The Meeting


He set her bag down. She immediately threw the rest of her belongings into one of the plush red chairs in the sitting room. He grabbed her pulling her into the most passionate and wonderful kiss. They kissed for several minutes. He let go. She was breathless. She wanted him more than any thing right at that moment. She went into the bedroom throwing her down pillow onto the bed. She came back to retrieve her suitcase. He wrapped his arms around her again. “I am so happy you are here, even if you are late,” he teased her. She had warned him. She was late for everything. She told him she would probably be late for her own funeral. He had laughed at that. She knew her lateness was a point of stress with many people.

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   He laughed it off. It was nice that he was not like every one else. She touched her forehead to his looking him in the eyes. She knew from the moment she stepped from her car that he was different. She knew this was some one that genuinely liked her for her. Her beauty was icing for him. She kissed him again pressing her body to his. He ran his hands down her back. She felt his hardness against her. He was definitely happy to be there. She sat on the ottoman kicking off her shoes. He knelt in front of her. He looked at her drinking her in. With no make up and her hair pushed back with her sunglasses, she was still very striking. The black halter she had chosen to wear, worked only to make her eyes look bluer.

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   He reached up pulling her in again. He devoured her mouth with his. His hands were down her back. He leaned into her, laying her back onto the ottoman gently. She laid back giving him a puzzled look. He kissed down her neck, down her chest, down her body as his hands deftly worked at the button and zip of her pants. He pulled gently at her jeans, sliding them off with ease. To his surprise, she was wearing no panties. He could smell her arousal. He finished pulling off her jeans, kissing her thighs and down to her knees teasingly. She breathed deeply enjoying him enjoying her. He let his hands run up and down her muscular calves. His lips caressed her thighs. He moved his mouth up to her pussy lips. Her pussy was trimmed close, almost shaved.

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   He let his tongue touch her lips. She felt him breathe in her aroma. His lust was building. He wanted to please her so badly. She arched her back giving him greater access to her secret place. His hands found their way under her rounded ass. He lifted her gently up so he could bury his tongue into her. His tongue probed her deeply while his hands gripped her ass tightly. He licked and kissed and pushed. She was so wet. Her arousal was very obvious. She was so happy to be here. He pushed his tongue in, licking harder. He nibbled her lips, pulling at them with his mouth. His pointed tongue found her clit.

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   He circled it gently. She moaned audibly. He pressed harder on her button. She arched her back more pushing her sex into his mouth. His hand found her wetness and slid a finger inside. He pushed into her as he worked her clit. His fingers massaging her tunnel as his tongue massaged her hard clit. She found herself in great pleasure. From his moans, she ascertained he was enjoying it also. He sped up his probing fingers and the pressure of his tongue. She was climbing toward her peak. He wanted to push her over the edge. He wanted to taste her cum so badly. He wanted to give her so much pleasure. He looked up at her and saw her face.

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   She was beautiful. He could see the pleasure in her eyes. She reached down pulling his head into her pussy. She pressed herself harder into him. She needed release. He sensed her need. He pressed harder with his tongue sending shock waves through her body. His fingers worked feverishly in her wet hole. Her climax was mounting. He licked and sucked and fucked her with his fingers. Letting loose all he had to give her. Her body began to tense. A low moan was escaping her lips. She was building to that beautiful release and he was taking her there. Her was sucking her clit hard with his fingers buried in her.

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   Her thighs began to shake and her body tensed tightly. She moaned loudly. “Oh my god!! Baby, I am cumming on your face. ” She shouted out. “Bury your fingers in me, I want you to feel me cum on your hand. ”He obliged her. He felt her get so wet. She pushed her cunt into his face. He tongue crushed at her clit as she spasmed all over his hand. She had cum hard. Her breath was ragged and hard. He felt her relax and let her ass down onto the ottoman. He gently kissed her thighs. He crawled up between her legs. He pressed into her and kissed her deeply.

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   She sucked her juice off his tongue. She licked his lips and kissed him hard. He brought his hand up to her mouth and she sucked his fingers clean. They kissed again sharing her cum. He got up letting her breathe for a moment. Dinnertime was almost upon them. She slid her jeans back on and gave him a sly look. He pulled her in kissing her once more. She was feeling his hardness again. She slid her hand down and rubbed him through his pants. “Baby, is that all for me?” She grinned as she teased him more. “Yes, all for you, but you have to wait for after dinner. ”The fake pout she had on her face was very convincing. He was in the verge of giving in. He changed his mind and held his ground.

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   He kissed her on the forehead. “After dinner, Sweet Pea. I promise it will be worth the wait. ” He breathed as he nibbled at her ears and neck. Damn he was a tease. He smacked her ass lightly and urged her to get ready for dinner. She got ready and they departed the room. She could not wait for what the evening held for her. .