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Just the other day I was getting gas for my motorcycle. Up pulls a woman right behind me andshe's about 25 withBlondie hair. She steps out of her truck and bends over to unscrew her gas cap. That's when I see the best looking ass I've seen in a long time. I wanted to strike up a conversation,But she did first. She commented on my License plate holder. It reads "Ladies Flash Me Your Rack" Then just below that I have another sign that says "Spank You Very Much". She asked if I get many women flashing me. I said a few but not as many as I'd like. She then asked me if I like to spank. I said Of Course. Then I added that she must make heads turn with her great looking ass. She said why Thank you. I said OH I really mean that. I'd love to spank your perfect ass! That would be really be hot . She said REALLY? I said OH YEAH!
She said its been a while since someone had tanned her hide.

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   I said did you enjoy it? As a matter of fact I loved it!. she said she really needed a good spanking. Because she been very naughty for a long time and she's been craving one. I said it would be my pleasure! She said her name was Linda. My name is Ken. Linda, when & where would you like this tanning? She said, follow me home right now? Ok, then. I followed her home, she actually lived only 5 blocks from me.
We got to her house. Went inside, she offered me a beer while she showered. I said yes. While she showered I went into the kitchen and washed my hands and got my beer. Walked into the living room and moved the coffee table out of the way. She came out in her bathrobe. Just as I looked up she whipped out her tits. She had nice tits too (a little more than a hand full) and her nipples were erect and stood out at least an inch.

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   She said "you like"? Oh they're beautiful. Is this my" flash"? May I touch? She said go right a head and pinch them, I even prefer you take a nibble. I had no problem with that. She stood in front of me while I was sitting on the couch. I was pinching one while nibbling on the other. She started moaning. I reached down with my free hand and brushed her pussy ever so gently at first. Once I found she was wet I sank my finger in and started stroking her nub. She started purring. I switched tonibbling her other tit. She started to grind her hips, and bite her lower lip. I looked up and asked if she was horny, LOL She said YES! Keep going. I brought her right to the brink and stopped. I thought she was going to go nuts. She reached down to finger herself and I said NO! It's time for your spanking, now get over my lap.

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  She gave me this little pouty look. I said that won't help you. Off with your robe. She threw her robe off to the side. She climbed over my lap, making sure to squeeze my cock on the way. At first I just looked and started to caress. I started slow, first one cheek than the other. 10 strokes in I started spanking both cheeks at the same time, my hand had no problem covering both cheeks. I told her to count each slap out loud. As I got into the rhythm of her spanking,every 18 strokes I would increase the pressure. By the time I reached 50 she was was on the verge of a climax. So I stopped at 50 and spread her ass cheeks and sank my finger into her cunt. She let out a scream and gushed all over my hand. I continued the spanking with a wet hand until I reached 100 and again sank my fingers in, she let out another scream, and climaxed again We finished with 300 spanks. Six or more climax's.

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   She was breathing heavy now. I said that's all for now. She rolled off. Stand in front of me and turn around so I can see my work. OH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!I said, you know you do have the perfect ass, I'm sure others have told you? Others have told me, but they didn't know how to treat it like you do! Thank you! I said go into the bathroom and look at my handy work in the mirror. I went the kitchen and got her a big glass of water. I walked in to see her admiring her red ass. I handed her the water. Told her to show me. I brought out my camera phone and got some nice pictures. We went back into the living room. She grabbed my belt and dropped my pants in record time. Pushed me onto the couch and sank to her knees. Linda could suck. And swallow.

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   I plan to keep her ass red whenever she needs it. .



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