My Girlfriend's Mom


 My Girlfriend’s Mom
I met Sascha in college.   It didn’t take long for things to get serious between us.   She was a bombshell—blonde, thin, with large breasts.   She was not afraid to try anything.   She was my first experience with anal sex.   She said it was her first experience with it too, but that can’t be right.   It seemed so natural to her. It seemed so easy.
Sascha and I got a small apartment together so that we could support each others studies. Truth be told, we studied less when we lived together than before. She was just irresistible.   I would start to study, then think of her sitting there in her lingerie. I simply could not resist.   I had to have her.   She never refused.
Sascha and I decided to spend our first thanksgiving together at her mother’s.

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   I was a bit frightened, since every other time I had met my girlfriends’ parents, things had deteriorated. It was always the same.   They hated me, or I hated them. They told stories I was not ready to hear. They sabotaged everything.   It was always the same.   Yet Sascha insisted that this time would be different.   She told me that her mother was a kind, loving woman.  
Sascha was right. It was very different. And her mother was very loving.
When I met Sascha’s mother Sara, I was stunned.   She was an exact replica of Sascha in every way—with one exception.   Sara was a little heavier around the middle.   Still, she looked fantastic.

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   I was amazed that she remained unmarried after her divorce. There must be something I did not know.
Sara was quick to invite me in. She hugged me close, and pressed her large breasts against my body. She gently but firmly pressed my head into her cleavage, which was visible and calling in her youthful outfit.   The Sara lifted my head and kissed me.   On the lips.   I was shocked, but I nearly passed out when I felt Sara’s tongue on my lips.   Surely Sascha had seen, but she made no comment.
Sara showed us up the stairs “I figured you two would want to share a room, so I put the beds together for you. ” She led us into Sascha’s old room, where two twin beds had been placed together.
We spent the rest of the day nibbling on dinner and talking. Sara was a fantastic hostess, and a great conversationalist. Sascha and I turned in rather early, since Sascha wanted to spend the next day visiting some old friends.   I was in the mood, and urged Sascha to give me a blow job before we nodded off.

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     For the first time ever, she refused.
“I am too tired,” she said. “But I promise to make it up to you tomorrow. ”   It was a promise I could live with.
The next morning, we ate a big breakfast, skillfully prepared by Sara, who rose early and stood in the kitchen in a thin satin robe that barely covered her hips. Her hair was still wet from her shower, and hung nearly to her waist.   It was an incredible sight. Sascha, too, came to breakfast in a short robe, which showed off her figure brilliantly.   The two women there, goddess each one, made my cock rise involuntarily. It was a beautiful sight.
After breakfast, Sascha dressed and got ready to visit her friends.   She asked if I wanted to come. “It would feel awkward,” I said.   “I don’t know any of them. ”
“Just as well.

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   Keep mom company, will you?”
“I promise,” I said smiling.   Sascha smiled back, winked, and headed out the door.
I turned and looked around for Sascha’s mother.   I heard her in the kitchen, so I went in to offer help.
“Can I help you with that?” I asked, as Sara stood in her short robe doing dishes.
“If you would. I can always use the help,” she replied, smiling and moving a step to the left.   “Do you want to wash or dry?”
“You’re already wet,” I said, noticing the splashes of water that soaked the front of her robe, and made them cling heavily to her full breasts.   Her nipples were hard through the thin fabric.
“Very wet,” Sara replied, glancing down at her robe and beyond.
I dried as Sara washed, and we had the dishes done in a few minutes.   “If you don’t mind,” she said, “there are some other things I could use help with. ”
“Anything you like,” I said, quite innocently. “I’m glad to help. ”
Sara led me upstairs.

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   As she climbed the stairs in front of me, I noticed that she was wearing no panties. As she lifted each leg to the next stair, I could see her tight ass, and even catch a fleeting glimpse of her snatch. It was shaved completely bare.   Sara led me   into her room.   I noticed a large king side bed, posted, and with lace curtains all around, with an equally lovely lace canopy atop.   The room was cluttered with a few unmentionables littering the floor, and Sara seemed quite embarrassed.  
“Let me clean these up real fast,” she said, bending down and slowly reaching for the garments.   Her legs were slightly spread as she bent, and I could see her tight ass clearly.   I also got a good look at her snatch. It was lovely, as lovely as her daughter’s.   Her daughter.   Sascha.   I had nearly forgotten about her.   I was so taken in the moment, feeling my cock swell in my pants as this lovely woman gave me a free show. I snapped out of it for a moment.

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     I felt revolted, guilty.   If Sascha knew—she could never know.  
Sara finished picking up the clothes, and when she rose, the satin belt of her robe had come undone.   Whether or not it was accidental, I could not tell. All that I did know was that Sascha’s mother was standing facing me with her robe open, a goddess of a figure, showing me everything.   She did not seem a bit embarrassed.   I did.
“What is wrong?” she asked.
“I-well,” and I could get no further.
“Do you still want to help me?”
I nodded, still staring.
“Good,” Sara said, crossing the room to the bed.   Her body was now no more than a foot and a half from me. It was well sculpted, and I could not deny that I wanted it. I tried to think of Sascha.
Sara said “there is something under the bed that I need help with.

