Waiting at the Motel


Now unfastening my belt and button, I feel some release of the pressure but really feel much better as I slide down my zipper. I can't help stroking my now fully erect hardness and I slide my pants off to give full access to my smooth cock and balls. I hope Rosalyn likes the way I shaved them, it feels so good to have them bare, I can't wait to feel the tickle of Rosalyn's pussy hair rubbing against my smooth balls as I slide my hard smooth cock as deep as I can inside her. . . mmmm. . The thought of that makes my horniness grow even more and I hope I can stop myself before I cum. I wonder if I should get myself off to take away the tension so I'm not so horny and able to control myself when Rosalyn gets here. Deciding that is the best idea, and figuring I'll certainly be horny again, but controllable, when Rosalyn gets here I decide to go all the way and make myself cum. Getting up from the bed I remove the rest of my clothes and go over to a chair. As I sit down I look down at my naked cock and see a drop of precum on the tip of it. Touching the tip of my finger on it I slide it around the head - the slickness feels great mmmmmm I squeeze some more clear juice from my smooth cock and use it to lubricate my hand. With my hand slippery from my own liquid I slide it down my throbbing member. AAAAHHHHHHHH WOW!!! that feels soooooo good with a light but firm pressure I slide my hand up and down my smooth sensitive cock. I feel my balls start to contract and massage them ever so lightly with the palms of my fingers of my free hand.

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   The slickness of the precum only lasts a short time and I continue to massage my cock and balls missing the slippery sensation. I know how to get the sensation back - hand cream. Getting up from my chair I go over to my suitcase to retrieve it. As I sit down again I place one foot up on the table and reach for the bottle of hand cream there. Just as I open the bottle I hear a rattle at the door! Before I can move Rosalyn steps into the room. (How could I forget to lock the door?!!) I am obviously caught in the act and am immediately embarrassed. Rosalyn's eyes open wide at the scene of me naked with an obvious hard-on holding a bottle of hand cream. She steps in quickly and laughs lightly and says, "I missed you too". I start to get up but she motions me to stay. As she comes over to give me a kiss. I explain that I didn't expect her so soon, and that I was trying to take the edge off my horniness. "Are you going to finish what you started?" she asks as she sits in the chair across from me. Still slightly embarrassed but still very horny, even hornier now, I sure want to if Rosalyn wants to see. "Want to watch?". "Ummm HmmMmm.

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  . . " Leaning back in my chair again, I lower my hand down to my now half erect cock. Watching Rosalyn's face I see her eyes light up as I take my meat in the tips of my fingers and massage it quickly. Immediately it begins to grow back to it's full hardness squeezing out some clear precum. Again touching the tip of my finger to it the precum draws into a long string as I pull my finger away. Taking the slippery juice I lubricate my cock with it and begin to stroke my fully erect penis. I see Rosalyn's hand moving from the table to her leg and wonder if she will join me. Again the lubrication of the precum only lasts a short time and I reach for the hand lotion. A little smirk comes to Rosalyn's lips as I uncap the bottle, rest my foot on the table beside us, and tip over the bottle of lotion. I look down at my hard throbbing cock and watch the stream of white cream cascade down on the length of my cock and onto my balls. Taking one my balls in one hand I massage the cream into them as my other hand wraps around my now slick cock. MMMmmmMMMmmm. . .

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  . It feels so much better with lubricant. As I look up at Rosalyn again I see her attention is growing as is her passion. Her hand has inched it's way between her legs and she begins to rub her pussy through her pants. This doesn't last long. She stands up and tells me, "I'm gonna join in, Ok?" "Would you please?" I didn't think I could be any harder than I was, but my cock is rock hard now as Rosalyn removes her jeans and sits down only 4 feet away from me and leans back in her own chair. I love to watch her play with her pussy and in my already heightened state it is just about all I can stand to see her naked about to slide her fingers into her obviously wet pussy. She too sets one foot up on the table and I now can see the glistening of moisture on her tender lips, I feel an involuntary thrust as I continue to stroke my cock and massage my balls. Rosalyn takes one finger, runs it between her open lips gathers some lubrication and slides it up to her clit getting it wet with her own juices. Mmmmmm this is a beautiful sight - my sexxy lover aroused by my arousal. Aroused enough to play with her pussy for me - my favorite sight. We are just a few feet away from each other, our feet touching on the table, each of us vigorously masturbating while our eyes are focused on each others motions. I feel the lotion slowly dribbling down my balls and into the crack of my ass. Rosalyn is very involved in her own pleasure now. I can hear her soft moans as she takes two fingers of one hand rubs it very quickly over her clit.

