I first met her at a restaurant where she is the head Chef. I had arrivied in St. Louis on a business trip and stopped in to enjoy a meal. I am a representative of a very large Micro-Technology Corporation and usually do a lot of traveling. The company picks up my tab, so I try to eat at the better restaurants. I ordered Chicken Cordon Blue and a vegetable melody for my meal. The meal was outstanding, so I asked the waitress to have the Chef come to my table. I assured her that I was very pleased with the meal. I was extremely surprised when Raven came to my table. I told her how much I had enjoyed the meal and just wanted to personally thank the Chef. I'm 27 years old, 6'2", 220lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. I keep my hair cut conservatively, as it is part of the business image. I work out whenever possible, so my body keeps a muscular frame. My short conversation with Raven wasn't enough for me. I asked if she would mind showing me a little of St. Louis, while I was here.

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  She gave me a look that told me I had over-stepped my boundries, but then she smiled and told me that she could get free about 10PM. I told her where I was staying, and i'd meet her in the lobby. She returned to the kitchen, I paid my bill and gave a generous tip to my waitress, then left to get cleaned up some. I had time to use the hotel gym, so I took advantage of that, went to my room, showered, dressed and went to the lobby to wait on Raven. When she walked through the doors, I took in what she was wearing. Her jeans were tight and molded to her ass like a second skin. Her shirt was a sleeveless t-shirt. When her black leather jacket opened, you could clearly see that her nipples were erect. "I hadn't planned on going anywhere after work and this was all I had", she said, as she approached. "What your wearing is fine with me, just wanted to go somewhere and have a good time", I said. I had also worn jeans and a long sleeve turtleneck shirt, and loafers. I carried a light jacket with me. She had a car, so she drove to a place called "The Hornet's Nest". The music was loud, very loud. Lots of people on the dance floor, most dressed in a gothic style.

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   We found a table towards the back, sat and gave our order to the waitress. It was dark in the rear of the club. Lots of swirling and flashing lights on the dance floor. I observed a couple about two tables away. She was a blond, I think, with streaks of red, green and black in her hair. Her male companion was leaning on the table. For some reason I noticed her hand, she had removed his cock and was masturbating him. Raven followed my eyes and said, "That goes on a lot here, no one pays attention to others in the club". "The owner doesn't care, as long as nothing gets broken". "Do you come here often", I asked?"Not really, as a matter of fact, I don't care for this place that much". "It was the closest and stays open later then most other clubs", she said. "Besides, I wanted to see what reaction you'd have when you got here". "Hey!, I'm no virgin, just don't have a place like this where I live", I said. "Thought you'd scare me, did ya"?She removed her jacket and placed it on the back of her seat. Even in the dark, her breasts were beautiful.

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   Her back was to the crowded dance floor, and the lights made a glow all around her. I admit I stared at her breasts, more than I should of, after all, I just met her. I brought my eyes back to her face and smiled at her. "You seem to be enamoured with my breasts, do you want to see them", she asked matter of factly. I nodded yes, and she lifted the front of her shirt, and my eyes beheld the most beautiful tits i've ever seen. Perfect in size and shape, those erect nipples being pierced by what looked like a small bone. Licking my lips, I told her thanks, they were magnificient. "Why don't you bring your chair next to mine and you can get a better look", she said. As I moved next to her, she took my hand and placed it on her breast. Her other hand went to my leg and landed on my semi-hard cock. She ran her hand over its length and said, "I showed you mine, now I want to see what you have here", as she squeezed my dick. She unbuckled my belt, ran the zipper down and reached in to remove my hard shaft from its confinements. I looked around, no one was looking at us. Her hand ran up and down my shaft, and her palm covered the mushroomed head. I have a good eight and a half inches, three inches in girth, so she had her hand full of me.

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  I continued to knead her breast. Her nipple was long, so I lightly twisted it between my fingers, as she played with my dick. I am single, no girlfriend, I live alone. With no female companionship for the last four months, this was making me feel great. Her hands were like magic on me, so smooth, soft, with just enough pressure. She pulled out my balls and rolled a nut in her fingers. My cock was out for everyone that walked by , to see. This girl, Raven was pumping me, much to my delight. "Let me know when your ready to cum, I don't want you to get any on your clothes", she said. Her masturbation skills were fantastic, I was going to blow my wad for the first time in public. I was thrilled and scared at the same time. What if she lied to me about the owner? What if he sees this and calls the cops? A number of things were going through my head, but the major influence was that hand on my cock. "My God, i'm going to cum, real soon", I said. Raven slid off the chair, went under the table, and quickly placed my cock in her mouth. "Holy shit, this is awesome", I said.


