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Entering the jewelry store he had just one thing on his mind. . pick out a gift , get in and get out. Christmas is such a hectic time of year and it seems he always waited until the last minute to buy his gifts. This year he was to buy a one carat classic diamond solitaire drop. Arriving at the counter he was greeted by a scantily clad dark haired girl wearing a cute little Santa dress. . red velvet with white fur trimming the low-cut neckline and around the bottom of a short flared skirt which barely covered her cute round ass. Transclucent shimmering white panty hose covered her long slender legs with tan suede fur topped boots. "What can I help you with"? she asked as their eyes met. Beautiful, she was. . . wearing that sexy attire he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to stroke those silky hose covered legs and run his fingers over the softness of her red velvet dress. . .

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  . he could feel that familiar heated tingling beginning in his groin. "I would like to look at the diamond drops"he replied. . . all the while imagining his hands sliding over her cute little hose covered ass. . Bending over slightly she began to open the glass case which held the requested items. . as she did this her furry little skirt began to rise to exposed the backs of her upper thighs,then the bottoms of her ass cheeks came into view offering just a slight glimpse of her honey pot. . smooth clean-shaven and clearly visible beneath the sheer silky pantyhose she wore. She looked back over her shoulder and asked "Will this one do?",as she did, her eyes seemed to become fixed on his already stiffening cock clearly visible beneath the fabric of his thin Armani dress pants. . He could barely contain his excitement,as he continued to view her parted ass cheeks and obviously wet pink pussy.

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  He realized she seemed mesmerized by his obvious arrousal. . Rising, she approached him and asked "Would you like to view these privately?",all the while her eyes shifting from his face and then back down to his almost complete erection. . "Certainly" he whispered nearly speechless. As she moved past him to lead the way, she allowed her hand to brush his manhood. . a small moan escaped her lips. . . . she could feel her nipples hardening and the warm wetness between her legs. . Closing the door behind them she moved across the tiny room to him. .

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  and began to kiss him seductively. His hands moved to her firm silky nylon covered legs. . stroking her thighs he moved slowly upward exposing her now soaked pussy. . as he rubbed her, the tantilizing feel of the satiny hose was almost all he could bear. Urgently he began to stroke himself , she reached down and unzipped his pants, his cock sprang forward, already lubricated with pre-come. Bending down she looked him in the eyes, before enveloping his large cock in her mouth. She started licking and pumping. . his dick so hard and swollen now. . grasping a handful of silky hair he put his hand on her head urging it down. . .

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  enjoying the feeling of his cock against the back of her throat as she sucked even harder making muffled choking sounds . . . moaning, his whole body quaked "That feels so fucking good. . yeah baby take it all. . yeah like that". . . . . she moved against him. He brought his fingers close to her labia teasing her, making her wait . .


  small gasps escaped her lips as she moved closer to him. . inviting the invasion of his fingers into her love hole. He moved her off of him and gently began to finger her clit,and standing her up he began to lick her smooth satiny hose covered pussy. . brushing his lips over her slit. . squeezing her butt cheeks, he was driving her wild. He could feel the pulsating warmth,she was bucking and straining to feel more of him closer to her. . he put his lips on top of her slit . . kissing gently. . he pulled the tight nylon down to allow him access, then parting her pussy lips he ran his tongue around her layers of pussy flesh and began to tongue fuck her.

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  . . moving up he flicked his tongue against her clit, her legs shuttered. . she was breathing hard now,totally surrendering herself to him. . moaning she rocked back and forth, then grasped his head and cried out in pleasure as her cum juices exploded . . . She wanted to feel his massive cock inside her. . he whirled her around and began to rub his cock against her ass. . . .

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  feeling the silky softness . . . . . tearing hole in the sheer fabric he buried his big cock inside her,she shuttered and rocked against him as he fucked her. . holding her hips and pulling her hard onto him. He was driving his throbbing cock into her hard and fast his ball sack slapping her ass cheeks driving her to yet another orgasm. . . She groaned his name,telling him how good it feels, how big his cock is, and how her pussy was all his,. . . .

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  . . . . She was on continuous orgasm now coating his cock with her girl juices. . he grunted and drove hard into her groaning, animal like . . feeling her tight wetness,his cock sliding in and out. . she was thrusting to meet him as she felt his climax nearing. "Oh baby, yes, baby,so good, Oh. . . that feels so good Daddy".

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  . she moaned. The very words were enough to bring him to orgasm. . . He fucked her like a wild man feeling her cunt walls squeezing rythmically. . . his legs buckled when the a numbing climax ripped thru his groin as he filled her with his shooting cum. . . .



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