My First Time


My first time
Hi, my name is Jenny, I’m 18 years old, long brown hair, brown eyes, small and petite. I have been coming here for a while and have been really enjoying all your stories, so good work, sometimes I like to read them with my boyfriend, he’s called Sam and is a year older than me. He’s athletic, about 6 foot 1, he has a 7 ½ inch cock, black hair and we’ve been together for three years now. This is about the first time me and my boyfriend got together at a party. This is my first story so be kind. Thanks.
The party was at a mutual friend’s house and had been going on for quite a few hours. I was pretty drunk by the time Sam offered me a drink, it must have been about one or two in the morning. I had seen him around school, he was in the year above, but still being a virgin at 15, I was a little shy to talk to him. I had given a couple of guy handjobs and blowjobs before, and let a couple of people feel me up and finger me, but it never led to actual sex. Anyway, we talked for a while about school and friends and then he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I don’t know why, but I felt a little embarrassed about answering no to him. He said “It’s ok, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment anyway. I thought the boys would be queuing up to get a date with you. ” I smiled and asked if he wanted to dance. He said yes and we spent the next hour or so drinking and dancing together.

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Anyway, so by the time most people were either asleep, passed out or having sex, me and Sam were still dancing to all the slow songs you expect at the end of a party. He was holding me close and I had my face in his chest. I could feel his semi-erect penis through his jeans and to tell you the truth it was turning me on a bit, in fact I was deliberately rubbing against it. By now the alcohol was getting to my head and I think he could see that, so asked me if I wanted to find somewhere to sleep and led me by the hand upstairs. It was a fairly big house, but most rooms were taken and we walked in on two or three couples having sex. We finally got to a spare bedroom which was empty, but dark, and after failing to look for the light switch we just ended up sitting on the bed next to each other. I licked my lips as he leaned into me and as his lips connected with mine I felt the excitement run from my mouth right down to my crotch, sending a tingle. Being drunk and horny it didn’t take him long before he was fumble with my breasts as we made out. After about ten minutes of this his hand slowly dropped to my thigh. My breaths became shorter and I suddenly felt the butterflies in my stomach as his hand made its way up my skirt and towards my pussy. He started to rub me through my soaking wet panties, sending a shiver up my spine. I moaned into his mouth as he rubbed between my pussy lips. Then, he broke our kiss off and got down on his knees and placed me on the end of the bed. I sat up slightly to help him take my skirt and panties off, revealing my shaven pussy to him. He started to kiss up my thigh and slowly made his way to my pussy lips.

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   He started to suck on my clit as he inserted one, then two fingers into me. The feeling of penetration drove me crazy and I started to moan as he continued to drink my juices whilst fingering me. It wasn’t long before I came all over his face, forcing me to scream in ecstasy with the biggest orgasm I had ever had in my life.
He got up and took his t-shirt and trousers off, leaving him just in his underwear. I took my shirt and my bra off, exposing my breasts to him, then got on my knees in front of him fully naked and pulled down his pants. His fully hard cock hit me in the face and I remember being in awe of how big it was. As I have said, I had sucked cock before, but never one this big, but although it is now about 7 ½ inches, I’m pretty sure it has grown a bit since that day. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it up and down. I liked the feeling of rolling his foreskin back and forth over the big purple head. I spent a couple of minutes doing this and my mouth was watering in the anticipation of being able to suck on it. I kissed the very tip of it and stuck my tongue out to lick away his pre-cum. It tasted salty, but I enjoyed it all the same. I leant forward and managed to fit the whole head into my mouth. I sucked on the head, my tongue swirling around his pee-slit, before I eventually started to take more and more of his long hard shaft down my throat. I managed to reach the base, with my eyes screwed tight, trying desperately not to gag, and I held it there for about 18 seconds, my nose in his pubes, before sliding back up his shaft, then repeating.

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   In no time at all my head was bobbing away and I was sucking and slurping all over his drenched cock. After about ten minutes of this he threw his head back and started to tense up, I knew he was going to cum, so I started to use one hand to jack him off, with his head still in my mouth, while my other hand fondled his balls, trying to coax his cum out. Two spurts of jizz hit the back of my throat and the rest started to fill my mouth up. I couldn’t believe how much cum there was. At one stage I thought I would have to gulp it down, just to accommodate for the rest he was still leaking in me. But eventually he stopped spurting and I managed to drink it down in one go, leaving my mouth feeling very salty and tangy.
I looked up to see him panting and red in the face. “That was amazing” he said as he looked down at me, short of breath. “I’m glad you liked it” I responded as I smiled back up at him. I got to my feet and started to kiss him again, ramming my tongue down his throat so he could taste his own sperm. We fell back onto the bed and lay there making out until he was hard again. When he was fully erect he got up and went over to his trousers, pulling out a condom from the pockets and slipping it on. He then got back on the bed and he started to suck on my hard nipples, before we started kissing again, him on top of me. I reached down and started to rub his cock up and down against my opening, driving us both made. He started to slowly insert himself into me, and although it was a very tight fit, the juices from my previous orgasm allowed it to slide into me.

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   I thought it was never going to end and he would just keep pushing forward, but it eventually did and I could feel him deep inside me. We stayed like that, him on top of me, for a couple of minutes before he said “You ready?” I nodded and he slowly started to move backwards and forwards, sliding in and out of me. It felt so good, I had heard so many girls say it hurt the first time, but this felt amazing, probably because my hymen had broken a while ago whilst horse riding. He gradually began to pick up the pace and was soon fucking me at speed. I could feel the tension start to build up in my body as he was sliding in and out of me and I stretched out my legs, shuddering as the orgasm hit me, even more intense than the first and I screamed in pleasure. He started to slow down as I lay there in bliss, still being pumped. “Do you want to swap positions?” He said after about two minutes. “Yer, sure. ” I responded, all too pleased to get the opportunity to get fucked again. He guided me onto all fours and started to pump away again. This time only took about three minutes as he was fucking me hard doggy-style, making me moan loud in ecstasy,  I think he was too horny and needed a quick release. He came in the condom and then rolled off me onto the bed. I lay on top of him and he held me in his arms. I could feel his heart pumping and his breathing heavy as we both feel into a calm and blissful sleep together.
Thanks for reading, hope it’s ok and that you enjoyed it.

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   Any comments email me at jennybeckford@hotmail. co. uk. I’ll hopefully be posting on here again, so any useful hints and tips would be good as well as requests and reviews. Thanks again, I have quite a lot of stories, so hopefully won’t be long before I post again.