The Perfect First Time


Topic: The Perfect First TimeThis is about my girlfriend loosing her virginity to me.
 First off her name is Amanda, she is 15, 5'5, long brown hair with red and blonde highlighs. She weighs about 110
pounds with perfect 32C breasts and a nice plump round ass. I'm your average 18 year old male. . . 5'8 175 musculer
build from playing 4 years of football.
   We had been seeing eachother for about a month messing around doing everything but IT. I knew she was a virgin
and wanted to make it some what special for her first time. We had kind of talked about having sex but she wasnt
sure if she was ready or not.
   One night after my football game we were driving around like everyone else does in the small town where we live. It
was the usual, I start rubbing her leg she starts kissing my neck, she unbuttons my pants and starts to get me hard.
THEN she does something she has never done before, she leans over and swirls her tonge around the head of my dick.
She gets me fully erect at 8 or 9 inches and starts to just suck on the head. She works her hand slowly from the base of
my cock all the way to her mouth and back down, letting some of her spit run down my dick so her hand slides up and
down smother. She keeps a nice slow pace going and starts to take more of my cock in her mouth.

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   I'm suprised that
shes doing so well being shes never done anything like this before. She keeps sucking hard as she keeps feeding
more and more of my dick into her mouth. Before I know it my dick is down her throat and her lips are all the way at
the base of my cock. I've never had a girl beable to deepthroat me before and this almost makes me blow my wad
down her throat. She pulls off and makes a poping sound as she releases my dick from her mouth and giggles
saying that wasnt so hard.
    At this point I'm driving out to a place I know in the middle of a field surrounded by a bunch of trees. When we get
out there we put a few blankets down in the back of my pick-up and we lay and look at the stars and start to fool
around some more. As my dick starts to get hard again she takes it back into her mouth. She looks me right in the
eyes and I tell her if you keep this up your going to have my load going down your throat, she didnt say a word but
started going faster and sucking harder. She was working her tiny hands up and down my shaft and I was geting 
ready to blow and she takes my balls in her hand and starts playing with them. I tell her that i'm going to cum and
she pulls her mouth off my cock and strokes me faster saying that she wants me to cum in her mouth. She puts
her lips on the head of my cock as I spurt stream after stream into her mouth. She sits up and opens her mouth 
and I see my huge load. I got a little disapointed because i thought she was going to spit it out but to my suprise
she tilts her head back and gulps it all down.  
    After this I start to strip her down kissing all over her body.

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   I slowly kiss around her nipples slowly running my
hands from her face and dragging my fingers lightly across her sides brushing the side of her breasts. I keep
kissing my was down past her bellybutton and kiss just above her mound. I run my hands down her legs as I
breathe my hot breath over her glistening, smooth pussy. I kiss the insides of her thighs going from one to the
other, I bring my hands up the insides of her legs and barley graze over her pussy making her wetter and wetter.
I run my hands up her stomach and slowly trace around her hardening nipples.   I run the tip of my tounge from
the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. I swirl my tounge around her soft clit and I feel her body tighten from
the antisapation. I return to the bottom of her slit but this time i push my tounge further in and spread her pussy
lips and run it all the way to her clit enduring the sweat taste of her pussy juice. I move up her body makeing sure 
every part of my body rubs her skin. As I kiss her she takes my tounge and tastes her own pussy moaning and 
loving it. My now rock hard dick is laying on top of her swollen pussy lips. I grind up and down parting her outter lips 
and getting my dick slick with her juices while the head of my dick puts pressure on her throbbing clit. She grinds
her hips up into mine but I lift up so there is little pressure teasing her.
    I grab my cock and start rubbing the head up and down her pussy getting her wetter and wetter. I look into
her eyes and know it time.

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   I slowly push the head in and she winces as it stretches her opening wider then it has
ever been before. I stop and let her get adjusted and kiss her on the lips and her neck. I look into her eyes as I
push in very slowly letting her get use to me being inside her. I keep kissing her and put my hand on the side of her
face and keep pushing deeper into her tight wet pussy. Finally my dick is burried into her and we just stop and kiss
and let her relax her pussy. I start to pull out and then I slide it back in and she moans and grabs my arms. I pull 
almost all the way out and she whines thinking that i'm going to pull out but i push it deep inside her and she digs 
nails into my shoulders from the pain and the pleasure. After pulling almost all the way out and pushin back in I'm
able to actually fuck her. I pull out then push it so hard into her tears actually come out of her eyes as she screams.
I pull out and do the same thing over and over, I know she likes it even though shes crying because she never tells
me to stop but instead pushes her hips up to meet my thrusts. I ask her if shes ready for me to fuck her hard and
she mubbels a yea so I start going faster and harder. She starts screaming and moaning and trying to say things,
but I cant understand a word shes saying so I just keep fucking her harder and harder. All of a sudden she starts
to shake and her already tight pussy clamps onto my cock and she pulls me into her and starts screaming louder
and I can feel her juices running between out bodies. I keep fucking her through her orgasm and I can tell shes 
about ready to have another and her pussy tightens again and this puts me over the edge and I tell her I'm going
to cum, I tried to pull out but she said no and trust her hips up and started shaking again and screaming so I
thrust and felt my load blow deep inside her pussy. We just laid there catching our breaths.

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   After a few minutes I
pulled my dick out and watched our mixed juices start to run out of her pussy. To my suprise she cups her hand 
under her pussy and catches most of it. She brings it to her mouth licks it all off her This was my first story please give some feed back at james_gul_beck@hotmail. com 



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