Rub a Dub Dub, Thanks For the Tub


After a long week at work, I knew my wife was ready for a relaxing evening. I had made plans for her to meet me for a couple of drinks and then go for a surprise. She met me at one of the nicer restaurants in town and we sat down for a couple cocktails. Since we do not drink often anymore after a few drinks I was feeling a slight buzz. My wife had matched me drink for drink, so I knew she was a bit tipsy.
Since I was the sober one of the group I decided to drive to the surprise. I pulled up to the hot tub salon and we got out. Both of us walked in and up to the counter. The place did not accept reservations so it was on a first come first serve basis. We got to the counter to take advantage of getting the last room available. As we were waiting to pay, my wife realized that I had packed a bag and that this was her surprise. "Did you pack my a swimsuit," she asked? " Guess you will have to wait and see I responded," .  
 I had not paid much attention to the people in line because I was too distracted by the beautiful blond that was taking my money. She had on a tight white t-shirt with "Tan This" written across her large chest. She had a hot pink lipstick on that was just inviting me in. Her light blue eyes completed the perfect package, this girl had everything needed to be a cover girl for any magazine, preferably Playboy.

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   After flirting with our cashier, and my wife I began to hear the couple behind us. They were upset that there were no more tubs left as the had plans for a show that began in just over an hour. As we had moved to the side I heard them ask if any other tubs were available and the lovely blond behind the counter informed them not for another 45 minutes.   As the gentlemen apologized to his date and asked if there was somewhere else they could go, something just came over me and I blurted out "would you like to join us in our room? It is plenty big enough. " My wife looked at me with a blank face. The couple discussed it amongst themselves and agreed if it was really okay with both of us. I asked my wife and she agreed that it would be fine.  
We walked into the room with us leading the other couple. They introduced themselves as Mike and Dina. Mike handed me $30 and said her is our half. Glancing through the room I notice the 4 person hot tub, a flat screen tv, stereo system a couple of chairs, a shower and a bathroom. I handed my girlfriend her two pieced swimsuit and grabbed my trunks. Mike said that they did not bring swim suits and asked if we would be offended if the got in in their underwear. My wife quickly answered that that would be okay. Then to my surprise she told them we would just get into our underwear as well and join them.

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   She asked if they would like the shower first, and they accepted.  
As Mike and Dina walked over to the shower area the began to undress. Mike removed his t-shirt, slipped off his shoes and socks, and then lowered his jeans. He was wearing white bikini briefs which I was for sure my wife would make a sarcastic comment on since she hated bikini briefs.   He had a light tan, muscular build and was very well groomed. This was nice as he was not a hairy beast. Dina removed her blouse, removed her shoes and slid off her skirt. She was wearing a white see thru g-string and a white lace bra. Her skin was an amazing bronze color, she had a four tone hair style with light brown fading down to a blond. Her breast were small probably a 34 a, but she had an amazing round , not fat , but round ass. As she began to let the water run her panties became more see thru and I could tell she was completely shaved. I just waited for my wife to become uncomfortable, but I think the alcohol was kicking in.
 Mike and Dina walked over to the hot tub and lowered them selves in. They did not sit close to each other but were playfully flirting in the tub. My wife and I moved over to the shower and she began to strip down.

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   She removed her blouse and tank top, slid off her shoes and then removed her skirt. She had on a black cotton g-string and a matching black bra. Beings she was usually very modest about her body I was amazed she would strip down to just a g-string when I had her swimsuit with me. She has a nice bubble but, just a little chunky but amazing to stare at. Her breast are 34b but amazingly perky, as if augmented to stay up, but never been touched by a knife. I removed my shirt, took off my shoes and socks, and removed my jeans leaving me in just a pair of boxer brief trunks. I was glad I had trimmed recently and was not overwhelmingly hairy. My underwear fit nicely and showed a decent bulge. As we got into the shower my wife playfully began to rub my crotch, bringing me to attention. She slid her hand in and grabbed my balls, then stroked my cock a couple of times, then walked off and got in the tub. This was way out of character for her as Mike and Dina could easily see all the action from there seats.
Since Mike and Dina had not sat next to each other my wife ended up sitting closer to Mike than Dina. I wound up sitting right by Dina. We all began to chat and learned that Dina was a house wife and that Mike was a bank v. p.

