Nancy, the Girl Next Door, Ch. 3


Not wishing to appear idiotic, I stood aside and allowed them to pass by me. Sebastian preceded Nancy, and as she brushed by me I grabbed her arm and whispered, "What the hell is this?" She only smiled a very wicked smile at me and moved into the living room toward Sebastian. She motioned him to sit down on the end of the couch while she sat immediately next to him, almost with her thigh against his. I could sense a bit of embarrassment on his part, but he didn't move away, either. In fact, his leg appeared to move a few centimeters toward Nancy's. Nancy cleared her throat and began a short narrative. "Sebastian and I met at Sarah's wedding last weekend and we had quite a good time talking together about things in our country and in his country. Sebastian is from Sudan. He is a Muslim. His way of doing things seemed rather peculiar to me when we were talking about it, but after some further reflection, I thought you and he ought to meet. He will only be here for another two days and then will return to the Sudan, to his four wives. " And she took specific pains to make certain I understood those last four words. My eyebrows shot up and I looked at Sebastian in a questioning manner. "Yes, Edward – may I call you Edward? – I do have four wives in my country. I am rather wealthy by our standards and can afford them. Many men in the United States either wish they had several wives – all like Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz, of course – or that they had no wife at all.

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   I am often intrigued by your morality here. I've studied it off and on for some fifteen years in my travels. Nancy, here, told me that you and she have had some discussions recently about morality and customs regarding matters of sexual intimacy. I was surprised that she would speak to me of those things, as she is a practicing Catholic, but then I realized that she is simply a very curious individual who happens to be both Catholic and female. Why she brought me here to see you is still somewhat of a mystery. I have been told that you have something for me to view which will give me a new slant on how relationships between the Black and the White races could be vastly improved in America, and perhaps around the world. Nancy has told me that you treasure the item you are going to show me. I am rather excited to see what the common man in America would do to improve international race relations. May I be so bold as to request that you show me what it is she has been talking about?" I was dumbfounded, to say the least. I hemmed and hawed and spoke around the topic for more than ten minutes as I complimented him on his command of English and asked some polite questions, etc. ; but Nancy soon put a stop to my stalling and asked me to get out the "research video" that I had behind the book shelf. I had known all along what was being referred to, but I just could not believe the thoughts and images racing through my mind. I moved slowly toward the hiding place of the tape and withdrew it. "Are you sure this is what you want, Nancy?" I asked her. "Of course, Ed; I am absolutely positive that Sebastian will see the specific benefits of your theory and will want to place it into effect immediately.

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   I am prepared to assist in any way I can in that noble endeavor, aren't you?" "Well, I suppose I am, but how about Mike? I am certain he does not agree in total to everything that my 'theory' has to offer. How will he react if he knows you have been sharing this with Sebastian?" "Mike is out of town until late tomorrow afternoon, Ed; and, by the way, you won't be bothered by my children playing outside for the next two days. They are visiting my mother-in-law in Philadelphia. I saw your wife leave this morning with her overnight case, too. Is she off on another of her church missions?" "As a matter of fact, yes, she is; she won't be home for two full days, I expect. Are you certain that now is the time to unveil my theory to Sebastian? We could wait until later in the day. " "Nonsense. If he is going to agree to the principles and the benefits, he will agree just as well now as later. I'd like you to begin with the presentation right now. " And I watched as she squirmed deeper into the cushions of the couch and, after kicking off her sandals, lifted both bare legs up under her on the couch, causing her to turn just slightly toward Sebastian, with her tucked-under knees touching his thigh. I looked at Sebastian and found him to be listening intently to Nancy's words and when she had finished, he looked at me and nodded in agreement. There was little else to do except trust this little woman's instincts. I slipped the tape from its hiding place and into the VCR slot. I punched the proper buttons and sat in my favorite chair across the room from the TV, next to the couch. The screen flickered a few times and the video began.

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   For just a second, as the video began, Sebastian seemed to lose all color in his face. He blanched and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. On the other hand, Nancy's color heightened to the point that I could see her blush from where I sat. It crept downward from her cheeks to cover her chest and I knew she was rosy-pink under her thin dress. She moved her legs a bit and I could also tell that she was rubbing her thighs together in anticipation of what might be on the verge. Sebastian turned his head toward me – not without some hesitation, as the young girl in the video was already performing for the camera – and began to ask a question. I did not let him get a word in before I blurted out, "You'll please remember that this was Nancy's idea, not mine! I had no information that the two of you were going to appear here on my doorstep today. Believe me, Sebastian, there is a woman of very deep secrets sitting next to you. " He turned farther toward Nancy and looked directly at her face. Without saying a word, he reached out and took a handful of her hair and tugged her forward, forcing her to slide off the couch and to kneel in front of him. He used both hands, now, one on either side of her face, clenching a fistful of blonde hair, and spoke to her face in a tone that brooked no disagreement whatsoever. "Little girl, you have opened a Pandora's box. You have absolutely no understanding of the ramifications of what you have just done. You have delivered an invitation – no, you've offered a challenge; and a man of my country cannot, above all else, refuse such a challenge. Do you really think you are prepared for what is about to come your way?" Nancy made to speak in response, but Sebastian curled his two thumbs around her face and pressed them into her lips and effectively shut her mouth.

