Our First Time


Topic: Our First TimeThe night of me and Bret's marriage was a very special night. It was both his and my first time( we both stayed abstinent). The truth is. . . abstinenece pays off!
After we'd read our vows, danced together, laughed together, and left the after party, tipsy, but not drunk. . . we hopped in the limo which drove us to our hotel. In the limo we laughed and talked about what had happened and then i got tired, and fell asleep. when i woke up, i remembered id been dreaming of falling and hitting my head on a rock. i almost got up but i heard my new husband snoring. and i became aware that his very VERY hard cock was the cause of my dream. I was all of a sudden horny, so i rubbed it from outside of his dress pants and he woke up, sweating like a pig. 'what were you dreaming about honey?' he smiled and said 'i was dreaming about you'. i was so mesmerized by his smile, and his words.

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  . that i found my self smiling back at him. . he then began to lean forward and i sealed the area between us as fast as i could. . . now i knew what i wanted, and i was going to get it. we kissed violently until the limo came to a stop. that didnt stop us though. i was sitting on his lap, my legs around his hips and he got out and carried me up to our hotel room. He put me down and it was perfect. it had a big tub (big enough for both of us to fit in) and an even bigger bed with red silk covers. we were both sweaty so i made the first move and said 'im going to take a shower'. i then took my dress off as carefully as i could, and then proceeded to take off my bra just so as i opened it, my DD boobs popped out and held my husbands gaze on them. i then turned around, my ass toward him, and took off my underwear.

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   he kept staring at my tight ass and pussy and my boobs. i slipped into the bathroom, smiling with glee. i knew he couldnt wait anymore : he was ready to fuck me. as i went into the shower, i put my long, black hair under the hot hot water. my nipples immediately hardened and then i started to pinch them and lick them all around, letting out little groans as i diid.  when i turned around bret was standing there. i was about to ask what he was doing but he grabbed me and started kissing me wildly just as we had done in the limo. i felt his hard cock press against my legs and i couldnt wait. i dropped down and started to suck his cock. the first cock id ever sucked. it was amazing. i deepthroated it, excited as i heard his deep groans of satisfaction. then i felt something hot spurting into the back of my throat and i heard Bret moaning louder than ever before. he sounded like a beast. he mustve come into my mouth.

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   i released his cock and came back up to his face, wich had the dirtiest, sexiest look i had ever seen him give me on it. i then got out of the shower and hauled him with me. i threw him onto the bed and got right on top of him. i was so excited, i couldnt wait to feel his hard 18 inch dick in my tight virgin pussy. we began to kiss again and after a minute or two he picked me up and pushed me onto the headboard of this circle shaped bed. my hair was wild and it covered my face. he then began to lick and suck my boobs and he bit my nipples so hard i couldnt help but squeal. while he was doing this, he slipped two fingers into my pussy and i let out another little squeal. he stopped and kissed my neck and then he looked into my eyes and said 'are you ready?' and i managed a nod. he pushed me down so i was flat on the bed and i spread my legs, ready now more than ever. he put his dick at the entrance of my pussy. he began to push it in. i watched as his dick dissapeared inside of me 4,5 inches and then i felt a sharp pain. i wanted to tell him to stop but it was too late. his whole cock was inside of me.

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   by now i was in tears but he wiped them away and then began to pull his dick in and out in and out. the pain began to get better, and eventually is was gone. now it actually felt good. i was lost in fantasy land, moaning and groaning with pleasure, telling him to fuck me harder and faster and deeper. I began to shake and tremble and squeal and i held onto his arms and i came all over his dick. i was panting and grunting when i felt the same hot liquid gush inside of me. i orgasmed again. now we were both panting and he was leaning over me. he bent down and kissed me and groped my boobs and then started to fuck me slower. i said i was cold and he pulled the silk covers over our heads and he continued to fuck me, faster and faster and faster. i was really tired but enjoying every minute of my first time. he came inside me again and this time it was ALOT. it felt so good and i began to shake and squeal again. i came hard too. so much it squirted out of my pussy and on the sheets.

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   Bret collapsed next to me, panting. i rolled over next to him and put my hand over his chest and he looked at me and said 'that was amazing' and i nodded in agreement. i got out of bed, flicked off the lights and whispered in his ear 'tomorrow, your MINE' and with that i went to sleep.
Until next time :)
P. S. This occured on the night of June 4th, 2008