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Topic: New York TripEvery year my drama class takes a trip to Manhattan to see a show on Broadway. We got into the bus at school and drove several hours from D. C. to NY. On the bus we find out who we'll be rooming with at the hotel. I got paired with Ian.
Ian was a freshman, a yea younger than me. He had longish, strait blond hair and a unique boyish face. He was slim but not athletic. I wasn't gay but I had a strange attraction to it. I noticed he had a nice ass and big lips. Still I didn't really think anything of being paired with him at the time.
After dinner in the Village and a group activity at the hotel we went up for bed. Me and Ian talked as we ented our room. We continued talking as he removed his shirt and jeans and got in bed. I normally slept shirtless too but i was kind of cold so I just took off my jeans.

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   While we were talking, i felt myself getting hard partly because we were talking about masturbation and partly because I could see his bare shoulders over the covers.  I was sweating.
"Wow it's hot in here," I said and stood up to take off my shirt. I was about to lay back down when Ian got up, too. He got real close to me, our bodies almost touching.  Then he reached out and grabbed the bulge in my underwear. I was caught off guard. I didn't know what to say but it felt so good. I bit my toungue.  My cock burned with pleasure every time he applied pressure. I leaned on the bed and then sat up on it, legs spread, head back in pleasure as he squeezed around my balls. Then he got up on the bed and laid us down together. He moved his pelvis against mine and I almost moaned in pleasure. I reached up and grabbed his round ass. He grabbed my thighs which were spread around him.

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   Faster and faster, harder and harder he pushed until his face got red and contorted with plaesure. He enjoyed his orgasm and then pulled off me.
Then he kissed my lips. This threw me way off guard. I didn't particularly like it but I went with it. He moved his mouth down my nech across my chest, my abdomen, then lifted my breifs with his teeth. I helped oundhim pull them down. He reached up and stroked my 6" cock slowly. He put his mouth on my tip and over my head then slowly put my entire penis in his mouth. I moaned audible as he moved his mouth up and down. Over and over, using his toungue to lick all around. Then with a red face and a moan I ejaculated. He pulled out in time and warm cum shot all over his chest. I sat there not knowing exactly what to do. He cleaned himself off with a tissue and went to bed without another word.

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