The Club


You are in a pretty large nightclub and the music is pumping pretty loud, you've had a great night so far and your feeling more than just merry with the drink flowing through your viens, you head over to the bar to grab you and your friends another drink, as you aproach the bar you notice someone who you think you recognise and tap him lightly on the shoulder, i turn round looking straight into your eyes as i do, "sorry" you say "i thought you was someone else" "Well is it such a bad thing that im not?" i reply, "no" you say while we still stand staring into each others eyes, "why dont you join me for a drink" i say, "sure" you reply "i just need to take these drinks to the girls", sure no probs, just tell that bouncer over there that your looking for me, and he will show you where i am at"
you take the round back over to the girls, with your legs feeling a little jelly like with anticipation of what could be instore for you, you tell your friends that you have seen an old acquaintance from a while back and you want to go for a chat.

You make your way back over to where the bouncer was stood and ask to see the guy you was just talking to, "that would be Kerry" the bouncer tells you.
he leads you up another flight of stairs right to the top of the night club, "he's in there" the bouncer says.
you enter the room and give a gasp straight away as you take a second to gain your balance, you are amazed as you cant stop looking down through the solid glass floor looking down onto a night club full of people.
"dont worry" i say, "its quite safe and nobody can see through either" i add with a wink. "wont you come over here and join me for a drink?" i ask, "sure" you reply "something very strong though, i think i need it"
and thats how the evening started for us, we sat and talk for an hour or so with the whole night club below oblivious to us above. "so nobody can see in here at all then" you ask again for the hundreth time, "no not at all" i reply laughing, you stand up and start to walk around looking down at everyone, "so nobody down there will see me doing this then will they" you say as you let your shirt fall from your back revealing your delicious breasts and very erect nipples, "not at all sexy" i reply as i move over to you grabbing your back so i can pull you towards me, letting me bury my face into your juciy tits, "mmmmmmm" you moan with pleasure at the thought of everyone below, thinking about that gets you feeling even more horny making your skimpy tong become very moist with your pussy juices. you pull away from me and fall to your knees practically ripping my belt from my jeans, "i want to taste your cock in my mouth" you pant at me, i just stand there and let you pull out my cock leaving my jeans to fall to the floor, you push me back so i fall onto the couch with my legs spread with your head pumping up and down on my throbbing cock, licking and sucking and teasing as you do, you pull your head away and stand up ripping your skirt from round your waist as you, "i want you to fuck me senseless all over this floor" you say, and i am only too happy to oblige, you lie back on the floor shivering a little as you feel the cold glass press against your skin, i enter you slowly to begin with, looking down at your face as i do, seeing the pure pleasure radiating from you as i do, "dont be gentle" you say "just fuck me as hard as you can, i want you to make me scream" so i start to really thrust into you as hard and fast as i can, making you whimper and moan as i do, you wrap your legs around my middle to feel me enter you even deeper, pretty soon though i start to cum as your screaming into my ear, as i finish off i can see that you are still on the edge of orgasm, so i start to really go to town on your pussy with my mouth and my tongue, making you squeal with pleasure, making you wrap your legs around my neck, pulling my face deeper into your pussy tasting our juices combined, pretty soon i can feel your body tremble and your back arch a your pussy explodes into my mouth and face, send a mixture of my cum and your pussy juice down my throat and all over my face, you then proceed to lick my face so you can get a good taste of yourself, and we kiss deeply and passionately, lying there above thousands of unsuspecting people. . . . . . . . .


  . . xxx