The Lake - Part 5 (Conclusion)


  Chapter 18 (conclusion)
As they all watched Allie and Andy fuck each other to crashing orgasms, Kim’s gaze moved alternately from Pam and Jack to the other side of the fire where Allie and Andy were just now finishing up. She licked her lips, trying to decide what to do next. Of the five of them, she was the only one who still hadn’t cum, and that was something she intended to remedy.
Allie and Andy lay in one another’s arms for a few moments, then Allie stood and came over to where Pam was sitting next to Kim. Her eyes met Pam’s, as if asking if she was ok with what she and Andy had just done. Pam smiled and took her hand, kissing it softly.
Kim watched this and stood up, motioning for Allie to take her place next to Pam. As Allie knelt and hugged Pam, Kim glanced over at Jack, then shifted her gaze to where Andy lay watching from the other side of the fire. She went over to the wood pile and tossed a few more sticks onto the fire, then stood back as the flames caught and grew, lighting her naked body and throwing more light on the others.
Andy had been watching Pam and Allie but his gaze had now shifted to Kim, his eyes moving up and down her trim figure. When he moved his eyes from her firm breasts up to her face, their eyes met and she smiled very seductively. Her hand moved to her breast, her finger and thumb pinching and twisting her hard nipple. She began to walk toward him, their eyes maintaining their lock.
Andy reclined on the blanket and watched her approach, her sexy curves causing his limp cock to twitch slightly. She stopped next to him, her eyes moving down his chest to his flaccid organ, and she looked back into his eyes, her pink tongue moving across her lips.
“You know,” she said in a low purr as she knelt beside him, “everyone here got off tonight except poor little ole me!” She put on a pouty expression, which made her look even more sexy.

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   He felt his cock move again and it appeared she noticed it too. She glanced down at it lying against his thigh and smiled, nibbling seductively on her lower lip. “I just bet I can make him hard again,” she continued, her green eyes sparkling. She reached out and began to caress her hand along his cock, watching his expression.
Andy held her eyes, feeling himself begin to respond almost instantly to her light touch. She leaned in and kissed him, her free hand moving to the back of his neck. His hand instinctively went to her breasts, his fingers kneading the supple flesh and lightly rubbing her erect nipples. Kim sighed in pleasure and pulled back, a mischievous glint in her emerald eyes. Without saying a word, she kissed down his chest, across the firm muscles of his abdomen and without missing a beat, licked along his semi hard cock. He gasped and watched as she adjusted her position and took his entire cock into her warm, wet mouth, her tongue and lips rapidly coaxing him back to full hardness.
As Kim worked on reviving him, Andy’s eyes went over to where Pam was lying in Allie’s arms. They were kissing and caressing one another lovingly, apparently paying no mind to them at all. Jack divided his attention between them and watching Kim going down on him.
He moaned contentedly as Kim’s soft tongue rolled across his sensitive glans before she pushed him deeper into her mouth, sucking furiously. She was an expert cock-sucker and before long he felt the familiar feeling growing and reluctantly urged her gently from his throbbing meat.

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   She gave him a pouty look.
“I wasn’t done!” she exclaimed, playfully licking the tip.
He grinned and lifted her head in his hands. “You almost were,” he told her before pulling her face to his and kissing her hungrily. She returned his kiss, then pulled back, her flashing eyes wild.
“I need you to fuck me, Andy,” she told him in a tone that meant he had absolutely no say in the matter. “I want that big, delicious cock buried in my cunt right fucking now!”
She crawled onto him and straddled him, pushing him down until he lay flat on his back, then raised herself up until his long, thick cock was poised at her dripping pussy. She grinned and began to lower herself, her eyes closing and her expression changing to one of long awaited gratification. He watched as she slowly impaled herself on his stiff rod, the warmth and tightness of her pussy sending shivers of pleasure through his cock and into his body. When he was fully inside her, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, a very satisfied look on her pretty face. “Oh, fuck that feels so good!” she exclaimed in a coarse whisper.
Andy could only nod in agreement. He watched as she rose up, then pushed back down again, her body trembling as a shudder of pleasure passed through her. She began to move steadily, her long hair falling over her face and her heavy breasts quivering with each thrust. Andy moved with her, but she was doing most of the work.

