Wishes and Fantasies - Bringing Home a Playmate


The ride back to the house was filled with small talk about their lives; where Sami had come from, what Kristen and Brandon did for a living, the usual talk of adults getting to know each other. Soon, Brandon was hitting the garage door opener and navigating the Jeep into its parking spot. "Well ladies, we're here. " Brandon stated as he turned the key in the ignition and the Jeep's rumble turned to silence. "Let me grab the lights, and Kristen would you grab the wine?"The threesome made their way into the kitchen as Brandon found the dimmer switch and lowered the lights in the large, sunken living room. He hit a switch and the gas fireplace roared to life, another and soft music drifted through the house. The whole effect was quite alluring. While Brandon was messing around in the living room, Sami and Kristen were shrugging off their coats, hanging them on the backs of the dining room chairs. Kristen then turned to Sami, "We stopped and grabbed a bottle of Merlot, would you like a glass?""I'd love one, maybe it will help me relax a little bit. " Sami said, a slightly nervous giggle escaping her throat. "That's pretty much what I was thinking too. " Kristen laughed as she got three wine glasses out of the rack and the cork screw out of the drawer. As Kristen was pouring the wine, Sami came up behind her and gently placed her arm around Kristen's waist, laying her hand softly on her abdomen. Brushing the soft strands of auburn hair away from the side of her face Sami whispered into her ear, "You are so sexy. I can't believe how attracted I am to you. " Sami began to sway, keeping time with the music, seductively grinding her hips against Kristen's backside.

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  Sami's hot steamy breath on the nape of her neck sent quivers of electricity through Kristen's body. She began to move her hips in time with Sami's, her mind getting lost in the mesmerizing union of their bodies. Kristen laid her head back and rested it on Sami's shoulder and the women danced together, oblivious to everything but themselves and their desire. As they rocked slowly back and forth, Sami slid her hand down Kristen's belly and cupped her jean clad mound with her palm. She could feel the moist heat radiating through the denim as she pressed her fingers harder into the seam of Kristin's jeans, causing it to rub against her swollen clit. A moan escaped Kristen's lips as she reached up to caress the soft skin of Sami's face. Kristen turned to Sami, facing her, searching her eyes. Sami leaned into Kristen, pinning her against the counter top as she brushed her lips against Kristen's soft full mouth. Kristen parted her lips, allowing Sami's tongue access to her own. They resumed their slow, undulating grind, still keeping time with the seductive Latin sounds of Santana drifting from below. They continued to explore each other, caressing and touching, probing and tasting. Both women lost in the heat of a passion they had just begun to realize. While Kristen and Sami got to know each other a little better, Brandon was standing on the top riser of the few steps that lead up to the kitchen, enjoying the view tremendously. He could feel his throbbing cock straining the fabric of his pants and he reached down to rub it absentmindedly. His full attention was on Kristen and her new friend.

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   They made an erotic pair. Sami was about two inches taller than Kristen, making her about 5' 8", and she had dark, almost black hair that went three-quarters of the way down her back. Although she was on the taller side for a woman, she was slight in her bone structure. Very thin, Brandon guessed she weighed about 110 lbs. to Kristen's more supple, but well proportioned, curves. She'd never tell him, but Brandon thought she went about 130 lbs. Both women were drop dead gorgeous as far as he was concerned. They fit together so perfectly. It was like watching Dirty Dancing with two women!!After a few minutes of watching Kristen and Sami seduce eachother, Brandon was eager to join them. He didn't think he had ever been so turned on in his life. Here he was living the perfect fantasy, he thought to himself as he walked across the room and ducked his hands underneath Sami's untucked shirt and wrapped them around her tiny waist. He could feel the heat of her silky smooth skin as he caressed her bare stomach. Brandon leaned into Sami, pressing his aching, throbbing cock into her ass cheeks as he matched the girls slow sexy grind. The three of them danced together and explored eachothers bodies for some time, the electricity between them becoming an almost tangible thing. CHAPTER 5Brandon could smell the seductive musky scent of Sami's perfume in her hair as he bent his head slightly to nibble on her ear and kiss the soft curve of her neck.

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   His hands ventured lower, down the small swell of her hips to the hem of her short skirt. He began painting her thighs with light feathery circles using the tips of his fingers, gradually lifting her skirt higher. Sami instinctively parted her long legs slightly, giving him permission and access to her secrets. Brandon soon discovered that his earlier vision wasn't his imagination- she was pantiless, and very, very wet. His fingers gently caressed the folds of her slit, her juices running down his hand in rivulets. He teased her clit with soft flicks of his finger, evoking moans of pleasure from Sami. Although she was completely enjoying the attention from Brandon, Sami wanted more of Kristen. She ran her hands down Kristen's curves to the buttons of her jeans, making quick work of their undoing. She slid her hands inside and with one motion, brought Kristen's red thong panties down around her ankles along with her pants. As Kristen stepped out of them, Sami rained soft kisses on her thighs and cupped her soft ass cheeks in the palms of her hands, drawing Kristen's cunt to her waiting, wanting mouth. Kristen let out a loud gasp as Sami sucked her hard little clit between her lips. Brandon, having had to abandon Sami's sweet hot snatch when she knelt down, took the opportunity to remove his clothes. As he was doing that, he took in the scene that was unfolding in front of him. His girlfriend was bracing herself against the counter while another woman was madly attacking the most intimate part of her. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed, a mask of sheer ecstasy upon her face.

