The Beast in Control, Ch. 6


And make a move he did. He slid closer to her and lifted both breasts upward and outward, caressing and moving them under his hands and the silky material. I could see his thumbs had found her huge nipples and were pressing in on them as he lifted and moved her melons. And their tongues were interacting with some ferocity at this point as well. His hands were nimble and experienced, because without my even noticing it, all four buttons of her blouse were undone and his hands were spreading the halves of silk and moving inside to caress the flesh beneath. She stiffened her back and thrust her breasts into his hands. He slowly, tenderly manipulated them and pulled at the nipples as he pinched them delicately. I knew she was excited because I could see her breathing increase from where I was. Her chest was rising and falling with her attempts to suck in enough oxygen to keep up with her racing heart. And he pulled the rest of her blouse from her skirt and removed it completely. The contrast of her black skin against the backdrop of the rose-pink couch was almost more than I could bear at this point. My camera had been clicking to capture their ballet of love since the first kiss. I watched as she stood up, slowly taking his hands from her breasts and took a position directly in front of him. I now had a side view and watched as she unbuttoned the one button of her skirt and slid the side zipper down to its limit. She then bent and took his hands and placed them on the waistband of her skit and said something to him. He replied with something and began to remove her skirt by sliding it down across her luscious ass and thighs until it puddled at her feet and she stepped aside, flicking it across the carpet.

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   Now, she took his head in her hands and slowly pulled his face to her stomach where he pressed his lips and kissed her softness. She allowed her head to loll backwards and he moved his face lower until he was nuzzling her ample bush of jet-black curls. He slid his hands up inside her legs, caressing along the insides of her thighs and touched her nest of passion with his fingertips. He bent forward further and kissed her right at the apex of her pussy, full on the mound and cupped her treasure in one hand. She moved backward, out of the reach of his hands, and said something to him. He sat back on the couch and she walked into the bedroom, leaving him there. As soon as she was gone, he stood and began to remove his clothing, carefully hanging the items on the back of the chair next to the couch. When he was fully nude, he sat on the arm of the chair and waited. She must have told him she would call when she was ready. I switched my viewing to the bedroom where she had gone. She had moved to her bathroom and retrieved the yellow peignoir set and had slipped the panties on and was holding the gauzy garment in front of her. She was shaking her head as if to clear it and holding onto the edge of the dresser with the other hand. As I watched, she sat down on the side of the bed and let the yellow gown slip from her fingers to the floor as she slipped sideways onto the coverlet, the Seconal taking full effect on her body. Hearing nothing from the other room, her guest became a bit agitated and began to pace back and forth. He moved closer and closer to the bedroom doorway and finally peeked in.

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   When he saw her lying on the bed, sound asleep, in the yellow panties and nothing else, he moved to her side. He touched her, massaged her breasts, poked at her shoulder and leaned down to speak directly to her; but there was absolutely no response. He stood there with his hands on his hips, shaking his head, and looked at the vision in front of him. "Here is the chance of a lifetime," I could imagine him thinking. "I could fuck her without her ever knowing it. She's out like a light. " Now, these comments are only supposed, of course; but it is exactly what I would have thought had I been in the position he was. He did give in to temptation enough to spread her legs a bit and to touch her softly between the thighs. He slipped a finger into her and moved his hand around a bit, but when there was no response, he simply bent and kissed her, and threw a small quilt over her sleeping body. He went back into the living room and turned on the TV and sat down to watch. It didn't take but a few minutes before he, too, was sound asleep. The plan was going well, or so I figured at that moment. I scurried from my hiding spot and entered her apartment as usual. It was now my turn for a surprise. This man was huge! How in the hell was I going to get through the next part of my plan? Well, I suppose moving him into the bedroom was still a better idea than moving her out here.

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   I squatted in front of him and pulled him across my shoulders in a fireman's carry. I strained thigh and back muscles to stand up with his weight and moved clumsily to the bedroom where I deposited him in the chair in the corner. Then I moved to her and began taking pictures. Full-body shots, shots of her face, shots of her breasts, extreme close-ups of nipples, beautifully framed shots of her bush and pussy lips…they all found their way into my digital camera. I moved her about, stretching her legs out as far as possible and then propping her ass up with pillows to shoot at a bed-level. My viewfinder provided me with an incredibly erotic series of pussy shots from all angles. Now it was time for the meat and potatoes of the plan. I used every ounce of strength that I'd accumulated in the last months at the club to pull him out of the chair and onto my shoulders again. I walked to the opposite side of the bed and flipped him onto the mattress beside her. I stood back and gauged the situation and moved Ms. Ramada's body so that her head was now lying on his stomach, her mouth only inches from his black rod. He was already thickened and nearly hard when the drug took over and he had not yet settled back into total limpness, so his tool was thick enough to make the picture look good. I took several shots from different angles, which made it look as if she was just about ready to eat his cock. Then, I took her hand and wrapped it around his tool and took several more pictures. I placed her lips directly on the head of his cock and slipped them open a fraction so that the head was almost entering and took a few more.