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   "You will not speak unless I give you absolute permission to do so. All communication from you to me will be through motions – a nod or a shake of the head, a touch, a look. You will not speak from this point on. Is that understood?" Slowly, Nancy's head bobbed up and down in a 'yes' motion. "While I hold your lovely white face in my hands, you will disrobe completely in the position you now occupy. It will be difficult, but you must accomplish it in a very short time. If you do not, there will be some retribution involved. I watched as a small shudder ran through Nancy's body, from her bare shoulders to her shapely calves folded beneath her. Was she in fear of this man and what he could do? Was she already anticipating some sexual connection she had only fantasized about? What, really, was in store for her – and for me – over the next few minutes, hours? Sebastian and I observed her movements and noted to each other that they almost seemed practiced. She lifted her hands to untie the halter-top, which was knotted behind her neck. She never broke eye contact with Sebastian and when the knot had been released, she held the ends in her hands for a few long seconds before lowering the strands to the floor, allowing her breasts to be completely uncovered. She wore no bra, but as I've described earlier, she needed none – her breasts are so tiny as to make a bra totally unnecessary. Sebastian's eyes moved from her face to her chest as he held her head between his huge palms and was – apparently – delighted with the tiny mounds that were revealed. Nancy did nothing to try to cover them from our view and stretched her arms behind her, seeking the tab on the zipper at the waist of her dress. Locating it with very little difficulty, she slid it down to its limit and as the skirt bagged loosely around her hips, she slid it downward, over her shapely ass and to the point where her knees were touching the floor in front of her black friend on the couch.

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   I took notice immediately that she was not wearing her daughter's panties today, but had a delightfully tiny pair of lilac string bikini panties covering just a small bit of her lovely cheeks. She lifted one knee after the other and pushed the bunched-up dress past them and then wiggled her legs out of the confines of the material altogether. She reached back and grabbed the material and tossed it out of our line of vision. Now she knelt there, naked save for her tiny hemp sandals and her lilac panties. I could not see from my angle, but I knew that there was very little in the way of material in the front of those panties, and it would cover very little of importance. Sebastian was making a great effort to see what she was covering, but his angle, too, made it difficult, so he released her face from his grip and instructed her to straighten up. She complied, but placed her folded hands in her lap, effectively covering anything that we might see with regard to her treasures. Sebastian leaned forward, gripped her left nipple between his right thumb and forefinger and whispered directly to her face, "Remove your hands or this shall be but a taste of what is to come. " And he pinched her nipple rather viciously, I thought. She gasped, arched her back and opened her mouth to complain, but he covered her lips with his and kissed her deeply and heatedly. I watched as her hands unclasped and fell to the floor on either side of her legs. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing and her nipple swelled and turned a violent red as Sebastian tortured it with his fingers. Abruptly, he released both her nipple and her mouth. She exhaled with a heavy rush and reached with one hand to touch her sore nipple. Sebastian rebuked her and told her to sit up straight again.

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   She did so, but slowly; and he bent to kiss and suck at the sore nipple, bathing it with his saliva-covered tongue until it glistened and shone in the light. And he sucked – fiercely and loudly, pulling at the distended nipple. The entire tip of her breast was swollen and bulged outward when he finally finished his oral ministrations. Nancy's head lolled backwards, but she did not move to cover herself or slouch again. Now, Sebastian sat back into the cushions of the couch and instructed her to stand up in front of him. She complied by placing one foot under her, then the other, and raising up until she stood only a few inches from the edge of the couch, actually between his knees, with her legs clamped tightly together. Her beautiful golden-red bush (which I had been privileged to see, feel, taste previously) was bulging at the front of a very small lilac panel of silky material. The panel seemed to be straining to hold back what I knew to be a wonderfully full bush of silky hair, as well as the already-swollen lips behind that bush. Sebastian looked directly at Nancy's face and she stared back at him. The gaze did not waver and she began to color, flushing pink, then red across her breasts and shoulders, her neck and face. Sebastian's eyes now moved down across each flushed inch of her exposed skin until they reached a level that allowed them to bore into that tiny patch of silk that hid her waiting pussy. He almost whispered, "Open your legs, little girl. " I thought it was a delightful coincidence that he was using the same term of endearment I had used during our episode of a few weeks back – 'little girl' – and smiled to myself. Nancy slowly moved first one foot, then the other a bit more to the side, and Sebastian whispered, "More, dear. " Within the next few minutes, Nancy's legs spread wide to the point that her feet were spread somewhat wider than her shoulders and her thigh muscles were taut and beautiful.