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  . This instantly keyed my wife's interest as she is an investment guru and sets people up with portfolio's. It turns out Mike had a couple mutual clients and that struck them into conversation. Since Dina and I are both the house makers she asked me if I liked to cook. With my passion for food I shared the things I enjoyed making. we shared a couple recipes and traded some cooking secrets. While I was engaged in conversation I noticed my wife had turned all her attention toward Mike. He hoped up and sat down on the edge of the tub with his legs still in the water. His underwear had become completely see thru.   He obviously was aroused as well and had a rather colossal package. I noticed my wife staring as Dina commented" Hunny your showing". " We are all adults here" he responded. "Am I offending anyone? " he asked. My wife quickly blurted out "no". " Well in that case I was wanting to get all the way in the water, would you mind if I took off my bra?" Dina asked.

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   "No, I was thinking the same thing. " My wife responded. They both removed their bra's. My wife surprised me as she was usually the square one of the group. I guess  the alcohol was loosening up her attitude. My wife stayed above the water for a minute and showed off her perky 34b's with large areola's. Dina dipped under the water but not before showing off her small 34a breast, with large puffy nipples. She had a six pack ab stomach you would die for. All this and her beautifully tanned body, i could see why Mike was lured to her.
I think Mike read into my wife's lightened attitude and began to become more flirtatious with her and Dina. Then he suggested we play a childish game. Dina and my wife were quick to agree. "What game shall we play?" My wife asked. Dina pipped in with " How about spin the bottle?" . "How do you play again?" Mike asked.

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   Dina responded with " You spin the bottle and whoever it lands on you have to do something sexual with. " I thought for sure that this is where my wife would come back to reality and cut off the festivities, but instead she spoke up with " Can I go first?" Everyone agreed and she spun the bottle.
The bottle landed on Dina. My wife moved over and kissed Dina on the lips while grabbing her ass. Their tongues danced in each others mouths and then they broke away. "Come on you can do better than that" Mike blurted out. " The girls laughed and responded its only round one. Round two will get better.
Dina took her turn and it landed on Mike. I thought to myself oh great this should end up in them having sex, that will make it uncomfortable. Mike spun Dina around, slid his hand inside her slit and began to work her pussy with his fingers, he pushed her down so that her face was right in my crotch. Dina opened her mouth and put my dick in her mouth through my boxers. I was for sure this would be the end of this game. My wife was going to get upset and cut things off. Instead I looked over and she was rubbing herself under the water.


Mike took his turn and it landed on Dina. Oh great here we go, I thought to myself. He took her in the same position, only this time he lowered her down to my wifes lap. She stopped rubbing herself and Dina lowered her mouth down to my wife, she slid her panties to the side and began to lick her entrance. My wife spread her legs open to give an easier access. This game was sure getting interesting. It was everything I had dreamed of and my wife was cooperating.  
Dina took her turn and it landed on me. She hopped in my lap grinding on my manhood and offered her breasts to my mouth. I bit down on her nipples and made them erect. Now there were two things erect in this situation.
I spun my turn and low and behold it landed on Mike. I pondered to myself what am I going to do, we had to do something sexual, but I was not about to engage in activity with a man. I decided to removed hit briefs and toss them towards Dina, he removed mine and also threw them toward Dina. Mike had a rather large cock, probably 8 inches long but pretty thin.

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   I on the other hand am around 6" long, but very thick. I noticed my wife admiring Mike, and Dina was checking out my package. This luckily had passed for sexual because Mike took his turn.
Mike spun and it landed on my wife. "What are the boundaries?" he asked. Dina popped out with I have no boundaries". Mike quickly agreed that neither did he. This, is it, this is where my wife becomes the wet blanket and cuts everything down. " I have no boundaries either, and my husband is fair game as well. Especially if he spins mike again. " She laughed out, and everyone got a quick laugh.  
Mike moved over toward my wife and guided her hand toward his manhood. She began to caress his member, rubbing just the head at first, then slowly stroking up and down his 8" of length. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy frantically. Then she looked at me, and I nodded in approval.

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   She then sunk her lips down to the head of his cock. Slowly twisting her lips around the head of it, then plunking down to about the half way mark. She would lift her head up slowly twisting back and forth with a slow pace, speeding up after each stroke. Then she grabbed his hairless balls and began to slowly massage them while bouncing her head up and down his cock. Dina was obviously alright with it as she watched on fingering her pussy. i looked down and noticed her lips were just as puffy as her nipples. This got my member rock hard.
My wife pulled up before finishing Mike off. She grabbed the bottle and spun her turn. It landed on Dina. The moment we have been waiting for has arrived. They both removed each others panties, and I thought they were going to end at that mocking mine and Mikes turn. To my delights my wife lowered Dina's head down to her crotch and began to let Dina lick her furiously. Dina dove right in and began to lap her clit like a women left for dead in the desert who just discovered water. She dove into that pussy like it was the winning prize for the night.