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   A finger of her other hand is buried between her juicy lips I can see the slight thrusting of her hips against her motions - it drives me crazy. Hoping Rosalyn won't mind, I reach back and slide one hand under my leg. As I continue to stroke my now vibrating cock and watch my sexxy lover getting more and more aroused, I slide a finger into the pool of lubricant on my asshole. While my finger gets lubricated in the cream I push it through up to the tight ring of my ass. MmmmMmmmMmmm Rosalyn's eyes open slightly wider as she sees me slip my wet finger into my own hole to the first knuckle. The sensation is instantly transmitted to my bursting cock and I can hardly stand the excitement. Rosalyn seems to enjoy my personal form of pleasure as I can see her own passion growing in her eyes and can hear the slapping sounds of her extreme wetness on her fingers. AAAHhhhhh it feels great, and the sight of Rosalyn's fingers inside herself as mine are inside me are an extreme turn on. I am stroking my cock long and slow as I tickle just the first inch of my ass with my finger, while Rosalyn continues to rub and stroke her clit as she slides one and then two fingers inside herself. Her fingers are glistening with her juices and I make a mental note to clean up all her juices with my tongue after she cums. I hear more and more moans escape Rosalyn's throat as she watches my stroking and massaging. I can sense her getting close by her quick sharp thrusting. The thought of Rosalyn's impending orgasm is the greatest turn on of all and I begin to stroke my cock faster and faster unable to stop the sensation and wanting - needing to feel the release of cumming. Rosalyn bucks hard against her fingers as she throws everything she has into her orgasm. I LOVE to hear the sounds of her in pleasure and the sounds sights and feelings send me into a fantastic orgasm.

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  . . . Rosalyn rides her hand through the waves of pleasure enveloping her as I lessen the strokes on my cock but continue to tickle my ass as great splashes of cum escape my twitching cock to land on my belly and chest. Rosalyn's fingers and pussy are glistening with the beautiful sight of her cum weeping from her lips. We sit for a few minutes weakened by the experience. I smile at Rosalyn, "Thank You. I LOVE to watch you cum. " "I like to watch you too" "Can I clean you up?" "OOOoooh, too sensitive. " "Oh please?" "Not right now. . . . . later.

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  . . . . " "Ok. Lets have a shower then. " As we get up to walk toward the shower, I take Rosalyn's hand then slide her shirt over her head. As she stands naked before me I draw her to me, wrap my arms around her and press my lips to hers. We have a long deep kiss as I hold her naked flesh to mine I can feel my cum and her lubricant squishing between us as we hold each other and kiss. We reluctantly disolve our kiss and she steps into the shower, and I am right behind her. After enjoying the strong stream on her face and shoulders for a moment, she stands under the water just enjoying the strong flow on the nape of her neck. I move up close behind her and massage her neck as the water cascades down on her. I can feel the tension flowing out of her with the help of the shower and massage. Taking the shampoo I pour some in my hand and begin to massage it into her hair. Her hair feels silky in my hands especially with the aid of the shampoo.

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   I gently massage her scalp with my fingertips as she rests against the back of the shower with her hands. Her legs might be a little bit weak after her orgasm, I know mine are. Working the shampoo into a rich lather I rub her hair between the palms of my hands until I know her hair is completely clean. My now slippery hands move down her neck to her shoulders and softly knead her skin in my hands, I know she enjoys this and I hear her groan as she leans farther forward against the shower. Using strong but gentle motions I work her shoulders, neck and back as my hands roam over Rosalyn's upper body - a mind of thier own just massaging and rubbing her soft skin wherever they go. The shampoo is begining to flow out of her hair lubricating Rosalyn's back as I follow the flow of suds down her back. My hands are migrating down her soft smooth skin. I continue to massage as my hands follow her contours down to the small of her back. Pausing my roaming, I knead her there to releive the tension that is always there. Using my thumbs I run them firmly but not aggressively down her spine while my fingers pull on her skin and draw my hands out to her sides where her skin is so soft. Repeating the firm and soft massage up and down Rosalyn's back, firm where she needs it, gentle rubbing everywhere else has totaly relaxed her. She is leaning heavily on her hands against the shower wall, water cascading down her back. The water has washed away almost all of the slippery shampoo, so taking the small bar of hotel soap in one hand I begin to brub it all over Rosalyn. Starting at the top of her neck where the water is splashing against her, I hold the small, hard bar of soap in the palm of my hand and begin by slidding it all the down and up her back. From the tight skin of her neck to the gentle rise of her bum I cover her entire back with slippery wet soap.

