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now the next part of the plan was to come into action. it was his birthday an she asked him what he wanted to do. he new of a biker bash that was going on the weekend an said that he woould like to attend it as he knew people from varios clubs. she agreed to go. this was also new to her she never realized that there was so much going on in the world that she knew nothing about a boy was she shocked when scott saw a couple freinds of his that belong to one of the biker clubs. scott an dez shot the shit for awhile while she looked very uncomfortable an was looking around evrywhere not sure what to expect. there were police everywhere. we then proceeded to the beer tent where we spent the remander of the nite, drinking beer an watching the bands play when all the sudden a topless contest started well she was all wide eyed an watching everyones moves she couldn't beleive that girls were actually get up out of the crowd an showing there tits to everyone. i tried to talk her into going up there but she was just to scared. when we left she once again brought up the conversation of sex an how free everyone was i told her that this is a lifestyle that i lived before her. she asked me if i missed it an i said kinda but i had kids to think about now . well she blew me away when she said that she was willing to try some more adventurist stuff so we proceeded to find some one to have a 3-way with. the nite came when it wasto happen an boy she was nervous. when pat show up he was just an average guy not bad looking married with kids. we went out for a few drinks an scott a pat decided to let lynn take control an go at her speed well we were both shocked when she said let go home after only being out for half hour we weren't sure what to expect.

once home lynn was in control.

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   she looked at the both of them and said are we going to fool around or what well neither had to be asked twice an away to the bedroom they went. they all disrobed an got into the bed pat was as nervous as her. lynn proceeded to fondle the both of them when she started to slide down the bed an engulfed pat cock her her mouth . giving blowjobs was allso something new to her until she met scott too. as she was boobing up an down scott started to finger her pussy an getting her hot you could start to her the moans coming from her as her pleasure was getting the best of her. just then pat started to moan louder an he shoot off his load right down lynns throat, with out missing a drop she sucked it til the last drop was out and sat up an look at pat an said that she hoped that he wasn't finished. he looked at her an said just give me a few minutes with that she went to scott an swallowed his cock in her mouth well that almost made him blow right there as he knew she was not fond of sucking cock yet she just had one an now she taking another. as she was sliding her lips over his cock pat regained his hardon an got up behind her scott was only the 3 lover in his wife history an now another guy a total stranger to her was about to fuck her. pat slide his cock in her an proceeded to bang my wife well she sucked on my cock it was one of the best blowjobs she had every given him. after about 18 minutes of sucking one cock an fucking another she decided she wanted to ride pat. she push him down on the bed an climbed on top of him an rode him like there was no tomorrow. you could hear the moans getting heavier from the both of them. she was reaching for my cock an started stroking it as she bounce faster on him then she started to caress her breast. i lost count on how many time i figured she had cum. she was turning into a real animal an i was loving it.

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   i let them have there fun they fucked for about 45 minutes when pat blew his load again. she was left still wanting more so when pat got up to leave she said thank you an tackled scott,again going right for his cock engulfing it right to the back of her throat far enough that you could hear her gag a bit scott couldn't believe the animal she had turn into. she then push him back an mounted him an fucked him like she never had before it was the best sex they have had as long as been together. that nite has past us by now an she sayes she feels a little guilty about it even though i was there she feels she cheated i told her it was fine an then she asked if we could do it again she want to try it with a girl now we haven't had anyluck with that as yet but are working on it but have had the pleasure of another mfm 3-way but that another story . .


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