  She engulfed my cock, head and hand pumped me until I shot into her mouth. Sucking it down, she waited for the second and third. I took hold of the tables edge, as I was shooting my cum into her. Nothing else mattered, the cops could of been putting handcuffs on me and I didn't care. She kept my cock in her mouth until I started to go limp. She brought herself back to her chair and looked at me and said, with a grin, "Welcome to St. Louis". I grinned a silly grin and said, Hi, my name is Roger", as I replaced my penis in my pants and fixed myself up. "Would you like to go to my place, where I can properly thank you", I asked?"Sure, lets go", she said, as she stood and put her jacket on. I tossed a ten on the table for a tip and we left. At the hotel, she grabbed a bag from her rear seat and threw it over her shoulder. The elevator ride to the 20th floor was slow, and crowded. When we got out, my door was only four doors down. I let her in and turned on the lights. She remarked on how nice the suite was and asked where the bedroom was.

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   Pointing towards a door, she told me she be a minute or so, then she closed the door behind her. I went to the small bar and fixed me a Barcardi & Ginger. While I was enjoying that, she opened the door. My eyes nearly feel out of my head, she was dressed in black leather from head to foot. Her breasts were exposed through cut-outs, as was her bald pussy and ass. She was also wearing stiletto pumps. She looked at me and told me to get out of my clothes. I obeyed her, soon I was standing in the middle of my suite naked, my cock pointing to the ceiling. "Now crawl over here and kiss my pussy", she said. I got on my hands and knees and crawled as she asked. Getting closer to her, I saw that her labia was also pierced. As my face came closer to her pussy, I brought my tongue out to lick her. Before I even touched her, she backed into the bedroom and said, "If you want this", as her hand went to her cunt and spread those lips, "Then you have to beg me for it", she said. "Now crawl to the bed and get on your back". Again I followed her orders.

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   She took my right hand and clicked a cuff around my wrist, she did the same to my right leg to the footboard. Moving to the left side, she cuffed my leg and wrist. I was sprawled on the bed, for her to do anything she wanted. Heres this little girl like creature, who was almost a foot shorter than me and half my weight, and it was me that was at her mercy. This was a new experience for me. I've always been the one in control during sex, so I was intrigued as to what was going to happen. I watched as she went to the bureau and took a silver object from it. A vibrator, not large, about six or seven inches long, maybe two inches in girtth. She came back to the bed, placed herself on my chest and abs. She brought the vibrator to my face and told me to suck on it. I did, I took it in my mouth and backed off like I was giving it head. She flicked the switch and it vibrated in my mouth. Her pussy was wet, rubbing it up and down my abs, she left a light liquid trail. Removing the silver cock from my mouth, she turned herself around and brought the tip of it to my cock, but didn't leave it there. It slid down my shaft, onto my balls, then headed to my ass.

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  "Lift you ass off the bed", she said. I didn't really want her to do that, so I didn't move right away. She took hold of my balls and again told me to raise my ass, as she squeezed, bringing some harsh pain to my groin. Needless to say, my ass came up and she brought the dildo to my anal passage and played with my asshole. Spitting on it, she placed it at the entrance and pushed it in. It felt like a telephone pole going in. Never in my life had I ever given any thought to having anything stuck up my ass. When she pulled it out, she spit on it again and shoved it back in. She moved it in and out. The spittle had done little to ease the pain. Trying to find something to ease the pain, I craned my neck forward and was rewarded by the sight of her pussy, rubbing on my abs. After a while, the pain went away and I watched her pussy sliding closer and closer to my face. Her puckerd asshole was inches from my face, but I still could not reach her. I felt her tongue, as it swiped over the head of my cock, sending a delightfull feeling up my body. She started to place her lips on my cock, as her tongue rolled over it.

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   Having to wait like this was sheer torture to me. I raised my hips to try to get more of me into her mouth. Her hand went to my nuts and squeezed them. This let me know right off, that I was not to move. Her mouth came off of me, her tongue licked from my scrotum to underneath the head of my dick, along the throbbing vein. Her hand left my balls and took hold of my shaft and held it to her mouth, as she encircled my entire shaft with her tongue. She knew how to suck a cock, she knew I wanted to shove it down her throat and make her choke on my spurting cum. As she finally took her mouth and inserted all eight and a half inches of me in one thrust of her mouth. She slowly came back to the top and then all the way back down her throat. As she did this, her pussy was inching closer and closer to my mouth, I wanted it. When she got close enough, my mouth made contact and delighted in her female scent and taste. She was wet, very wet, as I inhaled her fluids into my hungry mouth. She pushed herself harder on to my face, and I stuck my tongue into her beautiful cunt. My tongue went as deep as I could, as her juices ran onto my face. I then swiped my tongue against her clit, she shivered.