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   While my free hand is rubbing the soap on her back, my other hand moves the soap across her sides to the soft skin of her tummy. The water is flowing around her sides and I pick up water with the soap as I wash her up to the warmth under her pendulous breasts. With gentle motion I slide the soap up between her beautiful breasts to her chest and then back down between them again. I have to move up close behind her to reach to her chest and I feel Rosalyn's sexxy bum against me as I set down the soap and reach both hands around to her chest. With both hands very slick from the soap I slide them down Rosalyn's chest to hold her beautiful breasts in my slippery hands. A soft moan escapes her as I gently - softly -slip my fingers and hands over the roundness of them. Leaning forward I kiss Rosalyn's wet neck and nibble softly up to her ear. With soft intermittent kisses and nips I tease her sensitive neck, ears and cheeks with my mouth, while my hands ever so lightly roll over her soft breasts. These sensations are beginning to arouse me, and I wonder if Rosalyn is noticing the growing of my manhood against the tender flesh of her ass as I press against her. It is almost an involuntary action as I press my stiffening cock against her bum, and I know she notices because I can feel her pushing back against me - maybe involuntary for her as well! Our arousal is growing and Rosalyn slightly spreads her legs as my still slippery hand slides down her tummy to the soft patch of hair of her pussy. She now alternately presses forward against my hand running circles over her pubic mound and backward against my slippery meat sliding up and down between the cheeks of her ass. With one slippery hand still gently massaging her boobs and I continue to move the other one down past her bush to the swollen lips of her wet pussy. I hope some of the wetness I find here is from inside her, and become confident it is when she takes my hand in hers and presses it harder against her mound. Slipping one finger between her lips I run it up to the super sensitive bud of her clitoris and feel her rock against both my finger and my cock sliding up between the cheeks of her ass. I feel Rosalyn's hand reach down beneath mine to take my balls in her hand, she gently massages them with her finger-tips and then slides up to take hold of my cock.

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   As the water flows over us, my finger continues to quickly and very gently tease Rosalyn's clit, she places the tip of my now fully engorged cock against her lips, then pushes back against me. Instantly my slippery cock is swallowed by her hungry slit and I feel my naked balls rubbing against her sensitive clit and lips. She leans over farther to allow me deeper penetration as she bucks back against my strong deep thrusts. I feel every millimeter of her sucking slippery walls against my hard cock as I repeatedly thrust into her while still tickling and teasing her clit. We continue to enjoy each others passion for a few minutes alternately thrusting slow and deeeep then HARD and fast. In my minds eye I see my cock sliding in and out of Rosalyn's receptive pussy and I get a growing desire to taste Rosalyn's sweet juices. Slowly easing out of her fantastic pussy I back away slightly, take Rosalyn's shoulders in my hands and gently turn her around. She faces me, I take her pretty face in her hands, and give her a deep kiss. Lightly kissing up her cheek I ask her if she would like me to lick her pussy. She wilts in my arms and grants me an "UMmmmm Hummmmm!" I take her hand in mine and shut the water off and lead her out of the shower. We quickly dry the water off of each other and move out to the hotel room. I am very aroused at the sight of her hurrying to the bed and I know Rosalyn is very very much anticipating the pleasure that I want to give her - she immediately lays down on the bed spreading her legs. "Cum suck on my pussy and make me cum” "Mmmmm glad to. . .

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  . " As I move over to her Rosalyn lays down completely and slides her fingers down to her pussy, slightly spreading her slick lips. I lay down between her legs and consider teasing her with my tongue for a while before I touch her pussy with it. Deciding against it, I place my nose only an inch from her lips. Getting my first scent of her sweet sexy aroma I lay my tongue out and take a long slippery lick of her pussy. Immediately Rosalyn groans and places her hands on my head to draw me closer to her point of desire. I take a few more long licks to distribute her natural lubrication all over her throbbing lips and clit before narrowing in on her tender bud. Since she came only a short time ago from her own manipulations I know I may have my work cut out for me before she will cum again, but I am determined to make it good for her. With ever so light flicks I touch only the tip of my tongue to her clit. Faster and slower I tickle her ripe bud and can hear her enjoyment and feel her thrusting against my actions as I breath in her aroma of passion. I flick her clit lightly - quickly for as long as I can, then when my tongue gets tired I take loooong licks up and down her pussy dragging more juice up to her protruding bud, then I begin to flick it again. Rosalyn begins to squirm under me as I continue these actions of fast gentle flicks and long deep licks, occasionally sliding my tongue as deep as I can into her pussy before returning to tickle and tease her clit. I am very aroused by my beautiful lover's pleasure and can not help humping against the bed as I suck on Rosalyn's hot pussy. My passion is growing with hers, her sexy sounds and actions tell me that she will cum again, soon. As I take another deeeeep lick in her pussy I can see the juices running out of her, down her lips to the crack of her ass.


