nans foot fetish 3


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when i got to the foot of her bed i put my hands on either of her knee's and opened her legs, i gazed at her pussy and lent down a licked her pussy. As i licked her pussy she began to moan then i kissed up her stomach and then sucked her nipples, i then kissed her neck and went up to her mouth i kissed her and our tongue went into each others mouths. i exsplored her mouth, as i was doing this i put the tip of my cock at the oening of her pussy i pushed my cock into her and began to thrust in and out i got harder and faster i then pulled out i told her to roll over her did, i shuved my cock into her ass it was so tight i forced my cock in deeper and deeper untill all my cock was in her. i then thrusted her felt pain this time i got harder and harder intill my balls began to slap her pussy, i knew i was about cum so i pulled out and went back down to her feet and sucked. while stroking my cock i put her toe's into my mouth then began to fuck her feet it was so nice.after fucking my nan's feet i was about to cum i stopped her looked at me i went up to her mouth and began to wank she just sat their and smiled then opened her mouth i shot my load into her mouth i dropped to my knee's in pleasure. after my nan swallow my load, i knew that this wasn't goin to be the last time i fucked my nan i knew that their would be more to come.....



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