Her first time.


Author’s comment: this is my first story ever so feedback and comments are appreciated. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism people…Thanks

Ever since her mom had died, Marissa had been sheltered by her grandma’s rules. “No party’s, no sleepover’s,” and worst of all, “absolutely no boys!” Now 18 and still no boyfriend, Marissa had given up on boys until college where she could break free from her grandma’s control.
In Marissa’s sophomore year, the big event of the fall was her school’s homecoming dance and after 2 solid months of Marissa begging, bargaining and hoping, Marissa’s grandma gave in and let her go.
The night of the big dance Marissa had put on a black thong and matching bra under a denim skirt and a very low cut top. This accented her 36C breasts and her very tight ass. With her golden blonde hair and long tanned legs, she hoped to knock every boy at the dance dead.
Once she got to the dance and met up with her friends who were waiting for her, they all went inside and immediately headed to the dance floor looking for cute guys and a good time. After about 18 minutes of dancing with her friends and hoping a guy would come dance with her, her hopes were fulfilled. She didn’t immediately realize who was behind her, but one look almost made her faint.
Russ “Rusty” Smith was the starting Quarterback as a junior last year and this year had won a full scholarship at UCLA for his feats on the gridiron. Earlier that day they’d played their rivals, and he literally carried the team, running in their last touchdown himself, in their 35-34 win in 3rd OT.

His 6’3” 200lb body without an ounce of fat on it made girls swoon all over the school and he could have any girl he wanted.
“Hey sexy lady, what’s your name?” he whispered.
“Ma-marissa” she stammered out.
“Hey Marissa, let’s dance.

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And they dance for the better part of an hour, until a real slow song came on. They slow-danced in the middle of the floor until he whispered;
“You wanna go somewhere? Maybe I can get to know you a little better?”
“Where did you have in mind?”
So he took her out to his car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and they drove around the town, out into the country, as she told him all about her life, grandma and her oppression. He actually listened and asked questions and really seemed to care.
After she was done, he told her about the pressures of his dad wanting him to be the best in the NFL and such and after a good hour of driving, she asked where they were going. He responded “to my family’s cottage. ”
In 20 minutes or so, the arrived to a very secluded, but nice log cabin, which looked as though it had been built yesterday for the immaculate shape it was in. He led the way inside and as she entered, she saw a bedroom and a little door that looked as though it was a bathroom.
“How many other girls, have u brought here?” she gasped.
“A couple” he laughed
“Now lets get to know each other even better” he said, while taking off his shirt.
Her mind simply blanked as she saw his rock hard abs, defined pecs and incredible arms. He seemed to envelope her in his body as he came in for her first kiss. His tongue parted her lips and seemed to search for something that he lost deep in her mouth. As they lay back on the bed, his hands started to remove her blouse and for the first time a man’s hands caressed her body. As he rubbed and pinched her breasts and nipples, she felt an urge to feel his arms and chest. As soon as she felt his firm body, she felt unfamiliar warmth begin to flow from her pussy.

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   She began to bite her lip and press against his large hands. As soon as she did this, one of his hands released her large breast and dark nipple and he released her from his kiss. He bent over to lick and suck on her nipple, while his other hand made its way down to her thigh, then slipped slowly between her divine legs. As his hand reached her slit, so drenched in sweet nectar, he immediately found her clit and began rubbing so slightly on her button, which made her writhe in pleasure. He began to take off his pants while rubbing on her spot, making her frightened but the feelings she was having overruled her brain's orders to stop.
As he removed his jeans, he guided her hand to his cock and she rubbed it like a pro almost immediately getting him hard, a born natural. After five minutes or so her pussy began to send bubbles up her body seeming to pop in every bit of her body. She thrust her back up against his hand, which moved for a second then in one swift motion, he buried himself up to his hilt in her virgin pussy filling her and breaking her hymen. The pain yet pleasure made her feelings so much more extreme and intense and she climaxed and screamed out in pleasure and agony.
She collapsed on the bed with him still buried inside of her as the tingling stopped and she caught her breath.
“Fuck me” she said after the pain had subsided. “Fuck the shit out of my pussy! I want to feel that again. ”
“Happy to oblige,” and he began to pump in and out of her beautifully tight pussy. He seemed to have an endless cock, which filled her like nothing she had ever experienced. She grabbed his hips and pulled him harder into her screaming at the top of her lungs as she climbed to her second ever climax.

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   He never seemed to tire as for another ½ hour he slammed into her with everything he had and she reached multiple peaks in the mountains of pleasure she had now experienced. . . .