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   He found this was often the best way because of his size, letting the woman set a pace she was comfortable with. He and Kim had fucked many times and she knew just how much she could handle so he knew she would soon be slamming his entire length into her.
They kept building up until they were soon doing just that. Kim was sitting up straight, her back arching, moaning and releasing the occasional little yelp, with her eyes closed and her fingers kneading her breasts as she bounced up and down on him. He watched her moving, the way she rocked back and forth every third or fourth stroke, her lips parting in a long sigh. Her face and chest were becoming deeply flushed and her body language told him she was nearing release. The thought of her erotically stimulating orgasms alone was almost enough to send him over the edge and he forced the image from his mind, concentrating on staying in control. She began to buck furiously and he could feel her vaginal muscles tightening on him. Her movements became jerky, no longer keeping up a steady rhythm, and a long, low groan escaped her pretty lips. She leaned her head back and let out a cry of triumph as her pussy clamped down hard on him and she ceased all movement for several long moments. Her face twisted into an almost pain-like grimace and she shook all over.
After what seemed an eternity, she let out a long gasp, then leaned forward, raising herself slightly then plunging all the way down again. She moaned again as another wave coursed through her body, then again, and again, cumming almost non-stop several times.
Andy watched her familiar but still extremely stimulating climax, forcing himself not to blow his load into that hot, tight pussy. He knew she demanded more, her sexual appetite almost too much for one man alone, and he needed to pace himself.

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   Eventually, her orgasms eased and she opened her eyes, leaning down to kiss him, her damp skin pressing against his.
“Oh my god!” she gasped, “I love that big cock of yours, honey!”
He held her, loving the feel of her warm, soft body and the way her pussy still gripped his hardness in its velvet embrace. He caressed her hair and kissed her neck, his hands moving along her back to the firm skin of her buttocks, squeezing them.
“Mind if I join in?”
They both turned to see Jack standing next to them, stroking his hard cock and grinning. Kim sat up and pulled him closer, looking up into his face as she replaced his hand on his cock with her own. “Mmm, that would be wonderful, baby!” Her wild eyes held his, then she moved in and began to lick and suck on his cock, taking it deep into her mouth. She began to move on Andy’s cock again as she did, slowly at first, then faster as she increased the speed of her fellatio.
After a few moments of this, she popped Jack’s cock from her lips and looked up at him. “I want you to fuck me too,” she said in husky voice, “at the same time. ”
Jacks’s eyes lit up and a smile began to form on his lips. He shot her a questioning look and she grinned and nodded. Jack looked down at Andy, who merely smiled and nodded. Who was he to deny a lady her pleasure?
Kim leaned down until her face was next to Andy’s, pushing her ass high in the air. Jack positioned himself behind her, his legs straddling her hips and Andy, and began to rub her puckered back door with his finger. Kim sighed and tried to push her ass higher, her back arching and her tits crushed against Andy’s chest.

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“Mmm . . . yes, oh fuck, yes!” she murmured as Jack’s finger probed and finally slipped into her tight ass. She let out a small gasp, then sighed happily as he began to pump his finger in and out of her back door. After a moment, he put two fingers in her ass, then three. Each time, she stiffened a little, then moaned encouraging words to him. All the while, she moved slowly up and down on Andy’s cock, alternating with Jack’s finger thrusts.
After several minutes of this, she turned her head around and met Jack’s eyes. “Fuck me,” she gasped, “fuck my ass!”
Without hesitation, Jack withdrew his fingers and placed the tip of his cock against her now distended asshole. She turned back around and lowered her face to Andy’s neck as he began to push into her. She was tight, very tight, and he found himself struggling to maintain control almost from the start. Her ass was well lubricated from the copious amounts of her juices he had spread while finger-fucking her ass and she was moaning loudly. She had lifted herself up on Andy’s cock, leaving only the tip inside her pussy while Jack fed his into her ass.
When he was just over half way in, she motioned for him to stop and pull back.


   As he did, she lowered herself onto Andy again. They’d done this a few times before and Jack knew what she wanted. When she withdrew from Andy, he pushed back into her ass, going a little deeper than before, then pulled out. As expected, she once again settled down on Andy. They soon worked into a steady rhythm, with one of them going in as the other pulled out. Before long, they were each driving their entire length into her in hard, forceful thrusts. Kim’s body rocked and twitched, her mind cloudy and her body buzzing as she was pounded constantly in two holes. Her mouth was open and small mewling sounds were the only sounds she made aside from the occasional grunt.
She’d began to cum almost as soon as Jack’s cock pushed into her ass and she’d been cumming almost non-stop ever since. Caught up in a whirlwind of orgasmic bliss, she felt as if she were floating somewhere between consciousness and darkness, her mind barely able to absorb the unbelievable pleasure the two big cocks were giving her. Somewhere in the distance, she heard Andy moan louder and felt his cock swell inside her. A second later, her pussy was flooded in the warmth of his seed as he expelled his hot cum into her. Jack continued to hammer away at her ass for a few more thrusts, then he suddenly withdrew and she felt his hot cum splattering her back and ass, running down between her cheeks and dripping into her widely distended and burning ass.
She collapsed onto Andy, his cock still buried in her pussy. She could feel the dampness of their mingled sweat and the warm wetness as his cum seeped from her aching pussy.

