Her Brother’s Best Friend


Topic: Her Brother’s Best FriendThe following story is for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any part of this story. It is purely fictional and may contain elements that are not suitable for all readers. If you are not of legal age to view adult oriented material do not read this story. If you are offended by any of the topics this story deals with please leave now.   Please e-mail any comments or questions to track_man2006alpha@hotmail. com
Rachel looked out her window as her parent’s left her alone with her brother Peter and his best friend Alex. She was a very attractive looking female with brown hair, blue eyes, and a very slender body with the figure of Jessica Simpson.   She was 21 years old and was home for the summer after finishing her junior year of college.
That was one thing that Rachel could never tell her brother because she wasn’t sure if it would ruin Alex and Peter’s friendship. She was in love with Alex.
Alex was tall, had a slender body and was pretty slim. He had Black Hair, and Brown Eyes. He didn’t look strong but he was pretty strong for his size. His speed also was underestimated by a lot of people.
Alex was a year behind her in School and had just finished his sophomore year of collage and was going to be going to Virginia Tech for his junior year.

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   She had fantasized about Alex ever since she first met him when she was a sophomore in High School, although she dated other guys in High School and even throughout college. She always had a special place in her heart for Alex that she was never able to tell Peter…or Alex for that matter.
Alex kissed Rachel during a game of Spin the Bottle during the first time they met, at a friend’s birthday party, and the reaction from all the people at the party was one that Rachel kept in her heart since that day. Rachel ended up kissing Alex again when he was escorted her home after the Birthday party.
During her senior year, she went as Alex’s date for Prom, Sadie Hawkins, The Military Ball and Homecoming. Then she came back to be Alex’s date again for Alex’s Senior Prom. They truly had a chemistry that the other student’s saw.  
Alex decided to remain in the state for collage Rachel on the other hand went to Georgia Alex and Rachel e-mailed back and forth for the 3 years that Rachel had been at Georgia. She had even sent Alex a few nude photo’s of her just to see if they would turn him on. In response Alex sent Rachel 2 nude photo’s of him, and when Rachel opened then in her E-mail she almost thought she was going to die of a heart attack.
The pictures had been kept in an external Hard Drive, which was locked in a safe in her room. Rachel had always dreamed about loosing her virginity to Alex, but it always seemed to fall through because of her parents, his parents, or her Brother.
“Tonight. ” She thought to herself “It must happen tonight!   I have to loose my virginity to Alex! He is the only guy that I have ever truly loved. ” 
Just then Rachel heard a knock on her bedroom door.

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   “Come in” She said. Alex opened her door and poked his head in “Hey there beautiful!” Alex said. Rachel always blushed when ever Alex called her that. “I’m going home now. I really enjoyed seeing you again even though you’ve been up in your room this entire time…anything I can do for you before I leave?”
Rachel’s heart seemed to stop. “Oh my!” She thought. “This could be it. I could finally have sex with Alex!” the excitement was so much that she was getting wet. Rachel grabbed Alex, closed and locked the door behind him and then kissed him.
 Alex returned her kiss and placed his arms around her back. Then he stopped. “Ok so that’s what you want?” He said.   Rachel stopped and smiled at Alex again and then placed his hands on her hips and kissed him again. Rachel couldn’t believe what was happening! Rachel continued to kiss Alex then placed her hands by the zipper of his jeans and started to pull it down slowly. Alex reached down and helped Rachel remove his jeans as not to spoil or ruin the mood.

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After Alex’s pants fell to the floor, he stepped out of them, and removed his shoes and kicked them to the side and then he began to un-button Rachel’s blouse. Alex unbuttoned the blouse but did not immediately take off her shirt; he carefully placed small kisses around her breasts Rachel couldn’t believe what was happening.
Alex then kissed Rachel’s lips again and took off her Blouse and threw it on the floor next to his pants then he placed one of his hands around her neck and another by her Black Skirt, he slowly put his hand up her skirt and found her black panties, he hooked his fingers around the panties and slowly pulled them down.
Rachel helped him by jiggling them down so they fell to her feet quicker then he tossed the panties where his jeans were. Then he removed the skirt and threw it on the ground as well. Rachel was so excited she could hardly stand it. Alex then said, “Hang on…I need to get something. ’ He grabbed his pants and pulled out his wallet, which he opened and pulled out a Purple Package.
It was a Condom. Alex tore the condom open and then placed it around his penis while Rachel removed his Black Boxers. Alex then got back in the bed. Rachel then kissed him again; Alex placed his hands behind Rachel’s neck.   Rachel loved this. Her biggest dream was coming true. Alex placed his hands behind Rachel’s back and undid the claps of her Bra, which Rachel had ignored on purpose.

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   Rachel rolled over so she was on top of him during which Alex dropped Rachel’s Bra to the floor.   Alex put one of his hands down and felt around of Rachel’s pussy, He fingered her pussy to loosen it up for his rock hard cock. Rachel moaned in pleasure.   After Alex removed his finger, Rachel placed her head by Alex’s ear and whispered, ”Baby, I need you inside of me!” and with that Rachel grabbed Alex’s cock and shoved it into her pussy. Rachel arched her back as she rode Alex’s cock. “OH GOD! YES! YES! PLEASE BABY GIVE IT TO ME DON’T STOP!!” she screamed.   Alex still realizing that Rachel’s skirt was still on placed his hands on the waist band and pulled it down. Now they were both completely naked.
Rachel felt face first and kissed Alex’s lips again. Alex put his hands on Rachel’s back as Rachel inserted her tongue into Alex’s mouth. Alex still pushed his cock into Rachel’s vagina and then Alex felt the cum and the condom slide off of his cock, Rachel noticed that the condom had fallen off took hold of Alex’s cock which was still hard and placed it in her mouth.
Alex stood still while Rachel sucked on his cock and  then removed his cock, when he say that Rachel was panting and sweating, He then kissed Rachel’s Lips one last time before rolling to the side, and falling asleep. Rachel was so thrilled that the man she loved so much had finally made her a woman.
The End.

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