Bethan's first time


Topic: Bethan's first timeIt was getting late as Bethan sat cross-legged in the middle of Luke's double bed. The dim glow of orange street lights penetrated gaps in the heavy curtains, and the only other source of light in the room was that of a small lamp beside the bed. She was thinking about her and Luke, how they'd been together for a while now, how much she loved him, and how much she wanted to be with him properly. The door gave a small squeak as it was pushed open, and then clicked shut as Luke made his way back into the room and sat on the end of the bed, giving Bethan the cute smile of his she loved so much. Moving slowly towards him, she came to kneel behind him, wrapping her arms around him and touching her lips lightly to his neck. She was always scared to make even the smallest of first moves like this, but she knew however more experienced he was than her, he got scared too. She knew he never wanted to hurt her or push her because yes, she was still a virgin. But that night, she wanted that fact to change. Bethan took her hand and slowly ran it up Luke's arm where he was resting it on the bed, trailing her fingers along his skin up to his shoulder, then his neck, before turning his head and letting her lips touch ever so softly to his. With a happy sigh he turned to face her, running his eyes over the beauty of her body and up to her shining eyes, letting his fingers run through her hair and down the side of her cheek before tracing them over her soft lips. With a cheeky smile, Bethan opened her lips, her tongue slipping out and tasting the skin of his finger, drawing it between her lips and sucking on it slowly, her eyes linked with his before drawing back and laying on her side of the large bed. With a smile, Luke moved to lay next to his girlfriend. They'd shared the bed before and they'd played together sometimes, but that was as far as they'd ever been. He knew she was a little scared and he didn't want to push her before she was ready, but there was something in her eyes that made him think that tonight she felt differently from normal. He leant towards her, his lips making contact with hers and his hand moving over to cup her ass, pulling her closer to him at the same time. As their lips connected Bethan felt a shiver run down her spine, then parted her lips and let her tongue push lightly against Luke's.

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   Feeling his lips part at her touch, she slid her tongue further, finding his and touching them together, letting them dance as they kissed more passionately than they ever had before. Finally, Luke pulled away,moving his lips to Bethan's neck and kissing up towards her earlobe. He wanted to know what she wanted tonight, so he had to ask. 'What do you want baby?' he whispered quietly in her ear, his lips so close that his warm breath carressed her earlobe and neck. Taking her turn, Bethan touched her lips to his neck and kissed towards his ear in the same fashion, only to reply one word in a small, want and need filled whisper. 'You'. Just that one word let Luke know that she was finally ready for them to be together properly, and that what she really wanted was for him to make mad, passionate love to her for as long as they both could stand. With a smile, his lips connected with her neck again, small kisses running along it, then biting lightly on the skin. Bethan emitted a quiet moan at the feel of his teeth against her skin, and at that sound he pulled her lips to his again, kissing her deeply while his hands roamed along her body. He could feel her bra underneath her tight shirt, and worked his fingers along it, brushing her skin with the tips of his fingers, then moving them down to her waist, over her back, then to her ass once more. Pulling her closer to him let her feel his semi-hard and rapidly hardening cock through his jeans. With another quiet moan, Bethan started to let her hands slide over Luke's body as he was doing to her. Starting at his shoulders, she worked her fingers along his sides and over his back, sliding them under his shirt so she could feel the soft skin of his back, then his stomach. She pulled away from the kiss with an impish smile, then pushed him down flat onto his back before sitting herself upon him, straddling him, then lowering herself and beginning to grind herself slowly on him. Luke emitted a moan at just the feel of the pressure, and the thought this image provided of his beautiful girlfriend riding his cock like that.

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   He was bought away from his thoughts of later as he felt Bethan's hands sliding off his top and then leaning down to kiss his neck again, biting down on it like before but harder, licking over the small mark her teeth had created in his skin. Working her way down his body with her lips, Bethan carried on moving her hips, pushing her body onto his. Sitting up she licked her lips slowly at the sight beneath her and slowly undid her shirt, letting it slide off her to reveal her breasts encased in a black lace bra. At the sight of this, Luke reached his hand up and cupped her breast. She felt her breath increase as he began to run his fingers over her already hard nipples through the material, before reaching behind her and unhooking her bra, letting that slide from her body too. Pushing down on her back, Luke made Bethan lean forwards so her could run his tongue sensually over her nipple, circling it, then pulling it between his lips and sucking on it. Closing her eyes, she moaned loudly at the feel of this and pushed her hips down against what she could feel through his jeans was his now rock hard cock. Teasing him a little longer, Bethan sat up again, pulling away reluctantly from the feel of his tongue, but telling herself she would feel better things yet. Her hands rested on his chest now, caressing small circles before trailing their way down to the waistband of his jeans. Her eyes locked to his as she unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zip down, moving to sit by the side of him as she slid them down and off him completely. Her fingers found the large bulge through his underwear and began stroking slowly. She knew she was teasing him, playing with him for a while. Keeping the rhythm up, she moved her body closer to him once more, making their lips touch together again. Luke kissed her hungrily and moaned through the kiss as she slid down his underwear too and wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock, twisting her hand as she stroked, bringing him closer and closer to going over the edge with every stroke. Finally he pulled away from the kiss and whispered to her breathlessly.

