New Life In Prison


You must be at least 18 years to read this story, this is a fictional story and no actual places and people in this story exist. Enjoy,
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It had finally happened, i was sentenced for 8 years in prison for assault and battery.  I was guilty, i will admit it, but that is only where the story begins. I was on the bus and well on my way to the State Prison. I had alot on my mind as the bus was moving its way down the road. I remember thinking to myself, What is going to happen to me in there? Will i get stabbed, Will i join a Gang, or every mans worst fear, will i get raped. As all of these thoughts raced through my mind, the bus had come to a stop, and we were ushered off quickly. The guards commenced roll call, and we were then escorted into the processing facility. Slowly one by one we were getting issued our clothing, numbers, and cell assignments. My name no longer existed. I was Now Inmate No. 362719, and i was issued a couple pairs of orange jumpsuits, t-shirts, white shoes, some socks and underwear. My new home was on Block C and Cell 24. I was then escorted to my cell.

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   Thankfully the bus arrived while everyone was on yard time. I dont think i could deal with all of the Cat Calling on my walk to my cell. I was brought to my cell, a very dreary looking place, outfitted with a metal sink and a toilet. I saw that the bottom bunk was unmade, which set the reality in that i have a cell mate. I made my bed and put all of my belongings on top of my bed, i would coordinate with my cell mate as to where i would store all my crap when he got back from yard time, so i decided to take a nap. I briskly awoke to the sound of feet shuffling on the concrete walkway outside the door. 'here it is, the moment of truth' i thought to myself. My heart stopped when i saw a big black man stop in the cell doorway. He was about 6 foot 2 inches in height and was sweaty form playing sports in the yard. I was immediatly filled with  fear, which i know is the one cardinal rule not to break. I wanted to say something, but i was so intemidated, i was frozen. I see the man in the cell doorway smile, and yell, "Terell!!!! Come check this out!!!". i knew this couldnt be good. Terell and the other man came walking into the cell and said, "well look at this, a fish"(i found out later that fish was slang for new guy). i decided to speak up.


   "Hey guys, My name is Jake, Whats your guys names?", Terell smacked me so hard i fell to the floor. The one man sayed "Bitch! you speek when spoken to, Understand?" i was silent, he said again "Understand?" i muttered "Yes Sir. . . " He smacked me again and said "Bitch, do i look like a sir?" i shook my head. He said, "Get up Bitch. Now i am gonna lay down the rules for ya nice and easy. Rule number one, My name is Jamaul, but i better never hear you say my name. You will refer to me as Daddy, understand?" i replied "Yes Daddy. " "Good, rule number 2, i never, ever, better see you peeing while standing up. you sit and piss, like a girl. Rule number 3, you will go to sleep when i tell you to. The final rule,rule number four, when i say suck my cock, you better do so, when i say im horny, you spread your legs, you no longer have a cock, you have a pussey now, and it will be used to take big dick like woman, you better moan in pleasure, or so help me god. is this all understood?" there was a long silence, when Jamaul swatted me accross the face like a bitch. "Yes Daddy" i said.

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   Jamaul said"Good bitch.
    . . Now suck my cock. " I knew the consequences if i did not obey, so i did as told, i dropped to my knees. Jamaul looked me in the eyes, and said, "If i feel any teeth, it will be the end of you!". he undid his jumpsuit and pulled his underwear down to reveal a huge 8 1/2" thick cock. this thing was a marvel of its own. Jamaul wipped his cock out, and said "suck it you whore. " i opened my mouth and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. i sucked on it like that for about 30 seconds, when Jamaul grabbed the back of my head and forced his enourmous cock down my throat. i gagged and wanted it out, but kept sucking anyway. I could tell i was doing a good job from the way Jamaul was softly moaning. I felt like a dirty whore, and unbelievably was getting turned on, and started to get a boner. I tried to hide my boner, but terell had noticed and said, "Jamaul! Thhis little faggot is hard from suckin on your cock!".

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       Jamaul looked down at me and said "Is that so, do you like suckin my big black dick?" i said a mumbled yes daddy, but it was hard to understand due to the cock in  my mouth. 6 minutes had passed when i felt Jamaul start to fuck my mouth like a pussey, i could feel his body start to jerk and then he said "OOOHhhhhHH!!!! Im Cumming!" and at that moment i felt some hot liquid shoot down my throat. Jamaul said "swallow it all, you cum dumpster". i did as told. Jamaul then pulled his cock out of my mouth and took a step back and said, "That