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   They were all breathing hard and she could feel Andy’s chest rising and falling in time with her own labored breathing. A hand she assumed must be Jack’s caressed her back and moved down over her ass, lightly squeezing each cheek. Then she felt him move away, only to lie on his side next to them, his hand stroking her hair and moving it from her face.
“Are you ok, baby?” he asked her softly, still caressing her hair.
She nodded her head without lifting it from Andy’s neck. “Y . . . yeah, I’m . . . fine,” she gasped. She lay there unmoving for a another minute, then slowly lifted her head, looking first at Andy, then turning to Jack. A dreamy smile came to her face. “Holy fuck!” she panted as she slowly lifted her pussy from Andy’s now nearly flaccid cock, “you guys are amazing! I was cumming the whole time!” She pushed herself up, feeling more of her and Andy’s fluids seep from her tortured pussy as he slipped out of her.

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   Her breasts were thrust forward, the nipples hard and pointing upward as she leaned back and brushed her long red hair from her face.
“No, baby, you’re the amazing one,” Jack said, watching her as she rolled off of Andy and lay between them on the blanket. Andy nodded in agreement, watching her breasts rise and fall as she still struggled to breath normally.
“He’s right, Kim. Not every girl can do that. ” He picked up her hand and kissed it. She smiled at him and let out a long breath.
“I feel like I could sleep for a week,” she exclaimed, her hands caressing each of their thighs. Then she remembered Allie and Pam. In the midst of her intense orgasm she had completely forgotten about them. She lifted her head and looked across the fire. They were sitting together, arm in arm, and watching them, whispering to one another excitedly.
“Hey,” Kim called out, waving her hand, “come on over. It’s ok. ”
Allie and Pam exchanged a look, then slowly got to their feet and made their way over to them.

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   Neither said anything, their eyes not making contact with hers or either of the guys. Kim sat up, a smile on her face.
“I hope that didn’t freak you out too much,” she said, trying to break the tension. Pam and Allie still wouldn’t meet her gaze. She looked at Andy, who also sat up, watching Pam.
“Pam?” he reached out for her hand, which she let him take. “Pam, are you all right with this?”
It took her a few seconds, but she raised her eyes to meet his and he could see that she was uncertain . . . but not mad. More like confused, unsure of what had just happened. He looked over at Allie, who was still looking at her hands, then back to Pam. It was Allie who spoke first, however.
“Didn’t that . .

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   . hurt?” She was addressing Kim, her expression curious.
Kim smiled and took her hand, shaking her head slowly. “No, not at all. Just the opposite, in fact. ” Allie seemed skeptical, but she couldn’t deny what she had just seen with her own eyes. “Actually, I started cumming almost as soon as Jack . . . started, and I didn’t stop until they did. ” She grinned widely. “You have got to try it!”
Pam’s eyes widened in shock, but Allie’s expression remained the same. She looked at Jack and Andy, then to Pam, and finally back to Kim. ‘I . .


   . I don’t know,” she said.
Kim smiled. “No one’s going to force you, sweetie. But I’m telling you, once you try anal sex, you’ll be glad you did!” She got to her feet, staggering a little on shaky legs. “Whoa,” she exclaimed, resting a hand on Andy’s shoulder to steady herself, “you two wore me out!” She began to walk over to where her discarded clothes lay, a very noticeable limp in her step. Pam watched her for a few seconds, then looked back to Andy. He smiled at her and she returned it, although he could sense some doubt in her expression.
Jack rose to his feet and went over with Kim, helping her collect and sort out the various articles of clothing. Andy’s eyes moved to Allie, then back to Pam. “Are we . . . ok?” he asked, concern in his tone. Pam didn’t meet his eyes for a moment, then looked up at him.

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“I hope so,” she whispered, her blue eyes holding his. She felt Allie’s hand touch hers, then take it and hold it. She glanced over at her best friend and new lover, then back to Andy. “Are you ok with . . . me and Allie?”
Andy smiled, relief flooding his mind. He knew he could accept multiple partners. It was her he’d been concerned about. “I’m fine with that,” he replied, his warm eyes moving from hers to Allie’s. “Maybe we can all get together and make love sometimes. ”
Pam smiled and nodded. Make love. She liked the sound of that. She felt Allie’s hand squeeze hers and knew she liked the idea too.

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   “That would be nice,” she said quietly, giving each of their hands a gentle squeeze.
“But,” Andy said, inhaling a deep breath, “tonight, I think I’m done. Why don’t we sleep on it and maybe tomorrow . . . ?” He gave them a wink and a grin and Pam found herself almost giggling. She looked over at Allie and their eyes met, her friend smiling back at her with her eyes.
“Why don’t we do that,” Allie said, standing up. They both stood as well and still holding hands, made their way over to Andy’s tent. They said goodnight to Kim and Jack, not bothering to stop for their clothes. They crawled into the tent still naked and fell asleep in each other’s arms, thoughts of their new lives together filling their minds as they drifted off to sleep.
The end.



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