Snow girl (The sequel)


Later the same day. . .

I casually observed her mum arrive home a little later and in no time at all,she was back to the car accompanied by her 20 year old son. As they departed,the bedroom light again went on and there was the sister - Judy - back on her plinth and throwing the window open while leaning way out too, - I assume -be sure they had gone off to whatever it was their chore was. - "They're gone!" - almost immediately the brother that earlier had started the sexual tormenting by pulling his sisters joggers down appeared thro' the doorway.

Only then did I realise she was now clad in a pair of PJs. Judy came from the window - ignoring how wide it was still at - and bounced onto the bed, just as Phil, - for this was this brother's name - flopped down on the same bed. Their heads bumped together, - not hard, - but hard enough for Judy to shout, - "Stupid cunt! I'm laying here" . . . At that moment I realised that I needed to be up in my bedroom if they intended having any activity on the bed as opposed to her being on the plinth.

I hurried to my room so as not to miss a moment. In doing so,I too opened my window - although it was freezing outside! - I stood at the foot of my bed peering across for any activities already taking place. There was some of sorts, she'd gotten herself across her brother's torso and because of her build,he had no chance of getting out from under. - "Now you've had it,you skunk,I owe you for threatening to tell mum" - I could only assume she was refering to the earlier avent with her older brother.

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   - "Just because I said I would let you to stop you telling,that was all shit! I'm not going too"

At this stage I climbed and stood now in the middle of my own bed to give me a better view of the goings on. - She was straddling his gut and I concluded,if he was hard,her pussy would be pressing against his hard cock. - I hoped it was and that it was having the effect the snow had earlier. Because I was now convinced those antics had led to her older sibling getting the option of taking her cherry. Now with an impressive vantage point,I could see and hear all. He while wriggling to get free must have realised he had no chance and started to press his hand at her pussy. - She in turn rose slightly and dropped thunderously back down on to his groins. - "OW! YOU BITCH! That's my knob,you stupid whore. Its bent double for fucks sake" - "WHO CARES? I hope its snapped in two" - She bounced again - "That's not snapped,its stiff as hell and NO! You're not getting a go. TIM's was different,he's older" - "Fucking bitch" - another bounce - "I don't care what you say, NO! means NO! Besides titch might tell mum!"

"Not if you let him as well" - Titch's head came round the door in an instant. - "Yeah! Not if you had me as well!" - "FUCK OFF! You little whipper-snapper. That little twig you've got wouldn't even reach my quim,you stupid little turd!" - "Bitch! You don't know that and anyway,I could cum over your asshole" - "Hark at the idiot! You don't cum off yet you little liar" - "You don't know that for sure,you'd only know that if you let me try it out on you!" - "FUCK OFF! You've got NO CHANCE! PISS OFF NOW" - He didn't and he'd weaseld his way in,clearly to watch. . . That's two of us!

In an instant,he snatched at his sister's tits and got a squeeze in much to her chagrin.

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   - "LITTLE FUCKER! I'll get you later"- She had all she could contend with as,while the raport had been happening,Phil had been feeling her up and had also now put his hands up the PJ top and was playing with her nipples,which I guess had stiffened by the squeezing assault of the 'Little shit' as she'd refered to him. - All this had given me a beat and I took my cock out,not to wank yet,just to give it more room.

Things settled down now,I assumed she'd excepted she had a close in voyeur and made no attempt to banish him from whatever was about to take place. Phil made every effort now to work his sister up and he was having some success. She lifted and now pulled his cock from under her and I watched as she fondled it. First inside his boxer's but soon pulled thro' the slit and she had it in her hand,bare skin. She grinned as Little shit presented his now naked torso also with a much smaller hardon pointing from his loins.

I got to slowly wanking myself as with a smile she bent forward and slipped this cock between her chops and started giving him some head. To reach it she had knelt forward and Phil took the opportunity to slip the PJ bottom from off her ass cheeks. With no objections she continued wanking Phil while sucking her kid brother. The kids face contorted and he shouted in excitement, - "Go on Jude,let me do what I said,its going to cum!" - "OH FUCKING HELL! GO ON THEN IF YOU MUST!" - She staying leant forward,grinned at Phil as the kid mounted the bed behind her and wanking his dick like a piston he pressed his rock hard dick between the folds of her ass crack. She in turn,put her hands each side of Phil and on all fours excepted her kid brother getting off in her crack. - I saw her eyes expand - "YOU LITTLE FUCKER! - HE'S STUCK HIS COCK IN MY BUTT HOLE!" - She exclaimed to Phil. - "TAKE IT OUT YOU LITTLE RUNT! I said between my cheeks,not up my asshole" - to late she realised he could shoot off. - "YOU FUCKER! You've just shot cum up there,I'll kill you later.

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   Now get it out of me and get off you shit,you're putting me off down here" What she meant was,Phil had his hand along her belly between them and was masterbating her cunny with inspiration.

It must have had an effect because she now with leg held high, - Giving me an awesome view of her now wet slit spread wide, - was letting Phil know she'd changed the agenda and he was going to get to put his cock up into her vagina. Sucking had gone by the wayside,she was ready for her second fucking of the day. - I in turn was pleased to realise I was watching the making of a slutty nympho I suspected. - At this moment,I wondered if this was where their mother had gone with big son. Perhaps she had been told about Judy and mum had taken son for her fucking before Judy milked her personalized cock dry. - Of course this was just my theory at this time.

Judy now took control of Phil by telling him how she was prepared to let him have her. "Over here" I was shook to my core by the next utterance. . . "He's watching again over the otherside. We might see him beating himself off like earlier!" - FUCKING HELL! SO KNOWLEDGEABLE. She had been playing me along! FUCK! For how long I wonder? - I knew she seemed to appear at the window often when I chose to have a wank in my living room and of late when I used my new electro cock shock toy. I bet she enjoyed watching those moments as I spewed out double or treble the cum my wanking shot out of my cock.

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I concluded if all was revealed I may as well join her so I wanked now with luster as she stripped naked and with tits being touched by the kid she bent forward and excepted Phil's hardon deep into her quim. It became clear she was getting off from my wanking as Phil pounded into her doggy style. I came off as I heard her and her brother orgasm together. Dangerous tho' it seemed,I wondered if I might get a turn in her in the not to distant future and if my suspicions are right,maybe her mother as well. - Now blatantly stood with her pussy and ass full of cum,she stood with arms and legs out stretched in a soltaire cross. Then hollered. "I bet you enjoyed today!" - I waved and turned sideways on showing her my eight inches proudly poking out like a barbers pole.

The brothers were looking at me,but I didn't care,we were all of one mind. VOYEURISM!

Mum and son returned. . . He turned up in the bedroom. They were all ears. I heard them saying they'd made contact with me. .

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  . In turn he told them it was better doing it at home because their mother kept going on about getting caught fucking him in the car. From here on in she'd take any cock offered at home,not out in the open. That sounds fine to me providing the sex room opposite my window was the only venue!




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