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   To my surprise, probably due to the repeated handling, the man's cock had begun to stir. He was still deep in a drug-induced sleep, but his cock was reacting to the external stimuli of her hand and lips – much like waking up with a hard-on after a wet dream, I suppose. I smiled to myself and moved her hand up and down along the shaft until he had reached what I figured was his full proportion. He was not porno-film large, but quite respectable at 8 or 8 ½ inches and actually thicker than my own cock. The head was a shiny black-purple which contrasted with the dull black of the skin of his cock shaft. Since Ms. Ramada was in a state of absolute, total relaxation, it was not difficult to open her lips and insert the head of this cock into her mouth. I took another half-dozen shots with the head inserted and then manipulated her face and his cock enough so that she was appearing to swallow nearly the entire thing. It bulged in the side of her cheek and a small bit of saliva ran down from her lips along the thickness of his shaft. I placed her hand under his balls as if she was cupping them and took another few pictures. I did not think I would be able to get him to actually reach a climax and cum in her mouth without some specific work on my own part and I was not prepared to do that, so I put down the camera and re-arranged their bodies. This took nearly ten minutes and an entire bucket of sweat and strain, but now she was on her back and he was between her legs. Her knees splayed far to the side as she had no control over them, and he was crushed into her crotch with his own. He lay heavily on her upper body, smashing her huge breasts under him and causing them to bulge out at the sides of her body. I raised her knees as far as they would go and not slide back down and took a series of shots of what appeared to be a fuck scene.

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   This was not enough, of course. I then spent the next hour moving them into various positions that could be held for a minute or two without them toppling over. A beautiful shot of a classic '69' was one of my favorites, with his cock again jammed into her mouth and his face, propped up by a pillow, buried deep in her hairy cunt. I even managed to insert one of his fingers into her anus while they were in this position so it looked like he was not only eating her pussy, but finger-fucking her ass as well. The pièce de résistance, however, was my last idea. I knew that I could not force him into climax without some personal manipulation of his cock, so I spread her legs as far as I could, held her ankles in my hands and slipped my own cock deep into her cunt. She was a bit dry, but I did not let that stop me. Within a few strokes, I had provided enough lubricant for the both of us and managed to sink my entire length into her in a long, slow insertion. I pressed as deeply as I could and fucked as wildly as I could in order to let her know she had been fucked (I wanted her to feel fucked when she woke up). I rubbed my wet, oozing cock all over her pussy hair, her stomach, her thighs, etc. , leaving pre-cum streaks everywhere. When my climax was imminent, I pulled out, laid her legs back on the bed and climbed to where I could cum onto any part of her body I aimed at. The first spurt landed directly on her black pussy hair, glowing white-gray in the lamplight; the second was aimed at her coal-black nipples and actually strung itself in one long ropey strand across both breasts; the third landed squarely on her partly open lips, dripping slowly into the recesses of her mouth. I wiped the rest of the cum from my cock on her nipples and breasts and moved away from the bed. I would be far from here before either of them awoke, I was certain.

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   I took a few more pictures of her cum-smeared face, breasts and pussy, then one of her entire cum-covered body lying next to his, and I left by my usual secret entryway. I can not relate how either he or she reacted when they actually woke up, since I was far from the scene by that time, but leave it to the reader's own imagination. And when the package arrived at her front door a few days later with glossy, computer-printed pictures of her in a variety of sexual positions and predicaments, she was probably shattered. The enclosed note which instructed her to appear at a certain time on a certain date under a certain billboard just outside of town or suffer the consequences of those pictures being sent to a dozen Bulletin Boards on the Internet probably shocked her, too. The note also mentioned the e-mail address of the principal of Crestline High School and the e-mails of several of the members of the Board of Education. Would she like those pictures to appear in their mailboxes at any time soon? The writer of the note supposed not, and continued with the instructions as to what she was to wear and that she was not to be followed, nor was she to inform anyone – especially the police – of this particular event in her life. She already knew what the consequences would be for any such violation of trust, didn't she? Though I did not know it at the time, she caved in and prepared to honor the meeting time and place. She thought she could reason with the blackmailer and wanted to give it a try. She had a little money put away; she would promise him/them that if only they would not publish the pictures. Now, wouldn't you think a blackmailer would be willing to negotiate for money? Not this blackmailer! I had set the date in two days time, figuring I could lay the rest of the foundation for my "plan" by that time and have all five of my "targets" in place at the same time. Now, I needed to move on with the machinery of luring the others to me. To be continued, of course….