from a different perspective. )