Late Night Ride



I was sitting at home alone watching porn and stroking my cock. I was feeling extremely horny and decided to pursue my favorite pastime and go for a late night ride, naked, and see if I couldn’t find some nice looking young women out and about that I could expose myself to. I have been told many times by the women I have dated that I have the nicest cock they have ever seen. It’s a little over 8 ½ inches long (Measured along the top side) and my cockhead is just over 2 ½ inches across. I use as cock pump, on myself, regularly and just used it before I started watching porn and got all horny. I also keep my whole package completely clean shaven and all my lady friends say they really like it that way. I also already had one of my cockrings on, over my cock and under my balls at the base, and my cock was really swollen. After pumping my cock and putting my cockring on, my cock was more swollen than I had seen it in a long time. He knew I was taking him out to show him off to some young, unsuspecting women and he was so excited he was already leaking pre-cum all over himself.

I went out the side door, out of my family room, up the short sidewalk next to the side of my house by the drive, to my car. I went this way because, given the fact that I was butt naked, except for my tennis shoes, I didn’t think the front door was a good idea. I kept a small bottle of lube and tissues in my car so I could jackoff whenever I felt like it. Leaving my house completely naked, like I was, made the whole experience ten times more exciting. Knowing if I got caught I had nothing to cover up with pushed the excitement level off the chart. I headed for the nearest strip mall where I knew lots of young women hung out late at night. The town I lived in was pretty much 24/7 and young women getting off work late would stop by the store, on the way home, to grab a late night snack.

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   They were usually in and out of the store pretty fast and I could park beside them, with the lights on inside my car, so they couldn’t help but catch me jacking off when they came back to their car.

Anyway, back to this story. When I pulled into the mall parking lot I noticed a car parked out away from all the other cars and there were four guys and a young teen girl standing beside it and they appeared to be arguing about something. I drove over to see what was going on and asked, out of my open passenger window, if everything was OK? Suddenly the young girl ran over to my car and jumped in the front seat with me. I had fixed the door switch, on that door, so the interior lights wouldn’t come on when it was opened. Because it was pretty dark, in that part of the parking lot, when the young girl jumped in my car she had no idea she had just jumped in with a completely naked older man that was jacking off his swollen cock. She was talking ninety to nothing and said,

“Please get me the fuck out of here. Those asshole guys are so mean. They told me they were taking me to a party with them and when we got way over here, on the other side of town from where I live, they told me if I wanted a ride back home I had to give each of the a blowjob and let them all cum in my mouth and swallow it. It’s not that I mind giving blowjobs, in fact I really like to, it’s just I hate being told I have to do something. So you see you are my hero and you just saved me from those asshole guys and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. ”

She told me where she lived as we pulled out on the main street. She said she was just 18 and that was why she had to catch rides with guys she thought were her friends. Now I kind of felt bad because she had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, sort of.

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   She had run from guys wanting her to give them blowjobs and jumped into a car with a naked man that was jacking off. I felt bad but I was not going to give up this golden opportunity to jackoff in front of a really cute 18 year old girl. Then I notice we were coming to a very well lit intersection and the light was changing to red. When we stopped the street lights lit up the front seat like it was daytime. She looked over and saw my nakedness, for the first time, and saw that I was stroking my swollen cock. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers as she stared at my hand sliding up and down my cock. In a panic she said,

“Oh my God. You’re naked and you’re jacking off and I’m in your car with you, all alone, and you could do whatever you want to me and just dump me off anywhere. You’re going to rape me aren’t you? Oh please don’t rape me. I’m still a virgin and my little kitty is really small. Your cock is huge and it would rip me open. I didn’t know that men’s cocks ever got that big. Please don’t rape me, please?”

I assured her that I wasn’t going to rape her. I told her I was just out riding around and wanted to flash some unsuspecting young women and let them see me jacking off. I told her most of my best orgasms came like that.

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   I said if she were really afraid I would give her enough money to get a cab home and let her out where ever she wanted. The light changed and as I drove away she said,

“No, that’s OK. You seem to be a pretty nice older man and you do have the most gorgeous cock that I have ever seen. Do the lights work in your car? I know they didn’t come on when I got in and I would really like to take a better look at your cock. ” I turned on the interior lights as she continued, “WOW! Your cock is so big. If you were my man I would fuck your brains out so much you would never think about going out and jacking off in front of other women. You know you could get in a lot of trouble for being out naked like this? With me being just 18 you could be in all kinds of trouble just having me in the car with you like this. Oh and where are your clothes? Never mind. I really don’t care. You know I really like watching you jack that gorgeous cock of yours off. Can you make yourself squirt like that? I really want to watch you squirt all over yourself, please? Can you find a place to stop so you don’t have to worry about driving and can just concentrate on jacking off your big cock?”

