Alice 3


Alice and i just stared at each other. We had just been asked by Alice's little sister what we had been doing in the bathroom. Surely we couldn't just come right out and say we were having wild, passionate sex? Could we?
"What do you mean, Jenny?" i asked her
"Well, i could weird noises coming fromthe bathroom, so i cam to the door to find out what was going on. When i listened at the door, all i could hear was Alice whispering 'yes' and you saying 'uhh' or sumthing"
"Oh, erm, i was. . . . . . . well. . . . . .

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  . . ermm, how about i show you what we were doing?"
"Yeah, okay. What do i do first?"
"First you have to come to the bathroom with me, since having our parents find us what we will be doing would be very bad"
(God i hate that question) "Because they think you're too young to do this and they willl get mad for me spoinling the surprise"
"Oh okay, shall we go in the bathroom, then?"
Jenny and i made our way across the hall to the bathroom, and i locked the door behind us. I then turned to Jenny, knelt down, and put my hands on the front of her jeans. I began undoing the top button with one hand, whilst with the other i pulled down the zipper.
"Why are you doing that, James?" Jenny asked me
"I have to do this to get you ready for the thing me and Alice were doing. Now, please keep your questions until after i've finished, 'kay?"
Jenny clammed up and i continued undressing her. After her jeans reached her ankles, i got her to step out of them and take her t-shirt off. Now, since she had just started puberty, she wasn't wearing a bra, so now she was stood in just her panties, which i promptly slid down her shapely legs to the floor.
"Now Jenny, i want you to undress me, starting with my jeans. "
"Okay" she replied
She knelt down in front of me, and began udoing the fastenings of my jeans. As she did this i pulled my t-shirt off over my head whilst my dick grew to full erection. Jenny slid my jeans down my legs, to the floor, and i stepped out of them. She then grabbed the sides of my boxer shorts and pulled them down my legs.

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   As soon as they went far enough down, my dick sprang forth and swayed gently mere centimetres from her face. She was intent on my boxers, however, and didn't see what bounced against her lips. As soon as i had stepped out of my boxers, i picked Jenny up and sat her on the toilet, spreading her legs and kneeling between them.
"Jenny, what me and Alice were doing is called 'fucking', and to do this i will need to help your 'pussy' get wet. Now, this will feel real good, and at some point you'll feel like you wanna pee; when that happens, dont hold back, just let it go. It will feel amazing!"
"Okay James, as long as it dont hurt"
"Well, actually, since this is your first time, there will be a bit that'll hurt, but it only hurts the first time. Every time after that, it'll be all pleasure. But, you have to have that bit of pain at the start to get the pleasure, okay?"
"Oh alright, James. Go for it"
I slipped a finger up inside Jenny's pussy, and began to twiddle it about, immediately getting a response from Jenny. Her eyes closed and her body trembled, whilst small moans escaped her lips.
"You gotta be quiet, Jenny. Remember, your parents dont want you to do this, and they'll get mad at both me and you if they find out what we're doing"
"Uh huh" she moaned as i now probed her pussy with two fingers. I continued finger-fucking Jenny until i could slip my index, middle and ring fingers in, during which time she had her first orgasm, and i had to clamp my hand over her mouth to stop her scream of ecstasy from being overheard.
When finally i got three fingers in, i decided she was ready for the main attraction. I withdrew my fingers, and got up to stand between her spread legs.

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   I picked up Jenny's pleasure-induced limp body and switched places with her. Now i sat on the toilet, and i held Jenny above me. I used my knees to spread her legs, and slowly let her down onto my dick.
As her pussy got close to my dick, Jenyn regained conciousness, and she stood herself up, allowing me both hands to guide my bulging dickhead towards her virgin pussy. I held it against the slit, and gently pushed at the opening. She was so tight, having never had anything in her pussy, except my finger a little while ago, that i thought i was going to cum right there and then. But, i held it in, and slowly pushed my 8" dick up into my younger cousin's preteen pussy.
Eventually, after much groaning and moaning on both our parts, I got my dick in as far as it would go - the head resting up against Jenny's hymen.
"Jenny. . . . . . .

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  this is. . . . . . the part. . . . . . where it's gonna hurt. . .

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  . . 'kay?"
Jenny was lost in the moment, but i definitely saw her nod her head a little bit. So i withdrew a little ways, then thrust forward hard, breaking the hymen, and my dick slid all the way in to the hilt. Jenny and i were now hip to hip, my dick firmly buried in her pussy, and a look of utter pleasure was painted across Jenny's face - the pain of breaking the hymen seemed to have had no effect on her at all. I then began lifting her up by her hips, then pull her back down to my hips, making my dick slide in and out of her pussy. I slowly increased my rhythm, until Jenny was bouncing up and down on my dick.
As she bounced she moaned louder and louder, until i had to put my hand over her mouth to kepp her from alerting her parents. Mid-stroke, i switched places with her, Jenny now laid out across the lidded toilet seat, my dick pounding her sweet preteen pussy for all it's worth. I felt my dick suddenly get swamped in a warm liquid, and since i knew i wasn't ready to cum yet, i realised that Jenny had just cum - again - and i saw her eyes roll up into her head as the sheer volume of pleasire coursing through her small body got the better of her, and she fainted.
While she was out of it, i continued my thrusting until i, too, orgasmed, spewing forth gob after gob of cum up into Jenny's body.
It took us maybe 18 minutes to come down from our mutual high, and i got nothing but expressions of happiness and words of thanks from Jenny.
"That was the best thing i've ever felt, James!" Please do it to me again sometime?!"
"Alright, Jenny. But say nothing of this to anyone, except Alice, unless you wanna get really badly told off, and get grounded for at least a year, maybe two?"
"Oh my god! No, i wont tell anyone except Alice. "
"There's a good girl.

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   Now, lets get dressed and we'll go play with Alice for a bit, then we can go back downstairs and have supper"
End of Part 3
Part 4 will follow at a later date, featuring a 3-some between James, Alice and Jenny. If you want their mom to get involved, put 'mom' at the end of your review. If you want my auntie to get involved, put 'aunt' after your review. (or you can put both, i dont mind!) Thanks!



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