Their First Time, pt1


Topic: Their First Time, pt 1This story is true, however names and ages have been changed.     Akasa and John were walking through the park holding hands and talking. They were not a couple, at least not anymore. Akasa and John were going out until John's mother stepped in and broke it up. So now they met secretly about once a week in a park near Johns house. As they were walking John couldn't help but look Akasa up and down. She was so sexy and her clothes were not hiding much. She was wearing a black mini skirt which showed off her smooth legs, and a tight white tank top which was clearly showing a lot of cleavage.     Akasa was 18 years old, about 5ft 5, she had long black hair and had olive skin. She had a pair of 36C's and knew that she could control just about any boy her age with them. John was 18 years old at the time, about 5ft 9, short brown hair and amazing blue eyes. He also learned early on that these eyes could easily charm girls, And with a 7in cock he felt he could also give any girl his age a good time.     However, both Akasa and John were virgins. Akasa had giving a few guys oral where as John had only ever really made out with girls. That was about to change!    Akasa noticed John checking her out and staring at her cleavage. "Yess" she thought to herself.

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   "I knew he would not be able to keep his eyes off my cleavage!" They kept walking and talking until they reached the band shelter. It was small but concealed them from the rest of the park and the roads around it. Akasa leaned up against the wall and pushed her chest out to make sure John noticed her cleavage. "Enjoying the view?" Akasa said. "Uh, uhm, what?" John said realizing he had been caught. "Oh come on, I’ve noticed you staring at my tits since you got here!"John's face turned red "uhm, sorry. "Akasa smiled and pulled John closer to her. She looked right into his eyes. "Its okay, I wanted you to. . that’s why I wore this tank top. "John couldn't believe what she had just said. She was never one to be so forward about these things. His already semi-hard cock twitched when she said she wanted him to look. Then he smirked when an idea came into his head.

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  "So, you wanted me to look?" John said smirking. "Yeah, I knew you would, all boys do" Akasa said rolling her eyes. "So, if you want me to look, why don't you show me all of them?" Josh said smirking even more now. Akasa couldn't believe he just asked that! He had never really asked anything sexual about her, and all they had ever done was make out in her room. And even that she had to start. However, this is exactly what she wanted. "I better play this out like I’m nervous" she thought to herself, "I don't want him to know I had this planned. ""Well. . uhm. . I don't know. . " she said hesitantly"Come on baby, you just said you wanted me to look. " John said making sure to make eye contact.

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  "Well, okay then"With that Akasa pushed John back a bit and pulled her tank top down. Johns mouth fell open when her perfect 36C tits just came right out. She was wearing no bra! Johns cock immediately became fully hard and quite uncomfortable pressing up against his jeans. He had only ever seen tits in porn. And her tits were amazing. Perfectly round, and the olive skin against the nice dark nipples. "Wow, someone is enjoying the view" Akasa said looking down at Johns crotch. John blushed a little again, "They are amazing. . can I touch them?"With that Akasa nodded and grabbed Johns hand pulling it to her left breast. At first he didn't really know what to do, so he started to squeeze it and pull on it. "OW" Yelped Akasa, "It is attached to me you know!""Oh. . sorry" John said blushing again. With that he let go and stood back again.

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   He was getting rather uncomfortable with his 6inch cock fully hard pressing up against his jeans. Knowing Akasa had already noticed it, he moved his hand down and re-adjusted to make it less uncomfortable. Akasa clearly seen his hard cock in his jeans. It was so big, well, the biggest one she had seen! The cocks she had sucked were always quite small, maybe 4 inches. She could feel her pussy tingle with the thought of seeing Johns cock. . "So, now that you have seen my tits, are you going to show me this?" Akasa said reaching out to John's crotch rubbing his hard cock. "uh. . erm. . here?" John said. Akasa just smiled at him and kissed him, reaching to the top of his jeans to undo them. When she unzipped the jeans she dropped down to her knees and pulled both his jeans and his boxers down. John's hard cock popped out and hit her face.

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   She giggled and then looked it at. She was kind of confused, she had seen cocks before but this cock looked different. . John noticed the confused look on her face. He was always worried about this. He knew he was uncircumcised, but was not really sure what the difference was at that age. He always thought girls would find it weird and disgusting. "I'm not circumcised like most guys. " John said to her nervously. "I think that has something to do with the tip of it. "Akasa just smiled, "I don't care, it's still the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!" John's cock was throbbing now with Akasa looking at it and running her hand up and down his shaft. Akasa then cupped his balls and started to play with them. John had never had this done to him before and his throbbing cock twitched when she did. "Does that feel good? I seen it in a porno" Akasa said"y-y-yess" John said feeling like he might explode any minute. Akasa noticed how close he was to blowing his load already.

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   "He must be a virgin like me" she thought to herself. With a smirk on her face she spat on his dick and started to stroke it slowly. Running her hand all the way up and down his hard cock whilst playing with his balls, waiting to feel the tighten up. John couldn't believe this was happening. This is the first time he’s ever had a girl jerking him off! Looking down at Akasa stroking his cock and playing with his balls really got him going. "Suck my cock like you sucked the other boys" John blurted outAkasa looked up at John shocked, "How do you know about that, and since when did you stop being a prude!"John smiled down at her "Word gets around" He did not really have an answer for the second question. He was surprised he said it!Akasa simply smiled up at John and kissed the tip of his cock. She then started to lick around it before taking it into her mouth. "Oh God. . " John said as he felt Akasa's warm and wet mouth around his cock. This was even better then he had been told. Akasa started to really get into it. Using one hand to play with Johns balls and the other to stroke his cock as she sucked on the tip of it. John looked down at Akasa to see her looking back up at him.

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   And that was all it took!"I'm Cumming!" John said quicklyAkasa continued to look up at him with his cock in her mouth knowing it was driving him crazy. She suddenly felt his balls tighten and then felt his hot cum hitting the back of her throat. She quickly started to swallow as much as she could, but John did not stop cumming! When he eventually did stop cumming he collapsed onto the bench behind him panting heavily. Akasa quickly scooped up the bit of cum that was dripping down her chin. "Oh my god that tastes so good John!" "I've never swallowed it before"John could not get any words out yet. He kept panting heavily. He had never cum so hard or much from masturbating. Akasa quickly licked the tip of his cock and sucked out any left over cum, then sat next to him. "that. . was. . . so amazing" John panted. "That’s only the beginning" Akasa said smiling.

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   She stood up facing away from John, spread he legs and bent over lifting her skirt up. John's mouth fell open again. . She was wearing nothing underneath. . . To be continued. . . . I hope you like it, first story I have ever written. It is indeed about my first time :) Although that’s not my name. Please comment and let me know what you think, and anything I can do to improve. .


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