Apartment Delight, I tricked the landlord


Hello Everyone, my name is Marsha, my landlord is John.
I had been renting from John for several months, however, John has known my family for years.   He was friends with two of my uncles in high school and he knew my parents.
I was just out of high school and working my first real job.   I looked pretty good even though I am a little on the chubby side, my boobs are very firm and round as small cantalopes, not bad if I do say so myself.   My ass isn\'t to bad either.
I had had sex with one guy several times, but decided her was a big jerk, so I dumped him.   I had not been with anyother man, it had been nearly a year and I was starting to get very horny, playing with myself a little most every day.
It was a sunny, bright Saturday morning about 10:30, I had just gotten out of the shower when the door bell to my apartment rang.   I through on my robe and went to see who it was.   My landlord and friend was there to pick up the rent.

  I invited him in as I went into the kitchen to get the rent from the cookie jar.  
I had been feeling very horny while in the shower and had teased my clit just a little so I was pretty round up.   When I returned with the rent I ask John to sit down because I wanted to ask him a question.   I began by asking him if I could ask him a question of a sexual nature.   John said I could ask him anything.

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I ask John if had ever gone down on a woman.   He said he had, so I ask him if he liked it, he said he thought it was very nice.   I told him I thought it was awful, he laughted and said "You were with the wrong guy. "  I ask him why he thought that. John looked at me very seriously and said he had never heard of a woman who didn\'t like it if done correctly. "  I was thinking \'ya sure. \'
What do you mean?  I ask.   John told me that it was all in the technique employeed by the man.   That just confused me so I ask for more clearification.   He said there was more than one way to bring a woman to climax while eating her out.   I ask for further clarification.   John told me that it depended on how the woman was responding to what the man was doing and that he could vary his technique depending on her responce.   I was still confused and had decided to drop it.   I told him "never mind I wasn\'t interested anymore. "
John said "I\'ll bet I can make you climax and beg for more!"  What a challange, I was so damn horny from talking about it that I was willing to give it a try.

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    I stood up and dropped my robe and let him see my naked body for the first time.   John stood and reached out to caress my large boobs, he took first one nipple in his mought then the other making my nipples stand to there full length, it felt much better than it ever had wih my X boyfirend.   John ask if I was sure I wanted to go through with it.   I told him I only wanted to be eaten out, he said ok but ask if he could take his clothes off so he could hold my body close to his, I told him sure I\'d love to feel you next to me.
John told me to get comfortable as he undressed.   As he slid up my thighs kissing and feeling my legs I got wetter and wetter, his touch was much different that my X.   I was very glad I had just showered so I was nice and fresh.   When his tongue touched my pussy lips It was as though I had never ever had a tongue on them before.   As Johns tongue reached my clit a jolt shot through my pussy like nothing I had ever experienced, it was wonderful, I wanted more and John gave it to me.   I was climaxing before he ever slid his tongue inside my cunt.   As we played I discovered that there were a couple spots the sent me through the roof when John worked them, I just couldn\'t get enough.
The room was so bright from the sun, the birds in the trees just outside my open window were singing away and so was I, this man\'s tongue wa doing to my pussy I had never experienced and I loved every second of attention.   Nearly an hour later I had had at least a dozen or more climaxes, John made me a believer in \'Good Technique\'!  
I began to think about John letting me have all the fun, I was not being fair to him.   I ask John if he wanted me to make him happy he said he was happy and put his head back to my pussy.   "No" I said, "What I ment was would you like to do anything more?"  No he said.

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    I told him that I wanted him to rub the head of his cock all over my pussy lips.   He said OK but that he wasn\'t going to stick it in me, I agreed so he repositioned me for easy access to my cunt lips.
John rubbed his cock all over my pussy and clit in ways I did not know about, I was climaxing as easily as before and he had not entered me, To my neive mind I thought that this was not possible but I was doing it.   
John had succed in making me a believer in that I could climax time after time without a cock inside my pussy.   I was so horny that now all I wanted was to feel John\'s cock deep inside my cunt, I wanted to know what it would be like to have John fuck me and fill me with his cum.   
As I lay there legs wide, moaning how horny I was and how good if felt I began to beg John to fuck me.   He would not enter me, I begged more and more "John please fuck my cunt, I want to feel you shoot your cum inside my pussy!"  Still John would not enter me he teased my clit with the tip of his cock until I could not take any more I screamed "John if you don\'t fuck me right now I\'ll just die!"
John ask me "What?"  I said "I want you to fuck me right now, you have to fuck me I can\'t take it any longer, I have to feel you inside my cunt right now!"  "What?\' he said.   I said "I want to feel you shoot you cum up my cunt right now!"  With that John drove his cock as deep as it would go into my pussy, I moaned "Oh Fuck. . . . . . ,Oh Fuck. .

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  . . . . and just as quickly john pulled out leaving me worse off than before, I screamed at him "Fuck me. . . . . . . . you bastard fuck me!"  He drove into me again, I burst into the most magnificent climax I had ever had in my life.   I just kept moaning "Oh fuck. .

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  . . . . . . Oh Fuck. . . . . I came and came on his cock as he stroked the inside of my vagina over and over until his cum burst into my cunt bringing me to my final climax.
How could there be so much differance in a lover?  Now I know technique is the reason.   I love Johns technique and each time I fuck him I consider him the best I have ever had.   I feel like I was  VIRGIN before John introduced me to his TECHNIQUE!
This is my true story of learning that there truely is a differance.

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    It is now several years later and we still get together for a passionate fuck every now and then.
Marsha & John
P. S. tonight was one of those nights!  Mum. . . . . . it was so. . . . . .

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  . good. . . . . . . . !!