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   Sebastian now sat forward on the couch and placed his face not two inches from the patch of lilac silk. Only the slimmest of margins separated his mouth from her pussy. He blew his breath onto the silk and she shivered. My eyes cold not tear themselves from this beautiful scene. My lovely little neighbor was submitting herself to this large black man in my own living room. Her body was actually trembling with anticipation. I watched as his hands moved up along the outside of her legs, from calves to thighs and then to hips. He stroked upwards and down again, more than four or five times, with fingertips only. Quivers of delight ran through her thigh muscles and caused her stomach muscles to contract as well. Finally, Sebastian's hands stopped at the sides of her lilac panties and his thumbs insinuated themselves into the waistband of this tiny garment. In the blink of an eye, her panties were torn from her hips. I hardly even saw his hands move, but in a nano-second her panties had dropped to the floor between her legs, the waistband torn apart in two places. My eyes were drawn downward to that tiny scrap of material and I wondered to myself if I might eventually add it to my collection. Sebastian's eyes, however, were now glued to Nancy's most private region. They roamed back and forth and up and down, taking in each inch of her deliciously furry mound.

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   The sunlight streaming in through the window cast its beam directly on the front of her pussy and the hair turned red-gold in that light. Sebastian now ran his hands up the insides of her legs. As before, he caressed the entire length from ankles to the highest point on her inner thighs. He never actually touched her pussy, but the backs of his fingers did brush the hair that curled there. While looking at her panties, now discarded in a tiny heap on the floor between her feet, I noted that the crotch panel was quite moist with a decidedly shiny wet spot directly in the center. Now I could see that her pussy itself was quite wet as those golden curls were already wet and some of them were plastered against her skin; others formed darker ringlets upwards toward her stomach. As I took in these details I heard Sebastian draw a deep breath through his nose and noticed that he had leaned in so close to her pussy that the tip of his ebony nose was, in fact, touching the curls on the very front of that furred "V" of her garden. He was obviously enjoying her scent – as much as I had several weeks ago, I assumed – and was contemplating what to do next. With his nose pressed almost against her pussy and inhaling her scent, I saw his huge left hand travel around her hips until it almost covered her ass. He slowly pulled her forward until his face was fully buried in the hair on the front of her mound. And his right hand now snaked its way upward to her wide-spread crotch and with the palm facing upward, cupped her entire sex in one hand. Her lips appeared abnormally fat and puffy. I had not remembered them quite this swollen when I had encountered them recently; but I assumed that her additional anticipation of being touched and possibly fucked by a Black man would account for the increased swelling. I watched closely as his left hand pressed her farther forward, forcing his face more tightly against her; and as his right hand began to close slowly until it was actually squeezing those fat pussy lips and crushing them with his long fingers. I moved my position to stand at the end of the couch where I could get a closer look at the area he was touching and immediately saw that there were tiny rivulets of liquid seeping between his fingers and running down the back of his hand.

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   Nancy's head was thrown back and her eyes were closed tightly. Repeated mewing sounds escaped her throat and her tiny breasts puffed and swelled larger than they had probably ever been before. The aureoles were huge in comparison with the rest of the breast and the nipples thrust themselves almost upward, seemingly begging to be touched or sucked or – something. I could not resist. I moved to her side and bent to capture a nipple in my mouth and immediately sucked it deeply between my lips and bit down on it with my teeth. Nancy screamed and shuddered, her hands flying to my head and pulling it tightly against her breast where my mouth opened to the widest possible and devoured her tiny breast. I flicked the swollen aureole and nipple with the tip of my tongue as fast as I could move it and was immediately rewarded with another combination scream/groan and a deeper shudder. Sebastian mumbled through her pussy hair that if I did that one more time he would probably drown, and I released her breast long enough to look down and see that his entire face was wet and shiny with her secretions. She had, apparently, already cum and her juices gave his face a slick coating of the results of those releases. Sebastian renewed his oral efforts, as did I, and we were both rewarded with a near-collapse of this young woman. I held her up and Sebastian said to me, "Hold her, Edward, I am about to delve into her mysteries. " And with that comment, he slid his thumb deep into her already slickly wet pussy. There was no resistance, no friction, no pulling of the lips or hair; the thumb simply slid and disappeared inside her in one, long stroke, up to the web of his hand. And, believe me, his thumb was not the thumb of a normal man. If I were to estimate, I would guess it is a good 4" long from tip to web – whereas mine is a mere 2 ½ inches in length.