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  'Mmmm yeah baby, go on, suck on my cock like I know you want to. 'With a swift motion, Luke grabbed a handful of Bethan's hair and pushed her down. She oblidged, making a small noise of pain at the force he held her hair with, but loving being told what to do. Bethan slowly kissed the tip of Luke's cock before letting her tongue slide along the length of it. As she heard him give a moan, she swirled her tongue around the tip before parting her lips and sucking it into her mouth, causing him to moan louder. Feeling brave she decided to see how far she could push herself, and slowly tried to push more and more of his large cock into her mouth and down into her throat. She gagged slightly and pulled away gasping for air, but the tightening of his hand in her hair led her to try it again and again until she felt her lips touch to the base of his cock. It didn't take long until she heard him moan yet again and she knew he was close to cumming, so she slid a hand up his leg and started to massage his balls as her tongue and lips worked on his cock. Luke swore loudly and pushed and pulled at Bethan's hair, leading her before she felt him spurt stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth. Pulling her up, he watched her swallow before turning around quickly and pinning her down to the bed. He didn't like being too forceful because it just wasn't in his nature, but he knew she liked it, and right at that second he was so turned on he'd do anything that came into his mind. As he kissed her neck slowly, Bethan realised just how wet her actions had made her be. She could feel her juices soaking her underwear and knew she wanted Luke to sort out the burning feeling she had, so as his lips touched to her neck and down towads her breasts, she freed one hand from where he had her pinned, and pushed his hand towards her jeans. Pulling his lips away from her skin he gave a devilish smile and lingered for a second before pinning her arm back down, refusing to give her what she wanted just yet. His lips made their way down to her breasts, his tongue swirling over each nipple in turn before he sucked on them, his hand caressing whichever poor breast his mouth was not paying attention to.

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   Her moans grew louder still as she became more frustrated, arching her back whenever he pulled away from her, silently begging him to give her more pleasure. Locking his eyes to hers, Luke slowly licked his lips, teasing her in the exact way she had done to him earlier as his fingers undid the button on her jeans and slid down the zip, before he slipped them inside and pulled them down inch by teasing inch. Casting the jeans aside, Luke turned his attention to letting his lips make their way up the inside of Bethan's leg. As he got closer and closer to her black lace underwear, he could feel the heat and recognised the tantalising aroma the juices from her pussy were eminating. He could feel just exactly how soaked her underwear was as his fingers brushed against the materail, producing a shiver and moan from Bethan. Slipping his fingers inside the waistband, Luke pulled away her underwear too, which displayed her beautiful pussy to him. Leaning in, he placed one kiss on her lips, then slipped his tongue between them and ran it along her dripping slit and up to her little bud of a clit. He paused for a moment before flicking his tongue over her sensitive clit and causing a yell of breathless pleasure from her. At this sound, Luke dived in, slipping his tongue down from her clit to inside her and bringing a finger closer to rub over her clit in small circles as he fucked her with his tongue. After a few moments he switched his positions, letting his finger slide inside her tight hole before suddenly sucking her clit between his lips. Her increased moans of pleasure led him to slide a second finger inside her, pumping them in and out of her as fast as possible, then as he grazed his teeth over her clit, he felt and heard her cum. Lapping up her juices with his tongue, Luke continued to run his finger along Bethan's slit, before she grabbed him and pulled him up for a kiss. She relished the taste of herself on his lips and licked her own as he pulled away. He hesitated for a second until she gave him a smile. She wanted to carry on, go further than they had before and he was more than happy to oblidge.

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  Moving his hand down, Luke took his cock in his hand and rested it against the lips of Bethan's still soaking wet pussy. Pushing himself up slowly he slid himself against her, teasing her a little as well as wanting to go slowly. She bit down on her lip at the feeling and gave an encouraging moan. At the sound of this, Luke slid his cock along her pussy lips once more, pushing it against her clit but not letting her have it inside her yet. When she tried to move her hands and take control, he pinned her to the bed again with a sly smile. Slowly he rested himself against her opening and pushed gently, feeling his breath catch as the tip of his aching cock entered into her tight pussy. He paused for a moment before pushing in a little further, entering her inch by inch until he was fully inside her, then waited, letting her get used to the feeling. When he thought she was ready, he slowly pulled out and pushed back in again, sliding in and out of her in slow, steady strokes. Her moans were nearly driving him over the edge. He wanted to go faster, harder, but he restrained himself. Moving one hand, he pressed a finger to her clit again, rubbing it as he pumped in and out of her. Bethan gave a particularly loud moan, and Luke decided now was the right time to see his image from earlier. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him, then moved his hands to her hips and he helped to guide her up and down on his cock. They were both moaning as she started to go faster and faster, fucking him harder than before, and grinding her hips against his as she became more confident. Bethan felt the familiar heat rise inside her as she came closer and closer to orgasm, then unable to take it anymore, grabbed Luke's hand and pushed it towards her clit.

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   He rubbed it in hard circles and she moaned louder than ever as she felt the hardest orgasm she'd ever have hit her in waves. The feel of her pussy convulsing around his cock was too much for him, and he pulled her off him before spraying load after load of cum over her breasts. With a finger she wiped up every drop of his cum and swallowed it down, then layed with her head on his chest, both of them breathing heavily. It had definately been worth the wait, but what she couldn't wait for, was to be able to do it all again. .



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