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   Brandon thought that she had never looked so beautiful. Kristen pressed the palms of her hands on the edge of the counter to steady herself as Sami fucked her with her tongue. She could feel Sami's hands kneading her buttocks, occasionally running her slim fingers along the sensitive pucker of her anal cavity as she pulled Kristen into her hot wet mouth. The combination of Sami's tongue in her slick tunnel and her finger circling her asshole sent Kristen into wild convulsions of pleasure. She bucked her hips against Sami's tongue, begging her to go deeper. Suddenly all of Kristen's muscles tightened and her breath caught in her throat as the most intense orgasm of her life ripped through her. Her vaginal walls clamped down on Sami's tongue, and her knuckles turned white from her grip on the counter. Kristen thought she would pass out from the lack of air, but she could not relax her spasming muscles enough to breathe. The contractions seemed to last forever before they ebbed away, finally allowing Kristen to gulp in some much needed oxygen. As she regained her senses, Sami lapped up the last of the sweet juices from Kristen's pussy. "Oh. . . My. .

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  . God", was all Kristen could say as she loosened her grip on the counter's edge after making sure her knees weren't going to buckle under her. Every nerve in her body screamed with excitement and pleasure. Her thighs shook with the aftershocks of the explosion, and her head reeled with dizziness and delight. Brandon watched Kristen as she floated back down to earth, and smiled. He reached down and scooped Sami up, standing her on her feet. He then put his arms around her and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. "You are the only one still dressed, and that is just not right," he whispered in Sami's ear, his breath hot and steamy on her skin. Sami allowed Brandon to remove her shirt as she softly kissed Kristen's full pouty lips. Taking her hand she whispered, "That was incredible", into Kristen's ear. "Yes", Kristen sighed, "it most defiantly was. " CHAPTER 6Kristen took Sami's hand and spun her around to face Brandon, so that she was behind Sami. She ran her hands down Sami's gently curving hips and around the front of her thighs. Kristen could feel the heat and wetness radiating from her as she reached further, running her fingers along the folds of her wet, puffy lips. She slipped a single finger into Sami's cunt as her thumb found her clit, rubbing it softly.

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   Moans of pleasure came from deep in Sami's throat as she let herself fall back against Kristen and be taken. Brandon leaned towards Sami, nuzzling the rounded arc of her neck, planting kisses as he traveled across her neck to her shoulders. His hands found the soft swell of her breasts and he began kneading them gently, rolling her large erect nipples between his fingers, the lace of her bra causing a rough friction. Sami arched her back at the sensation and groaned even louder. Sami snaked her hand down and found Brandon's huge erection, stroking it urgently as Kristen rubbed her pussy even faster, her fingers pumping in and out of Sami's wet tight cunt and her thumb rolling over her clit at a fevered pace. Sami brought the tip of Brandon's cock to her pussy and rubbed it gently on the back of Kristen's hand,silently asking permission to go further. Kristen responded by moving her hand away, giving Brandon's engorged muscle full access to Sami's hot juicy cunt. Sami glided Brandon's cock up and down her slippery folds and across her sensitive, swollen clit, tilting her hips up slightly as the huge head slipped in her tunnel. The feeling of Sami rubbing his cock along her wet pussy was driving Brandon nuts. He thrust his hips forward when he felt the head of his cock slip between Sami's pussy lips and into her cunt. He drove all eight inches of hard throbbing cock up and into her in one stroke, slamming Sami back against Kristen. He held there for a moment letting both of the women catch their breath. When Kristen recovered form being pushed back into the edge of the counter, she took one of Sami's huge, perfect breasts in the palm of her hand, twirling the erect nipple between her fingers. Her free hand found its way back down to Sami's hard swollen nub and massaged it while Brandon pumped his engorged cock into her wet, wanting pussy. Sami moaned with pleasure as she was driven backwards with every stroke into Kristen's soft tits. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   She could feel the hardness of Kristen's pelvis against her tailbone with every thrust. The sting of the lace rubbing on the raw, sensitive flesh of her nipple as Kristen rolled it between her fingers was achingly divine. The jolt of electricity when Kristen's fingernail grazed across her clit was mindnumbing. Sami could feel the pressure building deep in the center of her being. A white hot lightning bolt of pleasure, bubbling to the surface. "Oh!. . . Oh!. . . Don't stop!. . . please!.

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  . . don't stop!", Sami begged as the explosion tore through her, sending stars dancing before her eyes and waves of contractions through her body. She dug her nails into Brandon's shoulders as he continued to thrust his cock deep inside her and Kristen kept up the furious pace of fingering her clit. "I. . . I'm cumming!" Sami howled from deep in her throat as her hot juices flowed over Brandon's cock in wave after wave, her body convulsing. Brandon, who was already on the brink when Sami began to beg them to continue ravishing her body, completely lost it when she screamed and dug her sharp fingernails into his flesh. He grabbed hold of her slender hips and sank his huge pulsating cock into her tunnel, pumping harder and faster than he thought possible. He could feel the tip of his cock slamming against her cervical floor, threatening to bust right through. Suddenly his balls tightened into a knot and he could feel the pressure building to a boiling point. With a fierce grasp on her hips, Brandon exploded stream after stream of hot cum deep into Sami's womb, his cock throbbing uncontrollably. His legs shaking, he continued to ram his cock into Sami, feeling the walls of her pussy milking his dick of every last drop of cum he had to offer. As the threesome slowly came down from the euphoric high of their first time together, trying to get control of their breathing and muscle contractions, a smile broke across each of their faces.

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   Sami reached her hand out to take Kristen's, and Brandon lovingly draped his arm across Sami's shoulders. Kristen handed Brandon and Sami each a glass of Merlot, and taking the third for herself, raised her glass towards the ceiling. "To the unbelievable beginning of an amazing friendship," she toasted. "Amazing," Brandon laughed. "Unbelievable," Sami concurred, tapping her wine glass to both of theirs. "Just the beginning. . . "THE ENDI hope everyone enjoyed this little story as much as I enjoyed writng it. Many thanks to all of you that helped me become what I had set out to be. . . ~HG~.