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   Let me see,” and she dropped on her hands and knees and peered under the bed. The bottom of the robe hit the small of her back, and as Sara’s head peered under the bed, her ass was visible.   Her legs were spread wide enough for me to see the folds of her wonderful shaved pussy.   That was enough.
I bent down just beside her, and put my hand on the small of her back.   Sara purred as my finger slowly moved up her spine beneath her robe.   Then, I slowly moved my finger down her body.   “You are very beautiful” I stammered as my finger moved down her body to her shaved pussy, which became went almost instantly.
“You know,” she said, slowly getting up, “I have been rather tense lately.   Perhaps you can help me relax. ”   She let the robe drop from her shoulders. “Of course, I’ll do something nice for you in return. ”
With that, she drew the curtains all around the bed, and lay face down with her legs slightly spread.   I joined her in bed, still in my clothes, and straddled her body. I began to rub her shoulders and neck.

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     Sara moaned. I worked my hands down her back, then I cupped her ass in my hands and massaged firmly.   Sara let out a squeal, and pushed her hips up toward me.   One hand moved slowly to her pussy, which glistened in the dim light that peeked through the lace curtains.   My finger found her clit, ready and waiting.   Gently, I rubbed it.   Sara groaned deeply.   I pushed on the small of her back while I pushed a finger of the other hand into her sopping wet snatch.
      She ground her hips into me.
    I slid in another finger.   Sara gasped and whispered my name.   She lifted her hips off the bed, and I slid behind her and forced my tongue between her legs.   I lay on my back, and Sara lowered herself onto my face.   I grabbed her hips as my tongue went wild on her pussy.   She tasted like honey, better than Sascha.

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         Sara’s breathing shallowed, and she lifted herself off of me.   With great adeptness, Sara removed my clothes. Needless to say, I was hard as a rock, and Sara wasted no time in taking my cock into her hands.
    She stroked me slowly, smiling. She took each nipple into her mouth in turn as her hand slowly worked my hard cock.   Then Sara lowered her head and took my entire cock deep into her mouth.   Her tongue ran over my shaft as her head bobbed in long, steady rhythm.   I let out a deep moan as my cock seemed to swell.   This was incredible.
    Sara paused, took me deep inside her throat once more, then lay back on the bed.   With no coaxing, I parted her legs and pressed my face against her soaking wet mound.   I placed one hand on her stomach while the other hand teased the lips of her pussy.   Sara squirmed a bit beneath the pressure of my hand, and it prompted me to press my face more firmly against her body.   She let out a   squealing moan as I inserted two fingers inside of her.
    As my fingers bent and twisted inside of my girlfriend’s mom, I could feel Sara gasp.

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         She began muttering as my tongue moved faster over her clit.   I pressed hard on her stomach to keep her where I wanted her.   Sara let out a deep moan, and I felt her cum gush onto my face.   My tongue went wild on her pussy, licking up the hot liquid.   This prompted another deep moan and yet another orgasm from Sara.
    I could wait no longer.   I pushed Sara’s legs apart with force, and looked deep into her eyes as I slid my cock effortlessly inside of her.   I could see a tear forming in the corner of her eye as I buried my cock in her.   Without mercy, I began banging her.   Her head bumped the head of the bed, but I was relentless.   Sara moaned, her hands moving over my body as I pounded her progressively harder and faster.
    I could feel my cock tingling as I came close to shooting my load inside of this lovely woman.   I stopped and ordered Sara on her hands and knees.   She obeyed silently, and as I slid my cock into her from behind, she shuddered.   I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as I began to pound her from behind.


         Within minutes, Sara erupted into another orgasm.   She let out a scream as I pounded her from behind, by balls slamming into her clit.   I could hold out no longer.   As Sara’s scream was coming to an end, I let out a long deep moan as my cock erupted and spilled huge amounts of cum deep inside of her.   I had never cum so much in my life, before or since.   Sara squeezed her pussy and milked my cock dry.
    Sara held me for a while in bed. “You were wonderful,” she said.   I did not respond, the guilt of what I had done welling up inside.   I kept thinking over and over that I had fucked my girlfriend’s mom.   I broke away and put on my clothes.   Sara followed soon afterward, and we met downstairs.
    Sascha returned in time for lunch.   Sara made sanwhiches and we sat and talked at the table, Sara shooting glances at me from time to time.   “So, did you to get to know each other?” Sascha asked.

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    “Very well,” I said before Sara could speak. I was afraid that she might reveal our secret.
    “Great,” said Sascha.   “I was thinking of meeting my friends again tomorrow.   Would that be a problem?”
    “Not at all,” I said.   “Afterall, this is vacation. ”   Sara and Sascha smiled at me in unison, and both lovely ladies winked at me across the table.



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