I pulled into some apartments that had well lit parking areas and parked. She asked if she could sit next to me and maybe play with my balls while I jacked off. I told her I would love that and I even had a trick to show her that would make any man cum even better. She scooted over and pressed her bare left leg, below her shorts, against my naked leg and the feeling was electric. She started playing with my fat balls with both hands as I continued to stroke my cock.

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   Her young hands were so soft. She asked me, what was the trick I was going to show her? I told her to put some lube on the two middle fingers of her right hand and stick them up my asshole. I spread my legs and she got so excited by what she was about to do to me. All lubed up, her fingers slid easily into my asshole. I told her the firm round object that her finger tips had found was my prostate gland and that was like a man’s “G-Spot”. She started making slow circular motions with her finger tips on my prostate as she finger fucked my asshole. In no time at all, her soft hand playing with my balls and her fingers working their magic on my prostate, I was in seventh heaven. I was stroking my cock as slow as possible to make the feeling last longer and then I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I stopped stroking my cock and told her she was going to make me cum by milking my prostate. Now she really started fingering my asshole and massaging my prostate while she played with my balls. She said,

“Come on you dirty old pervert. I want to see that cock of yours explode all over yourself. I want to see you squirt like crazy while I have my fingers up your ass and milking you. Come on and cum for me. ”

Without even touching my cock I felt that extremely intense tickling start in my cockhead and surge down into my balls.

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   As this young beauty watched closely, with her fingers fucking my ass, it hit me like a freight train and I said out loud,


The first squirt of my cum erupted out of my pisshole and hit me in the middle of my chest as my asshole tightened around her soft young fingers. Before my second squirt blasted out of my pisshole this young beauty had her mouth on my cockhead and was sucking me like crazy. She gagged as I flooded her mouth with more of my cum but kept bobbing her head up and down as she sucked on my swollen cockhead and circled her soft tongue around it. Watching this gorgeous young thing sucking this old man’s cock sent my orgasm off the charts. I had never cum that much in my entire life. When she had sucked the last drop of my cum out of my swollen cock she really surprised me. She kept sucking my cock and massaging my prostate with her fingers up my asshole. My old cock was staying as hard as a rock in her young mouth as she extended my orgasm for a good 18 minutes. The tickling in my cockhead kept getting more intense to a point that it was almost painful but I wasn’t about to stop her. My old cock kept jumping in her mouth like it was trying to squirt more cum, but my balls were drained. Finally she rose up and looked at me and asked,

“Did I do it OK? You know my little pussy was cuming every time you squirted in my mouth. She has never done that before. It felt amazing. I’ve sucked several boys at my school and none of them ever came that much. I thought I was going to drown you were squirting so much.

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   And look at that gorgeous cock of yours. It’s still as hard as a rock. Oh and look, I missed the cum that you squirted on your chest. I better clean you up. ”

As she moved up and licked the glob of cum off my chest I told her that was the best blowjob I had ever had. As she finished licking the cum off my chest she asked if I minded if she kept massaging my prostate. She said she totally love how hot her fingers were up in my ass. I pulled her to me and gave her a deep French kiss and I could taste the remnants of my cum still lingering in her mouth. Just then a female voice came from just outside my open driver’s window and said,

“You are one luck young girl. To have an older man with a cock as nice as his is that will kiss you after he just came in your mouth is very unusual. I’ve sucked off a lot of men and none of them have ever kissed me afterwards. That was amazing watching her sucking you off like that. I was surprised that she was even able to get your fat cockhead in her mouth. I could tell how hard you were cuming because your hips kept jumping off the seat and trying to get deeper in her young mouth. I think you guys should probably get out of here before someone else comes over here and see what you are doing.

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   Somebody else probably wouldn’t appreciate it like I did. ”

I told her thanks and we were on our way and I took my young beauty home. She sat tight against me all the way and kept playing with my still rock hard cock and didn’t take her fingers out of my asshole until we pulled up in front of her house. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me anytime she wanted to go for another “Late Night Ride”.




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