   The sight of her wet little hole excites me further and I intensify my licking and tickling of Rosalyn's clit. Sliding my hands down I take firm hold of her ass and try to hold her bucking thrusting pussy to my mouth. Her cum is nearly there and the intense passion of the moment takes me. Letting go of of Rosalyn's sexy bum with one hand I slip it under her and using the flat of one finger I run circles on the tight wet hole of her bum. A loader moan escapes her lips and she begins to buck harder against my probing tongue. I know by the rhythm of her humping and the urgency in her moans she is about to cum. Her passion is rising quickly as I probe deep into her pussy with my tongue and massage her tight little asshole with my finger. "I'm CUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!" she moans in her sexy passionate voice that is almost a whisper. Rosalyn is vibrating under my tongue and against my finger now. I avoid her super sensitive clit and remove my finger from her bum, only taking long licks on her lips to please her through her powerful orgasm. The waves wash over her for a full minute before she slows down and rests motionless on the bed. As I lovingly nuzzle and kiss Rosalyn I can feel the last bit of energy escape from her and she drifts off to sleep in my arms, exhausted from the recent intense episodes. I kiss her sleeping lips one more time and then rest my head on her breast and feel myself drifting into sleep myself. I am slowly drawn to awakedness by the wonderful sensation of Rosalyn licking my balls. As I open my eyes she has sensed that I am awake, looks up at me and smiles, she is beautiful and has kept herself naked for me.

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  . . . . . . . MMmmmmm. Up on her hands and knees she crawls up to me and gives me a kiss. I taste wine on her lips and as I look over to the dresser I see that she has found the wine I brought. It looks like she has drank at least two glasses. I assume that since she has found the wine, she has probably found the other things that were in that bag. I don't see them on the dresser though, and there's the bag, empty, beside the wine. . .

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  . "Wonderig where this is?" she asks. "Well,. . . . yes. . . . . . . I guess so. " She pulls up from under the blanket a bottle of chocolate syrup and a can of whipped cream.

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   "You're turn, . . . . . I bet these taste good together. " she purrs as she uncaps the syrup. Turning it over she begins to squeeze the bottle and a fine stream of syrup flows out from the bottle straight down to the tip of my cock. She traces a slow thin line down my cock, following it down to lay zig-zag pattern on my balls. Now picking up the whipped cream can, she shakes it as she smiles. My cock is really beginning to respond to the thought of what's about to happen. When Rosalyn sprays the whipped cream all over my shaved cock and balls I can feel myself starting to grow harder and harder. Putting the can away Rosalyn smiles at me again and comes up to give me another kiss. As she kisses me I feel her hand swirling in the chocolate and whipped cream on my cock. It feels slippery like the soap or the lotion did and I instantly thrust into her hand involuntarily.

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   She traces one finger down the seam of my cock, over my balls and continues down. . . . She whispers in my ear "Did you like having your finger inside yourself?" "Uuumm, Hummm. It was erotic. " "As erotic as mine would be?. . . . . . . . .

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  " Instantly my cock twitches at the words and she slides her finger down almost to my most sensitive spot. "Would you like to cum with my finger inside you?. . . . . . . . . . . " "OOOHHhhh PLEASE would you?" "ummmm. . .

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  . We'll see. . . " she coyly replies as she takes my incredibly hard cock in her hand and starts to stroke it. Steadily she slides her hand right up over the tip of my cock, careful of the sensitive head, and then with a slippery smooth grip down to my balls. The sensation is fantastic, and it excites me even more to think that she may massage my sensitive erotic butt. Rosalyn begins to move down to place her face on my belly. As she strokes her hand up my cock she flicks the tip of her tongue to the tip of my cock. Doing this a few times drives me crazy and I thrust up against her lips. She opens them and swallows almost my whole cock in her mouth. "AAAAHHHH" escapes my lips as I feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock and then takes me deep. While alternatly sucking and licking me in a random pattern Rosalyn also now begins to stroke my slippery cock with one hand as her other one rests under me. As her mouth tires she rests it while continuing to stroke me with her hand, I am thrusting more and more against her hand as my passion increases. The excitement is becoming unbearable and I feel like I'm soon going to cum.

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   Rosalyn hears my breathing becoming short and again takes me into her mouth, stroking my cock with her hand and lips. As I thrust into Rosalyn's mouth I feel her hand under me moving. She runs a finger down the crease of my slippery balls, right down to the tight opening. I am engulfed in pleasure, getting closer and closer to orgasm. I feel Rosalyn's finger touch and then run circles over my slippery hole - That sends me over the top!!!! "I'M GUNNA CUM!!!!!" I manage to say. Instantly Rosalyn slides her finger into my hole. "OOOOOOHHHHHH WOW!!!!" I try to say but can't. My cum is too intense. Rosalyn now makes slight milking motions on the base of my cock and wiggles her finger slightly inside me as I shoot cum over and over. I take a few moments to collect my senses. "Thank-you sweetheart, that was FANTASTIC!!!!!" I finally say. "I owed you one" she tells me, as she moves up to lay beside me. "Well now I owe you several!!!".



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