A experience with my sister


So this story is about my sister and I. But before I went into it I just thought I would give out a little background information on us. We have always been close. There have been times when we have gotten rather sexual but never to this extent. Most of our past situations were simply talking dirty in a joking mannor or accidental things like hitting her breast, or brush my crotch. One day she brought home a friend, and after meeting and hanging around this other girl for a while I got kinda close. To make a long story short she broke my heart. My sister was the one who comforted me, and since then we have been even closer.
This story takes place in california in my sister Erins apartment. I had finally bought a plane ticket I had been saving up for for about a month or two. I had other bills, so it didn't come easy. But I had managed and I was really looking forward to being able to chill with her and get some R&R away from the drama at home. The first couple of nights we visited some clubs, beach, and simply sat around drinking. We are irish, so it gets kinda crazy sometimes. One night my sister and I were sitting on her couch talking and mildy watching t. v.

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"I don't know Erin. I really am considering going into the military. It just seems like a good idea and a way to spice up my life. "
"Well i'm not saying don't. I'm just saying think it through before you do. Something like this is not a simple choice to make. It's alot of work. "
"I know, and I actually kinda look forward to it. Besides, I was hoping to improve my awesome rock hard body some more. "
We both laughed as she eyed me up and down while I mockingly struted my muscles. I didn't have the worlds best body, but I was still pretty jacked. I am only 5'8" with pecks, abes, and the whole ten yards. My sister was shorter, but fairly well built too. I don't know much about bra sizes, but I can tell you this. My sister always had big breasts, and other guys and girls openly said it.

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Erin reached out and stroked my chest while speaking.
"Wow, you really do have a rock hard body. You still working out quite a bit as I can tell. "
"Yep, but not as much as I did before Jess dumped me. "
My sister leaned over and hugged me as she continued.
"I don't understand how you have such bad luck with women. "
"Niether do I. They always tell me I say the right things at the right times. I do the right things. I make them happy, and they want to be with me. Then for soem reason they always leave me. "
"Well I know it's not that you're bad in bed. Jess wouldn't stop telling everyone about you. I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back. "
"Yeah, well I don't want to be with someone just for the sex.

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   But it was fun. I never really thought I was that great at it though. "
I stoped talking as I realised what my sister was doing. She was rubbing my chest and abes while biting her bottom lip. After a minute of silence she realised what she was doing. She quickly pulled back and just stared at me wide eyed and afraid. After another minute of awkward silence I did something I didn't expect. I leaned in and hugged her, started rubbing her back and kissing her neck. At first she didn't move, but after a minute she started doing the same back while little moans escaped her.
She started leaning back and I followed her until she was laying on the couch with me over her. My hand came to rest on her stomach as the other held me up over her. Her hands were around my middle, and our eyes locked. Slowly I lowered and our eyes closed as our lips met. her hands slid to my head as she cupped my cheeks as we kissed deep and passionitly. After a few minutes I found myself between her legs with her and my shirt off.


   Her black lace bra hardly covered her almost naked breasts. I kissed down her neck passionitly as I slowly pushed her bra down and began kissing her breasts. Her hands brushed through my hair as I focused on her nipples, listening to the moans escape her mouth. I licked around them, and sucked on them lightly. As I began back up to kiss her I slid my hand down and began undoing her pants. As my tongue brushed hers, I felt her hands on my belt. We continued kissing and after several seconds we had undone each others pants. We seperated for a minute to remove our lower clothes before resuming our love. She had only her bra on now. I pulled it off with one hand as my other slid between her legs. I don't like going straight for penetration. I have gotten girls off before without even penetrating, so I began rubbing around the wetness at first to make her more wet and turned on. Her hands on my cock caused it to stiffen even more to it's full length of 7 1/2 inches. Now i'm not sure if that's a great size to anyone reading this, but a few girls said it's a fair size and even bigger then average. Fianlly, I slid my fingers towards her warmth, but continued to rub on it for a few seconds before pushing in a single finger.

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   Hooking it I began to rub her inside. Her hand on my cock quickend with each breath, sometimes squeezing painfully unaware as she was locked in her own pleasure. She stopped sometimes when I made her reach a peak, but I would slow down or stop, not allowing it to go yet. I only put up to two fingers in her at a time, but I used them perfectly, causing her to arch her back and moan out quite often. Finally I let her orgasm reach it's peak as she began spewing out dirty stuff and let go of my cock.
"Oh my fucking god. Oh my god. Gordan. Gordan. Oh my god. I need you. I need you. "
She leaned up and kissed me while her hand found what she wanted. She broke the kiss and spoke as she pulled me towards her, guiding my manhood to her warmth.
"Fuck me.

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   Oh god just fuck me please. "
"Are you on the pill?"
Was all she said as she pulled it in, and I pushed feeling myself go in fully to my balls. Her eyes opened wide as she let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure of the length inside her. I began kissing her neck as I began to pump in and out of her slowly at first. I stuck to a slow motion for a bit, waiting for the signs of her to reach a point again. I've always focused more on the woman instead of myself. That may be why i've done so well, and last as long as I do. As her breaths started getting faster again and deeper, I started speeding up, making sure each pump reached full length. The sound of my balls pounding off her mixed with her moans and breathy words begging me to fuck her. I felt her nails dig into my back as her head arched back into the couchs pillows and her girl like squeals pierced the night.
"Oh my god, oh my god. "
"Ha, only god would have mercy. "
She giggled and pulled me in to her and started kissing my neck while I slowed my pumping again. I spoke in her ear as I came to a halt.
"Want to be on top for a few minutes?"

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I got off her and sat down on the couch normaly while she got up. Seeing that I wasn't going to lay down she spoke with a smile.
"Oh, we are going to do it like this?"
Sitting on the couch as you normaly would, she lowered herself down onto me with her legs off to both sides and her arms gripped the back of the couch to hold and aid her on riding my cock. For several minutes I let her take it at her own pace while I caught my breath. Then I decided to take it into the bedroom and finish it. I picked her up as I stood without my dick ever leaving her which caught her off gaurd. I walked her to the bedroom, where I lay her down on the edge and let her scoot into a comfortable position. Then I held her legs apart and down on each side of her as I leaned in standing at the end of the bed, and re-inserted. Her eyes opened and she let out a moan as I spoke.
"Like this position do you?"
"Yeah, it feels really good. Deep. "
I began pumping in and out of her at a quick pace, never slowing. Once again she went into another orgasm. Rather then slow I kept going as she spoke.
"Oh my god.

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   You're amazing. You've got alot of stamina don't you?"
"Push up a bit, I want to get me knees into the push. "
With that I decided to let it come ot an end. She slid up and I got on the bed on my knees in the same position as I continued on for another 4-5 minutes. Then I felt myself going into my orgasm, my balls tightend as I gripped her hips and pulled her into me one final time leaving myself as deep in her as I could while I let out moan after moan with the word shit and emptied myself in her. After I was sure I was done I pumped a couple times, and took the exit slowly since it's always the most sensitive. I began kissing her for a few minutes before we got under the covers and fell asleep.
We wolk in the morning, and I began kissing her. After several minutes of this we ended up with her on top of me slowly riding me under the sheets and covers in nice slow passionite sex before I emtpied myself in her a second time. But there's not much to that part of the story.
Well, that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it.