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   Her pussy was moving up and down my face, as her mouth was bouncing on my cock. I wanted to cum in her mouth again, it felt so good the first time. I also wanted her cum all over my face and mouth. We both quickened our pace as she was close to cuming. So wasn't I. With greater speed, we headed to sheer bliss. Her mouth and hands, working my cock and ass, brought me to the orgasm of my life, as I shot streams of cum into her waiting throat. When I shot, she too reached her plateau and was bucking her pussy on my face. Her love juice flowing freely, as she showered me with her cum. Sucking as much as I could as she flowed, she too, took all that I gave. Like two wild animals, not caring about anything except for release. Raven kept her mouth on my cock, making sure it was brought back to life, as she removed the silver bullet from my ass. When she had me hard enough, she removed her pussy from my face and slid it down my chest, over my abs and straight to my stiff rod. With her back to me, she placed my cock into her pussy and lowered herself on to it. Once all the way in, she leaned back, her back over my head as she worked her pussy up and down.


  She was tight and very wet. Her juices coating my cock as it went in and out of her. Her muscles tightened on my stiff rod, as I felt the ripples of her moist wet tunnel. The sight of this girls leather covered body, as her hips fought for as much as she could get, was overwhelming. I couldn't touch her, couldn't put my arms around her and hold those breasts, that were bouncing ever so hard as she thrusted on my cock. She was grunting on top of me, as one of her hands went to her clit and stroked it. My hips were pushing up into her, shoving my hard rod in as deep as it would go. No squeezing of my balls this time, she wanted it as much as I wanted her to have it. We slammed against each other, as we neared nirvana once again. "Fuck me Roger. . . fuck me hard. . .

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  gonna cum. . . wanna cum. . oh fuck yes", she grunted. She didn't have to say a thing, I was pushing into her as hard and fast as I could. Her pussy making sucking noises as I pumped in and out of her. "Oh shit, i'm going to cum, yes. . yes. . . yes. .

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  yesssssssssssss", as she squirted her juices on my cock. My cock rammed her hole, feeling the heated fluids gushing over it. She came so hard and long, she was leaking pussy juice onto my nut sack. Her arm gave way, as she dropped to my chest. My cock half fell out of her, but I did my best to shove it back into her. "Sit up Raven, I want to cum in your pussy", I said in her ear. She pushed herself up and my cock went in to the hilt. I continued to stroke in and out of her. She started to move up and down my shaft, and in small circles. I held off as long as I could, then let it go. I felt the fluids surge up my shaft and gushed into her wet pussy. "Oh fuck, i'm gonna cum again", she said, as her pussy grabbed my spurting cock and our fluids once again became one. Both of us, bucking and slamming into one another. Our bodies trying to become one. We then slowed down, and when my dick was flaccid, it fell from her cunt.

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   She once again dropped on to me and rolled to my side. We laid in this position for who knows how long. She got up from the bed, went to the brueau and was fumbling with something. Walking back to the bed, she unlocked the cuffs that held me down. After the last cuff was released, she threw the key back to the brueau and laid back down with me. My arms ached a little, but I brought one around her, as I turned to face her. She was out like a light, sound asleep. I removed my arm and slowly moved off the bed. Standing by the bed, looking down at this angel in black leather, I praised whoever sent her to me. I turned to walk out of the room, to get a drink. She rolled onto her stomach as I left the room. I needed something cold to drink, so I opened a soda and sucked it down. It tasted great and hit the spot. I went back in to the bedroom, looking at her on the bed, still on her stomach, sleeping like a baby, I grinned to myself. Softly, I moved her legs in to position to cuff them, then her wrists.

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   She didn't wake, so I took hold of her zipper in the back of her outfit and slid it all the way down. When I woke her, it would fall right off her body and hang from her legs. I looked at that sweet, beautiful, round ass of hers and I knew what I wanted to do. Going to the brueau, I found a tube, it was KY Jelly, just what I wanted. I brought it to the bed and I coated my cock with it. I then put some on my finger and let it dribble between her ass cheeks. She still had not wakened, so I inserted my finger into her ass and commenced to grease her up. As my finger entered, she woke and found herself cuffed. "Oh, your a bad boy, are you going to fuck my ass", she asked?"Yes, my cock is going to ream your butt until you scream", I countered. Getting between her legs, on my knees, I lifted her body on to her hands and knees. Her leather didn't come up with her, she said, "You've been real naughty while I was sleeping". I pushed the leather to her knees, then I placed my cock at the entrance of her ass. I shoved the head in her as she yelped. Inch by inch, my cock made its way into her. "UGHH, fuck my shithole, shove that cock in me", she screamed at me.