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   And he had no difficulty sliding it in and out and around in circles, twisting and turning and pulling and stretching the hidden entrance to her Valley of the Goddess. And Sebastian spoke to me, "Edward, would you please bring that large hassock over here and place it behind her? I'd like to investigate this woman a bit more closely. " I did as he requested and placed the large, square hassock behind her and he instructed me to lay her backwards on it with her shoulders and back squarely on the widest part. I took Nancy under the shoulders and leaner her backwards as he slipped his hand from out of her pussy and lifted her knees so that when she was laid back on the footstool, her ass was on his lap, her thighs were against his chest and her knees were on his shoulders with her feet behind him. He could look down and stare directly into the gaping hole he had created with his thumb and its movements. He used both hands to spread her thighs and slipped them upwards toward her now-very-sloppy cunt and inserted the tips of both thumbs into her cavity. She stiffened a bit, but Sebastian spoke to her in a rather stern voice, "Nancy, my curious little fuck-toy, you have begun a journey of your own making; now do not cause either of us to force you to comply. You know you have asked for what you are about to receive, so do not resist. I shall not be responsible for what might happen if you do. Am I understood?" Nancy immediately responded in the affirmative and relaxed her entire body. I watched as Sebastian's two thumbs slowly disappeared inside her and also watched her face go through a series of contortions – pain? No, not pain, for within two minutes of his slipping and sliding around inside her with two exceptionally large thumbs, she sighed an incredibly deep sigh and climaxed yet again. Sebastian's hands were now soaked and slick with her juices and he was using more than thumbs; he was inserting fingers along with the thumbs and pulling and twisting at her pussy lips until they were loose and spread open to a remarkable width. "Hold her shoulders down, Edward; I am going to take her to a new level. " I did as requested and he lifted her ass in both hands and placed his mouth squarely on the opening to her cunt and sucked. And sucked and sucked and sucked! I could hear the wet, sucking sounds of his mouth and watched as his face was again coated in her slickness.


   She was gasping for breath and I released her shoulders to grasp both breasts in my hands. I squeezed and came very close to punishing them with my palms, but resisted at the last minute. I did not know if I wanted to cause her any pain at this point. But, I'm now certain, she would not even have felt it if I had. Sebastian moved his open mouth upward to the apex of her slit and located her swollen clit, for a long time released from its protective hood and pearly-white in its swollen state. He locked his lips around it and sucked it deep into his mouth as well. I could tell he was assaulting it with his tongue because Nancy began to jerk and spasm in a quite uncontrolled frenzy. She was moaning and almost frothing at the mouth in her ecstasy. He was relentless in his treatment of her clit, regardless of how sensitive it might be at that moment. After approximately six minutes of this physical assault, Nancy arched her back almost impossibly and screamed out a long, shrill scream of commingled passion and pain and lost consciousness. Not again, I thought. Damn! What would Sebastian do now? Almost before I had that thought through my brain, he asked me to do him a big favor. I was stunned at the request, but was so far into my own passion and pain that I knelt to comply. I unbuckled his trousers and as he lifted his hips from the couch, pulled both pants and boxers down his legs and off his feet. He had already, at some time unnoticed by me, removed his loafers and was now naked from the waist down.

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   And as I knelt there, I could not help but marvel at what was in front of my eyes. A cock? Nay, nay, say I. Not "a" cock! But "the" cock of the ages. Now, I immediately understood why Sebastian had taken so much time to prepare Nancy with his hands and his mouth. She was so small; and he was unbelievably huge. He understood the difference between pain caused by passion and pain caused by punishment. He was going to make it as easy as possible for her to live out her fantasy of replacing the girl in the video. He asked me to lift her shoulders from the stool and he allowed her legs to slide down off his shoulders. She was still totally out of touch with reality, even though she had begun to mumble and moan a bit. When she was sitting in his lap with his cock pressed straight up between their stomachs, I could see that it reached nearly to her rib cage. A conservative estimate of the length of it would be 18 ½ or 18 inches without exaggeration. But the length was not the measurement in question. That honestly did not frighten me. What scared the hell out of me was the girth! Look at a soda or beer can, dear readers. Do you realize the diameter of the typical soda can is approximately 2 ¾ inches? Correct.

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   Now, I tell you without actually measuring, that Sebastian's huge, ebony cock was at least 3 ¼" in diameter. That is humongous. I allowed my brain to process this and realized that Nancy had already had a child – but that was more than 18 years ago – and her pussy had stretched to accommodate that baby, yes; but this cock was now going to stretch the elasticity of her cunt lips to a limit she had most certainly not encountered since. Would I allow the plan to continue? Of course I would. This little girl next door must have realized what she might be up against when she began this escapade. Why not take it to its fruitionTo be continued….