The Beast in Control, Ch. 8


"Now, Bitch-queen," I whispered in her ear, "your body is mine; your mind is mine; your soul is mine. I shall bend it to my will and you will love it. Or you will not. That depends on you, my sweet thing. " And with that, I stepped in front of her and squeezed both breasts, sliding my hands down to the aureoles and pinching them between all four fingers and thumb on each hand. I pulled at the nipples with thumbs and forefingers until they stretched to their limit and lifted the breasts from their positions against her ribcage. "These are mine, you bitch. These are mine to do with as I wish. " And I bent and sucked one deep into my mouth where I bit into the aureole and forced the nipple into my mouth where I flicked it a dozen or more times with the tip of my tongue. " I heard her gasp and try to throw her body from side to side to dislodge my mouth, but I held on tightly and listened to her heartbeat increase and her breathing deepen.

I released her breast from my mouth and stood within inches of her. I slid my hands under her breasts and down across her stomach to that strip of hair where I used thumb and forefinger again to tug and pull at that thatch. As I pulled with one hand, which caused her to actually raise up on her toes, I slid the other hand between her spread thighs and cupped her pussy lips in the palm of my hand. "Feel that, dear one? That is the hand of your Master for as long as I choose to be such. Get used to it. I will touch you, stroke you, insert myself into you as often and as much as I like.

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   Do you understand that?" She screamed. She screamed a long, blood-curdling scream that came out as a mixture of a wounded mare and an ancient Irish banshee screaming out her pain. I didn't flinch. I didn't move an inch. My hand still cupped her pussy. "Scream all you like, my love vessel. There is no one within miles to hear you. And besides that, you are so far below ground that only the worms and the grubs would pay attention. Get used to the fact that you are in my control. " And I slipped one thumb deep insider her pussy. She was relatively dry…no real reaction to my earlier manipulation… but I didn't care. My thumb found warmth, but not heat; slickness, but not the wet surfaces that I sought. That would come later. I pushed the thumb as far into her as I could and lifted her almost off the floor with the pressure. I was touching the hard circle at the back of her velvet chasm as I whispered into her ear.

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   "This is only a thumb, my slut; wait until it is something much bigger, much longer. You will not be a shallow cunt for long. " And I released her abruptly and felt her sag in the chains. I stepped away and told her I was leaving for a while but would return with company for her to talk to. And I slipped out the door and back to the shed above. To be continued, of course.