  I did, I went as far as I could with my next thrust. Her ass was so tight, so wonderfully tight. I worked my shaft in and out of her ass. I liked having the control, as she had earlier. But did I? She shoved her ass back to meet my plunging cock. She was grunting as I shoved it into her, but she was also loving it. "God your cock feels good in my ass", she said. "Fuck it good and hard". I reached around her body and played with her tits. Twisting her nipples. The little bones she had for piercings made nice handles to twist with. My cock continued its assult on her ass, as she turned to look at me and said, "Shove that dick in me Roger". With my balls slapping her pussy, I thoroughly enjoyed fucking her tight ass. It wasn't going to be long before I ejaculated into her. We had worked up another good sweat, as we impaled one another.

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   I took one hand and touched her clit. Finding her button was easy, stiff and pouting as it was. Running my fingers over it, she quivered. I then went to working her clit real hard to get her off with me. Her breast in one hand, clit in the other and my cock deep in her ass, was having its effect on her and me. My cock exploded in her ass. I shot jet after jet of cum through her anal passage. She felt me get off and she too was reaching her climax. "I'm cumming too, i'm cumming", she said. I cupped her pussy as her juices streamed out. I rubbed those fluids on to her breasts. I then put my hand in her face and she licked it clean. My cock came out of her ass with a sucking noise, as my cum dripped from her puckered asshole. I then went to the bathroom, cleaned up and returned to the bed. I slid underneath her and placed her tit in my mouth.

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   I tasted her pussy all over it. I kissed and licked every inch of one breast, before going to the other. While I was sucking titty, my hand went to her pussy, I slid three fingers into her, in one swift motion. My thumb was on her clit. Her sopping wet pussy coated my fingers quickly. Her body was shaking on top of me, as I sucked her nipples and played with her pussy and clit. "Give me your cock, I want to suck it", she said. I stopped sucking her tit, looked at her and said, "If you want my cock, your going to have to work for it". I went back to sucking her nipples and continued fingering her cunt. Her hips bucked up and down on my fingers. My other hand reached over her back and was kneading her ass cheeks. Faster and faster her hips moved. "Don't stop, don't stop now", she said between gritted teeth. Her pussy was so wet, she was like a leaky faucet, as she once again started to orgasm. My hand went from her ass cheek and slid into her ass.

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  "Oh fuck, yes, yes", she hollered, as her juices flowed from her. Her cum streamed from her pussy, down my hand and wrist to my elbow. I pulled my finger from her ass, and pussy, then slid out from under her. She fell to the bed, trying to get her breath. I uncuffed her legs, but not her hands. My cock was raging at this point. Tossing the key back, I said, "Get on your back". She turned, her arms crossing, but not to where it hurt her. I climbed on to her waist and leaned down to kiss her. Our tongues clashed, as we tried to suck each others tongues down our throats. Releasing from the kiss, I placed my stiff dick between her breasts. Pressing her tits together, they engulfed my rod. I began to fuck her lovely mounds. The tip of my cock bounced on her chin, as I held her nipples in my hands and ran my cock between those soft beautiful globes. She lowered her chin and tried to catch my cock with her tongue.

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   I shoved it up far enough so she could get a slight taste. I watched as she tried to get my cock. Her mouth made a perfect circle and was so very inviting. As nice as it was to titty fuck her, I had to fuck her mouth again. I released her breasts and slid in to her waiting mouth. I think I surprised her, just a little, as my cockhead hit her throat. She bounced her head off the bed, taking it all in. I navigated my cock in and out of her mouth, as her tongue danced along the large vein that ran the length of my cock. My balls bounced off her chin with each forward thrust into her mouth. My cock hardened and grew even more as I began to release my cum down her throat. I don't think she could even taste it, I was that deep in her mouth. When I finished cuming I removed my dick from her mouth and laid by her side and kissed her. Her saliva was mixed with my cum. I then uncuffed her hands, and we slept along side of one another. I don't know what time we went to sleep, but I woke at 5AM.

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   My face was nestled on her breast, so I sucked a nipple in to my mouth. My tongue licking her breast, I woke her up. She was on her back, so I climbed between her legs and entered her pussy, it was still wet. She clung to me, as I did her, and we fucked like an old married couple in the missionary position. We watched each others face, as our hips shoved into one another. My cock working like a well oiled piston in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist, slamming her hips into me as we made love. I kissed her breasts and lips and back to her breasts. We were just enjoying our coupling. Her hands were on the back of my neck, until I started to cum, she moved them to my ass and shoved me into her. I ejaculated as hard then, as I had all night, and she rewarded me by cuming just as I did. I kissed her again and shoved my tongue in to her mouth. Her hands held my head as her tongue danced with mine. After a while I showered, as she slept again. I ordered room service for us and woke her before it arrivied.


   She showered, put on a robe and had breakfast with me. After she ate and dressed, Raven came out of the bedroom with her bag and said, "Why don't you stop by and see me, next time your in town", as she opened the door and left. .



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