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   Then Dina had my wife sit up on the edge so she could Dive in better. With Mike sitting close by, my wife returned her hand to his cock and began to grip it. Dina's hand met her there and they both took turns working his shaft and balls.  
Dina got up and took her turn she spun Mike. They slowly kissed, and then broke apart. Mike grabbed the bottle and spun my wife. This is where it got interesting. Mike lowered himself between her legs and asked " are you sure there are no limits" ? " No, no limits she said" as she guided his cock to her entrance. Mike slipped into her hole and began to work in and out of her. My wife was beginning to moan so I knew she would keep up with the events. Mike pulled out and spun her around so that he could take her doggystyle. His long tool could no plunge deep into her and that is what it did. My wife bucked back inviting Mike to give it all to her. Her moans became louder as she groaned out " fuck me, Mike, fuck my wet pussy". This was way out of character for my wife but I didn't mind one bit.


 As I watched this stranger destroy my wife's pussy, I sat up on the edge to cool off. As i did Dina moved over and began to suck my cock. She was very good. She could deep throat and take my whole cock in her mouth. She would go all the way down then just sit there letting me melt in her mouth. Then she would tighten her lips and move up my dick. It was amazing how good it felt.   Then she got up and spun around offering her amazing pussy to my man stick. She lowered down those puffy lips opening them up to invite me in. I began to thrust right into Dina's tight pussy. It was a little hard to get into at first, but it opened up nicely. I began to fuck her hard grabbing her hips to gain deep access into her. She was screaming in joy, " Fuck yes , your cock feels good". I knew everyone in the place had to hear here. I thought for sure we were going to get kicked out.

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   As I neared the end I told her I was ready to cum, she told me to wait she had something for me. I slowed my place, and she moved off my cock. Then to my surprise she guided my cock into her perfect round ass. I moved in and slowly worked my way around. This was perfect as my wife had not let me enter the forbidden land in quite some time. Dina loved a good as fuck as she bounced back and forth, her cheeks looked amazing as the contracted then expanded, jiggling all over. I grabbed Dina's tits and began to squeezed her cute, puffy little nipples. I figured my wife would come around, and I was due to be in trouble. Then the impossible happened.
I looked over at my wife and she bent over the edge and told Mike to put it in her tail end. Mike quickly obliged and acted like it was his first time in an ass, ass he just plowed in and thrust harder and harder into her. My wife blurted out" Oh fuck , your cock is so long!!!" Mike was entertained and began to jackhammer on her ass. The sight of my wife's ass being fucked by a complete stranger, and the fact that I was destroying an amazingly beautiful ass myself brought me to the end. I told Dina I was going to blow and she turned around and sucked me off. I blew the biggest load of my life down her throat, and she took all I had to offer.

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   This must of set Mike off as he exclaimed" I am going to come too. " My wife began to fuck his cock harder with her big juicy ass, and Mike came inside her backside and pulled out dripping his cum all over her. Dina moved over and began to lick the cum from my wife's back, and then moved her tongue down to my wife's ass. My wife began to moan again as Dina dove in tongue first to clean my wife up.  
This drove my wife over the edge and she positioned herself in a 69 position with Dina. My wife was a virgin to licking pussy, so i was very intrigued to watch.   My wife liked around Dina's lips before slowly flicking her tongue back and forth on her clit. This made Dina cum quick, which must have been a trigger because my wife returned the favor. As these two amazing  women began to feast on each other, Mike and I began to stroke ourselves back to hardness. Mike got hard first and began to enter Dina's sopping wet pussy. I was not far behind and entered my wife's cum soaked slit. This position was a little difficult to fuck in without disrupting the flow, but my dick was harder than Plymouth Rock right now, this was a dream come true. My wife had not only fucked another guy, she let me fuck another girl, and all in the same room. Not to mention she instigated so it was all good.
After the festivities we said our goodbyes.

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   Mike and Dina asked for our number, but my wife explained this was a one time thing and that she would rather keep it as strangers. Mike and Dina understood and headed off. My wife and I got in our car and headed for home. "Was it everything you had hoped for?" She asked. "Everything and then some I answered. " How about you, did you enjoy yourself" I asked. " It was far better than I thought. Having another man inside me while you watched, and watching you penetrate another women. I never thought I would be okay with it, but it was worth giving in. " She said. " I wish I would have given in a long time ago, but I don't think I want to do it again. " She added.  



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